The Watcher


My name is Jerry Smith and will admit that I am a voyuer. That is I love watching people have sex. You say I am a pervert. That might be true, but if you look close, you will fine a little bit of the voyeur in yourself and all of us. After all what is morality? Morality is merely a moral code designed to restrain the sexual impulses and  desires of the homo sapiens. You take these away and he is a beast. If you doubt it just let the the human female go naked in the street, and you will see just how many voyeurs there are. But I am getting getting off my subject which is to relate my story. That is to tell how i became a voyeur. I guess my voyeuristic tendences begin when i was in high school. I had just turned eigthteen in July and the following September I had moved up to the twelve grade. I was happy that my graduation was near,and then finally freedom and the exuberance of going from adolescence into adulthood and being able able to do whatever I wanted. Now everyone in their later years can remember having a crush on someone in high school. My crush was Ellen Johnson. I had known her since the tenth grade, but because I my shyness the fear of rejection, I had never gottened pass the stage of saying hello to her. I thought that Ellen was the best looking girl our high schools, with her angelic face, long blonde hair, big breast, and a tiny waist that accentuated her firm round ass that always swayed when she walked down the hall, drawing attention from every guy around. I had watched her blossom from the time she was a freshman to her sophamore year and almanbahis şikayet she seem to become more attrative each time I saw her. I was overjoyed when I found out that she was in two of my classes and I thought that I might even have a chance with her. As luck would have it though, she fell in love with hunk named Mark Richards and she was still dating him at my graduation. One time as i was walking to my class, i saw them kissing my his locker with hishands on her ass. As I passed by them, I started thinking how nice it would to watch her get fucked by this guy. About four months after my graduation, I was sitting in a bar having a beer, when I noticed a blonde haired girl walk in with a guy and sat at a table. The girl was Ellen Johnson, and the guy she was with was not Mark Richards. I could see that they were more than just friends, as they were getting very cozy. The guy was whispering things in her ear and kissing her. His hand was under table and could have been between her thighs. After a while some music started playing and they got up and started to dance. I watched his hands travel down along back to her ass, where they stopped to feel and caress the curves and contours of her cheeks beneath the fabric of her skirt. Every now and then they would kiss. It was more than just pecks now. They were kissing deep and passionately. My cock was already getting hard from watching them. I moved over to a table closer to them, where i could get a better view. As i sat there with my beer i would occasionally glance at them, trying not to stare. almanbahis canlı casino They were all nestled up closer than a stamp to an envelop. Every now and then he would give her a deep kiss that had I want to fuck you written all over it. I could see his tongue exploring inside her mouth. She was slowly grinding her ass against him and I could hear her moaning into his mouth as they kissed. My cock got rock hard as heard him say, “Baby lets split this scene and go to my house,” and i saw her node her head. Suddenly I decided that i just had to watch him fuck her at any cost. An idea occurred to me. I would go outside and wait on them in my car and then I would follow them to his house, but when I got to my car, I discovered that i had left my lights on and my battery was dead. I then came up with another plan that was a lot more daring and perhaps dangerous. I noticed that they had came in Ellen’s car. My plan was to get down in the  back seat of her car and when they arrived at his house and were inside, I would find a way to get in a watch them. Luckily the back door of the car was unlocked. I then got in and laid down in the floor board of the card. I knew the risk I was taking, as there was at least a better than even odd that I would be discovered the moment they opened the car door, but was willing to take the chance in order to satisfy my voyeur desires. It seemed like it took forever for them to come out, and several times, I nearly backed out of my foolish plan. Finally I heard a click and another click as both doors opened, and there almanbahis casino was a very anxious moment when the lights came on. As they got in, Ellen’s hand came about two inches from me when she grabbed her seat belt. I was releaved to hear the sound of the motor start and i sensed the rolling motion and the sound of the wheels backing up on the gravel drive way, and then the aceleration as the car sped down the road. As Ilooked up at the windows, I could see lights flashing and the sounds of other vehicles passing us. Whenever they would stop at a redlight or a stop sign, Ellen would lean over and then I could the sound of kissing and her moans as his hands worked up her thighs. He kept telling her how beautiful she was and how bad he wanted her. After about twenty long and agonizing minutes for me the car rolled up in a drive way and came to a stop. I held my breath as both doors opened and they got out and i was very releaved to hear them slam and the car lights go out. I had completed at least the first half of my plan without being discovered,but I still had to find a way inside. I waited until they were in the house, then I slowly opened the door and got out of the car. Luckily there were few lights  on around the house and few lights around the neigborhood. I first went to the front door, and to my consernation, discovered it was locked. I then walked around to the back door. I cursed to myself when I found out that it was also locked. There was only one then left to do and that was to crawl through a window. I knew this would be very risky, as any noise could result in me being discovered and probably going to jail. There was also a possible that I might crawl into the same room they were in since I did not know what part of the house they in, but I thought that the bedroom was the best guess.

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