The Vixen

Big Cock

Simon first saw her as he walked through one of the rougher streets in town. He couldn’t help but stare at her long red hair, sharp facial features, milky white skin and the tight velvet jacket she wore over an even tighter leather dress. He looked her up and down, admiring her modest but perky bust, her thin but shapely body and her simply perfect legs.

Simon himself was also thin, but almost anorexic. That fact was well hidden by his baggy jeans and black hoody. His long blonde hair was tied back revealing his almost feminine features but also his staring eyes. Which he realised all to late as the woman began to stare back at him. Simon blushed but didn’t look away, he was entranced by her almost cold beauty. As they passed each other she gave a sly smirk and wiggled her eyebrows at him. Simon’s heart skipped and beat and he gave her a slightly dopey smile in return. Simon slowed almost to a stop as she passed him. He turned, still staring at her. As she walked down the street passed him, her walk became a saunter that made him very aware of her pert, rounded, behind.

It was early enough in the morning that the two of them were the only people in the street, and he continued to stare openly at her as she pulled a set of keys out of her pocket and opened up the door to the, florist? He hadn’t expected that.

Simon remembered with a start that he had been going to college and was late doing so. He turned back and began taking long strides up the street again.


A few hours later Simon was walking down the same street as earlier. He had completely failed to get any work done or take any notes in his lectures. His thoughts had been taken over by ‘The Vixen’ (as he’d labelled her in his mind), she had occupied his every waking thought. He’d never been struck so much by a woman since the first time he’d seen his girlfriend. Who he currently lived with.

But it was Her he was thinking of when he passed by the florist’s. Simon glanced through the window and saw The Vixen standing at the counter handing a bunch of flowers over to a smiling man dressed in a tailored suit. At that moment she looked out the window and caught Simon’s eye, and she smiled an almost predatory smile at him. Simon didn’t even try and resist the temptation to walk in to the shop.

The bell above the door jingled gently as Simon stepped into the warmth of the shop. The sweet smell of the blooms tickled his nose as he looked around at the exotic and mundane flowers of the shop.

“Well it was nice seeing you again.” Said a silky female voice that Simon instantly realised came from The Vixen. “Send Susan my love.” She told the well dressed man who then turned to leave.

“And it’s nice seeing you again.” She told Simon huskily. “I remember this mornings little staring contest.”

“Well, I, um… I…” Simon stammered as he tried to get out a response. His face flushed red with embarrassment as she giggled lightly at him.

“You’re quite cute.” She told him, biting her lip slightly. Looking him up and down.

“I have a girlfriend.” He blurted out suddenly and The Vixen laughed.

“And you came in here to get her a little something, rather than to meet me.” She told him with a knowing look.

Simon’s throat was dry as he responded. “Yes.” He said, knowing that both of them knew he had come in here to ogle her.

“Well take a look around.” She said with a smile. “Inspect my wares.” Simon gulped as he looked around at the flowers. His eye was caught by a tall stem covered with small white flowers. “I wouldn’t get a girlfriend those.” The Vixen told him.

“Why?” He asked nervously, looking round at her. “I think they look alright.”

“Oh they look fine.” She told him with a smirk. “But certain flowers have meanings, and they would send her a very odd message.”

“What do they mean?”

The Vixen stepped out from behind the counter and stepped over to Simon, and it was only now he realised she was a few inches taller than him. “Submission.” She told him huskily. Simon gulped and looked up into her dark grey eyes and he suddenly felt very small. “But if that’s what you want.” She said, picking up the small bouquet. And Simon suddenly saw the price.

“I can’t afford that!” He cried.

The Vixen put down the flowers with a sigh. “That’s a shame. That’s quite cheap for this store.” She looked down at him and smiled. “But I think we can work something out, if you’ll step into my back room.”

She stepped past him towards the back door. Simon hesitated until she beckoned to him with her fingers over her shoulder. He followed behind her sheepishly, trying and failing to keep his eyes off her bottom as it waved back an forth in front of him. He stepped into the room and the door swung shut behind him.

The Vixen spun around and grabbed his cheek in one hand and kissed him, forcefully, on the lips. Her tongue entered his mouth easily and began to explore. She thrust her leg up against his crotch and grabbed his jojobet behind with her hand, giving it a hard squeeze. Sending a jolt up his spine. She broke away from the kiss slowly, giving his bottom lip a final hard suck as she did so.

