The Smith Family: Part 3 (Ali’s First Lay)


“I suppose it is okay if you only did it for me, and I really do want to have sex, so I guess if Sandra could help me out that would be cool,” Ali responded calmly, “When do you think we could arrange this. Her helping me get some experience, I mean?” Then, a fully nude Sandra stepped into the room from the hall. “How about now?” she plainly asked… *** Sandra began to walk toward the two, her perfect tits swaying with every step. Both Austin and Ali stared in a trance at her gorgeous body. “Take your clothes off Ali,” Sandra said, “And you too Austin.” The couple proceeded to do as they were told. Now the three were standing there. Austin with his semi-hard cock. Ali with her round tits and pure vagina (unshaved). Sandra with her stunning figure and landing strip-style pubes. “Now Ali, I want to watch you give Austin here a blow job,” Sandra spoke again, “I will evaluate you then show you how it is really done.” Austin awkwardly sat down on the couch while Ali nervously stroked his pole a few times. Slowly, Ali bent her head down and started licking it before gulping it in her mouth, Sandra watching from a few feet away. As Ali continued to suck the cock, it grew harder and harder in her mouth to its full 8-inch length. Off to the side, Sandra began to stroke her pussy, the juices gradually starting to form. Up and down Ali continued as Sandra watched. “Now stop.” Sandra said, “Not bad. Not bad at all. Obviously you have some experience, but you could still learn a little. Watch.” As soon as Ali slipped Escort Bahçelievler her mouth off of the pulsating dick, Sandra gulped it back up, getting her saliva on it to make it smooth. Sandra showed Ali how to use both her hands and her mouth to maximize pleasure. “Now it is time for the exciting part,” Sandra stated with a smile, “It is time for you to learn how to work a man’s member with that beautiful, tight pussy of yours.” Sandra massaged Austin’s cock a few times before she mounted it, reverse cowgirl style. This way Ali was exposed to everything that was going on between the two. “It is helpful to be on the top in a position like this so you can manipulate the sex how you want,” She explained. Ali watched closely as Sandra bobbed up and down on Austin’s nice prick. Ali was beginning to get really horny and wanted to try for herself. Sandra could see that Ali wanted to try so she stopped and gestured for Ali to mount the cock. Ali slowly walked over when she realized she didn’t have a condom and she wasn’t on the pill. She turned to Sandra and was about to explain that she didn’t have protection when Sandra grabbed a condom from the table next to her. She winked and handed it to Ali. Ali then walked over to Austin and slowly rolled it on his cock as she was taught in health class. She spat on the covered dick to prepare it for the insertion. She then got up on the couch and straddled Austin’s waist. Ali turned to him and he asked, “Are you ready?” Bahçeşehir escort “Yes,” She responded, “definitely.” She dropped down and Austin’s dick pushed into her tight pussy, never explored by something so big before. Austin had fingered it and licked it in the past but nothing so big had ever entered her two lips. She had never had a real orgasm either and had only came once or twice. Slowly she pushed hard with force against it, expecting it to hit her hymen with a painful force. But it didn’t. Ali assumed she had one, but soon realized that she must have been born without one because the whole cock was inside her body with no excruciating pain. It hurt a little but after about three slow thrusts the pain wore off and the pleasure took its place. It was like pleasure she never had before. Up and down she went manipulating Austin’s cock to her preferences. “Ohh yeah, fuck me hard!” She controlled speed and depth among many other things and began to get into it. “I am impressed,” Sandra said, watching intently as she walked towards Austin’s head. Sandra then straddled his head and lowered her dripping cunt to his face to be licked. It was an amazing scene: The three of them completely naked, Ali getting pounded while Austin licked away at Sandra’s wet pussy. “Oh my God, fuck yeah. Fuck me!” Both girls moaning with pleasure as Austin satisfied them. Soon enough, Austin exclaimed, “Ahhh, I’m gonna shoot!” Ali then sped up and Sandra got off of Austin’s Bakırköy escort bayan face. She moved over to where the other two were thrusting in and out and began to rub Ali’s clit as she and Austin climaxed at the same time. But it wasn’t a normal orgasm. Ali squirted. She spewed vaginal fluid everywhere, her whole body shaking. “That was the best experience I have ever had,” Ali said as she pulled her pussy from Austin’s still-pulsating cock. Sandra went to shower in her bathroom while she let the young couple shower together in Austin’s room. Austin and Ali were so exhausted from their fucking that they just washed each other in the shower and did not have any more fun. It was about 11:30 when they got out so Austin drove Ali home. *** The next day Austin went to his friend Jimmy’s house to swim. He and Jimmy were hangin’ out and they were throwing a football in the backyard. Finally, Austin couldn’t wait any longer and he started telling Jimmy about the night before. “Dude! You fucked your hot stepmom and your girlfriend?! Together?!” Jimmy said when Austin was finished, “That is so cool. I always thought Sandra was a babe and you know how hot Ali is!” “Yeah it was awesome,” Austin replied. After going into a little more detail, Austin said, “Man, it’s hot out, let’s go for a swim.” The two guys jumped into the pool and then Austin realized he forgot to take out his phone. “Shit!” He exclaimed, “My phone is fucked!” Austin didn’t worry though because he had insurance on it and the two guys continued to swim. Little did Austin know, Ali was trying to call him to hang out. *** Ali called Austin’s phone but it went straight to voicemail. “That’s weird,” she thought, so she decided to drive to his house to go see him. All she could think about was the pleasure she got from Austin’s cock, and she was thirsty for more.

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