The Prowler


In the hot night, my skin is covered in a film of sweat as I move through the throng of people. Heads turn and eyes are raised as I make my way towards the watering hole where I like to hunt. I smile, a flirt and I move with stealth until I am seated at the terrace bar.The bartender looks at me, the usual, his eyes ask me? I nod and open my purse, taking out my makeup mirror. Lip gloss, rouge, mascara, eyeliner, everything is perfect. I put the mirror back and adjust my short black dress that hugs my body like a second skin. A quick adjustment of my cleavage just before the bartender puts my drink in front of me.I take a long drink from the glass while the beat of the music moves up from the floor through the bar stool and into my body. I slowly begin to sway to the rhythm while I use the short straw to stir the ice cubes. I look around and try to spot çankaya escort an easy prey among the hundreds of bodies either sitting around tables or leaning against the walls. A few promising young things smile at me and I smile back.“Hi, what’s your name?” says a sluggish voice next to me.I slowly turn my head and within seconds I have evaluated the man standing next to me. He is drunk, sweaty, in his sixties, wedding band and cheap aftershave, not my style.“I am waiting for someone, please move along,” I say in a sweet voice.His eyebrows furrow and then he slowly moves back mumbling “bitch,” as he leaves my side.Asshole, I think. I turn back to my drink and have another sip. Something catches my eyes and I zoom in.She is wearing a white short skirt and a halter top. Her blonde hair moves gently as she laughs at a joke rus escort her friend has told. Her bright blue eyes sparkle from a little too much drink and when a strand of hair falls over her face she swipes it away in a sensual gesture. I keep watching her for a while but when a young man with a lot of tattoos plunks down in the seat next to her and kisses her with way too much tongue, I lose interest.“Hi, can I buy you a drink?”This time the man is standing on my other side. He is younger than the first and not as drunk.“No thanks, I am fine.”“Oh, okay, maybe later?”“Maybe,” I say with a smile and a wink.He moves away and I light a cigarette. Inhaling the smoke, I turn towards the other side of the bar and see a woman dressed in a long thin skirt. As she moves the lights show off slender legs and a round ass under the fabric. eryaman escort I watch her for a while and when our eyes meet she smiles and slightly raises her glass to me. I do the same and her smile grows, showing perfect white teeth.We sit there and flirt with each other, no words are spoken but our eyes, smiles, and tongues do the talking. I lick my lips and wink at her. She laughs quietly into her hand and then nods her head and pretends to dance.I get off the stool and walk around the bar but when I reach the seat she was sitting on, she is gone. Then I see her, inside on the dance floor. I walk up to her and we begin to move close to each other.And there on the dance floor, it feels like it’s only us, dancing close to each other my hands on her hips and hers on mine. She turns around and pushes her body against mine. She is slightly taller than I and when she turns her head slightly I give her a quick kiss on the side of her neck. She reaches behind me and pulls me closer.“Let’s leave,” I say into her ear.She turns and says, “My boyfriend is on his way.”“Forget him, I want you, now.”She laughs and continues to dance.

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