The Looking Glass Ch. 04


I would like to thank Chasp for editing this story for me.

All characters are 18 years or older.


Ryan lay next to his mother’s naked body and thought back to how only days earlier she fought with her inner sexual desires for him. With the help of her psychiatrist’s son and the looking glass, though, he finally was able to coax her into accepting him as her lover.

Ryan fell asleep holding his mother’s body tight to his and dreamt of the previous night when he and Kevin, the ‘psychiatrist’s son’, had seduced their mothers. However, the dream quickly changed into something totally different and bazaar.

He dreamt seeing Liz and Kevin as they sat in her office discussing with a different mother and son the topic of incest, and heard Liz explain how she succumbed to sex with her son in front of a looking glass. In his dream state, he noted that the other mother became very interested in the mirror.

As he dreamt, he watched as Liz hypnotized the female patient and afterwards the patient acted as if she was a different person. Her personality changed from being meek to one with self-assurance. But as Liz tried to reason with this new identity, she pushed Liz backwards and buried her head under Liz’s skirt.

Ryan could feel his own excitement grow as Liz moaned and bucked to the probing that was happening between her legs, and it wasn’t long before he could see her cumming as both boys stood next to them.

Then something weird happened. The female patient acted as if she had fainted, and Liz pushed her away letting her motionless body slip to the floor.

Liz now seemed to have changed, and became sexually aggressive as she undid her son’s trousers and inhaled his member.

Ryan watched as Liz went from sucking her offspring to fucking him in record time, and his dick began to drip precum when she added the son of the patient into her little sex romp and slipped his dick inside her mouth.

Ryan went stiff when the sleeping woman stirred and Liz quickly included her before she could become aware of what she was doing, and had her bobbing away on her own child’s cock.

As the intense group incest played on and they all fucked wildly in Liz’s office, he heard the old man’s voice suddenly ring out.

It’s almost time Ryan… Remember your promise.

Ryan quickly woke and sat up. His body was covered with sweat, and he could feel his ragging cock seconds away from cumming. His mother’s naked body still lay next to him.

He couldn’t control his mind as it replayed the wicked dream until he couldn’t control his lust and eased his mother onto her back while spreading her legs. Without caring that she was sleeping, he latched his mouth firmly onto her sweet pussy as she began to twitch and moan in her sleep until she finally awoke to his tongue bringing her to an orgasm.

“Ryan… What are you doing? Honey… It’s late… We need some. Oh God!” she said as he stimulated her little bud and caused her to climax, covering his face with her juices.

Ryan wasted no time and crawled up his mother until his dick was snug against her wet mound.

“Ryan… What’s gotten into you?” Lisa queried as her son pushed his cock deep into her love nest.

Ryan’s mind kept thinking back to his dream and how the patient made Liz cum on her tongue many times. His dick rammed hard and fast inside his mother as the vision of Liz having sex with both boys popped into his psyche.

“Oh… Oh… Oh God I’m cumming!!!” Lisa shouted as her toes curled and her ass lifted off the bed.

“Oh! Fuck, mom. I’m close. Oh… Shit! Here it comes!!!” Ryan grunted as his seed filled her drenched cunt, and he fucked his way through his climax until he crashed on top of her chest.

As Ryan lay there listening to his mother’s heart pound he heard her ask “What brought that on?”

Ryan rolled off his mom and told her of his wicked sex dream but left out what the old man had told him.

Lisa just chuckled and said he had a very wicked imagination and suggested they should get back to sleep.

Ryan called Kevin the next morning and told him about the dream. Ryan was amazed when he found out it really happened. Kevin explained how the mother, Trish, left with her son afterwards and he hadn’t seen them since. However, his mom had seemed different since that day.

“Kevin, I think that ghost might be in your mom now,” Ryan said. “Maybe there’s some kind of a connection here.”

Ryan told of how he had obtained the mirror. He wouldn’t have believed in spirits himself if he hadn’t met that old man and seen what the mirror could do.

“I made the old guy a promise, but before I woke from my dream, I heard him remind me of it. I think we have to get our mothers together again,” Ryan told Kevin.

“You might be right.”

The boys devised another plan, but it would have to wait until later that week. Ryan’s aunt was coming for a visit, and unfortunately, he would have to act like the good son he used to be in her presence.

Ryan’s escort sitesi Aunt Rita was his father’s younger sister and lived two states away from them. The last time he saw her was at his dad’s funeral.

