The Pillow Room – Chapter Three


VI bit my lip nervously, unsure of what to do. Ruby must have seen my hesitation. She smiled encouragingly and patted the pillow strewn ground between her spread legs, then crooked her finger, looking expectantly at me. I felt compelled to follow her simple command, scooting towards her, kneeling before her, my bottom resting on my heels, wringing my hands in my lap. She chuckled softly, puckering her lips.”Good girl. Now, kiss me.”I didn’t hesitate, leaning forward, pressing my lips against hers, the drugs in my system choosing that moment to take me a little higher, not yet peaking, but certainly robbing me of what little inhibitions I had left. I’m not sure how long we kissed, but it seemed like forever. At some point I became aware of her guiding my brother’s hands to my breasts so that they could both fondle me. I let my head tilt back with a lusty moan, pleased to feel her kisses upon my throat, her lips velvet soft. I felt her shift and protested as she slid from between us, her warm breath against my ear, her tongue teasing my lobe.”I want to make a sandwich of you, Jilly. Go on, baby, kiss him. I’m not going anywhere.”I was drawn to him magnetically, my hands brushing his cheeks. Unlike Ruby’s, his were rough with 5 o’clock shadow. My lips parted, my heart suddenly beating hard against my ribs. What I was about to do was taboo. It’s only a kiss, I told myself, but I knew it wouldn’t stop at that. It wasn’t only a kiss. It was the prelude to so much more.I couldn’t tell if I kissed him, or he kissed me, the touch of our lips tentative at first, both of us all too aware of our relationship as siblings. There was a moment when it almost ended before it had a chance to begin, but the moment quickly passed, and our kiss became deeper. His hands found my bare shoulders, and then the back of my head, pulling me into him, my mouth opening, inviting his tongue inside.I pushed his tee up, my hands sliding over his abs, amazed at how smooth they felt, how warm his flesh was. He growled softly into my mouth, and I responded in kind, eager to for more. Behind me Escort Küçükyalı I sensed Ruby making good on her promise, her hand massaging my bare back, running up over my waist and down again over my round bottom. She pressed her breasts against me, her chin resting on my shoulder.”This is so fucking hot, baby.”I wasn’t sure who her words were meant for, Brad or me. Both, I guess, not that it mattered. She used her weight to push me slowly forward, forcing him backwards, until she’d maneuvered our little threesome to the floor so that I was sandwiched in between her and my brother.I felt another moment of panic as I felt his erection pressing against me through his jeans, but it was soon gone, and I gave in to complete and total surrender, letting myself be swept away in the moment, grinding my hips against him like a bitch in heat. I could feel his zipper against my clitty, my cream coating his fly. I felt like such a dirty slut, something that aroused rather them repulsed me, my kisses growing more ever more passionate as I writhed against him, consumed by lust.I lost track of whose hands were where on my body, only knowing that Ruby and Brad both seemed consumed by the same feelings I was. I felt hot kisses on the nape of my neck and between my shoulder blades, hands all over my breasts, on my tummy, running up and down my torso, seemingly everywhere. Brad’s mouth left mine, and I groaned in protest, a sound cut short when Ruby’s mouth replaced his, shuddering as his mouth fastened onto my nipple, crying out as his teeth sunk into my tender flesh. It hurt, but I was beyond caring as the intense pleasure I was feeling carried me away.”I want to taste your pussy so bad.” He let out with a grunt, his mouth moving down my stomach before I could protest, turning me on my side, so that one leg was under him and the other rested over him, as he buried his head between my thighs. I cried out loudly, my entire body stiffening, so close to cumming. It was frustrating, my body unable to find that final release, the pleasure Kartal escort of his mouth as he sucked the juices from my cunt almost painful.”Not yet, Jilly, hold on to it.” Ruby said, her own voice ragged with want.Her kisses teased down my spine to the small of my back, my ass, and then I felt her pull the cheeks of my ass apart, her mouth finding the little brown pucker of my ass. I felt her tongues pushing slowly into me, while my brother did the same with my cunt. They couldn’t have rehearsed it better, entering me at the same time as they did, fucking my most intimate places in tandem, filling me with more heat then I could bear.I remember gripping Brad’s hair in my hands, spreading my legs as far apart as I could as I kept grinding myself against his face, feeling my cream gushing out as my entire body became one heart rending spasm of pleasure. A cry rose in my throat, one I couldn’t stop, so I just let it go, announcing to everyone that I was cumming. And god, it wasn’t just one orgasm, or if it was, it was the longest orgasm I’d ever had, leaving me feeling wonderfully drained.I just lay there afterwards, while Ruby and Brad ran their hands all over me my body, touching me everywhere, intimately, telling my how beautiful and sexy I was. I felt warm, not just my flesh, but from within, the warmth of love. I smiled at them, one hand upon each of their heads, stroking them tenderly while I watched them each take a nipple in their mouths. I whimpered at the sensation, my body undulating in time to the music, every part of me on fire, amazingly aroused beyond belief again.”I feel like I could cum over and over.” I said, giggling.Ruby smiled at me, her tongue teasing my swollen nipple, her eyes slightly glazed. “Promise me you will?”I merely laughed, my back arching suddenly as I felt another mouth between my legs, the tip of a tongue gliding along each the edge of my swollen folds, and then between them.”Oh, god, oh god.” I whimpered, my eyes going wide, fingers clenching, wondering whose mouth was on my cunt. I fought to Suadiye escort bayan lift my head, peering over Brad and Ruby’s head as they feed from the flesh of my breasts, the sight of Greg’s pink haired friend between my thighs stealing my breath. I’m not sure if she’d been invited, or had decided to crash the party, but she was certainly welcome. I was feeling spoiled, all this attention on me, loving every minute of it. It had been a long time since I’d felt so loved. It had been a long time since I’d even had meaningless sex.I let myself go, awash in pleasure, my head falling back, hardly surprised to find Greg kissing me. I eagerly met his lips, my own kiss full of passion, feeling nothing but love for him, for all of them, moaning into his mouth as his girlfriend consumed my pussy, my hips rising until I felt like I was floating.I came again, the intensity too much to bear, shaking and flailing so hard that they had to hold me down. I could hear laughter and amazement, some of it mine, as finally I relaxed, tears of joy coursing down my face, suddenly overwhelmed with love for Ruby, for my brother, for Greg and this beautiful girl who was playfully cleaning the cum from my thighs. Giggling I did my best to sit, hoping I could coax her up so that I could thank her properly with sweet and tender kisses.Beside me Ruby began to undress Brad, helping him out of his jeans, his erection springing free, the veins standing out so that it looked like a sculpture, the lights and shadows playing over it. I’d never really thought about it, but it seemed to me that his cock was larger then the couple of guys I’d been with. No wonder Ruby had always made veiled references about how big he was. I stared for a moment, watching the two of them struggle with his shoes and pants, then his boxers, until he was as naked as we were, then looking up at the ceiling, or rather, Greg’s face. He was cupping my head in his hands, stroking my hair gently, his smile almost beatific.”I want to make you cum like that.” He asked, almost shyly.I hesitated, not sure I was ready for this, feeling suddenly shy myself. I felt her mouth, the lovely nameless girl, move over my mound, her wet kisses moving over my belly, and between my breasts, resting her chin in her hands, her elbows planted on either side of me.”Thank you, that was amazing.” I told her, not sure of what else to say.

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