The Pleasure Of Pain

All Young

I know the exact moment when the urge to totally dominate someone became my obsession. I was at home on a cold winter Friday night about four months ago. One of those nights where the wind and the rain keeps you from wanting to go out. I was cruising porn sites when I stumbled on to a hardcore S and M site. I was mesmerised. Women tied to crosses or shackled to roof beams and all sorts of sexual and semi violent things were being performed on them. Just watching gave me an erection and I wondered what it would be like to have that power over a willing woman. I didn’t want to actually hurt anyone, just have that power over them.My mind was racing as I watched and masturbated.Could I actually do this? Could I find someone willing to submit themselves to this?None of the women in my circle of friends would, that I was sure of.As a forty year old single professional guy I had a few ladies I was dating, but none would be up for anything like this. My mind was going at a million miles an hour. I had the basement I could use.I opened the door to the stairwell that led down to the basement. My heart was thumping in my chest for some inexplicable reason as I descended into the dark. The basement of my house was divided into two rooms, One was currently storing mostly junk, the other smaller room had my laundry and boiler in it. I flicked the lights on. I opened the door to the store room ignoring the laundry. It wouldn’t take much to clean out everything in the store room, a coat of paint, black, I decided immediately and then I’d have to research what fittings would be needed to make my dungeon.I sat again in front of my laptop. Reluctantly on my part with a click of the mouse the naked girl that was being housed down with cold water while she was tied to a post disappeared. I had no idea where to start looking for a participant in this new world.I typed in sado masochism. Mostly more sites with videos. I’d get back to them later. But there were a couple of sites that had contacts. I clicked on to one that I thought looked the most promising. All I was permitted to see were a few advertisements. People like me looking for some one to be the subject of a fantasy and a couple of men and woman subscribers wanting to be that very person. Promising I thought.I quickly fished out my credit card and paid the subscription for a thirty day membership. Filled in a few details, and wrote an advert under the pen name Teaser, for want of a better name. Taking my time I wrote a brief profile and said that I was looking for a woman who I could discuss my new found fantasy with. I would reply to all messages and would appreciate a photo if they were serious. Writing down my password. I turned off the computer, my membership and ad had to be verified before I could proceed. I would have to wait until tomorrow at the very least.I went upstairs and stripped off my clothes. I was still horny so lay on my bed and stroked myself to orgasm as I replayed visions of tying up and humiliating someone.The next morning I made coffee and turned on the computer. Going to my new favourite site I logged in. My ad had been approved and I was cleared to peruse other advertisements. That in itself was an education for a newby like me. Some were pretty hard core. There were a few women in my city who were seeking to be dominated but at this early stage I didn’t have enough self confidence to reply to them. I decided I’d wait a few days and see if any one would take the initiative and message me.I spent the whole of the day emptying the room in the basement and taking most of my junk to the rubbish dump. On my way home I called into the hardware store. I cruised the aisles and checked out ropes, chains, pulleys and fittings that I could secure them to the floor and ceiling with. I bought two large cans of black paint and brushes and returned to my basement. I decided I would not call it a dungeon. It would be my fun room.Looking back now I think I did become a tad obsessed with the my new fantasy. I was supposed to go out for dinner that night with Cheryl, a stunning red Güngören escort head that loved to fuck. I rang her and cancelled on the pretence of having a sore throat and headache, I stayed home and painted the fun room.About nine that night I made myself a sandwich, the painting was done. It doesn’t take much skill or time to paint four walls matt black. As the screen flickered into life and my website flashed on I nearly choked as I had three messages.I opened the first one. It was from a guy. He was a thirty years old who said he was into pain and humiliation. He included a picture of himself naked tied to a cross. Judging by the erection he was sporting he was genuinly enjoying himself.I resisted the urge to send him a reply immediately. The thought of tying a guy up hadn’t crossed my mind. I was no stranger to man on man sex but it just hadn’t occurred to me that I could do this to a male. I would mull over my response to him.The next message was from a couple  who were members of a group.They welcomed me to the site and out lined themselves as an S and M club who had regular gatherings. They said if I found a partner to accompany me that I would be welcome to come to one of there functions. Included were photos of their previous parties. Naked members, men and women in stocks or tied to crosses and benches, all manner of devices. Some were being paddled or whipped, some were having very public sex while restrained. Thinking