The Perfect Pair Perched Up There


Editor’s note: this work contains scenes of fictional incest or incest content.


The perfect pair perched up there

Dedicated to DAB32697, whom I adore

I was ecstatic! Not because I was going to be free from the family restrictions as I graduated from higher secondary school and matured to fly far and high. The real reason was a secret, I was to have higher studies in Cochin city, at Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara, in the northeastern suburbs. It is one of the prestigious engineering colleges in Kerala, where some of the best brains in the state landed up. That is intimidating indeed. But the real reason for my excitement was that I was asked to stay with my sister-in-law, my big brother’s wife, Anna. My brother was employed abroad and he hits home only once a year. Anna stays on the 29th floor of a high-rise building at Kakkanad, the most modern part of the city, far away from the western parts which are fairly old and poverty-stricken. Kakkanad, in the eastern part of the city, is known for its high-tech industries and posh apartment buildings. The region is known for the rolling hills and verdant sceneries, unlike the western parts, plagued by flooding and poor drainages. Anyway, Anna is cooped up in the heavens overlooking the cityscape, with her sweet kids. However, this does not explain why I am excited!

There was only one reason for my brimming excitement. Anna is a fairly tall woman, 5’9”, which is a good match for my brother who is 6’2”. For a tall woman, she is not a thin flagpost lady, beauty lies in proportions, not in size. Her anatomy was in the right proportions. Her thick mane of hair was soft like the clouds, running an inch or two below her shoulder blades. She has a face that is cool and radiant like the full moon of September when the dust and suspended matter are washed away in the prolonged rains. Her black blue eyes are unfathomed oceans, eloquent and poetic, with which she bathes you oft. When she bathes me with her eyes, I feel a celestial warmth and inner joy. Her neck has an ivory sheen. In fact, her entire body has a charming healthy sheen. Though she has already mothered two kids, five and three years old, her stomach is still flat and thin. The hip of hers is remarkably wide, capable of bearing a good many children. But she has a pair of magnificently long legs, shaped beautifully. Not an inch of extra fat, healthy strong, and confident her strides are. So are her arms, long exquisite, and at the same time strong and delicate. In fact, her fingers are long silken, and alluring. anyway, she is the best specimen of perfect feminity and elegant poise.

Still, I did not tell you why I am excited! Always I worship her, for two divine entities she is endowed with. The first thing I noticed when she appeared at the church in her bridal makeup, was the pair of divine breasts. They sat there perched proudly and gracefully, inside the cream-coloured grown. It was six years ago. I have never ever been able to erase that vision. It is part of my most intimate and hallowed fantasies. On that day it occurred to me that heaven is her bust and if ever I reach heaven I will settle there, between her breasts. Thereafter I have always gone all the way to get a glimpse of those marvels. Hereinafter, it is my good fortune to be near those 36 D alabaster twins.

I am Martha Liya Thomas, eighteen years old, the youngest daughter of Thomas, a rich planter from Palai, I am 5’5” in height, fairly good

looking, and taken to my parental charms. As we belong to the Syrian Christian aristocracy, both my parents are beautiful. I have long flowing silken hair, a toned and healthy figure, and breasts sized 34C, and still filling out. Certainly, I cannot ever hold a candle to my gorgeous sister-in-law, Anna, who I virtually worship.

She received me into her flat in her usual dress, a knee-length gray skirt and a pale green shirt, tucked in emphasizing her thin waist and luscious hips. More than that, her shirt highlighted the divine glories sitting magnificently on her chest. Because of the difference in height, my mouth was almost in front of her chest. Through the slit in between the button holes, I could get a glimpse of the cream-colored bra, which perfectly melted into her body. My mouth suddenly went dry, and my knees were giving in. I did not even hear her greeting me, her sweet angelic smile showered on me like moonbeams.

‘Are you there Liya, is something wrong?’ Anna asked sweetly. Her sweet silken sound reverberated in my soul. Suddenly I was jerked back to reality. It has always been so, whenever I met her, I used to become speechless for a few minutes. I struggled hard to divert my focus of vision from those already erect nipples to her radiant and smiling face.

‘Oh sorry, I was a bit distracted, it must be the sudden ascent to the 29th floor,’ I blabbered like an idiot.

‘It is all right, do come in and make yourself at home. This is going to be your home too for some years,’ she held my hand.

Electric sparks streaked, I realized a sweetly painful wave of energy sweeping past me. Her delicate and long hand melted into mine like mountain mist. The kids rallied around me and chirped, ‘Liya auntie, Liya Aunt.’

