Two Girls caught up in a Wild Swingers Party


Two Girls caught up in a Wild Swingers PartyI looked across at Lucy, her head drooped onto her chest, she was pissed and it showed, no wonder the guy next to her had a smile on his face, I could make out his hand was busy under the table and his wife, who was also worse for wear with booze, was oblivious of her husbands meanderings with the drunk teenager beside him.I also had to contend with the middle-aged Casanova beside me. He too was too far gone to appreciate the nubile nymphet by his side. I sat with his fat paw on my inner mid thigh, he was intermittently stroking that sensitive region, down to my knee and back up to mid region, fuck a couple of more inches and he could slide a finger inside and at least give me the satisfaction of letting him grope me in public.The bar was noisy with everyone chattering, booze flowed and sex was in the air, it was all happening and our pussies were ready for the perceived onslaught, or so we had dreamt only six hours ago, as we got ready in our cabin, standing in our skimpy poor excuses for knickers, barely covering our hairless beavers, drinking freely and talking cock, whilst admiring our nubile bodies.Lucy had a great body, long legged and tight bum. She had won the ‘Rear of the year’ in school this year, and in her own words, ‘Time to fill it with some hard cock’.We raised our makeshift glasses from the toilet and clinked them, downing the red wine in three gulps, before filling them from one of the six bottles we had bought in duty free.I liked to look at Lucy and she liked to see me similarly attired, we were not lesbians, more bi, well even that sounds strong, as we really preferred cock, but she, like me was into sex, so rubbing our nipples against each other canlı bahis when we slept together, made us yearn for men, well more for the cock than them personally.We were a couple of over-sexed young girls on a mission, taking this cruise out of Stockholm, for the first time without our parents in tow. It was meant to be a venture into exercising our libidos, an exciting adventure, and as we had discussed the many permutations of this sexual oddity, it had made us heady with the perceived excitement, and now here we were on the only night of possible , pissed and being groped by two drunk fat married men, and Lucy, fuck she was out of it and did not even know her cunt was being fingered.I needed to pee so I got up and left the table and made my way to the toilet, done the business and stopped to talk to a stranger, if he were to even suggest anything, I would gladly have let him, such was my frustration.But just as things were heading in the right direction the wife of the guy who had been on the periphery of my pussy for the best part of the evening, turned up, and like my mother, steered me back to the table, for which I went mainly because of Lucy, but when I got there, it was now devoid of Lucy and the other couple opposite.’Where is my friend’?’She has went ahead with the others’, replied the husband. ‘Where’ I quizzed. ‘To the cabin’, he fired back, ‘were going now, you ready’, he added, and at that we rose in unison, and went back to their friend’s cabin.Upon entering I was in for a shock, as both of their friends were naked, with the man having his cock sucked by another woman, I had never seen before, but what shocked me was Lucy, she too was naked, lying face down on the bunk, her hands handcuffed bahis siteleri behind her back, with pink fluffy cuffs, and a ball gag in her mouth, and a fat naked man on top of her, clearly fucking her, and the distressed look about her indicated he was somewhere making her uncomfortable.I stopped momentarily only to be pushed inside by the woman of the man with whom we had arrived with, there was no way out and any protestations I might have been thinking about, were quashed as a ball gag was thrust into my mouth and my clothes torn from me to excite the men already in the room, as well as the women, who clearly enjoyed their own kind.I could see Lucy’s vagina as the man on top of her humped her, he was clearly in her ass and causing her some discomfort, ‘Let me see hers’, he called out as he thrust violently into Lucy and eyed me, now I was nude.I was spun around so my buttocks were in view, then bent double so my asshole was pried open for him to inspect, at which he simply said ‘Fuck me, two in one night’, and at that thrust his finger right up to the hilt in my ass, and opened me without the slightest concern for the pain he was inflicting, and all the time the women their assisted him by holding me rigidly.I watched horrified as he withdrew from Lucy and left her gaping, he was at least 20cm in length and as thick as his wife’s wrist, and as he turned to face me, he swung like a huge pendulum, his wife cackled, ‘You’re in for a treat love’, and the women around me turned me so my ass was presented to him.I watched between my legs as he hung low and rose to meet my oiled anus, then his ball sack came into view as the pain shot through me, his cock powering into virgin territory, I was anally opened canlı bahis siteleri and deflowered in the seconds it took for him to open me.My hair was yanked hard as I was forced into an upright position with him still in my ass, his wife bend down on me performing orally on me and licking him as he enjoyed me forbidden fruits.The initial pain was subsiding as my elasticity accommodated him, and his wife’s tongue provided some pleasure, along with the mouths clamped to my nipples-I could watch Lucy too as two men performed a double penetration on her, which she appeared to accommodate with comparative ease.’I think we have a couple of converts here’, indicating myself and Lucy, as we were a fresh addition to this perverted bunch of swingers.’One is Lucy and the other is Mariel’, said a woman, now holding our ID cards, calling out our ID numbers for other to write down. At the mention of Lucy she called out in the throes of having her orgasm, much to the praise of the women around her.Of course every sordid detail was filmed and photographed, it’s hard to cry foul when your having orgasms with the supposed perpetrators, and my own was imminent, and had not gone unnoticed, ‘She gonna explode, get the cam on her’, went out the call as my knees started to buckle, ‘Quick another cock in her’, and a man got in front of me and pushed into my pussy as I exploded, with the most intense feeling between my legs, but as I buckled and stood upright, a third cock greeted my upright movement, standing on a chair, he entered my open mouth and I was filmed with three men bringing me off.My silence was bought, who could argue, and Lucy even applauded my extreme pleasuring of three men simultaneously.The rest of the night partied on into the daylight and we fell exhausted into a heap in our own cabin, until we arrived in Stockholm.We were contacted from time to time, invited to parties in the capital, but declined and eventually the invites stopped coming in.

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