The New Neighborhood Ch. 10


Note to readers: The story below and subsequent chapters involves open relationships between consenting adults, including incest. Everyone involved is 18 or older. If you don’t enjoy stories that involve incest then you should probably find something else to read. Thanks to Daddysgirlfl for editorial support!

The New Neighborhood

Hi, my name is Tom, Tom Brostwin.

I’m 40 years old, 6’1″, I workout to stay in shape, so I’m a strong lean 200 lbs.

My family consists of me and my 20 year old daughter Heather. I’ve been a widower and single parent since Heather was 12. Helen, her mother, and the love of my life, left our lives suddenly, 8 years ago, when her car skidded out of control in a blizzard.

Heather is a beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and an ever-present smile. She is 5’6″ tall, has lucious soft lips, 36C tits, a narrow waist, an amazing ass, and a cleanly shaved soft plump pussy that tastes like pineapple. It also swells and blossoms when she is aroused.

Heather tricked me into having sex with her when she turned 18, and since then we have been passionate lovers. Perhaps I’ll write that story some day.

I’ve been blessed with a cock that most women consider “large”. When fully erect, it is 8 inches long and nearly 2 inches in diameter. I believe that a healthy sex life is essential to the happiness of all humans. Heather feels the same, and she and I ensure each other’s happiness whenever we can.

Here is a list of the four families in the neighborhood, and other characters as they join.

Mike and Molly have just moved in with me and Heather.

Claire is now living with us as well.

This may help until you get to know them:

Howard, Hannah, Holly, Hugh

Paul, Kristen (Krissy), Patricia (Trixie), Dan

Tim, Melissa, Victoria (Tory), Rick

Keith, Suzie, Katherine(Kate), Sam

Molly, the professor, and Mike, Molly’s son

Claire – the homeless magazine sales girl

Dom, Aria, and Jan (Restaurant owner, his daughter and Molly’s friend)

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The New Neighborhood – Fun Fucking Trixie, Krissy and Claire

Monday morning I got up early, went for a 5 mile run, and was in the kitchen eating a light breakfast when the rest of the house started to rise. After arranging to have Claire clean that pool for Paul, Krissy, Trixie and Dan, I decided to take the day off and accompany her. This was before Hugh entered the picture, but I saw no reason to change my plans now.

Heather and Mike were the first to join me.

“Hi daddy, so you’re going over to Trixie’s house?” Laughed Heather.

“Yes, I want to be certain that all goes well for Claire.”

“Dad, I’m not buying it. There’s a reason that I called it ‘Trixie’s house’. It’s OK, I get it.” She smiled. “You and she have a special bond and you should embrace it!”

“It’s not just Tom,” added Mike. “Mom seems enchanted by her as well. She sees her passion, not only in her personality, but also in her writing.”

“So, what are you two doing today?” I asked with a feeble attempt to steer the conversation in another direction.

“Wow!, almost broke my neck with that subject change,” laughed Heather. “Aria called us to say that the restaurant is closed on Mondays, and she has invited us over to spend some time with her, Dom and Jan.

“That sounds like fun, I know that Dom really wants her to meet more people her age.”

Heather scanned both me and Mike, and started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Asked Mike.

“Yeah?” I added.

“Gentlemen, stand next to each other with your hands behind your backs.” Began Heather. “Arianna, Arianna, Arianna,” she added in a breathy, overly dramatic voice.

Molly came out just in time to witness the demonstration, “Are those the infamous Arianna erections?” She laughed.

“Don’t worry Mike, I’m sure that you’ll get a chance to fuck her again today, and dad, you’ll just have to settle for Molly, Krissy, Trixie and Claire!” Quipped Heather.

“Did someone just mention meeee?” yawned a barely awake totally naked Claire. “And why is everyone wearing clothes? Are we expecting company?”

“Yes, I was just talking with dad about his plans, and he’ll be going with you this morning. As for the clothes question, I’m not sure. Just a habit from when I’m not here,” said Heather as she peeled off her over-sized t-shirt to reveal her perfect young naked body as well.

Molly, Mike and I all followed suit.

“I’m going to go get Hugh,” smiled Molly as she emphasized her intentions by slowly wetting her lips with her soft pink tongue. The sway of her hips and the corresponding movement of her breasts mesmerized us.

“Mom’s in cougar mode!” Quipped Mike.

She waved me and Claire to come watch. Molly knelt beside the bed and slipped under the sheet. Hugh’s hands moved to her head, holding it gently, as he moaned,”Ohhhhh, Ohhh Yessss Claire!! Keep suuucccking, feeeeels sooooo gooooood!!”