Ryan always had a crush on his aunt. Her slender figure and b size breasts were regularly a big turn-on for him. Many times he would lie in bed and masturbate to a fantasy of her sucking his dick while he held her long jet-black hair in his hands until he blew down her throat.

It also didn’t help that she was such a big flirt.

He couldn’t wait to see her again and found himself wishing the mirror might work its magic on her. However, his mom already thought something like that might happen and had him move it up into the attic until she left.

As Lisa and Ryan finished making the house ready for her visit, there was a rap on the front door. Sure enough, it was his sexy Aunt Rita.

“Give your aunty a hug,” she said as she opened her arms wide and stepped inside the house.

Ryan reached around his aunt, and she pulled him to her bosom as she squeezed him tight.

Ryan loved how her breasts mashed against his chest, and he could feel his member stiffen. He wanted so badly to reach down and grab her tush and pull his groin to her mound. However, self restrain was in order and he eased his body away from her.

“Boy, if I wasn’t your aunt, young man,” Rita said. Ryan’s mind answered her with Don’t let that stop you. We could be fucking our brains out in less than a minute.

Lisa stepped in front of her son and gave her ex-sister in-law a quick hug and peck, which flashed another wicked picture in Ryan’s twisted mind. He could see his mother and aunt embracing tightly, locking their mouths together as their hands slipped down and rubbed each other’s ass. His manhood was at full attention now, and he excused himself as the women moved to the living room, still talking.

Holly shit… She’s here for only a minute, and I’m already thinking about bonking her, he thought, as he went to his room to clear his head.

That evening after dinner they all sat in the living room and chatted about what had happened in their lives since Ryan’s dad passed away. Lisa, of course, left out everything about her sexual encounters with her offspring but did tell how he now had a good job at the gym.

Rita smiled and squeezed her waist and said. “Maybe you can give me a couple of pointers on how to firm this area up.”

“I don’t see anything that needs changing,” Ryan brazenly said.

“Oh… I swear Lisa. You have a real charmer there,” Rita replied and gave Ryan a sly smile.

Lisa started to get a little uncomfortable as Ryan and Rita playfully flirted in her presence and suggested they retire for the night.

Ryan agreed and gave his mom a quick peck before saying goodnight. Even so, before he could leave, his aunt loudly said “Hey, where’s my kiss?”

With that, Ryan walked over to his aunty and leaned down to give her a kiss, but instead of a quick peck, he planted a firm kiss right on her lips.

“Goodnight, Aunt Rita,” he said, as he saw the shocked expression that lingered on her face.

“Good… Goodnight Ryan,” she said as he walked out of the room.

That night Ryan had a tough time sleeping. His sexy aunt and her flirt-talk had filled his mind with wicked thoughts of sex, and if it wasn’t for the fact she was sleeping in his mother’s room, he would have slipped inside and given his mom a good hard fuck. Alas, he had to settle for his hand and masturbated once more to the fantasy of his aunt inhaling his dick down her throat. But as he worked faster on his shaft bringing him close to cumming, his mother entered his fantasy and the vision went from his aunt sucking his pole to his mom between her legs while Rita continued to blow him.

“Oh fuck… Oh fuck!!!” he loudly whispered, as his sperm splattered all over his body.

Quietly, Ryan cleaned himself up and slipped back into bed. However, his self-pleasure didn’t ease the unthinkable lewd acts from tormenting him the entire night.

The following day was no better. He dressed and walked into the kitchen and saw his mom sitting at the table chatting with his aunt who hadn’t changed out of her sleepwear yet. Aunt Rita was wearing a flimsy black satin teddy, the front of which dipped low, allowing half her bubble breasts to peek out. He could see her nipples poking into the material and again Ryan could feel his dick turn stiff as she said good morning and sipped her tea.

Lisa handed a hot cup of coffee to him, and gave him peck on the cheek.

“I have to run before I’m late,” Lisa said as she grabbed her purse and headed out the back door.

Ryan sat in the chair next to his aunt and tried not to stare at her melons.

“What’re your plans for the day, Ryan?” Rita inquired as she continued to sip her tea.

“I wish I could take the day off and hang with you aunty, but I don’t have any vacation time left.”

“Oh… It’s okay, dear. I’m sure I gaziantep escort sitesi can control myself until I see you again.”

