The Indian Lady Saga Pt. 01


Thank you all for coming to this page and going to read the story. I am a new writer and this would be my first attempt. Since English is not my native language, please bear with me if I make mistakes in grammar or in punctuations.

This would be a 7 to 8-part story with multiple characters. The buildup will be slow so your patience is expected.

Some of the dialogues between the characters are in my native language Hindi however I have provided with English translation next to it.

This story is based on some real experiences which happened to a group of us some 7 years back. I am just reliving my memories and have taken artistic liberties and added some fiction to make this a long story.

So, without further ado, please go ahead and read. xxx


Trn Trn… The sudden sound of alarm filled the room with a loud blast. Neha suddenly woke up with a start. It took sometime for her to realize the blaring of alarm clock. With a long sigh she turned towards the side table and turned off the alarm clock. Since it was already 5 AM she was running late for her office. The Delhi traffic will take another hour and she had to be in office by 7 AM.

She took off her clothes and picked up the toothbrush lying on the washbasin. While brushing her teeth her eyes inadvertently turned towards her figure. At 33 her body had matured perfectly. The ripe perky breasts measuring 34 C with brown nipples were envy of other girls and turned every male head wherever she went. Not to mention her jet-black hair flowing till her waist added to her misty alure. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches she was a beauty everyone desired but only a handful can touch. At 33 she was still single but it didn’t matter to Neha. She was finding her place in the corporate ladder and marriage can wait. Rest she had few lovers in past to service her ever growing needs. Even last night she had dreamed of a hard lund (dick) ravaging her and she had woken with a start. She needed to get laid soon.

After finishing her chores. She ran towards the car. Neha lived in a sprawling mansion in the posh suburbs of Vasant Kunj in South Delhi. This locality was famous for having the houses of some top politicians and celebrities. No doubt her colleagues thought that she was one of the silver spoon children of the big shot. But reality was far from it.

The house was owned by her father Girjadhar Sharma. Mr. Sharma owned few pharmaceutical factories in the beautiful town of Dehradun. He was a millionaire and had every luxury a man can dream of. He had always dreamed of a son who will carry on his business empire but when Neha was born in 1988 July, he was disappointed. He wanted a son.

His disappointment was further increased to despair when the doctor advised the couple that they can’t have more children since Mr. Sharma’s wife was frail and any more pregnancy can kill her. The love of his wife Mansi kept him sane. But sometimes while drinking his usual Chivas whisky alone, the sadness used to return and he would start cursing Gods.

The honking of the car behind her brought Neha to present and she moved her car to change the lanes to faster ones. But the traffic was not moving. Neha slid down the window.

The cold August breeze relaxed her. The slow drizzle of rain brought back memories of childhood and Neha was once again lost in those memories.

She had tried her best to win her father’s approval. But every certificate she won, every debate she won or any exam she cleared with top ranks had no effect. It seems Girjadhar Sharma had locked himself in his own world and accepted his fate. He would have to pass down his wealth to his undeserving daughter and that thought was like a constant knife in his aching heart. His wife Mansi, like any housewife had accepted her fate and had devoted her full time in giving her daughter the best of everything. With ever absent father, mother and daughter grew closer and became more like best friends.

That’s why it was so hard for Neha to leave her mother after education and come to work in Delhi. But she knew that if she didn’t leave, her father’s aggression would drive her mad. If she can’t win her father’s approval then she will find her own way in the corporate world and would renounce her father’s undesired wealth.

After fighting the traffic for an hour Neha finally reached her office. Airdream telecom company where Neha worked occupied two blocks in the very famous DLF phase 3 area. She parked in her usual reserved spot. For a second, she waited in the car and read the reserved parking sign again.


Giving herself a mental HI five on achieving this corporate ladder of Vice President, she got down her car.

A tall thin man dressed in the security uniform came running towards the driver side.

“Good Morning, Neha Mam!” Saleem saluted perfectly and moved ahead to take Neha’s bag. She handed over her bag to Saleem the security guard after returning his greetings and Avcılar Escort started walking towards the executive lifts with Saleem following her.

