The Summoning of Medhia Ch. 01



Hello, Lit readers! Westsfjordian here, back with another smoke filled story. I think I’ll start by telling you, that this story is a very silly little thing, and not meant to be taken seriously.

I’ll be breaking new ground, for me with this story, since it’s very different from what I’ve had up here before. My earlier stories have all been put in the Transexual/Crossdressers category, but this one is a story of the incest kind with supernatural tones. It takes place on The Continent, the same universe ‘The Journey’ ‘Mine’ and ‘Ours’ are set in. As I did with both ‘Ours’ and ‘Mine’, I used and referenced some things that are native to our world, but this story does not take place here!

It features an eighteen year old man, his mother and her friend. And finally his grandmother, who has been possessed by an otherworldly entity; a benevolent pleasure demon, called Medhia. Now, the men in my earlier stories have all been very submissive, but my boy Sean isn’t quite like that. I guess you could say he likes making the women in his life happy. However, his mother, and grandmother are absolutely to be considered aggressive hunters.

Now, this story will feature smoking as a fetish very heavily. I just love the thought, and image of a beautiful woman indulging in a cigarette, despite being an ardent non-smoker. It also has the mother corrupting her fox-girl friend, teaching her a thing or two about smoking and lesbian sex. I do hope those of you who do not share in my fetish can look past that, and still enjoy the other parts of this story. However, if smoking is very off putting for you, this story will not be to your liking.

As always, I apologize for any grammatical errors, and humbly ask for your patience.

Anyone who engages in anything sexual in this story, is an adult.

Forty year old half elf*, and flower shop owner Connie Davidson was a beautiful woman. She knew it, too. And if the looks most men (and some women) sent her way were any indication, everyone else knew it, too. She stood at five feet, eleven inches tall. She had long, toned legs, proper meaty thighs, and lovely wide butt, and hips.

Her workout routine, and elven genes kept her waist narrow, and belly firm. Having born only her son Sean, eighteen years previous, her large breasts still rode high on her chest, and Connie was really rather proud of them. Her lovely neck was long, slender and elegant, her lips plumb, and oh so kissable, and her eyes were a lovely shade of blue. And we have to mention her hair, of course. It was silvery blonde, naturally wavy, thick and shiny, and it reached down her back. All in all, Connie Davidson was indeed a rare beauty.

She was also quite well off. Her store did well enough, but mostly it was her settlement from her divorce fifteen years earlier that was her main source of income. In fact, she didn’t really need to work, since her uncle Matthew had invested the settlement money wisely.

She had met Christian, her former husband, and her son’s father in East Haven, the central hub of the eastern seaboard of the Continent, when she was only nineteen, and he twenty nine. The son of a well-known Elven lord, Chris had never wanted for anything, lived the high life. Connie had been swept up in the glamour of it all. They began dating, and were married a few days after she turned twenty. She kept her maiden name, however. Then she got pregnant, and her husband had been ecstatic.

Sean was born, and for three years, they were a happy family. Or so she had thought. She caught him cheating, you see. With her best friend Sarah. She had been coming back from an unexpectedly cancelled doctor’s appointment, and happened upon them, fucking on the sofa. The divorce had been messy, but her uncle Matt was a damn good lawyer. Once all this was done, she moved back home to the Midlands, to be close to her own recently divorced mother.

Anyway, back to the story. Connie was sitting at her vanity, about to apply her make up. She was going on a date with a young man, and she wanted to look her absolute best. She reached for a pack of cigarettes, and a lighter. She extracted one of her all white Divine120’s, and eagerly lit up, loving the creamy taste. She loved those cigarettes. They tasted incredible, and gave off a kind of sweet, spicy aroma, so the house didn’t stink, even if the indulged in her cigarettes inside the house.

She took a large drag, and inhaled very deeply, relishing the intense pleasure she felt when the nicotine entered her bloodstream. She took another large drag as she exhaled the first one through her nose, before carefully placing the cigarette in the ashtray she kept on her vanity.

Despite her habit, Connie was a woman with very strong sense of self discipline. She almost never drank, and she ate healthy, while keeping mostly away from sweets. She went to the gym five times a week, as well. In fact, you could say smoking, and being somewhat sexually alsancak escort bayan frivolous were her only two vices.

