The Resort – Getting There


Ring, ring, ring.

After an incredibly hard week, Tim awakened on Sunday morning to the phone.

“Damn it”, he said as he sat up in bed and picked up the receiver.


A woman in a far too cheery voice responded, “Congratulations you have won a-” CLICK.

“Yeah, sure, not likely… I’m going back to sleep.”

Just as Tim settled back in under the covers the damn phone rang again.


“Sorry, we must have gotten disconnected; I am calling to award you with a one week dream vacation”, the cheery voice said.

Awake now, Tim decided to play along, “okay, how did I win?”

The woman on the other end of the line cheerily responded “Your name was entered through our online sweepstakes last month, our contest is cross-promoted with many websites, I see here your entry came through on January 7th at 2:17am from our partner, shemal—ummm… One of our partners”.

Awake and embarrassed, Tim’s face turned red as he struggled to respond.

The cheery gal spoke again “All travel arrangement have been made, and the time off has been cleared with your boss, Mrs. Electra. We pride ourselves on providing the most complete vacation experience”

Shocked that not only was this real, but they had even booked time off for him, Tim responded “Okay, when is the trip?”

He could hear the smile as she responded “now” and hung up the phone.

Tim was staring at the phone, wondering what just happened, when the doorbell rang.

Wearing only a pair of boxers, Tim quickly pulled on yesterday’s clothes from the floor and went to the door. He opened the door to see a cute redhead; a few inches shorter than himself, with fair sized breasts that look quite large on her small frame. She was wearing a tank top and yoga pants, the pants were tight and showed every detail of her body. She smiled with her painted red lips and began to speak,

“As I was saying on the phone, we pride ourselves on providing the most complete experience ever.”

The woman let herself in, wearing a small backpack. Tim turned to her as she removed and set down the backpack, not realizing that he still hasn’t spoken a single word.

As she bent over a little, Tim took a long look at her firm bum through the yoga pants. The woman introduced herself as Clarissa.

Looking at the bag she has with her, Tim couldn’t help but ask what it is for. Clarissa explained that there were a few rules to the resort.

The resort, being a completely sterile environment, requires that everyone wear only resort issued clothing and they enforce a strict no body hair policy.

Apparently the bag had everything needed to get ready to go. Hmmm, no body hair, that sounded odd, but hey, he had thought of shaving himself clean before, now there was a reason.

Tim decided it wasn’t much to ask and informed her that it may take a little while, and invited her to make herself comfortable, gesturing to the couch.

With a smile Clarissa said “oh no, I will be assisting with this, it is important to ensure everything is done to resort standards, show me to your washroom.”

Shocked but intrigued, Tim pointed to the stairs, “Top of the stairs, on the left”. Without hesitation the woman grabbed the backpack, turned to the stairs and said “follow me”.

As Clarissa walked up the stairs Tim couldn’t help but watch her perfect ass. The stairs gave a perfect, close view. He realized the effect her body is having on his; and he quickly reached down to adjust his swelling cock.

All too quickly she reached the top of the stairs, turned to the left, placed the backpack on the counter and unzipped it.

“First we will get rid of all body hair, and then a quick styling and we’ll get you dressed and be on our way.”

Without missing a beat, Clarissa turned on the shower, bending over again in the process, showing that perfect ass, then she was back to the suitcase, taking out an unlabeled tube of gel and a magazine.

She handed Tim the gel, then sat down and opened the magazine to a dog-eared page.

“Go ahead and shower using that tube of hair remover, let me know if you need anything”. With that she was reading her magazine, and Tim was left to shower in front of this sexy stranger.

In the position she was sitting, Clarissa’s tight pants were pressing at her pussy, giving a perfect view of her pronounced camel toe. Tim began to disrobe, taking off the dirty shirt and pants, turning away from her as he did so, hoping to hide his excitement.

Clarissa seemed completely focused on the magazine, as Tim quickly slipped off his boxers, and begin to step into the shower.

“Wait a minute,” she said, “you forgot the gel.”

Without getting up, she grabbed it from the counter and held it out to Tim. As he turned to get it her eyes dropped to his cock.

