The Nude Beach Pt. 01



I’ve always hated the beach. Good ocean views, fine, but also particles of sand in every single crevice of your body for the next week. So, it’s always a chore for my girlfriend, Kate, when she wants to get me there. I’ve given in twice, I believe, in the three years of our relationship. One Saturday evening, though, she thought of a new angle to try on me…

The nude beach, Kate suggested, and we were going the next morning. No time to consider too much and psyche ourselves out. Initially this was absolutely terrifying to think about, but we had been talking a lot about body positivity lately (thanks, Lizzo!), and trying out being naked in public was surprisingly intriguing. We set our alarms for 6:00 AM, almost unthinkably early for us, but we figured early on a Sunday morning was the best chance we could have for finding a small crowd. A good introductory time, more than likely.

We got to the beach’s parking lot around 7:15 that Sunday morning and grabbed our chairs, towels, umbrellas, and cooler from the back of the car. Walking on the beach for a few minutes, we found several people laying in the sand before we came to the “Clothing Optional Beach: No Minors Allowed” wooden sign, and walked past it and the privacy bushes separating it from the all-ages, swimwear-required part of the beach.

The nude section looked larger than I had anticipated, probably in part because it was entirely deserted. We walked about three-quarters of the way to the other end of the beach, setting up our equipment 30 feet or so from the water, maybe halfway between the surf and the privacy hedges running the length of the nude section behind us. Kate looked at me for a moment, then wordlessly shrugged, taking off her bikini top. Her modest but perky tits looked great in the morning sun, with nipples sticking straight out and slightly up in the morning’s cool air and slight breeze.

I took off my t-shirt in turn, then got up the nerve to yank down my swimsuit before I could think any more about it and get too self-conscious. Laughing at my unexpectedly-quickly revealed nude state, Kate dropped her bikini bottoms as well, her light blonde pubic hair allowing some of the sun to shine through, and generally looking goddamned fantastic. I took her in my arms, blocking both of our frontal nudities from the rest of the deserted beach.

After an embrace lasting north of 30 seconds, she chuckled and told me we couldn’t “hide our genitals forever.” She also told me she could feel my erection growing, prompting me to sit down abruptly. Sure, no one was around, but that visible excitement still freaked me out at first. Soon, we were both settled in our chairs, and I was enjoying views of both the ocean and my nude Kate. We relaxed like this, periodically taking swigs from our wine-filled opaque water bottles, for about 45 minutes…

Then SHE showed up. My 1 in 10,000 shot. I neglected to mention it thus far, but I have a serious pregnancy fetish. I never go places explicitly looking for pregnant women, as that just seems destined to frustrate. I’m always on the lookout, nonetheless, checking out pretty much every midsection of child-bearing-aged women I see. Not that I had to look for it in this case. I glimpsed her shape out of the corner of my eye as she approached us from the right, and I was immediately placed in a state of dazed staring.

Luckily for me, Kate knew about my predilection for expectant mothers. We’d discussed it pretty early in our relationship, after she’d suggested bringing porn-watching into our sexual routine, and I got up the courage to tell her exactly what sort of porn does it for me. She was a bit surprised at first (but never judgmental), asking me exactly what about pregnancy turned me on so much. I went through the fundamental womanliness of it all, the amazingly and gorgeously exaggerated shapes of the swollen-in-all-the-right-places pregnant body, the fact that the woman was most likely already partnered-up and therefore taken and taboo…pretty much every reason I could think of. Kate understood as well as someone who doesn’t share the fetish themselves could possibly understand, even indulging me occasionally by making a fake belly for herself out mardin escort of pillows and sheets.

Anyway, back to the fertility goddess that had just entered my field of vision. She was a brunette, of average height, probably petite when not gravid, and wearing only a white bikini as she lugged her equipment to her chosen spot on the beach. And the belly. Goddamn, it was nearly perfect. Not the hugest I’ve ever seen (though up there as far as my list of in-person bare bellies is concerned), but it seemed to take up all of the room between her breasts and pubic area. It was almost perfectly round, and, despite its size, she was still carrying pretty high. I could see a few early-stage stretch marks around her hips, but other than that her skin seemed perfectly smooth. Her breasts were probably the size of large grapefruits, and seemed to be dragging her bikini top down as they rested heavily on top of her bump.

As for her chosen spot on the beach, it was, improbably and extraordinarily luckily, only about 10 feet away from ours. She was the only person on the nude beach besides Kate and myself, yet she chose to sit just a little in front of us and a bit to our right. I was fucking ecstatic about her odd choice. Kate noticed I was staring at the new arrival with cartoonishly wide eyes, and nudged my arm. “Help her out!” she demanded of me. I got up, hanging my arms awkwardly in front of me so that my hands might obscure my penis. (Sidebar: Are you supposed to just walk up to strangers on nude beaches with your penis entirely exposed, or is it polite to use your hands as rough cover? The etiquette escapes me.)