Firstly, she adored smoking, having started when she was eighteen. She had pestered her mother to teach her and fell in love with the feeling the cigarettes gave her, with the first drag. She had smoked quite a bit ever since then, only taking a break when she got pregnant and while she was nursing her son. Of course, as soon as her son had been weaned of her breast, she resumed her habit with a gusto, though she partook out on the deck of her house, well aware of the dangers of second hand smoke.

And secondly, Connie absolutely loved sex. She was very aggressive when she found someone she desired, and be it man, or a woman, she would usually succeed in bringing them to her bed. Being a quarter elf,since her mother was half-elf, she had that air of mystery around her, that most humans found irresistible. While she loved cock, there was just something incredibly sensual and gratifying about making love to a beautiful woman.

She had even gone to bed with a pair of very hung half orc t-girls once, and the memory still made her wet to this day, almost nine years later. They really had been the best of both worlds; nice, large cocks, and a pair of big, firm breasts.

However, aside from her son, there was a person she adored more than anyone in the whole world, and if that person called, she dropped everything, and went to find them.

All of her nocturnal adventures had been made possible by the fact that her mother, Gloria, lived just three streets over. She was more than happy to have her grandson over a weekend, while her daughter had some fun with her girlfriends.

There was a knock on the door, just as Connie finished with her make up, and she smiled. On time, as always.

“Come in,” she said, and reached for her cigarette. She double pumped it again, and inhaled the smoke deep. She slowly exhaled, and watched her date approach.

He was wearing a pair of dark slacks, a white dress shirt and a grey blazer. No tie, of course, and two buttons undone. He was an even six feet, his hair bright blonde, like her own and the eyes blue. His jaw was strong, as was his chin. He looked good enough to eat.

Connie took a last drag on her Divine and raised her hand, for her date to help her from her chair. She exhaled above his head, and smiled.

“Such a gentleman,” she purred and rewarded the young man with a steaming hot, tongue filled kiss. It was well, that she had never been a fan of lipstick. She cupped his cheek with one hand, while the other straightened his collar.

“You make me so happy, sweetie,” Connie said softly, and gazed lovingly into his eyes. She eventually leaned in and gave the young man another kiss. This one gentle, and caring.

“Your happiness is all that matters to me, mom,” Sean said, grabbed the hand cupping his cheek, and kissed it.

Connie felt warm at his words and closed her eyes in satisfaction. Yes, this was perfect. He was perfect. “Is the car here, yet? Danielle is waiting at the restaurant.” she informed him, and led her son out of the room by the hand.

“It just arrived. Gran sent me a text. She’s ready and waiting for us. She also sent me this,” Sean said and showed his mother the picture on the phone.

Connie took a look, and immediately felt an electric current surge down to her pussy. Her mother Gloria had taken a picture of her densely hairy, but well trimmed snatch, and it was glistening. Connie allowed a small moan to escape her lips, as she remembered just how tasty her mother’s cunt was.

“Looks like someone’s excited,” Connie said, and ran her tongue sensually along her upper lip.

Sean smiled at his mother and looked her up and down. She had decided to wear a bright red, backless cocktail dress that was held up with a lace choker, forming a narrow slit in the front, which showed a nice amount of cleavage. She looked amazing. Well, she always looked amazing.

“Yeah. I swear mom, you and Gran are total sexpots.”

Connie let out a throaty laugh, and lightly slapped he son on the chest. “Behave.”

The pair of them left the house, and got into the limo waiting for them at the curb. Sean told the driver where to go, and put up the black glass window that separated the passenger area from the driver’s seat.

As soon as the window closed, Mother and Son leaned into each other, and began kissing softly. Nothing too dramatic. They didn’t want to look too dishevelled when they arrived at the restaurant. The limo then stopped outside Gloria’s house, and Sean went to get Gran. He knocked twice before he entered the house.

“I’m in here, sweetheart,” his grandmother called from the lounge.

Sean made his way over there, and he was not disappointed. His mother was almost an exact physical copy of Gran, who was only fifty six years old. Gran looked young enough, alsancak escort bayan that she could be her daughter’s sister. Of course, being a half elf, she would live for four hundred years, at least. Gloria’s hair was completely white, and was done in a wavy, layered bob, which suited her heart shaped face extremely well.

