The neighborhood sex slaves Part 4


The neighborhood sex slaves Part 4Read these first if you haven’t:http://xhamster.com/user/Bigrodtaz/posts/331951.htmlhttp://xhamster.com/user/Bigrodtaz/posts/333881.htmlhttp://xhamster.com/user/Bigrodtaz/posts/341592.htmlKelly had just filled Jack’s boi pussy with her cum, pushed him down to the ground, pulled her cock out and came over to me. I was being fucked by Mary with one of the biggest strap-ons I had ever seen in person let alone felt in my boi pussy.While Mary was fucking me, she was fucking herself, it was a vibrating double ended, and it felt so damn good. Mary began her first orgasm which erupted from her pussy, squirting all over the both of us and soaking her strap on at the same time. Her orgasm lasted for what seemed like forever but was in reality multiple orgasms that lasted for a good 5 minutes. Once Mary was done convulsing dikmen escort from the multiple orgasms, our bodies covered in her cum she slowly removed her “cock” from my ass. Kelly eased her head down to watch as the head popped out, my hole stayed open as Kelly stuck out her tongue, filling my ass which had just been vacated. I grabbed Kelly’s head, pushing inwards forcing her tongue farther inside when I felt her remove her tongue from inside of me. She pressed her head back as I released my grip. She turned, facing me lightly licking my shaft. I was moaning in total ecstasy when Mary said “Okay you two, we came over here for Jack’s pussy to get filled with cum so It’s now your turn to fill him with your cum Rod.Jack, upon hearing this automatically assumed the position, which was on his hands and knees.As Kelly esat escort sat up from my body as I sat up, looked down at Jack and said,, “I would LOVE to fill that pussy with my cock and cum. What do you think there Jackee?”Jack looked at me and said “I am your humble servant to use as you wish”Mary upon hearing this smiled and said “Okay Rod, you heard Jackee, fuck her, fill her with your cum, make it so she is unable to walk home easily.”I stood up, walked over behind Jackee, squatted a little, lined my cock up to her still open hole. I teased her with just the head barely entering her when Mary said, “Just fuck the little slut,I want to see her feel the same way as I’ve felt the last few years.”Smiling at Mary, I grabbed Jackee’s hips as I buried my cock completely inside of her ass and started to pump all the way eryaman escort in and out as fast as I could.It wasn’t long when I felt my balls start to tighten as they filled with cum. I stroked about 3 more times when I exploded deep inside of Jackee’s boi pussy. My cock had 5 great pulses which I’m sure Jackee could feel as she was moaning with each pulses of cum. Once I was done, I pulled out of Jackee’s pussy, went around to her head which was down on her forehead on the ground. I grabbed her by her hair roughly pulling her head up. As she looked up, she saw my cock in front of her mouth. Instinctively she opened her mouth as I slid inside her mouth. Jackee sucked my cock clean as Mary came up to me, put her arm around me and said “Did you enjoy breaking her in?”Looking at her I said, “What do you think, she has the tightest pussy I’ve had in years.”She said “good, then I guess you can help out with the “other” problem I have.””And, what would that be?” I asked.Mary said, ” well, the both of you will have to come to my house for dinner tonight to find out, but I guaranty you will both enjoy yourselves.”

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