I walked over and asked if she needed any help. She looked up from putting out her beach chair and smiled at me. “Sure, if you don’t mind! You might have noticed I’m slightly ungainly at the moment…”

I laughed as I took the chair for her and put it snugly into the sand. “No problem at all. Anything else I could help you with?”

She looked at me quizzically, and I thought I caught her eyes dart down to my groin momentarily. “Why, do you work here or something?” She broke out laughing after just getting the question out, and, no doubt seeing the terribly embarrassed look on my face she touched my left shoulder. “I’m sorry, I was just kidding! I guess my straight face is a little too convincing sometimes. I think I’m okay for the moment, but it’d be great if you could help me pack up later if you’re still around?”

I nodded. “Absolutely, we’ll be right around here!” I said, nodding towards Kate and my area. Kate smiled and waved, and the pregnant woman waved back.

“Awesome,” she said. “Have a great morning!” She sat down, and I returned to my seat next to Kate.

Now, that all would’ve been enough for me to call it a great excursion to the beach, or anywhere for that matter. Close proximity to a gorgeous and barely-clad pregnant lady and a short conversation were pretty much a home-run in my book, and I figured that would be the end of it…besides continuing to check her out from behind as we sat in our chairs, of course. I could just make out her bump in between the plastic left arm of her chair and the seat. In fact, she seemed to be angled absolutely perfectly for me to be able to see just that.

She rubbed her bump gently for a few minutes, then took out a bottle of sunscreen from her supply bag, squirted some into her hand, and started massaging it into her belly. It wasn’t the quick, getting-the-job-done motion of most people applying sunscreen, though. She took her sweet time, and it was truly heaven as far as I was concerned. Though I couldn’t see the middle or right parts of her belly, she was clearly taking her time with the entirety of her swollen mid-section, massaging slowly, even sensually, if my own perception wasn’t getting ahead of her observable actions. She finished after a few minutes, then took the bikini top off over her head and dropped it next to her, squirting some more sunscreen into her palm to rub into her chest.

I could only see just a bit of the side of her left breast, but the fact that she was now topless and rubbing on her tits ten feet away from me just about drove me crazy. And Kate noticed mardin escort bayan this by simply glancing at my exposed lap. She took my dick in her hand for a moment, disrupting my revelry and deeply-absorbed attention on the new beachgoer. I jumped a bit at the sudden contact and almost yelled out at the shock. Luckily, I kept quiet enough to prevent my new friend from turning around. Kate smirked at me and whispered. “Good view?” I smiled slightly and shook my head, embarrassed to have been so thoroughly caught. “It’s fine,” Kate whispered. “If this is what it takes for you to enjoy the beach, what the fuck?” I kissed her on the lips then looked back toward the pregnant woman with my eyebrows raised in a question. “Yes, keep looking,” Kate whispered, and she did not have to do anything to convince me.

After staring uninterrupted at the left side of her belly for five or ten minutes (or 30 or 60: who the hell could keep track in this situation?!), she stood up from her chair. She leaned over to grab her sunglasses out of her bag, giving me a very nice view of her supple, rounded ass, and even more side-boob and side-belly glimpses. This was rather exciting, and my anticipation for what she might do next was building, though I tried to keep my expectations in check considering what I might actually be able to see from my less-than-ideal position.

She slid her sunglasses on, then turned towards us (!!!) as she unceremoniously pulled down and stepped out of her bikini bottoms. Since she was still carrying rather high, her belly didn’t obscure her pubic region, and I caught sight of some slightly overgrown-looking dark pubic hair. Oh, and the tits! They were exactly what I fantasize about seeing on my ideal of a pregnant woman. Very dark brown nipples within huge, deep brown areolas, and her breasts resting perfectly on top of her bump. It was a pretty warm morning, but the breeze was enough to make her nipples shoot out a solid 1/2 inch, which also did it for me like crazy.

I was getting nervous that my dick would be showing my excitement, but with her facing us I was too nervous to touch it or even look down for fear of giving myself away. She lifted her arms over her head, yawning and stretching in a potentially exaggerated way, her bump sticking out about as far as she could possibly make it go. If I hadn’t been hooked by the sight of her immediately, this would have cinched it with ease. I got one more smile in my direction before she turned around and walked to the water, stepping in slowly up to her ankles, then starting to venture in a bit further. Her ass still looked fantastic from this distance, unsurprisingly.

