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the visitorHi just a little introduction to the story, it all started on my first day of high school more than fifty years ago when two young girls met for the first time.I’m Mary and I’m married to Frank, were both 63 although Frank has four months on me. We met when we were 22 and married when we were 23. Frank fucked me for the first time a week before we were married and I made sure he fucked me another four times in the remaining days of that week.It was a perfect marriage, Frank got my complete love and abandonment to sex and to him. This together with Franks own obsession with anything sexually obscene and bizarre. I knew nothing about this side of him until we were actually married, his porn collection of magazines were truly extensive and some of it which he never showed me for the first few years were pure filth. Would I have married him knowing this, a big question, am I glad I did…oh yes without the smallest doubt. Although I admit I never thought in all my life I would be so sexually involved in some of the things I have been.Within twelve months of the wedding Frank had shown me some of his magazines and persuaded me to do some of our own porn shots, within weeks we went from soft bra and panties shots to full open legs cunt and tits on full show shots I found that I loved it. These pictures were quickly followed by pictures in assorted sexy outfits and the use of a variety of objects…yes dildos vibrators to start with but Frank liked the unusual. Soon I was using fruit and vegetables. I’m sure there are a few women out there who have had a spanner or screwdriver up their cunt, but how many when they were firmly anchored in a work vice in the shed while she fucks them with complete abandonment.Frank’s pre digital without his own means had all his films processed by a company advertising in one of his magazine, I was amazed that such companies existed and that they proved so good and so private. I often wondered what reaction my filthy body got from the team there, especially the shots were it was clear how much I enjoyed it. Those thoughts always got me really excited.Only Two things in out lives sort of marred our sex life, the first was Frank’s cock it was tiny…. Really tiny and his stamina was much the same and after the toys and other objects he could never please me properly. Oh he made sure we overcame it quickly and easily after four years bahis şirketleri of marriage he started to share me and it came quite naturally a good friend first, but it soon escalated to others, more than fifty cocks in three years made life so good for both of us… it ended up with two three and sometimes four cocks at a time.He was my wonderful cuckold husband, my words, and I was his wonderful hot slut wife, his words. We were a filthy hot couple, anal licking and fucking, oral play anything, anytime anywhere. We had and still have many friends, dirty friends. Frank even introduced me to a number of female lovers in particular one female farmer who trained dogs, very good dogs.Oh yes back to the story, the young girls, Sylvia and I met at high school on our first day when just 11 and years later even after I moved away we still remained close friends. Just recently she has been having hard times, losing her husband two years ago hit her hard and she was taking to the bottle, I was constantly on the phone to her and with the help of two of our other friends eventually persuading her to join Frank and I for a little break.Sylvia is very similar to me slim build round about 34c tits slim waist and smooth rounded ass.We spent many weekends together in our teens with regular sleep overs, mainly at mine, her dad was very strict whereas mine was a pussy cat.When we were about 15/16 she told me he had spanked her the night before, the first time for a number of years, all over her leaving her new bike unlocked outside a shop. Sylvia went into great detail over this how he’d pulled he knickers down and done it on her bare bottom, I remember her face was glowing I realised Sylvia had enjoyed it and when I’d pushed her she admitted she’d enjoyed it and her pussy got wet.During that same period we sort of looked at each others tits and pussy’s, nothing sexual just a think young girls did. Sylvia’s pussy was fat and looked swollen with massive piss flaps probably more than an1.5”, she hated them said they looked like pannier bags we giggled for hours about that.Anyway she arrived at Southampton station and I met her alone leaving Frank at home.What happened from then on was not planned and went right against our privacy policy, as far as we knew neither anyone from our family or our close friends new anything about our private sex life, and Sylvia was on that list. Three bahis firmaları hours later I was regretting telling Frank about her dad spanking