“You must really like showers,” she says with a smile.

Tim took the gel and quickly returned to the shower. After completing his regular shower routine, it was time for the gel. xslot As he reached for the gel, Tim noticed Clarissa was at his side again, holding it out to him.

“Here you go” she smiled. “Sometimes it is hard to get it everywhere on your own, I’d be happy to help.”

Tim thought about it and responded that having her take care of his back might be a good idea. Clarissa smiled again and accepted.

She turned off the shower and told him the best results were had when it is applied and left for a few minutes before rinsing off. She turned off the shower, and handed Tim his towel.

“Just pat yourself dry a bit and have a seat on the edge of the tub” she said.

Tim sat on the edge of the tub with his back facing out, and placed the towel in his lap. Clarissa then squeezed the gel into her hands and began working it into his back.

She started at the neck, and every once in a while Tim could feel her soft breasts brush against his head. After completing his back, she instructed Tim to turn around stating “my hands are covered now, I might as well finish” with a smile.

Clarissa worked down his chest, arms and legs, as she finished his legs, she was on her knees, and Tim was taking in the great view of her perfect breasts.

Clarissa interrupted his thoughts and instructed again “time to stand up”.

Without thinking, Tim began to stand, forgetting that only a towel was covering him. It fell to the floor and his cock popped out, inches from Clarissa’s red lips.

Clarissa looked up and smiled again “I see you’re enjoying this”.

Tim pretended to smile as he covered himself with his hands.

“I think I can take it from here” he said, and reached for the gel. Clarissa seemed somewhat disappointed as she handed it over and moved back to her seat to read her magazine.

Tim, feeling shy standing there naked, quickly covered himself with the gel then flipped the shower back on to wash off.

As the water hit him, he saw all of his hair wash off his body, leaving him completely smooth and hair-free. His skin felt extra sensitive as he dried himself and for a minute he forgot about Clarissa sitting in the corner.

When he stepped out, Clarissa put down her magazine and grabbed some clothes out of the backpack. She held out what appeared to be children’s shorts at his feet so he could step in.

Tim hesitantly removed the towel, his cock again inches from Clarissa’s red lips, and stepped into the shorts. The thin bicycle shorts stretched to fit him, leaving nothing to the imagination as far as his growing cock.

After pulling them up for him, Clarissa ran her hands down the sides, then up the front, stroking his cock through them. She then helped him put on a similar shirt and smiled declaring “perfect fit, let’s get on our way”.

Clarissa grabbed the backpack and led Tim down the stairs to the door, where she placed sandals for him. He slipped them on and followed Clarissa out the door.

He stopped, looking for her car, before realizing that the Ducati 1199 sitting out front was their ride. As they walked up to it Clarissa handed him a helmet and climbed on as she fastened her own.

Reluctantly, Tim fastened his helmet and climbed on the back of the bike. He could hear her smile when she told him to hang on tight as she pulled away from the curb.

Tim hugged her tightly as they took off down the road. Using her left hand, Clarissa took Tim’s hands and repositioned them, placing them on her firm breasts.

“There, that feels better,” she said.

Tim could hear the smile in her voice again as he began to fondle her. Even if he hadn’t planned to, with the quick stops, starts and turns he found himself massaging her breasts, and it was turning him on. That, in addition to the thin fabric between his cock and her warm body had him hard as a rock.

Instead of turning onto the interstate to go to the airport, Clarissa turned down the industrial service road, to a small airport he hadn’t known existed.

She pulled up next to a tiny single-engine plane and stopped the bike. As they climbed off, Tim did his best to adjust his very obvious erection with absolutely no success.

She turned towards him as she was removing her helmet and he saw that at least he had had an effect on her as well. Her nipples were hard and poking at her thin top.

Clarissa explained that the resort only has a small airport, and airliners cannot land there. They would be taking this single-engine airplane. There were only 2 seats, and Clarissa explained that she would be their pilot.

With no luggage to bring, she opened the canopy of the airplane and helped Tim into the right seat before walking around and sliding herself into the left.

The cockpit was tight and their shoulders were almost touching as they sat there. Clarissa started through checklists and seemed quite serious as she handed him a headset, and helped with his harness.