She had chosen to dress more conservatively than her daughter and wore a medium length, dark grey skirt, and a milky white silk blouse that accentuated her bountiful breasts perfectly. Sean noticed she was wearing silk on her legs. Lace top stockings, no doubt. She knew he loved those.

Gloria took her last drag on the Divine, and exhaled the smoke in his direction, as he approached. Sean helped his Gran from her lounger and she immediately wrapped her arms around his neck, giving him a long, passionate kiss.

When they were done, Sean was panting heavily, while Gloria was barely breathing harder than usual. She really was an expert on kissing.

Gloria took her grandson’s earlobe in her mouth and gently nibbled at it, before blowing hot air into Sean’s ear. “Your mother and I are going to drive you insane, boy,” she whispered, before sashaying out of the room, leaving the young man staring after her, completely stunned.

Eventually, Sean recovered, led his Gran out to the car and helped her inside, before getting in, himself. What greeted him was the utterly erotic sight of his mother and grandmother feasting on each other’s tongues passionately.

I suppose I should tell you how all this began, before we go any further, should I not?

*Connie’s father is a full elf, and her mother is a half elf. Not sure what to call that?


Gloria Davidson had always considered herself to be a very good looking woman, who caught the eye of the men around her. However, she had honestly not been expecting her shy and unassuming eighteen year old grandson steeling glances at her.

She had called Sean the night before and asked him if he’d be willing to help her with some work in her garden and the good boy that he was, readily agreed. He always did everything his mother told him to, and Gloria was only too happy to learn it was the same for her.

He arrived at ten in the morning, and Gloria greeted him in an old tank top, a pair of faded jeans, and an old hat. She gave him a hug, and a quick peck on the cheek, before she led him through the house, and into the back. The pair of them set to work and progressed nicely. After all, Gloria had ignited her daughter’s interest in flowers, and Sean had picked things up, having spent many a weekend at that house when he was younger. Elves also had a natural affinity for growing things.

After a couple of hours, Gloria stood up and ran an arm over her forehead. June was always pretty hot. She glanced up at the clear sky. “Looks like it’s going to be a scorcher, honey. It’s time for a break. Let’s go sit in the shade, and have some lemonade. I made some earlier, would you go get it?”

Sean smiled. “Of course, gran. Be right back,” the good boy said, and headed for the door.

Gloria sighed happily and was about to sit down, when she realized there was something missing. She really needed one. Or two. She just caught her grandson, before he ventured into the house.

“Bring my cigarettes with you, darling!”

Naturally, Gloria did not see the widening of her grandson’s eyes, or the ghost of a smile that found its way onto his face. Sean gathered everything they needed, and was back out pretty quickly. He put everything on the little table between the loungers, beneath the parasol, and took his own seat.

“Thank you, darling,” Gloria said with a smile and reached for her cigarettes. She extracted one of her Divine120’s and lit up. She took a long drag, and closed her eyes in pleasure as she inhaled as deeply as she could. She blew the massive cloud into the air and quickly took another long drag to temporarily sate her need, sighing happily once she’d expelled the smoke. Even after almost forty years, smoking felt incredible.

Gloria put the cigarette in her lips and let it dangle while she poured herself some lemonade. She eyed her grandson, and found he was staring at her. Did he not like the drink?

“Lemonade not to your liking, sweetheart?” she asked, leaned back in her chair and took a massive drag on her cigarette.

Sean quickly averted his eyes, and blushed crimson. “N-no, gran. It’s great, as always,” he stammered and pulled out his phone, playing some game.

Gloria was glad she had put on her sunglasses, because she felt her eyes go wide as saucers. What was going on? He was shy around her, all of the sudden? Gloria raised her cigarette to her lips and took her customary, large drag. This time, she held the smoke for a little while before she allowed it to drift out through her nose.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Sean was stealing escort alsancak glances at her, and especially at her chest, whenever it expanded when she inhaled a deeply satisfying drag of smoke. Interesting. She wasn’t really sure at the moment, just how to feel about her grandson looking at her like that, but it was incredibly interesting.