The youngest child, istanbul travesti little Mary was struggling to put words together, still, she showed her best to be a good match for her brother Stefan. I offered them sugar candies made at home. Anna took my bag and guided me to the additional bedroom. Her silken hair, like coffee coloured flames, was flaring down to her lower shoulders. Just beneath that, I could see the shade of her bra straps, hugging that angelic body. Her dancing hips instantly took my breath away, I could theoretically reach out and marvel at those musical structures above her thighs.

‘Here you are, Liya. This is your room, we can modify it if you want.’

It looked perfect and very feminine. There was a double-sized bed, a fairly large shelf, a wardrobe, a table, a chair, and beige tapestries. The window opened to the east, offering a vista of high-rise buildings, and the hazy greenery fading into the distant blue horizon.

‘I am happy that you came, Liya. Now I can focus more on Mary, you could give company to Stefan. In the morning when you go to college, you could guide Stefan to the school bus. I feel quite relieved. Stefan is often dejected that Mary is monopolizing me.’

Hearing his name mentioned, Stefan hugged my legs, I fluffed his cute hair.

The day was fading across the city, it was going to break into a dragging puling evening rain. I staked my dress and books systematically. Anna’s bust still continued to haunt me as a sweet distraction.

At night, we fed the children and put them to sleep. I helped her with the regular domestic chores and it profoundly thrilled me being close to my goddess. Oft I could get a whiff of her gentle perfume. Even her delicate locks touched my face like falling petals. I was so electrified that my nipples strained to burn through, and my panties were overloaded already.

‘We can have dinner after taking bath,’ Anna suggested and went to the bathroom. I was thrilled and smiled to myself. In my excitement, I thought I was levitating and floating in the air. When she came out of the bathroom, she had removed her skirt and shirt, now she was in a thin rose-colored diaphanous gown, it was so promising that I could almost see her bra and panties. Her breasts were straining and filling out, the fury of the nipples was obvious.

I also move to the bathroom. In fact, I had my own bathroom in my room. But I chose hers. The room was saturated with perfume of the soap and shampoo she had used. I looked at the soap that had had the pleasure of touching her glossy feminine body. Then I got an idea, I opened the lid of the laundry basket in the corner. My eyes bulged at the treasure trove. I pulled out her shirt and deep kissed the armpits, which still retained her fragrance. I experience a streaking sweep of excitement in my loins. I was doing something very wicked. Then I ran my fingers on the residual swell of the bust of her shirt. I devoutly kissed each swell and my breasts were on the verge of explosion. I felt invisible ants biting my nipples. Then I found her used bra, I sniffed inside of the warm cups, and they had an enticing aroma. I was envying the cups, for their good fortune. The ultimate prize of my exploration were her panties. Piously and delicately I picked them up, and like a starved pilgrim, I peered inside. A sweet heady musk wafted in the air. Yes, the gusset was saturated with the purest and holiest natural syrup. I kissed the gusset, an electric aroma spread into my soul. The fabric sweetly stuck to my lips. I took another long swipe with my greedy tongue. The effect was magical. Like menthol, the aroma spread inside my mouth and instantly spread into my body. The taste was slightly salty, slightly sweet with a curious and arousing natural flavor, like the pulp of a partly ripe mango. Then I came, quivering and trembling like a willow on the mountain river. My juice snaked its way down along my thighs. I felt strangely relieved. The inner pressure was eased out.

For dinner, Anna sat across from me at the dining table. However much I tried, my eyes gravitated to the perfectly shaped incarnations supported by her bra cups. The nipples were not drooping and looking downward, they were looking straight and forward. Behind the translucent gown and the snow-white bra cups, I could discern the shadow of her puffy swollen areolas and exploding nipples. I pretended to nibble and eat chappati and vegetable curry. Transfixed, I watched the morsels in her delicate hands going to those soft crimson lips. With a twinkling smile in her deep black blue eyes, Anna urged me to eat. But eating was not my priority.

Over the days we settled into a rhythm of shared chores. I regularly walked Stefan to the school bus and attended college. In the evening I helped her with the kitchen chores and managing the kids. They often picked up a fight to claim Anna’s attention. I was the arbitrator. Exactly at seven, we would assemble in the parlour for our evening prayer. There was a picture of the Holy Family and Mother Mary. I tried to imagine Mother Mary in the shape of Anna. It excited me and I broke into a foolish smile. Mother Mary with Ann’s face, hair, ivory neck, and those mesmerizing breasts. That night istanbul travestileri I decided to work on photoshop to create my own Virgin Mary. It remained a secret treasure on my computer and I believed that it had divine powers. Every day I kissed its bust and said my prayers to the picture. Also, I had commenced a private journal, in which I entered every minute detail about my goddess, Anna.

