The Surprise Party


Marcia walked into the bathroom and got ready to take her shower. She had been working all day and wasn’t going out until she had cleaned up a bit. She slowly stripped away her clothes and started up the shower water. It took almost no time for the hot water to start spraying out of the shower, and Marcia gratefully stepped in to soak for awhile. After a few minutes of standing motionless in the hot water Marcia put her head back and washed her hair. After she rinsed she reached up and grabbed the shower wand to clean the rest of her body. As the pulsating water pounded her body, the goose bumps flew up Marcia’s legs. As the hot water passed over her pussy, Marcia let out a gasp of unexpected pleasure. The sensation stayed even after Marcia had rinsed the rest of her body. Marcia slowly put the full stream fully onto her clit and the vibration began to send waves of pleasure through her body. Marcia closed her eyes and kept the shower head still on that spot. Her breathing quickened and her pulse raced as her body began to build to an orgasm that almost caused her to fall face first to the shower floor. After it was over, Marcia opened her eyes to see Tracy Standing there watching her. By the bulge in his pants, it was obvious that he had seen the whole thing. The hungry look in his eyes sent another shiver through her body and she took a step toward him. He met her halfway and her wet body pressed Rus Escort izmir tightly against his. He kissed her deeply and his arms went around her body in a tight embrace. The bulge in his pants pressed into her belly and she thought she could feel his pulse through them. “We better get ready, or we’ll be in this shower all night,” Tracy said as he finally pulled away slightly. “Tease,” Marcia said as she gave him a little pout and then playfully slapped him on the shoulder. “I’m the tease?” he asked with mock outrage. “Who’s the one in the shower having orgasm after orgasm?” She laughed and stepped out of the shower. He walked out of the bathroom and headed into the bedroom. Marcia grabbed the large, fluffy towel and quickly dried off. She walked naked into the bedroom to see Tracy lying on his side on the bed. He watched her like a voyeur as she got dressed. They chatted about her day while she got herself ready. The feeling in her pussy was still there and it seemed like an orgasm was just a breath away…. “So where are we going?” Marcia asked as they got into the truck. “We’ve been invited to Carrie’s tonight,” he answered as he started the truck. “We’re supposed to watch a couple of movies, and she’s ordering some pizza.” His hand strayed across the space separating them in the truck and he gripped her thigh with a friendly squeeze. As usual, his hand izmir otele gelen escort strayed north and this time she didn’t slap his hand away as he began to play. The traffic was light and it took no time at all to get to Carrie’s house. She was standing at the door as they pulled up into the driveway. Marcia had always liked Carrie. They had been working together for about a year before Carrie received a promotion and moved to another store. They talked to each other on the phone and exchanged emails, but didn’t have a lot of time to visit often. Carrie had medium length black hair and intense blue eyes. She was friendly and in Marcia’s opinion, very pretty. Carrie was a little overweight, but that didn’t take away from her sex appeal. Marcia walked up the steps and gave Carrie a hug. “How’ve you been?” Marcia asked. Her body almost trembled when she felt Carrie’s body press against her. She smelled sweet and fresh and Marcia had to quickly pull away and walk on into the house. “Well, I’m doing better now that you two are here. I was starting to get lonely.” Carrie replied with a laugh. As the three of them began to walk into the house, the pizza man pulled up. Tracy turned to him and paid for the pizza. With his hands full of pizza boxes, Tracy walked into the house and closed the door with his foot. They all walked into the dining room and Buca escort bayan Marcia and Tracy began to get the table ready, while Carrie walked on into the kitchen. The table was quickly ready and Tracy sat down to dig in. Marcia looked everything over and went on into the kitchen to help Carrie. As she walked into the kitchen, Marcia saw Carrie bending over, getting something from the kitchen. Carrie’s light summer dress was stretched smoothly over her ass and Marcia could easily tell she wasn’t wearing any panties. Marcia stood in the doorway watching as that wonderful ass swayed back and forth like a pendulum. She could imagine seeing Carrie naked, and feeling that silky smooth skin under her fingers. The warmth was immediate and Marcia had to stop from touching herself. Just then, Carrie pulled out of the refrigerator and turned around with her hands full of beer. She smiled at Marcia and walked back toward the dining room. Marcia was holding the door open with her body and as Carrie passed by her back rubbed up against Marcia. The feeling of her body slowly sliding against Marcia’s already aroused body made Marcia bite her lip in frustration. She put her hand on Carrie’s hip as they made their way into the dining room. Marcia and Carrie sat on either side of Tracy at the dining room table. The two women took some pizza out of the box and began to eat. The three of them talked and chatted while they lazily ate their pizza. It didn’t take long for the beer to start in on Marcia. She could always hold her liquor, but beer had a super effect on her. Her head was light and she was starting to feel frisky. “Well, I’m going in to the other room and get the movies ready.” Tracy said as he stood up and stretched.

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