And arousing, she discovered, which was not at all surprising. After all, she was almost always horny.

After Gloria had indulged in another two cigarettes and her grandson’s no-so-well-hidden looks, the pair of them went back to work, and finished in the early afternoon. When they were done, Sean’s grandmother reached for a cigarette, and lit it, before she gave him a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

She watched her grandson leave and leaned back into her lounger with a sigh. She knew she should feel weird, perhaps even disgusted. However, all she felt was aroused at the idea that an eighteen year old man, as handsome as Sean, had the hots for her. And the fact that he was her grandson, only made her hornier. And happy. Still, she needed to have a conversation with her daughter about this.

After sending Connie a text, and knowing she had complete privacy in her back garden, she took off her jeans and slipped her soaked, lacy panties down her toned legs and lay back in her lounger. She brought her panties to her face and took a deep whiff, loving her musky scent.

She dropped her panties onto the deck and reached for a cigarette, lighting it. She moaned as she took a deep drag and slowly slid her free hand down her belly, through her dense forest and without delay, thrust two fingers into her leaking cunt.

Gloria bucked her hips up and some of her juice squirted out of her, leaving her breathless. She had never been this turned on in her life. An image of her lovely grandson, on his knees in front of her, eating her out flashed through her mind and Gloria almost came, but she managed to calm down. She wanted this to last.


Connie was taking a much needed smoke break in the back alley of her store, when her phone vibrated in her pocket. She unlocked her phone, and read a message from her mom, which told her they needed to talk. Well, wasn’t this curious. Very curious indeed. She knew Sean had been at her mother’s house that morning. However, he was likely home by now, studying.

It wasn’t even four o’clock yet, but Connie was just too damned curious about her mom’s message, and decided to go investigate. She did a series of double pumps on her Divine, then returned into the store to find her extremely cute fox-girl employee trimming some roses.

“Danielle,” she said. “I need to leave early today. Are you OK holding down the fort by yourself?”

Danielle nodded eagerly. “Sure thing, boss!” she exclaimed with her five red, white tipped tails vibrating with enthusiasm.

Connie grinned at Danni’s enthusiasm, and at knowing the store really was in excellent hands. She took of her apron, put on her jacket and headed for her mother’s house. When she arrived, she simply strolled up to the house and entered, knowing her mother was most likely in the back, enjoying the sun.

However, before Connie stepped out onto the deck, she stopped dead when she heard moans and the telltale sounds of deep inhales and quick exhales. She sneaked further and was treated to the gorgeous view of her mother pleasuring herself, while enjoying a nice Divine.

Her mother climaxed with a long, drawn out moan and Connie could practically hear the cum gushing out of her mother. Feeling a little naughty, Connie made her way out onto the deck to stand in front of her mother’s lounge chair. Her mother lay there, completely drenched in sweat and girl cum, and her eyes were closed.

“Looks like someone’s been naughty…” Connie whispered dramatically.

Gloria lazily opened her eyes and smiled at her daughter, making no effort to cover herself. Instead, she spread her legs even further, and looked at her daughter with a hungry look in her eyes.

“Want a taste, baby?” she asked. “I’m certain I have a good gush or two left in me.”

Connie bit her lower lip in arousal, while looking at her mother’s incredibly wet cunt, loving how her ejaculate had smeared all over the dense bush covering her mound. There could be no denying that the younger woman wanted to put her tongue into that mouthwatering pussy.

Connie’s curiosity over her mother’s text won over, however. “Perhaps later,” she said. “What was it you needed to talk about?”

Gloria arched an eyebrow at her daughter, but rose from the chair, still not bothering with her nudity. She motioned for Connie to follow her inside, where she grabbed an ashtray, a pack of cigarettes and the two of them sat down.

Once they had lit up and gotten comfortable, Gloria decided to go for it. “My grandson has the hots for me, baby,” she said, and inhaled a big drag.

What her daughter said next almost knocked her out cold.


Gloria slowly exhaled a plume of smoke. “Sorry?”

Connie drew heavily on her own cigarette, and performed a flawless snap inhale. “I’ve been waiting for you to tell me that. It just happened today?”

“Yes,” Gloria said, still a little dumbstruck. She was a little annoyed with her lack of composure.

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