her when a teenager. The wine had been flowing and we’d never left the dining room after dinner, wine was something I’d been trying to avoid given Sylvia’s situation. She started talking about David her husband, she’d not got married until she was 28 and David had been forty. Told us all about the great holidays, meals out quite often, neither of them liked to cook. Then she was rambling a bit about her dad and David, he’d spanked her until she was 27….Frank sort of took over the conversation from me.One thing he’d wanted from me that I never would do was the spanking and whipping stuff, I truly hated that pain thing although I have been tied and whipped by Frank and one or two others over the years.Anyway he kept on at Sylvia asking was it dad or David who’d been spanking her, why dad of course David just wouldn’t do it, he tried to once but he just wasn’t into anything different.What else did dad do to you Sylvia…..she went very quite, well Frank persisted, Sylvia’s face was glowing red as she blurted it out, everything after mum died he was lonely he did everything. What was everything Sylvia, did he fuck you…yes…often…every day…did you suck him…yes…did he fuck your bottom…yes. One final question Sylvia and you must answer honestly. Did you enjoy it Sylvia…yes…did you miss it…yes…the spanking yes David did the other but not quite so forceful….and do you miss it now.Frank shushed me when I tried to interfere and stop the conversation. Once more he was at her how did he spank you Sylvia over his knee, when I was little yes but when I was older we used the kitchen chair……show us Sylvia, I’m not sure she giggled….show us, Frank was looking directly into her eyes holding her gaze, show us his voice more forceful. Sylvia slowly stood, Frank pulled her chair further from the table and stood to one side. Something like this her hands went flat onto the padded part of the seat, but normally like this she stood behind the chair hands tightly gripping the high back, her knuckle were white she was holding so tight, her legs automatically push back and a little wider.Frank’s hand was in the middle of her back, his voice was strained when he spoke..did he lift your skirt, Sylvia bit her tongue yes. No hesitation kaçak bahis siteleri from Frank his free hand flipped her skirt up over her hips exposing boring cream granny pants. And these he spoke as his hand roamed over her panties covered ass cheeks….yes..yes what..he took them down, her breathing was short and erratic. I was in semi shock watching the scene before me. Frank was actually pulling down my oldest friends knickers exposing her totally, he stopped where her thighs held the elastic tight. She looked so sexy and so vulnerable.You want this Sylvia don’t you. Her head nodded she couldn’t speak and neither could I Frank was going to spank her there was no doubt.His hand was moving down her back heightening the tension then he began rubbing over her firm white ass cheeks up and down each cheek, and then swoosh fast and forceful the first blow, then a second third on and on. I could see the hand prints appear only to be obliterated by the following blows. The most amazing thing was Sylvia had tears in her eyes running down her cheek, tears of lust and pleasure the only word that escaped her lips was yes,yes,yes over and over.Eventually Frank relaxed his spanking until he was more fondling Sylvia’s porcelain red glowing cheeks easing her pain, his finger moving between her thigh feeling her wetness. Then he smiled he’d found her saddle bag cunt lips hanging open swollen wide very wet and very ready, he bent to inspect at the same time undoing his trousers. He pulled her knickers to her ankles and dispensed with his own pants, I watch in shock and awe his tiny cock was devoured by that swollen monster. The big and old problem occurred, Frank was out as quickly as he was in. Sylvia’s was left panting leaning heavily onto the chair back, her eyes big rolling back in their sockets. Seconds later I was doing something I never thought possible my fingers were stroking those lips I had first admired so many years ago, Sylvia was looking back a weak smile on her face her eyes begging for release. Within minutes all four fingers were entering her sawing at that gapping hole I actually thought she was pissing herself she was so wet. Sylvia had opened her top and released her tit’s I used my free hand to m***** her nipples while I continued attacking her cunt her legs were wobbling as she started to orgasm time after time she whimpered and screamed like a wild cat “squeeze harder pull my nipples oh god yes Mary more”I’m not sure how many times Sylvia came that night but with the journey the drink and what could only be called an almost continuous orgasm Frank and I ended up pouring her into her bed.

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