“I have a girlfriend.” Said Simon desperately.

The Vixen gave a light laugh. “And I bet she’s never kissed you like that before.” She said with confidence, running her fingers through his long hair. “I bet she’s never made you that hard with just a kiss before.” Simon suddenly realised that his cock was hard as rock. And that she was right. His girlfriend had never made him so aroused with just a kiss before.

The Vixen continued. “I knew the moment I saw you, I had to have you.” Simon gulped. “But it’s up to you.” She told him, breaking away. “And if you want me to have you all you have to do is come to me at six o’clock, after the shop is shut. But make up your mind quickly. This deal expires the day after tomorrow.”

She stepped towards Simon and kissed him again, gently this time. But she also grabbed his cock and massaged it through his jeans. “Go and fuck your girlfriend now. And see if it feels half as good as this does.” She whispered into his lips before giving him a final, almost chaste kiss and giving his dick a final squeeze.


The lock on Simon’s door rattled as he inserted his keys and unlocked it. As he stepped into the modest flat he shared with his girlfriend Sarah, he heard her calling to him from the bedroom. “Hey Simon! I’m just making the bed.”

Simon listened and thought about what The Vixen had said to him. So he put down his bag and walked into the bedroom. Sarah was dressed in sweat pants and a loose vest. Just like she always was. Simon used to find it charming, but today he had needed her to be sexy. He stepped over to her and grabbed her from behind, causing her to giggle.

“What’s gotten into you?” She asked as he kissed the back of her neck.

He spun her around and looked into her eyes. “I love you.” He told her earnestly.

“I love you to.” She told him back, and Simon kissed her deeply. She broke away. “But I don’t have time, I’ve got work soon.”

Simon sighed and nodded, trying not to think about how it was The Vixen he really wanted to be kissing.


The next day Simon again walked passed the florists, twice. Once in the morning (when it was closed) and again in the afternoon. He looked in through the window but he didn’t see The Vixen. The shop appeared to be empty and Simon didn’t want to check.

He felt like he was loosing control, over his life and particularly his libido. He rushed past the shop in case he caught site of The Vixen again and he lost all control. His day had been spent trying to find excuses not to take her up on the clear offer of an affair. He had many reasons not to, but he didn’t want to listen to them. He did want her to ‘have him’ as she had put it. But he did love Sarah.


Thoughts of red haired women plagued Simon as he entered his flat and found it dark. “Sarah!” He called.

“I’m in the bedroom babe.” She responded. Simon put down his bag and entered.

The room was illuminated by a smattering of candles. They cast a flickering light over the naked Sarah, who was draped across the bed. Simon knew he was lucky to have someone who looked as good as Sarah, her brunette hair and dusky skin made her incredibly attractive, as did her slim athletic body. “I’m sorry about yesterday.” She told him, reaching out to grab his hand. “But I’ll make it up to you.”

She took his hand and placed it on her breast which Simon began to knead softly. Sarah began to unbuckle his belt and pulled down his jeans and briefs. Simon’s cock was still limp between his legs, as it always was this early in their lovemaking.

Sarah gently took a hold of Simon’s cock and lamented to herself. It wasn’t a very impressive specimen overall. When flaccid it was barely the size of her thumb, and when hard it wasn’t much larger. But she made do, she loved him anyway. “I love your cock.” She lied to him before taking it into her mouth.

Simon for his part knew she was lying. He knew his cock wasn’t a price winner by any stretch and he knew she struggled to get close to an orgasm when they had sex. And if he was honest, the lying and faking didn’t help him at all. But he couldn’t deny she was good at sucking dick. He closed his eyes and moaned as her tongue wound it’s way around his cock head.

He looked down and for a brief flash Sarah’s short brunette hair was replaced by long red locks. Simon gave a gasping moan as he realised he had been imagining The Vixen sucking his cock this whole time. And he had almost cum quicker than ever before. Sarah released his cock from her mouth with a pop. She moved across the bed, rolling over, raising her behind up into the air. Inviting Simon to take her.

The doggy position wasn’t Simon’s favourite but it was Sarah’s. He closed his eyes and jojobet Giriş without trying or even thinking about it The Vixen appeared before him. Bent over, looking back at him a look of pure lust upon her face. “Please Simon.” Sarah whined and he thrust into her. But instead of a moan of pleasure all he heard was an almost silent sigh of disappointment.