Ryan stood up and replied “I’m not sure if I can,” and leaned in for another kiss square on her lips. As he backed away he saw that same shocked expression fill her face, which caused him to smile as he turned toward the back door to leave.

Rita quickly spoke before her nephew left the room. “Ryan, I don’t think giving your aunty a kiss like that is the proper thing to do.”

Ryan stopped suddenly, turned around and boldly said “I’m sorry, aunty. It’s just that you’re so hot I have trouble controlling my actions.”

“Umm… Well… Um I… I’m afraid you’re going to have to restrain yourself,” Rita stumbled to say.

“I promise I’ll try,” Ryan replied as he walked out the door and headed to work.

While at work, Ryan’s mother called and said she would be late coming home. There was a crunch at the office, and she’d promised her boss that she’d have her task completed before she left for the day. She suggested he take Rita out for a nice meal since there was no way for her to estimate when she would be getting home that evening.

Ryan couldn’t wait for his shift to end. He was looking forward to continuing with the flirting he and his aunt had started, and hoped maybe he could get her interested in taking it further.

Ryan rushed straight home and found his aunt sitting in the living room looking through the family photo album.

“Hey, did mom call you?”

“Hmm? Oh yes. She told me she would be late,” Rita said, her face filled with grief as she looked at the album.

Ryan sat on the couch next to her and said “I miss him also.”

Rita put her head on his shoulder as she continued to flip through the book and began to tell him stories of her and his father when they were his age.

“You know, Ryan? You remind me a lot of him.”

“How so?”

“Well, we used to tease each other, like you and I do now.”

She would flirt with her brother? he thought, and then wondered if more might have happened between them.

Ryan felt his dick grow as he thought of a wicked idea.

“You know, mom has more pictures up in the attic. I bet if we looked around we could find them.”

Rita set the album on the coffee table and said “Well, lead the way, handsome.”

Ryan showed his aunt to the attic and pulled the chain on the hanging light bulb. He noticed that his mother had covered the mirror with a white sheet. While he acted as if he was looking for the pictures, when he got close to the looking glass he pulled the sheet from it and called his aunt’s attention to the object and said “Hey, have you ever seen one of these?”

Rita walked closer and couldn’t help but admire how beautiful the mirror appeared.

“It’s pretty. Why is it up here?”

“Mom thought it might be a good idea to keep it here until you left.”


“The truth is, aunty, it’s not an ordinary mirror. It’s magical.”

Rita chuckled at his comment and gave him a shove as she felt he was pulling her leg.

“Magical…,” she snickered.

“No… I’m serious. Stand in front of it and look at your reflection. Then you’ll see what I mean.”

Rita did as her nephew instructed and gazed at herself in the glass while Ryan stood behind her and waited.

But nothing presented itself, which baffled Ryan.

What the hell… he thought, as Rita finally turned away.

“Okay, enough of this game. Let’s find the photos,” she suggested as she began to wander around looking through the scattered boxes again.

Ryan was frustrated but proceeded to help his aunt look for the pictures, but after going through many of the boxes and not coming up with any photos, Ryan asked more about how she and his father would tease each other.

Rita stopped looking and stood up, and Ryan could tell she was wistfully thinking back in time, when he glanced in the direction of the mirror. It was slowly fogging. As Rita thought about the past, the mirror had begun to project images once again. Ryan walked over to his aunt and faced her towards the mirror.

“It’s happening,” he said as two people began to come into focus.

Ryan and Rita watched as the fogginess clear, and they saw a younger image of herself and of her brother. They both appeared to be in their early 20s, and it was obvious his aunt wasn’t fibbing about their flirting. Ryan heard his aunt make sexual innuendoes towards dad, and he did the same back. However, the flirting turned into a game of wrestling, and they watched as the reflection of his dad pinned his sister to the floor while they both laughed and squirmed around.

“How… How is this possible?” Rita asked as she stood there amazed at the reflection.

Ryan didn’t answer as he felt mixed emotions as what was being shown before his eyes. He found himself getting both excited and hurt by what the looking glass reflected. He did, in fact, miss his dad. As his father’s gaziantep escort bayan sitesi body lay across his sister, he noticed his groin grind against her mound.

“Oh… you’re a naughty brother today. Do you need sis to help you with that?” Rita’s reflection asked.

“Oh, no! Make it stop ,Ryan. Please!!!” Rita implored as her reflection slipped its hand down between her brother’s legs.

