The Ride

Ariana Marie

I secretly lusted after our married friend Rose,Since the short skirt she wore one Easter -That I honestly couldn’t help seeing up -Under the table sitting across from us.Her skirt was too short and legs too thin -to hide the pink panties she was wearing.I did my best not to look in her direction,but her panties outplayed my discretion.I was the only one in the line of fire,No witnesses to the spark of my desire.It was still on my mind, months later -During a Tango class we all took together.She even remarked on how much I was sweating,Only I knew the lust behind my fast heartbeat.But my girlfriend and I, she and her husband,Made it through class without any incidents.But my senses and desire were pushed too far,When six of eryaman escort us went skiing for a day at big bear.My girlfriend drove her boss’s van she borrowed -On the way home I sat in the back row with rose.We were all so tired out from skiing all day,that the ride home was quiet, and some were sleeping.It was random what seats we ended up in -The dark ride in the back was fertilizer for sin.We were as tired as anyone else on the ride -She knew me enough to lay down on my lap.And my girlfriend was in the car driving -So, the contact didn’t seem all that risky.It happened too gradually to assign blame,We moved imperceptibly, at the same time.Through micro-adjusting sincan escort and readjustments,Rose’s hand landed in contact with my crotch.It wasn’t clear yet if she was even aware of it,But I was losing my mind and growing erect.As I grew, and still just as imperceptibly,Rose ended up with her hand right on the money.Not a word was said during the hour-long edging.She touched as if lightly was less infidelity.Delicate as it was, she felt from head to balls.Her fingertips ripped through me as if she had claws.It was impossible for anyone to have seen what she was doing.In the darkness, behind her head – innocently laying on my lap,She was sneaking around every curve etlik escort of my throbbing cock,But so delicately – as if to maintain some deniability.After about an hour of this torturous lust in the van,As she secretly nudged me past the point of no return,I grabbed her ass – the hottest thing easiest to reach.Rose caught on – gave me little strokes until I came.As I finished cumming, her hand still gripped around my cock,Rose pulled my head down, and whispered, “just between us.”After hearing that, even if someone saw and I got caught,I had a half hour left to make use of the “between us” clause.Rose remained laying on my lap, and in silence I explored.Under the back of her long underwear, and panties I felt,I felt her ass and farther under her legs, to her soaking wetness.I rubbed her pussy – she ground back with her hips and pelvis.We had to stop when the lights of the freeway lit us up.She must have been cursing the lights as much as me -The way she had been grinding on my fingers in her.I could still smell her the morning before I showered.

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