Trying Out The Cruise Spot

August Ames

Trying Out The Cruise SpotThere’s a park that I see is written up on a local gay cruising website that gets a lot of attention on that page. I’ve noticed lots of guys posting how they got lucky back on the heavily wooded trails pretty much all day. I had always fantasied about hooking up in a place like that and wondered how risky it would be not to get caught and or arrested which is what’s kept me from going to places like that. It was sunny and unseasonably warm one Saturday afternoon and I decided to drive over to this park and see if there’s any action and if I could get in on it. There were lots of cars in the parking lot, but the park was pretty much deserted…I hit some of the bike trails without running into anyone accept an old lady walking her dog and a middle-aged woman reading on a bench down by the water. I found a trailhead near a bench and decided to give it a try. It didn’t take me long to know I found the right spot. There were a few discarded lube packages ümraniye escort on the trail and I saw a used condom hanging from a branch in some bushes. I first came upon a guy about my age, he looked really creepy, I could tell he was checking me out so I didn’t make eye contact, just kept moving. I went a little further down the wooded trail and then heard something in some bushes to my right, I looked in that direction to see a man in his 30’s, he had his pants down and was masturbating…he smiled at me, I liked what I saw (seven inch rock hard cut cock and a very nice ass) so I smiled back. I walked into the bushes and he approached me…we kissed without speaking…he started to unbuckle my belt on my jeans and I got hard…He pulled my pants and underwear down exposing my full erection then pulled me into him and kissed me again…I could feel his rock hard dick against mine and I was really ready to go…He whispered to me if I wanted to get naked…I smiled kadıköy escort and took off my coat and shirt then kicked off my shoes and jeans which were around my ankles…he took a step back smiling and stroking his beautiful cock…he then took off his hoodie and kicked off his pants and like me was fully naked. We kissed passionately and grabbed each other’s cocks…I was a little worried about getting caught, but at the same time was aroused at the danger of it as well…I could hear people talking on the not very far away bike trail. I then dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth…he leaned against a tree as I sucked his dick, letting out very quiet moans and holding my head as I sucked him. I heard him whisper “okay, that’s enough…I don’t want to cum right now and I’m so close to blowing my load.” I stood up and he got on his knees and proceeded to suck my cock…I stood there naked feeling the cool breeze and cold weather but feeling hot from all tuzla escort the adrenaline and feeling my cock in this guy’s warm mouth…he used his tongue with skill around the head of my cock…I wanted to cum so badly but knew I should hold it. I stopped him when I was nearly to the point of no return…there was a patch of leaves nearby…he took me by the hand over to them where we sat, naked facing each other, we locked legs and rubbed our dicks together as we kissed…it was so hot…he asked me if I was close and I told him I was…He then let out a grunt and a softened moan as I could feel warm cum leaking between our cocks…I lost all control and came too…it was intense, I wanted to yell out (as I do when I cum during sex) but I didn’t want us to get caught. When we were done pumping our semen there was a big white and warm sticky mess on both of our dicks, he reached down and took some with his finger and put it in his mouth, I did the same…our cum was delicious…just like our sex. We quickly dressed, kissed one more time and went our separate ways. We never exchanged names (though couldn’t say the same about blow jobs and our cum) but I remember his face, and am hoping to see him there again soon.

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