“Oh… yeah, sis… Oh… pull it out,” they heard her brother say.

Ryan’s dick was as hard as a nail as the image of sibling love unfolded before him. He moved closer to his aunt until he was standing right behind her. He could hear her breath race as she was mesmerized by the vision.

Ryan put his hands on her shoulders and whispered “I’m a naughty boy too.”

“This can’t be real… How… can the mirror show what happened?”

“Shhh… It’s okay, aunty. Your secret’s safe with me,” Ryan said as he eased his pants down and slowly guided her hand to his stiff member.

Ryan watched as the reflection of his aunt stroking his father’s dick intensified. With her hand in reality, she slowly toyed with his cock, and he groaned “Oh… Fuck. Aunt Rita. You’re good at this.”

Neither could turn away from the mirror as his dad worked his sister’s pants free along with her panties, and Ryan gasped when her dark thick bush came into view.

Ryan watched the reflection of his dad slither slowly down his sister’s body and nestled his nose between her legs. They listened to the young Rita moan in contentment as he sucked on her muff. This stirred Ryan to reach around his aunt’s body and he eased his hand inside her panties until he found her moist slit and said, “Wow, aunty, you’re wet,” as he parted her folds with his finger.

Rita involuntarily moaned and pushed towards the invading finger as it slipped deeper inside her warm pussy and pleaded “Oh… Ryan, we shouldn’t. It’s not right for us to… Oh!”

“Shhhh… Just watch the mirror,” he said as he worked another digit inside her wet snatch.

Rita was twitching her hips as her palm stoked on her nephew’s tool, while her lust built, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she couldn’t stop herself. The reflection finally revealed her darkest secret.

They watched as her brother rose up from her muff and lined his manhood at her entrance, and the words she spoke all those years ago were heard once more “Fuck me, brother. Fuck your sister,” and saw him penetrate her for the first time.

“Oh… Fuck, sis. You’re so fucking tight,” they heard her brother say as all of his girth sank deep inside her cunt.

“No… No… Ryan… We have to!!!”

“We have to what, aunty?… Fuck?” Ryan asked as he eased her pants to the floor.

He received no resistance as her panties puddled next to her pants at her feet and felt her pull his dick towards her.

Rita was lost as her body yearned for the feel of a man between her legs once again. The images of her brother fucking her wildly sent her over the edge. She could feel herself moving back against her nephew until his warm cock brushed her ass.

As she heard her reflection screaming for her brother to make her cum, she softly worded “Fuck me, Ryan. Fuck your aunt.”

Ryan moved his pole between her legs as she bent slightly forward while her hand grasped his shaft and guided it to her love hole.

Her wet pussy touched the tip of his head and felt Ryan nudged forward parting her lips and slowly easing his bulb inside.

“Ohhh!!!” His aunt said as another inch eased inside her. She finally had become lost in the sexual act and her ass pushed back to meet his every thrust.

Ryan was in heaven. The aunt he fantasized about was actually fucking him, and he began to move faster and harder as the vision of his dad fucking her went full speed. He could hear her telling him to cum insider her as he pounded deep inside her cunt and moments later heard his aunt yell “Fuck me Ryan… Fuck me hard!” as her ass smashed back against his impaling cock.

“Oh… aunty, you don’t know how badly I’ve wanted this,” Ryan said as he fucked her like a jackhammer.

Rita was screaming as her nephew fucked her hard as her climax closed. Her pussy sucked on his dick as her body tingled with excitement when the first wave of ecstasy rippled through her body.

Ryan felt her pussy grip his cock and knew she was close to cumming. His own hot seed was moments away from sinking inside her wet box when he felt her body stiffen and shake as she moaned loudly “I’m cumming… Oh Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.” Ryan slammed inside her cunt as he gripped her waist tight. He pushed hard and held his dick deep inside her pussy as his sperm released inside her warm hole.

“Oh… Fuck.” Ryan grunted as his sperm splattered inside her canal. His legs went shaky but he held his cock deep inside her depths until they both crashed to the attic floor.

Rita was gasping for air as her body filled with the after-effects of her orgasm and didn’t have a chance to recover before her nephew had her up on her knees, and he was rocking his appendage again inside her sacred hole.

“Oh God, Ryan. What are you doing to me?” she asked, as she felt her young nephew’s dick hardening insider her until once again he was slamming away, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. Moaning and screaming was all she was capable of doing as another climax shot through her.

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