Saleem was studying Neha from behind. At 45 being head of security he made sure he got the morning posting at the VIP parking area. Watching Neha in the morning was his morning ritual more important the breathing for him. Sometimes he thought himself as the obsessed lover like the character of Mark Wahlberg from the movie fear. Mark had fantasized and obsessed about teenager Reese Witherspoon and here he was obsessing about a 14 years younger Neha. Even today in the Red silk saree with matching sleeveless blouse Neha was looking gorgeous. Her milky skin attracted Saleem and involuntarily a sigh escaped his mouth.

Neha was very much aware of the lustful glances of Saleem. She was aware that Saleem had lusted about her since she had joined this company 4 years back. She always enjoyed this morning ritual when Saleem raped her from his eyes and she pretended totally unaware. Today however she gave an extra swing to her ass so that Saleem can enjoy the show. The sigh which escaped from Saleem was the proof of her power over him.

The lift was open when Neha and Saleem reached to the lobby. The receptionist got up and wished her politely while giving Saleem a mysterious look. Neha ignored the standing receptionist and took her bag from Saleem and went inside the lift. However, before the doors can close a middle-aged bulky guy in a white sports jacket was rushed in. He was panting loudly like an elephant forced to run. Neha looked at him with disgust. She hated guys who can’t maintain their body and ate like pigs. But she specially hated this guy. With short greyish hair and a double chin face Naveen stood around 6 feet 3 inches. However, his good height was marred by his excess weight of 120 Kilos. He was 28 but looked more like a 45-year-old. However, he didn’t care. He was the son of the chairman and was head of Human Resources. He ran his department like his person fiefdom and no one said anything sine he was the heir apparent of Aidream Mobile.

“Good Morning Neha. This red saree is too hot. ” Naveen replied was openly ogling at the Neha’s ample cleavage.

Neha ignored his stare and replied nonchalantly “Good Morning Naveen. It seems you can’t give up eating unhygienic oily food and your unnecessary compliments.”

Naveen ignored the jibe. Apart from becoming the chairman he wanted to marry Neha. However, he wanted to play cool and wanted Neha to come to him. He never let go of a chance to show off his wealth and power to Neha.

“You know I drove my red Ferrari to office today. Your dress matches with my car color. Maybe you like to see the car in the evening or we can go for a long drive?” Naveen replied earnestly.

Neha smiled. Even the Chairman’s fat son can’t resist her charms.

“Not in this lifetime Naveen. I come to work here and not to go for drives.” Neha replied.

However, Neha’s reply had no effect on Naveen. He had not even listened to her. His eyes were glued to Neha’s firm and big breasts. It seems the cold August air had also affected her nipples. With a start Neha realized her nipples were hard and must be poking through the thin blouse. Instead of hiding her nipples she let Naveen get full view.

“Bechara. Aaj yeh mere dhoodh ko soch soch ke hilayega!!”

“Poor guy. He would probably dream about my boobs and relieve himself. ” Neha thought and smiled inside.

“Kash iss Sali randi ke dhoodh yahi lift mai daba ke chuus loon.”

“Wish I can suck this slut’s boobs right now in lift.” Naveen thought with his hand unknowingly adjusting his tented trousers. The lift was silently moving towards the 10th Floor.

Suddenly the door of the lift opened on the 10th Floor and the tension in the lift was broken.

Neha hurriedly left towards her officer in the right wing. Cursing under his breath for loosing his control again with Neha, Naveen also walked to the left wing in his office.

Neha entered in her cabin and switched on her laptop. What she was thinking when she let Naveen get uninterrupted view of her hard and big nipples. He was already an asshole and this incidence will further embolden him. She made up her mind. First of all, she would have to stay away from Naveen and secondly, she would let her inner slut out and get laid soon in every dirty way imaginable. Only then her constant thirst for a mota lund thick dick be satisfied.

“Jaldi he kisi mast lund se choot marwaungi ya choot chatwaungi.”

“Soon I will try to get fucked by either a thick dick or get myself licked.” Neha thought crossing her legs and trying to suppress her quivering pussy.

Whole day passed in the hectic work and in avoiding Naveen. Airdream mobile was expanding fast in the exponentially growing telecommunication market of India. Every company wanted a piece of this multibillion dollars market but Airdream mobile was Beylikdüzü Escort a shark trying to gobble up the largest share.

Neha was busy in studying one such expansion report when the knock at the cabin door disturbed her.

“Yes!” She said in a sharp condescending tone.