But I had settled into another secretive rhythm. Over the months, I had found an enchanting rhythm in the flavor and charm of her used panties. There was absolutely no fragrance or syrup during the three days when she is on her period. From the fourth day onwards things change. There will be slight wetness and a salty twang. The real heady celebration begins on the tenth day, her gusset will be saturated and the taste will be pure heaven. The aroma will spread right into my core. For the next ten days, my life depended on the gussets that had hugged the pylon of paradise, between her legs. I made sure to have her taste in my mouth, even at college. Before packing off, I would sneak into the bathroom on the pretext of relieving myself, only to fill my lungs and mouth with the energizing nectar. Life pulled on in a frenzied euphoria. After the 21st day, the aroma and quality of the syrup decline.

I was particular not to give her a hint as to what was happening in my private parallel world. On certain warm sunny days, by the time I hit home Anna would have finished her exercise at the gym, and waited for me and Stefan, with a button or two open on her shirt. It was a murderously sweet experience that would make me cream and almost swoon. The twin glories would be bathed in sweat and glowing like golden domes. The bra would be standing out against the drenched shirt. And the nipples would be erect, as ever. Sometimes I fancy those marvels as geometrically perfect frozen hemispheres of pure fragrant cream, topped with a sweet and crimson crown of cherry fruit. Foolish of me.

In the evening, when I reached home Anna was not her usual self. She looked sad, her otherwise magnificent eyes hinted that she had been crying. I did not have the cheek to ask her. I have always had the angst and dread that she may catch me red-handed one day, this dirty-minded me on the sly.

Friday evenings are precious to me. I get a couple of days to be with her, to be in the shadow of her reenergizing charm. I had ample reasons to be close to her all the time. I would join her in the weekend activities, like cleaning and washing. I was anxious to wash her precious dresses than mine and to iron them with fervent dedication. I could imagine the fabrics hugging her hallowed contours. i bitterly envied her clothes for having the freedom to be close to her. I thought I had become an integral and indispensable part of the family, much more than my elder brother who was in West Asia.

It was again a Friday; the Christmas vacation had started. I had no intention of going home. I wanted to be an organic appendage of Anna, celebrating her effervescent charm and feminine glory. But Anna seemed remote. Her usual silent acknowledgment of my voluntary services was altogether missing. There was a high-voltage silence all around. During dinner, breaking her usual style, though she had put on the translucent gown after taking bath, she put on a jacket above that, hiding the glory that I was thirsting to adore from a distance.

When the dinner was almost over, she looked me straight in the face.

‘Liya, we have to face the truth. You are only nineteen, and you have a tremendous life ahead. You must not be detained by silly trivial things. I am your brother’s wife, wife, you know the word wife, and the mother of his two children, practically your eldest sister. That defines your boundaries. forgive me for being truthful, I do this for the good of both of us.’

No explanation or commentary was needed. It explained everything. I was cringing, I was shrinking into an invisible molecule, at least I desired to. I looked on the floor, and my gaze traveled to her feet, her delectable manicured toes. No, it does not matter anymore. If I could fly high and away if I could drill down the 29 floors to vanish into the womb of mother earth, as Sita did! I was unable to face her.

‘You want me to leave, don’t you?’ I whispered.

‘Yes, well before the situation turns more ugly, before it pulls us all into a cataclysmic maelstrom before it irreparable destroys a peaceful family. You could shift to a hostel, I can help you. You could tell everybody that you need to concentrate on your studies.’

I nodded, keeping my eyes closed and feeling her eyes penetrating my core.

I ran to my room, shame showered on me. I had learned to love the city, the city of different colours. Its fabulous malls, ancient structures, western slums where criminals and terrorists bred, its elegance. I was in love with Cochin, it is the city that spoke my language, Malayalam, it is the city that hosted the object of my admiration and adoration. Now it is all over. I would somehow finish my studies and migrate, perhaps to Bangalore. I would never come back to the family circles. I will be unobtrusive, invisible, silent, and impertinent. The travesti istanbul party is over, it is all over.

I packed up my things with tears streaming down. I decided to sneak away at the crack of dawn, I did not want to face her again, I did not want to eat her food again. I deleted her phone number from my contact list and removed her from my WhatsApp connections to vent my frustration. I tried to sleep, and different grotesque and bizarre images came floating back to me. It was a mistake, I should not have come here at all. Various visuals of her from the day she came to the cathedral church for marriage, flashed. I, like a puppy, had been after her. As if there was nobody else in the world. I sobbed into the pillow, it was her pillow, not mine. I flung it away.

