The Unexpected


Why did I say yes? Mathew asks himself, shaking his head. I should have unmatched her a long time ago.With a resigned stance, he walks toward the restaurant where Andrea has set their date, in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles. As much as she looks gorgeous on Tinder, their chat has led to nowhere. He tried, when they first matched, hoping to have found the one, but her attitude and the fact they don’t share anything in common makes it so unlikely. To get him to have a date, she promised she will make it worth his time and that she will pay. In the end, none of her pleadings made him do it, just the desire to let her down easy and not have a guilty conscience of unmatching her without any explanation.He is arriving late on purpose, trying not to show himself as a good candidate. At the door, scanning the people passing, he sees Andrea. His heart twinge at her beauty, she is even better than in her pictures.What a shame… he tells himself, creating an alternate world where she is perfect for him, where they grow old together.She is a little bit shorter than Mathew, her looped hair cascading on her back, her breasts stretching her tank top, her legs fully displayed by her very short jeans. He would look at her hungrily if he crosses her in the street, never having chatted with her before. Now, their flirting has ruined her for him.He hesitates, asking himself if he should leave and unmatch her without a final word. As much as he would like, his guilty conscience doesn’t let him. Anyway, Andrea has seen him and is waving at him.Softly so only he can hear, he says to himself, “Fuck… here we go.”“Mathew! Come on, our reservation is almost expired,” she tells him, with her warm voice, a smile on her face.Mathew sighs and walks toward her, reluctantly putting a soft smile on his face. As he gets near her, she jumps at him and gives him a peck on the cheek, taking him by surprise. As she moves back, he feels his face redden, exuding heart at her display of affection.Shyly, he tells her, “Hi, Andrea. It’s nice to finally meet you in person.”Her smile grows wider, her eyes radiating the joy she is feeling inside of her.She tells him, “Yeah, we should have done this way before. Come on.” She entwines her arm around his, bringing him inside the restaurant.They get seated and order something to drink. Mathew is looking forward to having some alcohol in him, it should help him say to Andrea how he doesn’t think this will go further than dinner. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the chance of saying this right away, Andrea is talking so much, constantly yapping about this or that. Dinner progress without Mathew being able to say much, feeling more and more desperate at the whole situation.Only when the desserts arrive that Andrea exclaims, “Did I just talked the whole dinner? Sorry, I can be such a blabbermouth. This reminds me of a time with my friend Charlene güvenilir bahis where we double dated—”“Andrea, you know it’s not going to work you and me?” Mathew says to her, trying to end this whole ordeal.Andrea stops talking and looks at him, hurt by his bluntness. She puts her small spoon back in the glass of ice cream and says, “You don’t need to be rude about it, can’t we just enjoy this time together?”“You might enjoy this, but I don’t,” he replies, going for the direct approach, trying to cut this short. Even if she makes a scene, it will be better than staying with her longer.Andrea looks down at her dessert, sighing. She lightly shakes her head before saying, “I’m sorry, Mathew. That’s who I am, I talk a lot. I had so much hope that it would work, even though I knew the chance was low. You seem to be a very nice guy, I wanted for us to work.”This is not the reaction that Mathew expected, but this works in his favor. He tells her softly, “I also hoped it would work, you are very cute and all… but we just don’t match on the personalities side. I think that we should just stop chatting, so you don’t think that there is a chance between you and me. I hope that you find the right person, but it’s not me,” he tells her, his heart twinge. Trying to cut short all this, he continues, “Don’t worry about the check, I’ll take care of it, the least I can do.”Andrea raises her head quickly, frowning, saying firmly, “Oh no you won’t, I said I will take care of it, it’s non-negotiable.”Mathew is surprised by her reaction, he nods his head slowly, recognizing that she will not let this go.They awkwardly stay silent as the waiter comes with the check, eating their dessert. As soon as the bill is paid, they both get up and goes for the door. Back on the street, the sun is setting down over the ocean, painting everything with a tint of gold. They turn to each other, feeling the tension of saying goodbye.Even though Mathew is sad that it didn’t work, he doesn’t want to extend it. He tells her, with a soft smile, “Andrea, I wish you well and hope you find the right person. He’s out there, it’s just not me. Bye, Andrea.”He waits a little bit to see if she says anything, but she just looks at him, with sadness on her face. His heart sinks in his chest, he doesn’t like this moment, but there is something more this time. He can’t say what it is, but he hesitates longer than he should. Deciding it’s enough, he nods at her and turns around, going for the row of taxis waiting at the top of the street.He sighs heavily as he climbs the steep road, happy that it is done. At the same time, as he gets further from her, an emotion surfaces, bringing him down as he goes up, away. As he feels it bubbling to the surface, almost getting to the limit he can support, the unexpected happens.“Mathew!” Andrea exclaims behind him.He stops walking and closes his eyes. Is she güvenilir bahis siteleri really going to beg? he asks himself.