Claire istanbul escort and I knew exactly what Molly was doing under the sheets. I watched as Claire marched into the room, leaned over and kissed Hugh, slow, soft and sensually. “Good morning sexy!” She giggled.

“Wha, Wha, What?” mumbled a very confused Hugh, as he pulled his hands back from Molly’s sheet covered head.

“Molly is enjoying an early morning taste of teenage cock. Don’t worry Hugh. We all enjoy sharing!” Said Claire as she reassured him before straddling his face. “But I’ll be even more understanding if you lick and suck my pussy!”

I reacted to the erotic energy in the room, moved closer and dropped to my knees behind Molly. She sensed my presence and wiggled her ass as an invitation that I readily accepted, as my cock entered and probed the depths of her warm, wet and welcoming vagina.

Hugh enjoyed the unique perspective of looking up at Claires tight abdominal muscles, her beautiful breasts and her face, as he tasted the essence of her sexual arousal.

Hugh moaned into Claire’s pussy as he erupted into Molly, “MMMMmmmAAaaaaaaaa!!” His body tensed and then relaxed as Molly threw off the sheet and released his cock from her throat.

“OK, studly!” announced Claire. “Time to get up. I have work to do at Paul’s house and so do you!” Giggled Claire.

“Work?” Questioned Hugh, who was still recovering from his climax with Molly.

“Yes, I have to clean a pool,” explained Claire. “And you my dear sweet hunky lover are going to keep yourself busy, along with Tom, between the thighs of Krissy and Trixie!”

“Bu Bu Butt,” began Hugh.

“One of them may ask you to fuck them in the butt,” she laughed. “For now just fuck their tight little twats, or their cute smiling faces! Tom will help you if they want something more.”

Hugh was clearly perplexed that the girl who he wanted to be his girlfriend was telling him to fuck others.

Claire sensed his confusion. “Hugh, it’s simple. Fuck them, have fun, but don’t fall in love with them!” She smiled.

We all got cleaned up, had some breakfast, and dressed for the walk over to Paul and Krissy’s house. We all dressed casually in shorts, T-shirts and sandals. Claire wore a bra to prevent her nipples from getting rubbed raw on her T-shirt while she worked.

It was a bright sunny warm day as Hugh and I walked with Claire to do another initial cleaning of a neighborhood pool. “Claire, Do you remember that day when you came to my house to clean the pool?”

“It wasn’t that long ago and as I recall, I came to your house to give you a blow job, and you made me clean your pool instead!” She laughed.

“You went there to give him a blow job?” Asked Hugh.

“It’s a long story, and I should tell you the whole thing, but here we are, and I have another pool to clean.”

I knocked on the door and Trixie answered. She was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and jumped into my arms, wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed. It was a long slow wet passionate and very erotic kiss. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her body tight against me. I immediately felt a sense of warmth and inner peace that both surprised and pleased me.

“Ahem!” Coughed Hugh.

We broke the kiss and I lowered Trixie to the ground. “I’ve missed you.” I whispered in her ear.

“Hi Patricia,” said Hugh. “This is Claire, the woman that your dad hired to clean the pool.”

“Hugh, please call me Trixie. And yes, I knew Claire was coming, I just didn’t know that she’d be bringing help. Dan has gone to Rick’s house, and dad has to work, but mom is around here somewhere.” She explained.

We all walked into the living room where there were sliding glass doors out to the fully fenced pool area.

“Well, I assume that everything I need is in the shed, so I’m going to get started,” said Claire as she made her way out the back doors.

“Can I get you some ice water or something else to drink?” Offered Trixie.

“Sure, that would be great,” I replied.

“Yes please,” said Hugh. “Let me help,” he added as the two of them walked into the kitchen.

“So is Claire the lesbian girl that you had a crush on?” I heard Trixie ask as they disappeared around the corner. I pulled out a chair from the dining room table to sit on, while waiting for their return.

Soon they returned. Hugh sat in another chair and Trixie handed me a glass, and then knelt on the floor next to me, resting her head against my thigh. I caressed her head, running my fingers through her red hair. Touching her, and having her leaning against me, brought back that sense of calm that I experienced when we hugged earlier.

“So, you haven’t seen Hugh since his 18th birthday when his parents had the big party at their house?

“No,” replied Trixie, but I noticed that he suddenly stopped playing all the video games with Dan, Rick and Sam.

Just then, Krissy emerged from the master bedroom wing of the house. She was wearing a long bathrobe with 3 inch heels and stockings clearly istanbul escort bayan visible beneath it.