to myself that maybe later on I could attend after I had privately seen if this was something I would enjoy. I replied with a short message thanking him and I would be in touch outlining my thoughts.I opened the third message in my in box. It was from a woman calling herself No Push Over. It was a lengthy reply. Her real name was Charlene. She was only twenty two. She explained she had been tied up once before. On reflection she had found it so thrilling that she wanted to find out why being restrained was so erotic. Wanting to test her boundaries she was looking for a man to help her. She mentioned that she had been approached by the same group that had messaged me but couldn’t see herself doing any thing in an open forum just yet. She was looking for some one to talk about the experience and develop a friendship and a trust with.The picture she included was what sold me on Charlene. It was just a selfie taken in a bathroom. I could only see from her waist up. Her long black hair was falling over and past her right breast. Her left was in full view. 34 with c cups I judged, with small dark circles around her pea size nipple. Facialy she was very pretty. Dark eyes, full lips, high cheek bones. What I could see of her figure was also to my liking, It appeared she had a very narrow waist and no discernible fat on her.My hands shook as I typed my response to her. Firstly I told her my real name, Paul, and that I was not experienced at all. I told her of my new found fascination with bondage and domination. I wrote a fairly detailed message of what I was looking for and included a picture of myself hurriedly taken in the living room. A selfie like hers, me topless from the waist up only. I hit send and wondered how long it would take for a reply, if at all.I was getting a beer from the refridgerator a minute later when I heard the ding as I received a message. Rushing back to the screen it I immediately saw that No Push Over had answered. She thanked me for the picture and said I looked handsome.And that was how I met Charlene. Over the next few months we messaged each other nearly daily. She didn’t live far from me, a couple of suburbs over. I was becoming anxious as I wanted to proceed with my fantasy. But the last thing I wanted was to scare her off. So I played the patience game and we exchanged notes about everything and anything. I told her I had been converting my basement into a room I could use for bondage and discipline.We spoke openly about sex and what turns us on. We met on a sex site so there was no point not talking about it. But most importantly we became İnnovia escort bayan friends over the Internet.While the courtship between Charlene and my self progressed I was busy in the basement fitting pulleys to an overhead beam and to the floor. Using knowledge I had attained on Internet sites I had decided that I would have a control point for the ropes situated near the doorway. I could have Charlene spread eagled in a standing position twenty feet from where I stood. I had spent hours teaching myself to splice loops in the end of the ropes so I could clip the leather cuffs I had purchased around the ankles and wrists to restrain my victims. I had fitted spring loaded cleats obtained from a yachting shop to the floor near the door this would allow me to quickly and simply hold someone in position.Four spot lights would illuminate the spot where she would hang and she wouldn’t be able to see me as the glare was prohibitive from the lights. I had also affixed an eight foot length of two inch steel pipe to the wall behind my torture position. It was at about my elbow height and eight inches out from the wall. Another secure point. An old trunk painted black held various diidos, vibrators and butt plugs. Nipple clamps and paddles for spanking and lubes and body oil were added to it. Whenever I thought of something that might come in useful to humiliate or arouse someone I would add it to the tool box.My old stereo with it’s huge speakers were in the front corners of the room. I had found some obscene sounding heavy metal music I intended to play to obscure my moving around when I had my subject blindfolded. I also had Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as contrast music for more gentle times. A solid old, straight backed wooden chair for me to sit on at the control point and a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling was all that the room contained. It looked a little scarey. My fun room was now complete and ready for my first session, when ever that would be.Then a month ago she gave me her phone number and we spoke directly for the first time. Nightly calls were made after that. If I didn’t call her she would ring me. Last week we arranged a meeting. Charlene chose a wine bar half way between her place and mine on Wednesday night. It turned out to be a lovely first date. We didn’t have sex after it. We just introduced ourselves to each other. She was all I was hoping for. Five nine or ten tall. Athletic, just all around gorgeous. She was sweet, attentive and could hold a conversation.We sat and had a couple of glasses of wine and talked about our lives, normal stuff. No mention of bondage was made all evening. It was as if we had agreed not to talk about it. When we said good night she leaned forward and kissed my cheek. “I will be in touch soon,” she said, turned and slipped into her car.On the drive home I thought about Charlene. She was so young. I could nearly be her father. Should