“Do you want to fuck?” she continues, high enough for everyone around them to hear.He turns around and looks at her with a surprised and embarrassed expression. Has she just said that out loud? he asks himself. He walks back to her, so their conversation is not overheard. Many have turned their heads toward them, some frowning, some softly laughing.When he is close to her, he asks her in disbelief, “What?”“Do, you, want, to, fuck?” she tells him, saying each word individually, “It’s a simple question, Mathew.”He blinks at her, unsure what to answer. On one hand, he just wants to go home and not think about her forever, but it’s been a while and she looks so gorgeous. He doesn’t answer her, too taken by his internal struggle, his dilemma.“Come on, Mathew, I want to fuck you. I know you like me physically, I see how you look at me when you think I’m not. I promise, no strings attached,” she tells him, trying to lure him into her arms. Her smile is inviting, her stance shows how much she wants Mathew. “Come on, my apartment is close by.”She tends her hand and grabs Mathew’s, pulling him after her. He resists for few seconds but finally, he lets her pulls him. They do not talk during the five minutes walk, as she is leading the way to her warm embrace.Why? is the question Mathew asks himself. Why is he letting her pulls him? Why is he not turning around and going home? Why isn’t he angrier that she is playing him?She leads him to a small apartment close to the beach, her second-floor patio door and balcony having a view of the orange sunset. She brings him to her sofa and pushes him to sit.With a sensual voice, she tells him, “You don’t have to say anything, I’ll talk for the both of us.” She towers over him, the orange glow accentuating her tan.“I don’t think it’s—” Mathew starts to object.She cuts him, “Then, why did you come?” asking the question.He closes his mouth, asking himself the same question. He lowers his gaze, scanning her body in the process. Even though he wants to see her naked, it shouldn’t be enough for him to go with her, not after the dinner he just had with her.She laughs and asks him, “You do find me gorgeous, sexy? Do you?”He raises his head to her, shy that he is so transparent. After reflecting on the fact there isn’t a good reason to deny it, he nods at her.She smiles at him, satisfied that she has this power over him. She asks, “Do you want to see me naked? Do you want to fuck me?”He gulps, his brain supercharged by the tension existing between the woman he rejected a few minutes ago and him. Fully aware that he should get out of here, get her out of his head, cut ties with her, he nods at her questions, something keeping him here.Her smile widens, her eyes filled with hunger, her iddaa siteleri breathing becoming faster. She moves slowly, coming closer to him.He leans fully on the sofa as she straddles him, coming closer and closer. As her mouth comes to him, he smells her intoxicating perfume, he senses her warmth as she sits on his legs, and sees her lustful face approaching him. Their first kiss is filled with tension, unsure of the other’s feelings, only tentatively exploring each other.Andrea raises from his face, searching into his eyes for confirmation, for reciprocity. Mathew doesn’t leave her the chance to realize how much he wants her, he puts his hand behind her head and softly pushes her toward him. She smiles at his request, too happy to oblige.This time, their kiss is much more passionate, more intimate, more insistent. As he softly caresses the back of her head, she moves her hands across his torso, feeling him, finally able to discover him physically. He is feeling her exploration and decides to do the same with his free hand, starting in the middle of her back, slowly going down toward her ass. As he brushes his hand just over her ass, she giggles over his mouth, he has found a ticklish spot. He stays there for a while, making her laugh, swarming on his legs.Keeping her lips lightly pressed against him, she says softly, “Stop this… move south… I want your hand on my ass.”He replies, feeling cocky, “And, what do you want me to do with your ass?”She raises from his mouth, looking at him in surprise. “Look at you, making me beg. If you want it this way…” she says out of breath, taking a big inhale to continue,” … I want you to bring me closer to you, grope my ass, fondle it, squeeze it.”Mathew smirk at her, doing exactly what she asked. Keeping eye contact, he moves both his hands to her ass, groping her cheeks forcefully, bringing her pelvis closer to him, squeezing his erect dick between his pelvis and hers. He plays with her ass, sometimes going for a gentle touch, rubbing them softly, then grabbing them hard, fondling with a purpose.She lightly pants as he plays with her, feeling her desire raise to a new high, having finally discovered something they share. She asks him, “My incessant talking annoys you, but you like to be told what to do?”Mathew replies, not a bit upset, “I never said I liked to be told what to do.” With that said, he moves one of his hands from her ass and rubs her pussy through the fabric of her very tight jeans. “I like to be desired, to be asked, to be begged. You made me suffer through dinner, now it’s my turn,” he tells her, smirking widely. He increases the pressure on her pussy, rubbing harder.Fire shoots from her eyes, her breathing increasing, her grin so wide. “You think I’ll let you take control, you underestimated me, “ she tells Mathew. Not wasting a moment, she gets to his pants and uncovers his boxer. Plunging her hand under the garment, she retrieves his hardness and whips it out, exposing it for her pleasure. She looks at it, loving the sight, in the expectation that she will have him inside of her later. But for now, she has other plans.

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