Tim blushed a little as he felt himself getting hard again while xslot Giriş her hands were working all around his crotch, assisting with the 5-point harness.

Clarissa seemed not to notice, and then smiled as she gave his cock a quick rub through the thin fabric and while looking at it said “Don’t worry big guy, you’ll have many chances to play when we get there”.

Without missing a beat she started the plane and ran through a series of checks. When complete, Clarissa made some calls on the radio, then taxied over to the runway for takeoff.

The plane threw Tim back in his seat as it rocketed down the runway, Clarissa pulled back on the stick and they were airborne. Shortly after they entered a cloud, and climbed straight through, coming out above the clouds and seeing the bright sunshine. He could no longer see the ground, and lost reference of where they were.

Clarissa leveled out the airplane and made a few more radio calls before addressing Tim again. She told him that because of the planes high-performance, they would be at their destination in a couple hours.

As soon as their idle chat began, Clarissa began to steer the conversation, and before he knew it, Tim was having a very in-depth discussion about sex with this woman he had just met.

She asked about his previous relationships, details about the girls’ bodies, and even started asking about his sex with them.

Shortly into the conversation, Tim became aware of his growing cock which was quite visible through the thin shorts he was wearing. At the same time, Clarissa mentioned that she was enjoying their hot chat, and that it was having an effect on her.

She drew his attention to her hard nipples, and then began sharing some of her experiences. With Tim now extremely turned on, they continued their conversation down a darker path, first sex positions, then from doggy style to discussing outfits, toys, and anal sex.

Clarissa shared a particularly detailed story of a Halloween night where she had dressed up as a hooker.

She had found a pair of bike shorts and top online that had detailed graphics printed on them so it would look like the person wearing them was naked, then on-top she work the shortest, sluttiest dress she could find.

When she showed her outfit to her friends before going out, they each did a double-take, and laughed at how they had thought she was really naked under it at first glance.

They had some drinks while waiting for the others to meet up, and then left for the club where the party was at. Clarissa had similar reactions from people on the way to the party.

When they got inside though, reactions seemed to change a bit. Clarissa noticed that with the dim lighting of the club, it was almost impossible to tell that the naked clothes weren’t really her.

A few drinks in now, she decided to have fun with it, and pretended to flash some of the guys, only to be rewarded with more free drinks.

Tim was really enjoying Clarissa’s story-telling, her choice of words and tone made him relate to how it felt for her that night.

Clarissa admitted that having a few too many free drinks led her to a conversation with one of the guys, Brad, who had been buying them for her.

After revealing to Brad that it was actually a costume, he made what sounded at the time like a good suggestion. Since at this point in the night, everyone had finally realized it was a costume, it would be funny if she actually took off the shorts and tank top. People would still think she was wearing the costume.

They laughed about how funny it would be. The next time Clarissa went to the washroom, she decided to go for it, and took off the costume, leaving just the slutty dress that didn’t do much to cover her nipples or pussy.

Brad was right, she was getting the same looks now as before, nobody could tell. Even her suitor didn’t notice at first, until she pressed her breast against his arm. He ordered another round of drinks and suggested they have a seat at a booth.

Tim slid into the booth and she followed. As she pushed herself along the seat, her dress slid higher, almost up to her waist, but with the privacy of the table, she was able to enjoy the guilty pleasure of knowing how naked she was in the bar with so many strangers.

It wasn’t long before Brad’s hand found her thigh, and as he slid towards her inner thigh, she instinctively reached for his hand to stop her. It almost seemed he was expecting it, as he took her hand in his, and moved it to his own lap, where she found herself grasping his smooth hard cock.

When she realized what she was holding, she tried to pull her hand back, but he was smooth, and held her hand in place as he smiled. He reassured her that it was okay, as she curiously grasped it again.

As she relaxed and explored his body, his hand returned to her thigh, and then to her moist pussy. She could feel her wetness on his fingers and he rubbed her, and found pre-cum as she stroked to the tip of his cock. xslot Güncel Giriş

It seemed that just as they were really beginning to enjoy themselves, Brad’s buddies showed up. They had another round of drinks with them and started sliding into the booth while loudly chatting about the great night everyone was having.

