The Taking of Rebecca Ch. 01


Lilith pulls into the drive of her modest home, back from a busy day at work, despite the fact that it is a Saturday. She is a small, well-built woman of mixed descent, standing at 5’6″ high. You would never know it though by the way she carried herself, so self-assured and confident. She wears 4″ heeled pumps. It is her standard daily wear. She wouldn’t be caught dead without a pair on. Her skin is naturally tan and clear of any blemish, quite gorgeous. As she pulls in, a couple of her girlfriends arrive in front of the house at the same moment, waving in a friendly fashion.

One of the girls is an ebony beauty named Taisha. She is in a very short skirt with a matching jacket and the hint of a bra underneath through the cleavage she displays. She wears 5″ heels and thigh high stockings. She is 6 feet tall without the heels. Lilith thinks to herself that Taisha is one refreshing tall drink of water, always dressed impeccably.

The other girl is Ruby, aptly named for her short-cropped naturally red hair that she styles straight up from her scalp, looking every bit like her head is afire. She is wearing 4″ heels and short shorts with a tight-fitting tank top, emblazoned with the phrase “The L Word”, her favorite TV show. She wears thigh high stockings, as well. She is about 6′ tall in her heels. Her skin is almost ivory, without any freckles. Her eyes are what really sets her off from the rest. They are a bright green and exude sex and seduction.

They greet each other with hugs and walk into the house through the front door. Waiting for them is Rebecca with a tray of filled wine glasses, head bowed. Lilith is surprised by this as it seems that Rebecca expected the “three” of them. Lilith tosses the thought aside and hands Rebecca her purse, which Rebecca immediately sets down on the entry table with a smile. Then Rebecca drops to her knees and leans forward to kiss the toes of her Mistress’ shoes, leaving lipstick marks on each. Lilith smiles broadly and taps the toe of her right foot as a signal for Rebecca to stand. Rebecca follows the queue, smiling at her Mistress when she gets to her feet.

The four of them turn and walk to the master bedroom, Rebecca dutifully walking behind and to the right of her Mistress. The ladies are chatting about the day as Rebecca helps her Mistress out of her grey pinstriped suit and white blouse. Taisha and Ruby have been out shopping and describe some of the bargains they found. Lilith listens half-heartedly but smiles as they talk. Rebecca releases the snaps on Lilith’s bra and removes it. Lilith’s breast are nicely shaped, B cups protrude from her chest proudly. Rebecca can’t help but feel a little tingle at the sight of her Mistress nude, except for garter belt, stockings, and panties. Lilith steps back into her pumps.

Lilith turns to stand next to the bed, snapping her fingers twice, signaling Rebecca to do what she has been taught to do, worship her Mistress’ ass. Rebecca drops Lilith’s Betturkey panties to the floor and Lilith steps out of them. Rebecca takes the panties and lays them gently down on the dresser. Rebecca returns to Lilith and kneels. She begins by kissing Lilith’s ass cheeks, leaving lipstick marks all over the round masses in her hands, squeezing them lovingly. She then parts Lilith’s cheeks and buries her face between them, sticking her tongue into the rosebud, tasting the muskiness of Lilith’s ass. Rebecca then licks up the crack of Lilith’s ass and works her way up the spine, her hands still massaging the cheeks. Then she reaches around Lilith and feels something familiar to her, Lilith’s cock. It is stiffening from the attention Rebecca is paying her. Rebecca softly strokes the length of Lilith’s cock until it is nice and hard. Rebecca then reaches up and squeezes Lilith’s breasts as she sweeps Lilith’s long hair to the side with her nose and kisses the base of Lilith’s neck, a sweet spot, an erogenous zone for Lilith, her cock responding to the feeling flowing through her body.

Rebecca turns Lilith around and their lips meet and they kiss hard, tongues swirling around each other. Lilith then looks up to see that Taisha and Ruby have removed their clothes. She’d almost forgotten about them when she noticed that they had their stockings in their hands. Lilith notices rather quickly that neither of the girls is wearing panties. Taisha still has her skirt on, but her cock is hanging prominently below the hem and can be clearly seen. Lilith thinks, “Nope, that ain’t a strap-on. That is the real thing.” It is obvious that both girls are Transsexual, like Lilith, and they advance on her. They grab Lilith, who mildly protests, and sit her in a chair that faces the bed. They tie Lilith’s hands together and then her ankles, using the stockings in their hands as bonds. Then they takes the last of the stockings and tie Lilith to the chair across her chest. She is helpless.

The girls then turn toward Rebecca, who is looking on in disbelief, and push her to her knees. They begin to rub and slap their cocks against Rebecca’s face. Rebecca tries once to get up, but Taisha warns her, “Don’t even think about it! You are ours for the evening and you will do as you are told.” Ruby is the first to take advantage of Rebecca’s mouth as she pushes her 6″ cock in. Rebecca is surprised by how thick it is and does her best to take it all in, puffing and breathing around the width of Ruby’s cock. The redhead moves to sit on the edge of the bed, Rebecca moving with her, uncertain of what might happen if she let the cock slip from her lips.

Taisha comes over to Lilith and squats down next to the chair. She reaches over and strokes Lilith’s cock, which is harder than ever.

“Look at Rebecca sucking Ruby’s dick”, Taisha says seductively. “Isn’t it thick? Hmmmm, by your reaction, I’d say that you like what you see”, she chortles.

Lilith Betturkey Giriş says nothing, knowing that her cock has betrayed her. Dammit!