I go ahead with what we had been planning for months? I didn’t think I looked forty, I was in good shape. I dressed young and looked after myself. But I had a lingering doubt about the age difference.Half an hour later as I pulled into my drive way my cell phone rang. It was Charlene.”What are you doing Friday night?” she asked me.”Nothing planned,” I replied.”Can I come over to your place then?” she asked and followed with, “I want you to tie me up.” “Are you sure about this? I asked, “Do you trust me?””Paul you are a nice man, I’m sure of that after meeting you tonight. You’re intelligent and a gentleman. Of course I trust you. Text me your address, I need to follow my instincts on this,” she replied and then simply hung up.I did as I was asked and sent her a text, went inside and masturbated. In two nights my fantasy would come to fruition.The next two days were in tolerable. The anticipation I felt was distracting. My job as a civil engineer needs a clear head. I spent the days not doing much in the office, delegating work out to my underlings as I didn’t trust myself to get calculations and details right Escort Kağıthane on my current project. Thursday night I resorted to a sleeping tablet to get some sleep, my mind was constantly thinking of tomorrow night and what I hoped would happen.Charlene texted me at lunch time on Friday.’See you about 8pm. I can’t wait. I’m wet thinking about it,’ was all the message said. There was no need for me to reply.Now I sat on the lounge chair. I was looking out through the crack between the window frame and the blind for her head lights to appear in the driveway. I wore a pair of Levis and a tee shirt. A pair of soft soled boat shoes on my feet.The bushes and garage door were suddenly illuminated. She was here. I waited for her to ring the door bell then opened the front door.”Hi, come in,” was all I could manage to say as I opened the door.Charlene stepped into my house. She also was wearing jeans and a tee shirt and had a satchel over her shoulder. She stepped towards me as I closed the door and put her arms around my waist. She kissed me on the lips pushing her tongue against mine.”I have some champagne here. Could you put in the refridgerator for later?” she asked as she dropped the back pack on the floor.”Would you like a drink now?” I questioned her.”No Paul. I want what I came over here for. I don’t want to wait any longer,” she replied as she rubbed her crotch on my thigh.I was taken a little by surprise with her candid attitude.”Okay. But first I have a couple of rules I want to explain to you. When we go downstairs to the fun room I am in charge. You are not to speak unless I ask you a direct question. You are to do as you are told with out hesitation. Understood?” I said to her in the most decisive voice I could muster.”Yes,” was her answer. “I want you to think of and tell me a safe word. You are to use it if you feel uncomfortable or if you feel things are getting out of control. I promise I will stop and untie you if you utter it,” I said with a bit more confidence, “What is your safe word?””Teaser, your profile name,” she replied.”And you are completely sure about this? Is there anything out of bounds to me, any thing I can’t do?” I asked her.She just stepped back from our embrace, took my hand and said “No. Take me to your fun room master.”Still with my hand being held I led her along the hallway, down the stairs and through the laundry to the curtained door. Holding the curtain that I had placed over the door way to exclude any light as I entered or exited later, I swung the door open to reveal the fun room to her. It was illuminated by the single light bulb and looked to me very stark and foreboding.Charlene stepped past me and walked to the middle of the room, turned and faced me. Instantly she looked vulnerable and passive, while I felt empowered and in control. This was now my domain.”Take off your clothes. Everything and stand against the back wall,” I commanded.Dutifully she began by dropping her jeans to the floor and then pulling he tee shirt over her head. She kicked her shoes off and slid them across the floor so they were next to my chair, her clothes followed them. She wore no underwear.I turned on the spot lights and flicked the single bulb off. She squinted and raised an arm to shade her eyes. The other hand now tried to cover her sex. It was as if the spot lights had made her the centre of attention and she felt vulnerability pushing down on her. I stood still and watched her for maybe thirty seconds. She looked uncomfortable. I felt aroused.Slowly I walked towards her and stopped where the ropes fell from the rafter. I didn’t speak just motioned with my finger for her to come to me. She stopped in front of me and stared into my face.”Hands by your sides!” I commanded.She obeyed me. Here perfect breasts with the perfect nipples pointed at my chest.I dropped to my knees. My face was inches from her vulva. I could smell her scent. She had a beautiful pussy, freshly waxed with just a thin strip of dark hair running from her slit upwards. The labia were puffy and her clit was visible. She was obviously aroused already.I quickly placed the leather cuffs around her ankles and fastened them securely. I stood up looked her in the eyes, searching for any uncertainty and then turned around and went to my control point.I sat on my chair and stooped to pick up the ropes that were now connected to her ankles.

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