I think most of us have had “that” experience. You’re involved in something sexual, but you have no idea what you’re doing, and you’re not really prepared to fake it. Well, this is my version of that, well one of them anyway.

My freshman year of college at a state school, I’m living in the dorms. My “girlfriend” if you’d call her that was Ilona who claimed to be Ukrainian, but I always thought of her as Dutch. She had that white-blonde hair. Not platinum blonde; it just wasn’t that shiny. But she had a rack on her that made me forget a lot of other issues. And she let me play with them. As long as I was fingering her, she let me suck on those juicy melons as long as I wanted to – well, until she came.

One night we had been out at a party, and I got to see a different side of her, literally. We got back to her room and started making out. (We weren’t actually fucking each other.) Her roommate had a boyfriend with an apartment, so she was seldom around, so we figured we had most if not all of the night.

After some heavy petting and me sucking on those beautiful nipples, she pushes me off of her. “Do you want me to suck on you?” she asked my straight out.

“Well, yeah!” was my immediate response.

“Well, then you have to eat me out.”

“OK” ’nuff said.

Up to this almanbahis point, she had only giving me one blow job and she was really drunk that night. I questioned whether she even remembered it. It wasn’t that good, but I’m a red blooded American male and I was willing to take a bad BJ over no BJ. So she kind of flopped over, with those big breasts down in her pillow and she pointed her ass up in the air. So being the active and ready guy I was, I dove in and started licking her pussy and trying to get to her clit.

“No”, she said as she was swatting at me with her hand. “Lower.” At first I wondered what she meant. With her ass up in the air, lower seemed to be her legs, but that couldn’t be right. Then she grabbed one of her butt cheeks and said “Get to it!”

I admit it. I was dumbfounded. I knew (now) that she wanted me to eat her ass. I thought about it and actually somewhat logically, maybe drunk logic, thought I was happy to eat her pussy, and she peed out of that, why not eat her ass? I was staring right at it and it looked clean. Whether it was natural or she shaved, there was no hair there. (I knew nothing about women!) It even smelled kind of good, kind of like lipstick. I figured maybe she had put some kind of moisturizer there. It felt like I was debating this internally for almanbahis yeni giriş some time, but she didn’t give me another “Get to it” so I figured it just seemed a lot longer than it really was.

Being ignorant, I started to lap at her bung hole like it was an ice cream cone. “What are you a dog?” she asked while laughing at me. Well, I may not be knowledgeable about women (probably still not) but I have some pride. So I figured, let’s do it like it was a pussy. I stuck my tongue in there and started to wiggle it around. Still no bad taste, so I got bolder. Without a clit to focus on, I started fucking her with my tongue. I’d get my tongue in there and then keeping it as stiff as I could. I’d lick my way out, making sure to try and get all the way around, so no one side got more attention than another.

With my hands keeping her slightly too ample ass cheeks out of the way, I was really getting into this. I was moving around, lapping, driving, I was doing everything I could think of, and honestly probably more. I remembered people always called it a rim job, so I tried to focus on the rim, her actual anus, but I was trying to get deeper as well. And now her encouragement lacked the sarcasm from before. She sure sounded like she was loving it.

Suddenly, she sat up, and almanbahis giriş I was almost disappointed. She practically threw me down on the bed and swallowed my cock to the back of her throat in one gobble. I lay on my back watching her head bob up and down on my shaft loving every minute of it. She may have been drunk by legal standards, but this was not the sloppy girl I had had the last time. She knew what she was doing, and she was doing it well.

She stopped for a second to catch her breath and that’s when I realized she was frigging herself wildly. Her hand was a blur down there as she took me into her mouth again. We were both ready and we both finished within another minute. I spouted off first, and she just kept going, taking my full load into her mouth, and it was a full load. Then she gasped while still around my cock, and the cum oozed out of her mouth and back down my shaft. She was gasping for breath and cumming up a storm herself.

I just watched her cum, and it was sexy! Made my little gentleman jump right back to attention. But as you’ve probably guessed by now, this was not a loving relationship. Once she was done and had caught her breath, she wiped her mouth on a towel then threw it to me. I cleaned myself off and pulled my pants back on. I was getting ready to leave and neither one of us had spoken. I turned to her, trying to think of something romantic or at least just “cool” to say, when she beat me to it. “Next time – don’t cum in my mouth.” Sounds bad, huh? But, at least I knew there was going to be a next time!

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