Rebecca is getting into the rhythm and Ruby starts moaning softly, then a little louder. Ruby then grabs Rebecca by the sides of her head and starts a new rhythm, fucking her face. Ruby shoves her cock all the way in Rebecca’s mouth and Rebecca gags, but swallows several times to ease the reflex and it works. Ruby’s pubic bone is bumping against Rebecca’s nose. She is fucking her face so hard. Rebecca reaches up and squeezes Ruby’s balls. They are hot and moving of their own accord. She can feel that they are swollen and full.

The redhead is working her cock in and out of Rebecca’s mouth fast and hard. Rebecca feels the cock stiffen even further. Rebecca takes her middle finger and pushes it against Ruby’s rosebud, the finger slipping in halfway and that sends Ruby over the edge. Ruby delivers the payload she has been aching to release from the moment she walked through the front door.

As she cums in Rebecca’s mouth, she screams “Fuck my ass! Yes! Taste my cum!”

A little bit of the cum dribbles from the sides of Rebecca’s mouth. Ruby cums and cums some more.It is all Rebecca can do to hold all of the cum in her mouth, but she knows what is expected of her. Then Ruby squeezes the last of her cum into Rebecca’s mouth and pulls her cock out.

Taisha exclaims, “I know what you want Lilith and here it comes.”

With that exclamation, Rebecca crawls over to Lilith. At first, she just rubs the cum dribbling down the sides of her chin against Lilith’s lips, smearing cum all over them. Then Rebecca presses her lips to Lilith’s and pushes her tongue into her mouth. Lilith takes in the tongue and with it Ruby’s cum. Their mouths move over each other and their tongues swirl together in a dance of cum sharing. They both swallow and smile into each other’s eyes longingly. Suddenly the redhead grabs Rebecca by the hair and yanks her back.

Ruby says coyly, “Oh look, they’re in LOVE” wickedly continuing to pull the two apart.

Ruby then says sternly, “It is Taisha’s turn now, bitch. Suck her cock the way you did mine!”

The ebony beauty remains standing next to Lilith. Rebecca crawls over to her and squats on her haunches in order to reach Taisha’s big cock. It is long, but only semi-erect. Rebecca takes the cock into her mouth, strangely salivating to taste it.

Ruby whispers in Lilith’s ear, “How’s the view, honey? Isn’t it luscious?”

Ruby then reaches over and begins to stroke Lilith’s cock, which is harder than ever from the action she has observed. Ruby can’t help but taste it and bends over the chair and licks the head of Lilith’s cock.

Rebecca sucks diligently on Taisha’s cock and feels it grow from her efforts. Soon the ebony cock is a full 9″ long and sticking straight out from Taisha’s body. It Betturkey Güncel Giriş is thick and the head is pink. Rebecca is in awe of it. It isn’t that she has never seen a cock so long, but she has never had one so long…inside her. Soon Taisha is moaning as Rebecca does her best to work it in and out of her mouth.

Taisha says to Ruby, “Move over!”

When Ruby moves aside, Taisha lays Rebecca over Lilith’s lap and plants the head of her cock against Rebecca’s rosebud. She then runs the length of her cock along the crack of Rebecca’s ass several times.

Ruby commands Rebecca, “Suck Lilith’s cock and suck it good! I want her to cum in your mouth and then I want you to kiss her again.” Ruby then laughs to herself, proud of her creativity.

Taisha once again plants her cock against Rebecca’s rosebud. This time she pushes against it and the head begins to slowly disappear into Rebecca’s ass. At first, Rebecca feels discomfort and a little pain until the head of Taisha’s cock passes the ring in her anus. The rest of her cock slides in effortlessly and smoothly. Taisha then begins to fuck Rebecca’s ass and Rebecca moans around the cock in her mouth. The pleasure is intoxicating. The vibration of produced by the moaning causes Lilith’s cock to stiffen even more.

The redhead squats next to Lilith and laughs at the double penetration being perpetrated upon Rebecca, little knowing how much Rebecca is enjoying the intensity of the moment.

Taisha works her cock in Rebecca’s ass deeper and deeper until she bumps against Rebecca’s ass cheeks with her pubic bone. Her cock is thick and Rebecca revels in the wonderful feeling it is giving her. Taisha is gentle and sets a nice rhythm that causes Rebecca’s little cock to harden. Rebecca reaches down and strokes her own cock, which is hardening from the prostate massage she is receiving from the motion of Taisha’s cock, and her asshole tightens around the ebony wand. Taisha’s cock slides fully within her with each stroke and Rebecca loves the graceful and continuous motion of it.

Rebecca’s breathing becomes labored as she feels her own orgasm building while still sucking on Lilith’s cock. Rebecca’s moaning becomes more intense and soon she orgasms. The tightening of her anus triggers an orgasm from Taisha and she buries her cock to the hilt, her cock pulsing and throbbing as she cums into Rebecca’s bowels. As Rebecca continues to orgasm from the fucking, Lilith begins to cum in her mouth and Rebecca takes it all. Ruby grabs Rebecca’s at the base of her skull and pushes her mouth down on Lilith’s cock. Even forced, she savors the taste of Lilith’s cock and milks it to get every last drop Lilith has to offer. Rebecca then pulls herself up and kisses Lilith full on the mouth, sharing the cum with her as she did before, just as she was told to do. They both swallow some and kiss deeply. Lilith enjoys the taste and the kiss immensely. As Rebecca and Lilith finish kissing and sharing cum, Taisha pulls her cock out of Rebecca’s ass and inserts a butt plug in its place. Rebecca can feel the warmth of the cum flowing toward the butt plug as it is inserted.

Lilith groans softly as she observes the insertion of the butt plug, knowing that Taisha has fully taken Rebecca.

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