The Neighbors Know (Part 4)

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The Neighbors Know (Part 4)[ For Julie—who keeps me inspired to write, and has been a long time encouragement in that regard! Thank you! ]I found it when I took out the trash.It was windy that day, and as I opened the lid to the trash container, and then dumped the house trash into it, a gust of wind suddenly swirled around me. For a moment I stood there, eyes closed against the gritty dust that passed around me. As the gust subsided, I was about to drop the lid closed when I noticed a white oblong cardboard box, laying on top of the rest of the trash. At first I thought it was the package for a tube of toothpaste, but it wasn’t. It was the package for a home pregnancy test. I stood in surprise as I stared down at it. I had a ‘what-the-fuck’? moment, when I realized that the only reason for the presence of such a thing in our trash can, was that my wife thought she might be pregnant—but since she bolu escort bayan and I hadn’t really had much (if any) of a sex life together in quite a few years, the significance of my discovery was all the more…surprising, you could say.I let the lid to the trash can fall shut and I went back into the house. My wife wasn’t home at the moment, and so I finished doing the morning breakfast dishes, and even did the vacuuming that she’d asked me to do several days earlier. As I vacuumed, I kept thinking about the pregnancy test box in the alley way trash can. So, I wondered, is my wife pregnant? And if she was, then who was the ‘father?’ Because there was absolutely no doubt that it wasn’t me!After I’d finished the vacuuming, I decided to watch some porn, and as I sat in front of the lap top screen, I proceeded to view some fabulously large black cocks fucking some escort bolu incredibly beautiful young white females; and I had an erection almost immediately. Though my own cock didn’t come anywhere near the huge sizes of these black guys cocks (it measures, occasionally, when fully erect, near five inches in length), the sight always, always sends a shiver of lustful excitement through me, which I’ve come to enjoy so very much. Indeed, I’d come to fully accept that whatever any sort of so-called ‘sex life’ I might have, would be masturbation (spiced up with a generous amount of porn to go along with it)!However, the thought that my wife was pregnant (but by who I had no idea) was the most exhilarating thing for me; and I had a enjoyable session of masturbation—as well as a very intense ejaculation! I’d stood up to shoot my sperm onto the table next to my lap top, and I bolu escort stood there, as my erection (such as it was) faded and drooped down, happily exhausted for the time being. I also stared down at my meager amount of cum. It was a thin, milky consistency; unlike the thick and creamy sperm of those incredibly well-hung black men’s cock that I saw oozing out of the white females on line! It was, I admitted, a rather pathetic looking sight.I went to the bathroom and got several hand fulls of toilet paper and carefully wiped up my mess; and after that I went back to the bathroom and flushed it all down the toilet. As it swirled around and down, I couldn’t help but think of the pregnancy test box I’d found in our trash can in the alley. My wife wouldn’t have purchased it if she hadn’t had a good reason to suspect that she was pregnant; and since she and I hadn’t had sex in a very long time, it was obvious she’d had sex with someone else—but who? And then it struck me: Was it the young black guy who had spent so much time across the street with that young couple; who he had obviously been the father of their newborn? As I stood there, I suspected that this was, indeed the case! The End

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