Sarah always felt a pang of slight sadness when Simon fucked her. She hated that he was so small and she really hated that he was so passive. He never took control, he always had to be invited or told to do something. And she was far too shy to tell him.

In his minds eye Simon saw The Vixen thrashing and moaning in pleasure as he fucked her. Her red hair covered her back as she threw her head back and screamed his name. But it was when he heard her order him, ‘cum for me!’ That Simon moaned, grunted and filled Sarah with cum. And as he heard Sarah mutter the words “Ok then.” Simon came crashing back to reality. And he realised that, somehow, even that hadn’t felt as good as simply being kissed by The Vixen. And he knew he needed to ‘be had’ by her.

So as the pair flopped down next to each other he came up with his plan. “Sarah.” He began nervously.


“I need to work late tomorrow.” He lied. “After six, I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

“Ok honey.” For a moment the two of them just looked at each other and Simon was terrified she could see through his lies. But finally she smiled. “I’ll just go make us some dinner.”


Simon didn’t have college the next day, but he did have work at a local restaurant. And throughout the whole day he’d been getting orders wrong, sending dishes to the wrong tables and generally messing everything up. Once again his every waking thought was focused entirely upon The Vixen and what fun the two of them would be having tonight when he visited her. Eventually his day was over without anyone actually complaining directly to him. Although his manager Janice did give him a disapproving look as he left.

He made his way quickly to the florists where he had met The Vixen but when he got there (at six on the dot) the shop was shut up and dark. He knocked on the door with some trepidation but nothing happened. Just as Simon’s nerves were about to get the better of him a shining silver sports car pulled up behind him. The tinted window rolled down to reveal The Vixen’s predatory smile.

“Get in.” She ordered. And Simon quickly did as he was told.

A few moments later they were speeding down the road towards the richer side of town. “It occurs to me.” Began The Vixen. “That we don’t know each others names.” She glanced over at Simon expectantly.

“Oh, I’m Simon.”

“Simon.” The Vixen said the word to herself, as if she was trying it on for size. Tasting it like a fine wine. “I can work with that.” She muttered to herself. “My name is Samantha.” She told him.

“Nice to meet you.” He squeaked out.

“And what do you do Simon?” She asked with a giggle, raising an eyebrow.

“I’m at college. I study classics.”

Samantha whistled. “A scholar, I am impressed.” She shifted gears, slowing down as the car entered a residential street. But her hand did not return to the steering wheel, instead it rested itself on Simon’s crotch. Simon gasped as he hardened at her touch. “Do you have a job?” She asked.

“I’m a waiter at Siberia’s.” He breathed.

“Oh I know that place, the manager’s a friend of mine.” Gushed Samantha. “Anyway, we’re here.”

Simon looked out the window and saw that the car had stopped outside a large suburban house. “I thought you lived above the florists.” Admitted Simon sheepishly.

Samantha laughed. “I do have a flat above the florists. I stay there sometimes if I’m to tired to leave the place. But I prefer to spend most of my time here. And it’s better for entertaining ‘guests.'”

“I didn’t think a florist would make that much money.” Blurted out Simon.

Samantha laughed. “I own a couple of clubs in town as well.” She looked at Simon. A predatory smile crossed her face. “But we didn’t come here to talk about money did we babe?” Simon’s throat was so dry he could only nod. Samantha’s hand was still in his crotch, gently rubbing his rock hard penis. “Come on then.” She told him opening the car door and stepping into the sun. Simon followed her lead instantly.


Barely a minute later the two of them were in her house. Samantha leading Simon up the polished wooden stairs and into a red themed bedroom. Red walls, red bedding and red curtains. All red except for the huge oak wardrobe, vanity table and mirrored ceiling. Samantha pointed to a door in the corner. “That’s the en-suite. You can have a shower in there, but I expect you to stay naked when you come out.”

Simon nodded, taking off his jacket. He stepped into the bathroom expecting red but seeing a spotless white shower and toilet. Simon removed the rest of his clothes and stepped jojobet Güncel Giriş into the shower. He looked over the various bottles that were arrayed on the shelf above him. Shampoo, conditioner, body-wash, and hair remover. The oddness of the last item was lost on Simon as he grabbed the body-wash and turned on the hot water.

