The hotel fun with mum and her work friend.


The hotel fun with mum and her work friend.It was coming up to Christmas and it was that time of year when all the Christmas parties happen. This year I had started work in the same office as mum, so instead of normally picking her up from them parties I was now going to one. The company had taken everyone to a hotel for dinner and dance night. Being a bit of a distance away and both wanting to drink we stayed about 5 minutes away in a travel lodge. We had only booked the one room but with single beds. Me and mum are pretty close so it would never bother us about sleeping in the same room. After checking in we had started getting ready. My mum is in her 50’s about 5ft 6 brown hair and brown eyes. She has a nice large bust off 34dd and a small chunky ass. I have always found her attractive but after seeing her walk about in her undies and bra getting ready I was thinking about her a bit more. Mum and I had left, I was in a shirt and jeans and mum was in a shortest dress that showed of her bust and curves. As the night went on the drinks were flowing and people were now up dancing. Which I always find weird as you work with them every day and now there actually being fun and having a laugh. I had got speaking to one of are colleagues at the bar, when he nodded in mums direction and was saying how she lets her hair down out of work and is a really fun women. Ill give her that she did like a party. Mum had came over to us and the 3 of us were speaking. I then about 15 minutes went to the toilet but as I came back I noticed they were still talking and having a right good giggle with each other. This guy matt was in his 50’s to and also married. It looked like harmless fun but you could tell they were flirting. I walked back over and said its finishing up soon should I book at taxi. Which then finding out matt was also staying in the travel lodge. Taxi all booked and the three of us carried on talking. As the taxi arrived off we went back to the hotel. On the way mum suggested on matt coming back for a night cap which I didn’t have a problem with. I went in first and got out 3 cups and poured us all a drink from the mini bar. The chat was still flowing but I had noticed I wasn’t included as much. They were still giggling and flirting with each other. I put the radio on and mum started singing badly and dancing. I was sitting on the edge of my bed feeling tired when matt had started dancing to. I couldn’t help notice how well they was getting on. They started dancing a lot closer when pushed her ass out near to matts groin area. They were laughing as she backed into him and matt attempting a really bad grind on her. I sat there watching but feeling rather aroused as they danced quite sexual. Mum called me us to join in but I had felt a bit awkward. In the end they both sarıoğlan escort kept on so I did. Mum was in the middle of us as we danced in the hotel room. To be honest we was all pretty tipsy. I suddenly noticed matt had a bulge going on in his trousers. It must of been from when mum had backed into him. Mum was facing and singing poorly facing matt he I step a bit closer. She back into me which I thought about stepping back when she didn’t say or even move forward. Instead she moved her hips from side to side now kind of grinding on me. I instantly felt a twice down below. Mum must of been able to feel my cock on her ass through my jeans. Matt moved in a bit closer said ‘yayy 3 way’ I laughed as mum did to. It was all getting a bit sexual this dancing.I went off to the toilet and couldn’t help but feel really horny about the situation. I could feel and see I had a semi hard cock. As I finished up and washed my hands I went to go back when I opened the door slightly and could see matt and mum kissing. I couldn’t believe it. Matt was married and mum was to, too my dad. I found myself feeling more aroused when I just watched on as they were kissing. I could see matt had wrapped his hands round mum as was squeezing her bum. I looked on as he was doing this but also now he had started pulling her dress up at the back. mum stopped kissing matt and pulled back and said oi naughty do you like my bum. To which I herd matt say oh yes its so nice. They then carried on kissing as mum was still groping her ass. I carried on watching for another few minutes when now matt was groping her boobs, pulling at her dress. Her dress was now hitched up to her waist with her knickers on show. I was feeling so aroused when I flushed the toilet and walked in. neither one of them stopped. You to alright there I said as they stopped and laughed and said oh sorry caught in the moment. Still standing there matt said your mum has a lovely ass. I just laughed and came out with yeah not bad for her age. Matt reached round and squeezed it. Mum didn’t seem to mind. And to be honest it didn’t fill strange at all. Matt again was holding her ass when he said to me come and have a fill. I looked at mum waiting for her to say no when she didn’t. In fact she turn round more and slightly bent over the bed. I Reached out and started squeezing her ass checks over her knickers.So now mum was slightly bent over the bed with her skit hitched up, knickers on show and both me and matt groping her ass. Matt pulled her knickers down slightly and you could see her ass crack when she said again oi naughty but not taking any notice matt carried on pulling them down. Mum didn’t bat an eye lid. He knickers were down to her ankles when I looked down as she stepped out of them. mmmmmm mat said as he was pulling at her ass cheeks. He reached round and grabbed her tits. Go on take your dress