The door opened and a girl in her early thirties barged in the cabin with two bags. She had same built and figure like Neha, however she was rather dusky as compared to Neha’s flawless white skin.

“Are you going to kill yourself by working so much? Come on its 6 PM We have to get ready.”

Neha’s mood suddenly changed and she smiled at Sabina. Sabina joined at the same time as Neha. Both of them trained together and even shared the daily lunch. After her mother Neha loved Sabina the most and confided in her everything.

“What is the occasion? And No, I am not trying to kill myself but the reports have to be verified by tomorrow so that the Chairman can read and approve them in the board meeting tomorrow.”

“Nothing is going to happen. Don’t you remember? It’s the company’s foundation day. We have arranged a party on the 9th floor. Lots of alcohol good food and chance to get a good lund {dick) in our pussies tonight.” Squealed Sabina.

Like Neha she was also desperate to get laid but the work schedule had been hectic for both of them.

Neha jumped up on hearing about the foundation day. She had totally forgotten about the email received early morning informing everyone about the party. Since she was head of operations her presence was must.

“I totally forgot. And I don’t even have a good dress for the party.” Neha made a face.

“Don’t worry I have covered that side. I knew you will forget about it that why I excused my self from office in lunch time and went shopping for both of us. Since we both have same figure, I bought two identical dress. The black one for you and the red one for me.” Sabina replied showing the huge Zara bag.

Neha was speechless by Sabina’s help and just hugged her.

“Thank you, babe,” Neha quietly said

“Get ready babe, the alcohol starts at 7 PM and as you know we are not allowed to stay beyond 10 PM due to Police movements we need to hurry.” Sabina replied hugging Neha back.

Neha rushed to the washroom with her dress in one hand. However, when she wore the dress, she was stunned. It was a very short black tube top dress. Although it hugged her figure perfectly and in fact complimented it perfectly but it revealed her figure too much. Almost her full 34 c boobs were on display and so was her perfect round ass. If she wore this to party, she would surely be fucked right on the dance floor.

She opened the washroom door and walked to the basin area where Sabina was wearing a similar dress although in red color and applying makeup.

“What the fuck have you bought? This is office party not an orgy. Tu aaj chudwa ke raheg road pe Sali You will get us fucked on road tonight bitch.” Neha shouted half frustrated and half mesmerized by her own sheer feminine beauty on full display.

“Nothing will happen, relax. There will be other girls wearing similar dresses. Aur waise bhi chudne ka plan toh hum dono ka tha he. And we already had plans to try to get fucked tonight.” Sabina reminded Neha.

Sabina handed over her makeup box to Neha and directed her to apply some basic makeup.

After this she took Neha’s hand and literally dragged her to the party on the 9th floor.

By the time both girls joined the party it was already 7.30 PM and the party were in full swing.

As soon as they entered the conference room turned party hall all eyes were on them.

“Take a deep breath and follow me to the bar area.” Sabina encouraged Neha.

It looked as if the time had stopped still. Naveen clutched his whisky glass harder and watched as Sabina and Neha swayed to the bar. His experienced eyes, like other males on the floor, can make out the sharp features of both the girls and specially Neha. Her big 34 C breasts supported by figure hugging dress and her round ass was swaying with the music. He could make out the sweat trickling down her milky shoulder to her shaved armpits. Her long black hair matching the beats of her round ass in swaying.

“Naveen is raping you with his eyes.” Sabina poked Neha and pointed towards Naveen.

Before she can respond Neha was engulfed in a bear hug. It took few seconds for Neha to register that this was the Chairman of the company Mr. Uday Pratap, father of Naveen. He was a 65-year-old grizzly old man with decades of experiences and billions in his banks. He too like his son lusted after this beauty.

He took few extra uncomfortable seconds to release Neha from his arms meantime using this time to grope her boobs and her ass. Neha was bit shocked to see the behavior of this old man but was equally turned on. His large hands pawed the soft boobs of Neha and then his hand slid down to her tummy. Before it can Esenyurt Escort go down further Neha pushed him back politely while laughing.

“You naughty boy. Behave!” Neha chided in a fun way.

Mr Pratap was in equal fun mood. “You won’t give me a chance with you?”

“You had your chance.” Neha replied immediately.

“When?” Mr Uday replied surprised.