So, why the positioning of her beach gear 10 feet from Kate and me? Why face me/us as she dropped her bikini and stretched seductively? I was rather lost in thought at this point, with little to do but stare at her great ass from a distance and wonder if she was trying to not-so-subtly shoot me some signals. As I pondered the situation, Kate leaned over and said quietly, “Nut the fuck up!” I could only look at her, puzzled. “Do you not know how to read cues at all?” she continued. “She’s getting all close to us, flashing her nudity at you. She’s certainly seen you looking, and probably that you’ve got a semi-! I think she wants you to go talk to her in the water, away from me. You can pretend I’d be jealous if that makes it hotter…” I stared at her, loving her just about as much as I ever have. “Just bring the energy back home to me,” she concluded, smiling coyly.

“Done and done!” I finally replied, standing up to head for the water.

I continued to keep one hand hovering around my crotch, hoping to maintain a little mystery, I suppose. It did nothing, really, but make me feel a bit less awkward. As I walked toward the waves, I had to quickly strategize about where I was ending up. I certainly shouldn’t walk directly up to her, I figured. I thought ten feet or so away from her would do, since that’s where she set up on the beach in relation to us, but I still found it too forward in practice and ended up walking diagonally to the water in order to end up 20 or 25 feet from her. She noticed me, of course, and we waved escort mardin to each other slightly awkwardly as I entered the water up to my ankles. “Cold, huh?!” she exclaimed, seeing me shiver as I acclimate.

“Yeah,” I replied, “it doesn’t seem like it gets much warmer, even in summer.” It was pretty basic stuff, but I was making whole sentences, and could live with that. I felt a little bit more on solid ground as I walked in to my navel, entire groin region now covered by blessedly opaque seawater. I had been purposefully looking in a different direction so as not to gawk at her perfect physique from a mere few feet away, but noticed her moving toward me from the corner of my eye…

“I’m Isabelle,” she said as she got within two or three feet of me, hand outstretched.

I reached out and shook it, saying “I’m Eric, nice to meet you.” She was currently standing with the water just below her (mostly outie, at this point) belly button, making of her bump a steady curve down and outward. It was hot as hell, and I was undoubtedly staring.

“And nice to meet you!” she replied, smiling widely. She’d absolutely caught me looking at her belly and tits, or maybe currently looking at them, for all I knew. It truly felt impossible not to look, but, nonetheless, her demeanor toward me was incredibly friendly. Maybe Kate was right, and Isabelle really was looking for something particular (a man with the right fetish?) at the beach. “Thanks so much for helping with my chair earlier,” she continued. “Frankly, I’m on my own with this whole pregnancy, and any little kindnesses from strangers are immensely appreciated. Speaking of immense…” She motioned down at her beyond bloated belly.

“It’s okay for you to look,” she said quietly. “Everyone seems absolutely fascinated by my body, especially at a place like this…which I wouldn’t come to if I wanted to avoid eyes on me.” She winked at me. I looked down, feeling my face redden. She grabbed my shoulder and made deliberate eye contact. “Really, it’s okay!” she said, laughing softly. “I know a decent amount of guys even find it pretty hot…”

Well, that was about as good an opening as I could possibly hope for, so I went for it. “Yeah, I’m probably pretty solidly in that camp,” I replied, looking down at the water again.

She smiled widely, shoulders relaxing a bit in what definitely looked like relief. “That’s awesome!” she said. “Here, touch!” She grabbed both my hands, placing them on either side of her glorious bump.

It was soft and smooth, I noticed without even moving my hands from the exact positions into which she’d placed them. “Oooh, touch right here!” she exclaimed, moving my right hand down so that part of my hand touched the firm lower right part of her belly, partially submerging my hand in the water. It felt very personal, in a way that made me feel my dick swell. Well, swell even more than it had already. I had a raging hard-on, and was trying to slowly move a bit deeper into the water to make sure Isabelle didn’t see any of it.

The tide was going out, though, working against the endeavor. Also, the deeper we went, the less of that belly was above water, which made me deeply conflicted about how deep to position myself. Reveal less hard-on, or more belly? Then, she sort of did away with a lot of the awkwardness. While I had both hands on her stomach, she put her right hand around my submerged erection and started jerking slowly.

“Oh, boy,” I said awkwardly, immediately feeling like I was on the cusp of orgasm.

“Keep your hands on my bump,” she whispered. Then, “I’d let you cum on it if your wife wasn’t here.”

I shook my head in disbelief, saying “You’ve gotten pretty blunt!”

She nodded her head: “I am casually playing with your cock, after all!” I started to try to think about math, baseball, anything boring I could think of, then thought the better of it, and allowed myself to be more fully present for this amazing, unprecedented moment. If I came embarrassingly quickly, then fuck it, who cares; she’d been remarkably forward, might as well repay that with the old classic, unambiguous premature ejaculation. I rubbed and slowly pressed in on her stomach, incredibly turned on by its amazing mix of give and firmness. Staring at my hands on her belly, and during maybe her 10th or 11th pump back and forth on my dick, I came underwater (a pleasant first for me!). Oh, and I’d gotten my first orgasm delivered from a live, in-person pregnant lady. No big deal at all.

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