of he said. With no hesitation mum stood up and removed her dress. The again no hesitation she unclipped her bra and out flopped her big 34dd tits. Lovely matt said as he reached out and started grabbing them. He nodded at me to do the same, so I did exactly that. Her bare naked body on show her tits hanging and her nipples hard. I hadn’t even noticed that she had her pussy on show until matt said oh look that’s lovely. Mum wasn’t saying much, she did look like she was loving this. I carried on playing with her tits as matt said do you mind and looked down at her wet bald pussy. She smiled and said no. She edge back onto the bed and laid on her back, matt kneeled in front of her and I took at step back and watched on as he reached out with his tongue. I watched on as he spread her pussy lips apart and went straight in. I looked at mum as her eyes shut and she let out a moan, mmmmmmmmm oh yes and matt was now licking her wet pussy. I stood back and watched on for a few minutes as matt was licking my mums cunt. She was laying on her back holding one of her tits moaning quietly. Matt at the same time had now started undoing his trousers. You could see he was hard. I looked on as he was trying to pull them down whilst carrying on nearly bringing mum to orgasm. I then got a glance at his hard cock. He actually wasn’t that big I would say probably about 5-6 Inches. He stopped playing with mums pussy and laid next to her, she had noticed. She turned round and reached for his cock. She started wanking it and she looked at me and smiled. My heart stopped, that felt strange. I just carried on sitting there on the chair. I looked on as mum now was moving she had mounted over matt kissing his body till she had her ass pushed up in the air, tits dangling down and started sucking matts dick. He laid there when he just said, we could have a horny 3 some here. I didn’t say anything and I just heard mum laugh. I felt that was my que to get involved, I didn’t want to ask so I just went with it. I started taking my clothes off as both mum and matt were naked. I stood behind mum and clocked her ass up in the air with her hairless pussy flaps squashed together as she was bent over. I looked on and felt even more horny. Matt said good lad as he clocked I was naked, with my hard 7″ cock in hand. I then stood behind mum and reached round to grope her tits. I’m a boob man so I wanted another feel. She had no clue I was naked as she was still sucking matts cock. I held my cock and started gently whacking it on her ass to let her know I was there. I looked as her head stopped going up and down and she giggled. Her head turned round and she had noticed, her mouth opened, wow that’s a huge cock she said. I just waved it. She turned round on the bed still on all fours. I was never expecting that she was coming over to give me a blow job. When she suddenly did. I looked down and she was there sucking or my cock, she was pretty good, she was pulling my foreskin back and licking my bell end and trying to take it all in her mouth. Matt smiled at me as I then looked on and watched her hold his cock and edge it into mum from behind. She held my cock and moaned. Ahhhhh just as matt had entered her. He was now fucking her from behind as she was sucking on my cock as I stood infront of her. There you go now were having a 3 some matt said. It made it less awkward and we all let out a laugh. This was going on for about 3 minutes or so when matt stopped he pulled out and stood up, he stood next to me and mum stopped sucking my cock and now started on matts. Still on all fours I went round the back of her. I held onto her back with one hand and the other I guided my cock near her pussy. Oh please she said. I had my cock on her lips and I eased it in. OHHH ahhhh mum moaned as it was obviously quite big for her. I now had it all the way in. She buried her face on the bed but still had her hand wrapped round matts cock. I started thrusting hard, I was taking her from behind and not taking it easier. She was moaning like mad. I carried this on for a good 5 minutes when I stopped. She moved and laid on her back near the edge of the bed. I watched on as matt enter her again this time he was on top. He was pounding away and mum was moaning. I stood next to her and looked on at her tits bouncing spread out. He carried on for another 5 minutes when he stopped and said swap. I came round looked down at mums went pussy and slowly guided my cock into her. As I entered she let out a moan again, I lifted her legs up and got hold and starting fucking her fast and hard. oh my oh my oh my ahhhhhhhhh she screamed. I could fill mum was coming, you could tell by her face as well. Matt was wanking near her rubbing her tits when mum had finally stopped her orgasm. I pulled out and mum laid on her back, wow that was amazing she said, looking totally knackered. Me and matt either side of her was wanking. She started laughing and said it doesn’t look like im going to have a say. We both laughed and said not really. She grabbed her boobs and held them together, come on boys she said, cum on me come on, wow I thought that sounded really horny and with that matt said oh fuck and he shot a load over her tits, a lot as well. Mum moaned a bit I couldn’t hold on any more she looked great, tits squashed together with another guys cum on them I wanked on fast and shot my load to. Another big load hitting her boobs and some on her face. She was laughing as it felt ever ending. Finally I stopped cumming and she laid there covered. She just smiled and said wow. We all laughed, what a 3 some matt said.

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