The Interview Ch. 1


My name is Nina and this is how in my mid-thirties I learned that there is more to life than being a workaholic and living alone. As you read my story you will see that I had much to learn and was taught by capable, all be it young, teachers. I will be in their debt for many years, possibly all the years I have left. I hope that you can learn some of their lessons if you open your mind to the possibilities of letting go of your inhibitions and giving your body and mind over to others for a time. Please enjoy with an open heart and a willing mind. As I hurried home, leaving work late as usual my mind wandered to what I needed to do: change clothes, make tea, get question list. I parked my car and hurried to the door. I threw my bags on the table by the door and kicked off my heels. I needed to hurry and change before the prospective trainer showed up for his interview. As I went up the stairs untucking my blouse from my skirt the doorbell rang. “Damn. At least he is punctual.” I whispered under my breathe. “Be right there!” I yelled toward the door. I quickly started buttoning my blouse and walking toward the door. Upon opening the door I was greeted to an exotic, tanned, muscular young man in his mid-twenties. He stood about 5 feet 7 with eyes so black I felt I was falling into a black hole. As I looked to the rest of his face I saw a mischievous smile Yeşilköy escort that reminded me of Han Solo. Continuing to scan the young man at my door I could see his arms were barely contained in his tight shirt. It felt that I looked him over for hours, but only a second had passed when he said, “Hello, I’m here to interview for the personal trainer. Do I have the right house?” I must have been a site staring and looking him over, but I was caught in his net. My skin was tingling and then as I met his eyes again I blushed. He knew I was ‘checking him out’ and with just his coy smile I was told that he was ok with being eye candy. As I blushed as a chill ran through me and my skin became a mass of goosebumps. “Yes… No… Oh my, you have the correct house. Please come in.” He stepped into the house and I could smell his aftershave and sighed, oh he smells so wonderful. “You have a beautiful home.” he purred to me and I melted a bit. If this doesn’t stop I’m never going to be able to interview him much less workout with him. “Thank you. Shall we talk in the dining room?” I motioned for him to follow me and he did. I could feel him looking me over paying special attention to my ass. I sauntered a bit for him and was aroused just knowing he was looking. ‘I’m going to love this interview,’ I thought with a smile. Yeşilyurt escort bayan I was glad that I had not fully changed and was still in my business attire. Hopefully he likes his women sophisticated with a slightly naughty side; I want him to train me to his will. I smiled as I thought, ‘They do say sex is a great way to work out.’ As we sat at my dining room table we chatted about his background, training, abilities and what I wanted to get from a personal trainer. He told me his training method was unorthodox and he had a few clients that didn’t like his methods and wanted to be upfront with me before I hired him; but he was hired from the minute I saw him. I used our chat to do some heavy flirting. I played with my necklace that dipped low into my cleavage and the buttons of my blouse. I crossed my legs and flashed the tops of my stockings as I looked into his eyes trying to telepathically tell him that I wanted him to grab me and hold me to the table and fuck me. My panties were soaking wet as we talked. “What type of workout routine did you have in mind for me?” I asked in my most sultry and flirtatious voice. “I would have you doing cardio, lots of heart pumping cardio. Do you want to do a short workout today?” Not knowing if I could concentrate on a workout, but wanting to keep him here. “Yes, Escort Zeytinburnu please. I’ll go change,” I answered in a slightly hesitant tone. I could not wait to see him in workout gear or for him to see me in mine. As I stood he grabbed my arm and swung me in to his body, I was alarmed and let out a little girl yelp. He held me close and tight in his arms. I was still in shock as he lifted me up off my feet, sliding me along his body, only my toes were touching the ground. The pressure of his hold on me and the lifting raised my skirt to just under my ass revealing the lace tops of my stockings. “I can’t get enough of your clear, sky blue eyes,” he whispered. He lowered his face to mine and kissed me hard. His hands fell to my ass holding me up and against him; all I could do was wrap my legs around his waist. As our lips met his tongue forced them open to him and I could taste him. I moaned into the passionate kiss as he explored my mouth, making me feel as if I was falling farther and farther into his mouth. Starting to ‘come too’ a bit I returned his kiss and battled his tongue in a bit of oral war. I squirmed a little trying to release my arms, but was unable to get out of his firm, solid grip. After what seemed like a ten day kiss he broke from my lips leaving me breathless and wanting so much more. I felt him turning and walking and then the cold, hard surface of my dining room table against my ass. “We better get you in your workout gear. Take that blouse off, now!” I was taken aback with the forcefulness and tone of his voice that I froze. He quickly grabbed my collar and ripped it open; I gasped and was instantly tingling with anticipation.

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