I noticed that she had not slept, her light was on. She must be planning for a different tomorrow. She may not tell the world what happened, it will have collateral damage. Even if she does, people may not believe her. Even if people believe her, I give a damn, because I will be gone one day, never to return.

Somewhere deep after midnight, I slumped into an exhausted stupor. Then I experienced a feathery soft touch on my disheveled hair. I heard my name called out sweetly, ‘Liya, dear Liya, are you all right?’

The sweetness of the sound triggered the attention of my nipples, by reflex they stood up. I opened my eyes and looked at her in confusion. She had switched on the light, and had removed her jacket. She had washed her face, and her face emitted cool luminous radiation. She was softly running her gentle fingers through my tresses. Suddenly I burst into tears, all my defense and thawed. I felt deprived and depraved, lost and flat. I saw her magnetic breasts poised just above my face. I closed my eyes and tears rolled down.

Anna sat on my bed and ran her fingers like a soothing breeze on my face, neck, and hair.

‘Poor child,’ she whispered.

Then a strange tectonic development took me by surprise. She collected my face in her cool fragrant hands and kissed me on the forehead, then in my tearful eyes, my nose, and cheeks. She peered deep into my melancholy eyes, I found her sweet lips quivering, trying to tell me something. My lips screened for those soft lips. Then I found her lips coming down, slowly, very slowly. It took an eternity. Her electrifying lips nuzzled over my chin and cheeks. I was writhing in anticipation. Then the lips, like a soft breath of breeze, swept past my lips. They returned, and they claimed my lips. A sweet tasting tongue claimed it sway inside my mouth. I was swooning in ecstasy, I was dying. Her tongue has an appetizing taste and aroma. She might have used mouthwash. I made strange illegible sounds.

i was carried away by an emotional storm. I took her hand and kissed each delicate and soft finger.

‘Here my dear,’ she lifted my face and opened her gown to offer a puffy exploding nipple into my mouth. In my mortal ecstasy, I bucked humped, and jerked on my torso. I came, I came like a tornado. My pajamas were drenched. I quivered to stuck on to the nipple as if my life depended on it. My hand on it slowly moved to the other nipple. My hands softly made love to the buttery sloped of the breast.

‘Yes, my pet,’ she pushed herself more into my hungry mouth. Invisible ambrosia passed into my mouth. We were united, we were one, the entire universe was at peace. Then I experienced Ann trembling, her face was going pale. She shuddered and pressed me closer to the supple glory. She whimpered aloud and climaxed.

‘Sorry, it has been a long time,’ she whispered. I ran my fingers along her smooth cheeks, she was pale under the weight of the events.

‘Thank you, my goddess, thank you, my heroine, for saving me, for saving my life, for blessing me,’ I cried aloud.

‘Shh, nothing matters now, nothing, only we two fused into one, nothing else exists,’ she kissed me again and patted my head. It was a high voltage moment, her divine fragrance, the fragrance of feminine celestial, filled the room. The fragrance I am addicted to. I kissed both her nipples, I kissed the wet cleavage which was very narrow. I kissed every micropore of those once-in-a-millennium breasts.

Then she gently lay my head on the bed and got up. I looked at her quite puzzled. Our eyes were locked, we were in a hypnotic trance. Very slowly she lifted the hem of her gown, and the exquisitely sculptured Romanesque legs slowly emerged, the perfection of true and pristine Syrian charm. At last, I sighted her panties, like an ancient sailor sighting land. Eons came to pass between us, our eyes still remained locked. Electric waves swept past my body. With one hand she pulled down the panties, exposing the thick cloud of soft hair, which had an ethereal glow. A pure feminine aroma greeted my lungs. The world had ceased to exist, nothing mattered, the whole universe had narrowed down to the soft patch of hair, the paradise on the move. With a slow deliberate sweep, she picked up the panties, sniffed a second, and offered them to me. I received it like holy communion, my hands trembled, my face quivered, blood was draining out of my body, I enjoyed the sweet ecstatic throes of death. I kissed the gusset, the sweet aroma spread into me. I piously and tremblingly lapped up the essence of womanhood. Then I saw her as if in a dream, slowly climbing up the bed, keeping her gown rolled up. She slowly inched toward me, I knew what was happening, no words were needed, our souls communicated in silence,

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