Tied Down


All the characters participating in sexual activities are 18 or older.

The story is purely fictional


I am not sure where to begin I have no idea how it started. My 18th birthday had just passed so I had some cash for passing an important milestone in my life.

I was beside my mother escorting her shopping. Then, all I can recall was regaining consciousness in a room and finding myself strapped to a table with my beautiful mother strapped to it beside me. I saw her when I turned my head to the side. Our heads were at the same height on the table. Besides seeing that she was still under, I could see we were both of us were naked. The fact was confirmed by the occasional air flow over my exposed skin.

I felt my hands and legs bound. I assumed mom was similarly bound. There was a light shining over us but it was only over us the rest of the room was as dark as pitch. My ears perceived murmuring around us so I could not make out what was said but I could detect that there were both males and females in the room watching us.

I noticed mom stir and then saw her regain consciousness. She looked over toward me and her first words were,

“Bill, are you okay?”

“Yes I am mom, they haven’t hurt us yet.”

In the darkness hidden man said,

“Look, they are awake.”

“Ah, yes they are. It is time to begin brothers and sisters.

“Before either of you say anything, let me inform you that the pair of you are totally at our mercy. You will perform our request or wish you had. Is that clear?”

I answered, Yes, for both mom and myself. He responded with, good.

“We are very well hidden, so the police, who are looking for you will not find you or us. Before you begin asking, “Why us?” the answer, one of our scouting parties found you, then we kidnapped you to give us a week’s entertainment. You will be released on Friday afternoon at a location some distance from where we snatched you but is an urban locale where you can be found and rescued. We are here to use you but not kill you.”

Hearing that was a welcome relief if it was true.

You are the guest of a secret society called, “The Cult of Oedipus” if you recall the play, Oedipus had sex with his mother, so part of our entertainment will be watching you two have sex. Given the similarities in appearance and the age span, it is clear that you two are mother and son?”

Mom and I nodded assent.

“Good. Obeying our orders with gain you privileges; defiance will gain you the lash. Understood?”

Again we nodded, Yes.

“Now that that is out of the way, young man you are to lick your mother’s pussy until she has an organism.”

“No! I will not humiliate myself by allowing my son to take me sexually.”

“Mom,” I said to her, “They have all the trump. Please, I don’t want to be whipped.”

The voice came back to say,

“I guess I didn’t make myself clear, both of you will be punished. We will beat you and your son.”

“O God, why?” mother said through her tears.

“Prepare them.”

Four people in red hoods and robes came out. They loosened my mother’s legs then spread them Magosa Escort placing one pillow beneath her head and another under her butt.

I was untied and then placed between her legs.

One of them asked me,

“You are not going to try anything stupid are you?”

I shook my head, No.

Cameras were placed everywhere and adjusted so all the action could be witnessed. Monitors lit up and suddenly, mother and I were on Television.

I had never seen my mother naked before. Sure I had accidentally caught her in bra and panties, and once I had gotten a flash of her ass, but that was all. Now her open pussy and breasts were on full display. I was both excited and scared at the same time. The thought of eating my first pussy excited me but I knew we were crossing across the bridge which spanned a great abyss and that once across, there was no returning. But my body was reacting differently, it was eager to claim the woman beneath me. Despite what my mind told me about the evilness of what I was preparing to do, my heart raced in anticipation of performing the act.

“See,” a voice from out of the darkness said, “his cock is getting hard. He’ll be a full staff very soon”

“See his cock, Jan,” a female voice spoke to her friend, “I want him in me.”

I began at her left knee for some reason and I kissed it several times even kissing behind it and moving up to the temple of love. At mid-thigh I got the first with of my mother’s scent the musk the higher I went the stronger it became. When I got to her outer lips, I kissed them she jolted and gasped. Then they directed my m youth to her other thigh. As I edged my way up, mom moaned continuously and squirmed like a worm her breath becoming faster with each tick of the clock.

“Now, eat your mother’s pussy. Begin at the bottom of her slit licking your way to the top. with your tongue licking between her folds with your between her lips.”

My mom’s cunt was dripping her juices giving my tongue plenty to taste as I swallowed it. She tasted musky along with a flavor I couldn’t recognize. The more licked the greedier I became and the more mother moaned. Nature told me to find her clit I noticed that the more attention it got the stronger mother’s moans became and she began lifting her hips and back off the mat. Poor mother, she seemed to me like a watch spring wound too lightly. She was in a sexual tension that would spring free. But suddenly it did release. Her pubic bone hit my teeth hard enough to feel like she was knocking them out. Her ass lifted high and her back curved, but what got me was that she got my head in a scissor lock, pressing my whole face into her crouch smothering me. She released me to breathe only after the screaming, “FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!” My face was sprayed with her juices during her sexual convulsion.

“Bill, stop teasing your mother. Fuck me, baby, fuck me good.”

The Master of Ceremonies yelled out,

“You heard her folks. She begging her son to fuck her.”

Right after that announcement, clapping and cat calls filled the room. During that riotous outbreak, the attendants were putting pillows Kıbrıs Escort under mom’s ass then after that one of them guided my cock into her vagina.