“Oh, hi Hugh and Tom, I thought that I heard some voices out here.” Smiled Krissy with her beautiful red fly-away hair, pale freckled skin and some freshly applied glossy lipstick. Except for the lipstick she and Trixie are almost identical.

“It looks like you’re getting dressed for something special.” I said as Trixie grabbed my thigh, rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, it’s called getting your attention.” She whispered.

“Hugh, can you help me, I bought something special for Paul’s birthday and I’d like you and Tom to give me your opinion.” She smiled.

Hugh stood up and walked toward Krissy. As he approached she opened the robe and he stopped in his tracks.

“That was a good response,” laughed Krissy. Please come and take the robe.”

Hugh walked forward, stood behind her and slipped it off her shoulders.

Krissy was wearing a black lacy bra and thong panty set. It was complimented by a black garter belt holding up very sheer black stockings with a floral design.

Hugh set aside the robe and was feeling awkward as his erection grew and tented his shorts.

I looked down at Trixie. “Go, go help Hugh. Have him get undressed and strip off your mother’s panties.”

Trixie moved quickly toward Hugh. “Do you want to fuck my mom?” She smiled

Hugh nodded as he kicked off his sandals, peeled off his shirt and Trixie pulled down his shorts and boxers. She tossed them with his other clothes as she knelt and stroked his cock. “Claires a lucky girl,” giggled Trixie as she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth.

“Hugh, can you help me out of these pesky panties,” teased Krissy.

Hugh had been nervous, but became more confident as Krissy made it clear that she wanted him. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He caressed her bra covered breasts with one hand as his other moved lower, across her bare belly, and pressed between her thighs to gently massage her clit.

“Mmmmmmmm, Yessssss,” moaned Krissy as she pressed her ass back against Hugh’s thighs and throbbing hard cock.

Hugh made short work of removing her bra and panties. “I think that your husband is going to love this outfit!” He exclaimed as he moved Krissy to bend over the back of the couch, lined up his cock between her puffy wet pussy lips and probed deep inside the long admired mother of one of his best friends.

“Ohhhhhh yesssss!, MMMMMMMM!” She cried out, and moaned

Hugh moved his hips, sliding his cock in and out of Krissy’s tight little cunt. His balls bounced against her clit. “In a few weeks, you’ll be fucking your son Dan,” he reminded her.

“Oh Fuuccckkkk!” she exclaimed as the thought of fucking her son almost triggered her orgasm.

“Maybe your could fuck us both at the same time,” teased Hugh as he increased the force and depth of his penetration.

“She looks good when she’s fucking, doesn’t she?” smiled Trixie.

“She seems relaxed, and like she is having fun. I hope that she enjoys it just as much with Paul.” I replied.

Trixie had moved to kneel beside me after helping Hugh. “Stand up,” I smiled. She quickly obeyed.

I pushed her shorts and panties to the floor. She kicked off her sandals and knocked the clothes to one side. I lifted the front of her shirt, exposing her pale skin, and her beautiful breasts with raspberry colored nipples. I just pulled the neck opening over her head and then slid the shirt down to the middle of her back, trapping her arms behind her.

“Thank you Sir,” she smiled and sighed.

I removed my clothes and found Trixie kneeling in front of me. I caressed her red hair, held her head and slowly began sliding the head of my cock in and out of her mouth.

Trixie circled it with her tongue, sucked it between her lips, and moaned, “Yummmmmmmm,” as her body shivered with excitement.

The fucking happening nearby was coming to a climax.

“Oh fuck Hugh, that feels soooooo gooood!” Shouted Krissy.

“I’ve dreamed of fucking you and this is way better than my dreams!” He assured her.

“Ah Ahhhh Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Yessssss!!!!!!” Screamed Krissy

“Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!” Groaned Hugh as the two of them climaxed and Hugh filled her pulsing pussy with hot creamy cum.

I stopped fucking Trixies face and looked down at her. “Go get the cum from your mother and share it with her!”

She stood and walked over and knelt where Hugh had been standing moments before. With her hands still trapped behind her back, she leaned her face into Krissy’s pussy, lapping and sucking till she had her mouth filled with cum.

I moved close to Hugh, to watch the erotic site in front of us.

“I really enjoyed that. I hope that Claire won’t be mad. It was fun, but I still just love Claire”

“Hugh – I looked out and saw her looking in at you fucking Krissy, and I have never seen that girl with such a big smile. She was happy for you, for both of you!”

I moved behind Trixie and helped escort istanbul her stand. Krissy stood up to face her daughter and they kissed, sharing the combined cum of Hugh and Krissy.

“Why did you leave her arms bound up in her shirt like that? Isn’t that mean?” asked Hugh.