They realized that with the girl one of Brad’s friends had with him, they wouldn’t all fit in the booth. The girl volunteered to sit on the guys lap, and volunteered Clarissa to sit on Brad’s lap as well.

Not wanting the entire group to know what they were up to, Clarissa was careful to position Brad’s hard cock such that she could sit on his lap, with it sticking out between her legs. As she sat down she felt the shaft of his cock in her pussy lips, and grasped the head between her legs. Everything was slick.

She tried to ignore the feelings as she was introduced to the group, but couldn’t help shifting and moving on his lap. Luckily, the focus was not on her with the slutty antics of the other girl seeking attention.

She was doing all she could to keep their attention on her cat woman suit, telling them many times how she would have worn something with padding if she had known how much her nipples would stick out.

She even teased his friend about his growing erection under her ass. The guys seemed to love her game, and she loved the attention. It wasn’t long before she had his friend’s zipper down and cock out, and unzipped her costume enough to sit on his cock.

She seemed to love it, and the guys were cheering. Clarissa took the opportunity to discreetly press Brad’s cock towards her as she raised her body a few inches, then slowly slid down, taking him into her.

She must have lost concentration on the group for a minute, because the next she looked, the chatty girl was proudly stroking the cocks of the two friends sitting at her sides, while riding the other.

Just as Clarissa was taking in this new information, she found her hand being guided to another cock. Brad encouraged her to go ahead and play with it, so she did.

Brad’s friend who was fucking the girl in the cat woman costume began to cum, and while the group seemed to be enjoying what was going on, the girl was not impressed that he finished before she did, and she promptly moved off of him and onto the cock which she had been stroking with her left hand.

Amazingly, this was the first time Clarissa felt nervous. She realized that there was a cock inside of her, approaching orgasm and she was not on birth control. Clarissa whispered her problem to Brad, and without delay he began to lift her off of his cock, before she knew what was happening, he had her repositioned, and his slick, hard cock was entering her ass.

Her hands shot to her sides, in an attempt to stop his slippery cock from further entering her wet hole, but she was too late; the split second was all he needed to fully impale her.

When her hands met his legs, she found herself holding him inside her, and her body began to adjust to the intrusion. Brad’s hand began to caress her now void pussy, and the combination of that and his pulsing cock in her ass began to drive her wild.

She found herself gently bouncing herself on his lap as she approached orgasm. The orgasm continued to build, and she felt the pulsing cock in her ass grow, as Brad’s breaths shortened. With a final push into her, he drove deeper than before and held her tight as he began to fill her with load after load of hot cum.

The feeling of him blasting inside of her was more than she could take and her own orgasm began to take over. She bounced harder and her ass milked him dry while her body shuttered. The guy she was still grasping with her other hand began to cum as well, blasting a shot high in the air, coming down to land on her chest, as the remainder of his cum collected on her hand and arm.

As Brad’s cock began to shrink inside of her, Clarissa glanced over to the other guy that cat woman had left. She felt sorry for the neglected cock, and her ass was now anxious for more. She raised herself from Brad’s spent cock and smiled at the other guy as she slid across to him.

She grasped his cock with her cum-covered hand and with one stroke it was as wet and slippery as her empty ass. She positioned him at her entrance and lowered herself.

She was amazed how easy it was to take him into her, and didn’t wait long before resuming her bouncing routine. She began to lose herself as another orgasm began to build, only to find herself stroking another cock with each hand. Brad now in one hand, and another of his friends in her right.

She worked them all in unison as they grew harder. Getting there faster this time, she began to orgasm first, with her orgasm driving the guy overboard, filling her yet again with blast after blast of cum. A cock began to spurt in one of her hands, but Brad wasn’t there yet. As they finished, she smiled to Brad, opened her mouth to show him an “O” and said she would finish him later.

As she climbed off the shrinking cock, the group decided it was time to leave, and they slid themselves out of the booth. Clarissa could feel cum dripping out of her ass and down her chest as she followed Brad out the door, both of her hands covered in cum.

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