Once past her gateway, I noticed that she was very hot inside, maybe 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, her cunt was lubricated naturally and the walls of her tube were very soft and ribbed so the edges of my cock felt every bit of her vagina as I went in. When I bottomed out, it felt like there was a well of flesh pushing back on my stiff rod. I had never felt so good up to that point in my life.

I recall, leaning down to kiss her, Our lips met and her tongue began playing with mine. I was slowly fucking her as we kissed and it quickly became evident why men loved mating so much. It was because of how good it felt to be inside a woman sliding your dick in and out.

Mother Salley was only the second woman in the universe with whom I mated, so I still felt very unsure of myself but after watching porn and obeying nature, my confidence began to grow quickly. I looked into the face of the who gave me life seeing a look of contentment and pleasure that made me happy.

We were joined in the Missionary Position, which allowed me to bend down and kiss her. When our lips met, she hugged me very tightly whimpering in my ear,

“Jon, I love you. My baby has become my man.

“Also, dear, when we are intimate, call me Sally. When you refer to me as your mother, it freaks me out. Understand?”

“Yes, Sally, I get it. I love it when we’re having sex.”

“Me too, Jon. Now keep fucking me and when you come, shot it inside me. Inside, dear.”

“Yes, I’ll be glad to fill you with sperm, Sally.”

We kept fucking for 15 minutes at least when I felt my balls and the urge to eject cum overpowering.

“Sally, I am going to come.”

I no sooner got the words out than I felt semen running through my cock and into my lover. I think my balls released their payloads 4 or 5 times.”

“O that felt great Bill. I feel your warm sperm in me and overflowing down my vagina. Now dismount me, they will want to see what you’ve done.”

When the monitors displayed my man’s cream leaking out of my mother. the audience went wild at the sight. I thought that someone would report a disturbance, and the cops would rush in any moment now, but they didn’t. The pandemonium lasted for what seemed like an hour but wasn’t that long before the Master of Ceremonies quieted things down.

We have finished Act One, Act two will begin shortly. In act two, our young stud will mate with a woman he knows very well but whose identity will be hidden from him until their sex act is consummated. As for Sally, five men lined up to fill her with their seed. They are men she knows quite well but whose identities are hidden from her. Once the male has lost his load, he’ll make way for the next gentleman. There will be no second chances.

“Act Two begins now.”

A tall man who sorts of resembled dad was first and he slid his cock into Sally with ease.

I was led to the bed that was set off to the side from the platform where my mother was being gangbanged. Lefkoşa Escort Laying on the sheets was a blond-haired woman who bore a striking semblance of my dad’s sister, Aunt Marie, who had blonde hair as well.

I had recovered by this time so no time was wasted in penetrating my new lover. When my dick pushed through, she gasped before settling into a low moan which up the entire time we were joined together. She was tighter than mom and she had excellent control of her love channel being able to squeeze my tool at will. Also, she counter-trusted whereas Sally did not which made it more fun.

I loved fucking her and we must have screwed for 20-minutes. I hoped that it was my Aunt Marie because I wanted to take her again. After I inseminated her, another woman, masked so I could not tell her identity and she dropped her robe very naked.

I was in euphoria and getting to be very bold after fucking three women, I reached down and grabbed her pussy. When she accidentally let out an, “O my,” I recognized the voice of Ann Miller, my mother’s best friend, I never missed an opportunity to look up her skirt or down her top. I must have taken her ten-thousand times in my wet dreams.

After helping her sit on the bed, she took hold of my cock and began sucking me even though I was still hard. I felt some pre-come coming out of my cock which she licked away.

“You taste good, Jon.”

It was Ann, so I said,

“Now I need to taste you.”

“Be my guest, naughty boy.”

I sent two fingers into her hole and then tasted them after withdrawing them.

“You taste Aunt Ann.”

“Better than your mother’s?”

“I plead the 5th. on that one, Aunt Ann.”

“Okay you little coward, now enter me so I can fuck your brains out.”

When I slid into her, she said,

“I love the feel of your cock in me, Jon. I have wanted you to claim me for at least 4 our years. Now fuck me.”

She took off her mask allowing me to see her countenance as we made love, and we did make passionate love. We were so enflamed with lust that we sweated profusely. She was squeezing my cock very tight. I pulled out to suck her nipples which I did eagerly causing her to groan loudly.

By this time, mom’s gangbang was done and she had cleaned herself off some, then she marched down to where Annand I were.

“Who do you think you are fucking my son without my permission.”

In a husky voice, Ann replies,

“Chill out, Sally. He’s been 18 for three months and your lucky I haven’t fucked him before this. He’s an adult now and can have sex with anyone he wants and I know he’ll move out of home and move in with me. We’ll become lovers.”

“I should slap you hard, Ann.”

Dad came up behind mom leading her and her hurt feelings away. I went back to sucking Ann’d D-cup tits. But mom’s triad sapped her lust.

“Fuck me till you come, Jon, I’ve lost the mood.”

After laying beside her and gently chatting with her about my feelings for her playing with her tits and finger fuck her love hole, she regained the mood making the last ten minutes of our fornication.

We showered. My clothes magically appeared so I could dress. Ann and I walked out into what appeared to be a lobby. My mother and father were sitting together.

My mother was weeping and my dad was trying to console her.

When I got close to her I said,

“Mother I love. Only death can change that.”

To be continued

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