A few minutes later Simon stepped out of the bathroom into a much gloomier bedroom. The curtains had been drawn and no lights were on, and there was no sign of Samantha. Until a blindfold wound it’s way around Simon’s eyes.

“Umm, what’s going on?” He asked nervously.

Samantha giggled. “Just a little fun baby. Don’t worry, I’m not going to steal you.” Simon felt her lean close to him and whispered into his ear. “Unless you want me to.” Simon shivered, but not because he was cold. And Samantha led him around by the hand.

Simon’s legs hit the bed and fell forward. As he fell he spun around so he landed sitting on his ass. And Samantha kissed him, hard and passionately. Heat spread all over Simon’s body as Samantha pushed him back onto the bed. She followed him down, keeping her lips on his the whole time. Only breaking contact to giggle lightly and manoeuvre him around the bed with a gentle nudging. Soon Simon was leaning back against a pile of pillows, kissing Samantha wantonly. His hands began to wander around the bed and they soon found Samantha’s beautifully smooth legs. Simon’s fingers trailed their way up her thighs until they reached the silky fabric of her underwear. He hooked his fingers under the tight fabric and prepared to pull them down. But Samantha stopped him, grabbing his hands.

“No no.” She told him in a mocking tone. “That’s not for you yet. You have to earn it.” With a sigh she pulled his hands over his head. A few worrying clicks later Simon’s hands were handcuffed to the headboard. “Now I can really have fun with you.” She tittered. The bed shifted as Samantha clambered over Simon and for a moment she was silent. “Oh.” She giggled. “Is this it?” She asked. Simon was confused until a set of warm fingers wrapped themselves around his cock. His breath caught in his throat as she gently massaged him. “I suppose this will have to do.” She sighed before wrapping her lips around Simon’s cock head.

“Oh my god.” Breathed Simon as Samantha’s tongue probed the most sensitive part of him. Hard nails began to lightly stroke and scratch his balls, sending waves of pleasure up his body. The waves became a hard jolt of pleasure as Samantha gave a series of hard sucks on his cock, her mouth coming off on the final one with a ‘pop’.

“This is barely a cock. You know that.” She told him. “It’s more like a clit, I’m surprised you don’t have a pussy underneath it.” She laughed. “But maybe you do.” Samantha shifted again. “Lets find out.” He felt her move his legs apart making Simon feel even more vulnerable. “I see a little boy pussy.”

Simon was confused, until he felt a wet finger begin to probe his anus. “What are you doing?” He asked breathlessly, desperately. This whole situation was fast getting completely beyond his control.

“You’re still a virgin.” Breathed Samantha, still massaging his sphincter with a wet finger. “But trust me. You’ve never felt anything like it.” And Simon could not deny that, he had never felt anything like it. “Relax baby.” She told him and Simon tried to do so as the finger probed harder, slowly getting more insistent. “Just a little help.” Muttered Samantha and the bed shifted again, but the finger never left his anus. And Simon slowly felt a new and different pleasure crawl up his body.

Then he felt a shock of cold land on his cock. He gasped at the sensation as a cold sticky liquid rolled over his cock, down his length. Fingers once again wrapped themselves round his shaft and Samantha began to slowly wank him. Simon could only give a wordless cry at the wonderful sensation. Then the liquid reached his anus.

The insistent finger massaged the lube into him, it slowly pressed harder into his sensitive flower until it yielded and the finger entered him. Simon cried out again, louder, longer. Pleasure shot through his body like a jolt of electricity. His cock twitched in Samantha’s hand but she laughed and let it go. Groaning in disappointment Simon bucked into his only source of pleasure, the wonderful finger that was slowly entering him.

“Oh you like that don’t you baby girl.” Giggled Samantha. Simon barely heard her. All he could do was nod in agreement. “A slut like you has just been waiting to be fucked like that haven’t you?”

The word slut shocked Simon back into reality. “I’m not a slut.” He groaned out, barely keeping himself from crying out in pleasure again.

Samantha wiggled the finger, and Simon gasped in pleasure. “Only sluts get this wet off just one finger baby girl. And only sluts cheat on their girlfriend with someone they didn’t even know the name of.”

Simon thought of Sarah, tears began to prick his eyes as he tried to tell Samantha he loved his girlfriend. But the only sounds he could produce were moans of pleasure as Samantha fucked him with her finger. “You may be in love with her my baby girl, but you’re in lust with me.” She told him, as if reading his mind.

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