“When you were interviewing me. You could have laid down the condition and I would have gladly accepted.” Neha replied jokingly.

“Damn!! I never thought about that. But surely I can amend the mistake?” His reply was forthcoming as his hands once again moved to take Neha in his arms.

Neha moved back a little positioning herself behind Sabina and replied in same joking tone

“4 years have passed you have become older.” Her eyes hinting the double meaning.

Before he can reply Naveen forced himself in the group. He was watching this from far and was not liking his own father behaving with Neha in this way. After all in his mind Neha would be his future wife.

“Dad you had too much to drink. The Police Chief has arrived and he is the guest of honor. You should meet him.” Naveen said to his dad in a rather sharp tone.

Mr. Uday glanced towards his son and then shrugging his shoulders moved to meet the guest of honor leaving Neha alone.

“You looking hot Neha and you too Sabina.” Naveen replied.

Sabina looked at Neha and smirked. She knew exactly what Naveen meant.

She quietly said to Neha “Teri choot marna chahta hai yeh chutiya.”

“This asshole wants to fuck your pussy.”

Neha replied in Sabina’s ear “Isko maa chudane de chal daru peete hain.”

“Let him fuck his mother. Let us get drunk.”

Without even glancing in Naveen’s direction both of them moved to get more drinks.

Naveen was seething. This was his insult How can any employee insult the heir to this multi-billion-dollar company specially when in future he will control their paychecks. But he had no way of taking out his anger right now without making a fool of himself. He gulped the remaining whisky in one go and decided to wait for the day when he can take the revenge.

Unbeknownst to anyone Saleem was also standing quietly in corner and watching the entire thing play Infront of him. Being head of security he was also acting as the bouncer along with few other guards.

From the moment Neha had entered the hall he had being eyeing her. And seeing her in this hot dress his lust had crossed all the limits. The cheap alcohol he had drunk an hour back with other drivers was also doing its work. The lust mixed with the intoxication of cheap alcohol and the local tobacco which Saleem was chewing was affecting him in a demonic way. He wanted Neha and he wanted her at all cost. Sometimes alcohol makes a man push his own boundaries albeit in this case in the wrong way.

Meanwhile as the evening progressed the alcohol flowed freely and everyone was getting drunk and loosing inhibitions.

Neha and Sabina had already been asked for dance and took every opportunity to dance. In reality it was not a dance but a dry humping both of them were getting from their drunk colleagues. Each and every guy had tried to fondle them in the name of dancing. The dim light on the dance floor was helping in their molestation.

This was the sixth guy Neha was dancing. However, he was a young trainee barely 22 years old in her own department. Tall at least 6 feet, lean and thin he had beautiful eyes. Neha was trying to be professional but the alcohol had loosened both of them. Raj the trainee who was dancing with Neha can’t believe his luck. He was dancing with his sexy 30ish boss. Neha had buried her head in his shoulder. She could smell the cheap but good Jovon Musk cologne on Raj. However, he also smelled of man. His sweat mixed with his manly smell was giving another high to Neha. Raj’s both hands were holding Neha just below her boobs but Raj couldn’t resist rubbing her boobs with his thumbs while barely moving his pam. With every thumb move on her boobs Neha felt a jolt of electricity travelling in her entire body ending at her vagina. Her wet choot pussy was a quivering mess. She desperately wanted Raj to throw her on the floor and pound her choot pussy mercilessly.

The music ended they both of them separated although they were still eyeing each other with lust. Neha and Raj knew that they had to find each other at the end of party and quench this thirst.

Sabina grabbed Neha and pushed her to the corner.

“My God you both were so much into each other. Whats going on?” Sabina inquired.

“I want that guy to fuck me senseless” Neha pointing out to Raj on the other corner of the hall.

Saleem was in fury. He wanted to kill that kid Raj. How dare he tried to seduce Neha madam. She was his. He will have to work out a plan sooner.

“One more shot.” Neha shouted to the bartender over the loud music.

Sabina tried to stop Neha” You have a lot to drink. Slow down Neha.”

Pushing Sabina’s hand away Neha finished the shot. However, she immediately regretted. The tequila shot hit her hard. She already had taken at least 7 shots and few glasses of whisky. Nausea hit her hard. Rushing to the washroom on 10th floor she barely made in time and started retching in the bathroom.

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