At this point Trixie easily removed her own shirt.

“Let me take this Tom,” smiled Trixie. “Try to think of it as giving me freedom. The freedom not to have to think about what to do with my hands. When I was sucking Tom’s cock, or licking mom’s pussy, I could only use my mouth. So I didn’t have to think about caressing his balls or grabbing his ass, or in her case, grabbing her ass or tweaking her nipples.”

“But I like to be able to use my hands, mouth, and cock all at the same time.” Replied Hugh

“That’s great! It’s just good to know that people are different and that there isn’t one right way to enjoy sex with everyone.” I added.

“Please don’t say anything about this to others. If they observe it and ask questions, I’m happy to discuss it, but right now I think that I might be the only one in the neighborhood who really enjoys light bondage.” requested Trixie.

I moved closer to Trixie and realizing that she needed a little push, I kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “Go ahead, I want to watch you fuck Hugh.”

“After all those years of watching you and Dan playing with toys, can I play with yours!” chirped Trixie as she reached out and stroked Hugh’s fully recovered cock.

They moved into the living room and Hugh lay down on his back. Trixie straddled him and lowered her hips until his cock fully disappeared inside her. She rode him up and down imagining she was on a merry-go-round at the local amusement park. She looked out the window and briefly exchanged waves and smiles with Claire.

“You know Hugh, I wasn’t all that excited about fucking you, or my brother or the other two teenage boys, but you have changed my mind. I really enjoy fucking you, so keep that in mind when you are looking for sexual relief!” Giggled Trixie.

After watching Trixie and Hugh for a minute or two, I turned my attention to Krissy.

“I’m not going to try to seduce you Tom, but if you’re up for it, I’d really enjoy a fun fuck in the bedroom!” She smiled.

I pulled her into my arms and pressed my lips to hers. My hands moved to her firm naked ass, and I gently pulled her body against mine. She wiggled against my trapped cock as our mouths opened and our tongues dueled. We both moaned, as I pushed my passion into her, “MMMMMMMMMMM!”

“Let’s go find that bed,” I smiled.

“You’ve done so much for me and my friends, what can I do for you?” She giggled.

“Well, I have a feeling that you have already done a lot just for me today,” I began.

“Really?” Replied Krissy with a guilty smile.

“Did you really buy these incredibly sexy black lace garments for your anniversary with Paul?”

Krissy pursed her lips and her sparkling green eyes looked left and right and asked, “Do you like them?”

“Yes I do. You are naturally a very sexy woman and they make you look even hotter!” I smiled.

“I’m glad that you like them, and Paul will be happy too. It was his idea!” She smiled. “He also suggested that you might enjoy some of my yoga poses.”

“Let’s do what you enjoy most,” I suggested and we moved into the bedroom.

Krissy removed her shoes, then turned and sat on the side of their king-sized bed. She lay back and hugged her knees into her chest. This presented me with a clear view of her naked ass, thighs, and pretty plump pussy. She lifted her feet up toward the ceiling and looped two fingers from each hand around the corresponding big toes. She then spread her feet and thighs as wide as possible.

“So this is the happy baby that you showed in your yard when you were wearing your chocolate brown skin tight yoga pants?” I asked, as I fondly remembered her clothing that day.

“Yes, I love this pose!”

“So do I,” I smiled as I knelt in front of her, caressed the backs of her strong lean stocking covered thighs, and leaned in to lick between the lips of her pussy. I enjoyed her sweet nectar as her arousal increased the flow. Her wide spread thighs also exposed her pink puckered anus and parted her lips to expose her clit.

“Ohhhhhhh Mmmmmmm!” Gasped and moaned Krissy, as my tongue rimmed her ass.

I poked my tongue in and her body shivered. I licked the exposed skin of her inner thighs above to tops of her stockings, then stood and tapped my throbbing cock against her exposed clit.

“Please fuck me Tommmmm,” she groaned.

I pressed the head of my cock lower to the shiny wet and well lubricated entrance to her vagina. I slipped inside as I looked into Krissy’s smiling eyes. “I’ve missed you,” she mouthed as I entered her fully and my cock stretched past her cervix.

I started a slow methodical fuck and whispered, “I’ve missed you too!” As she rocked slowly from side to side, still holding her feet and alternately extending and bending her legs.

After several minutes of gentle fucking, she let go of her feet and reached up to me. I leaned over, as her stocking covered legs wrapped around my waist and most of my weight was now supported by Krissy’s hips as my cock probed even deeper into her core. We kissed again as her body responded to deeper, harder and repeated penetrations.

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