viva sunny spain


viva sunny spainAs with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies – you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!Back in the good old days when everyone went to Spain for their hols, a group of us from the pub decided to go, as a group!Before you knew it someone’s mate wanted to tag along, and then someone knew someone else who wanted to come and we’d almost filled a plane! (well not quite, but you get the idea)My mate was taking his girlfriend, Angela, and she wanted to bring her mate. Before you knew it all the girls wanted a night out together so they could get to know those girls that they didn’t know. So one summers Saturday night all the girls got together at my house, got their glad rags on, made themselves up and went out on a get to know you better night out.I’d planned to have a quite night in but late on the doorbell went and it was John, Angela’s boyfriend. Angela was stopping over at my place, along with a few others after their night out. We had a few beers and told a few stories and John asked if he could stay over and surprise his girlfriend when she got back. I was happy with that and then John started telling me how much he wanted to fuck his girlfriends mate, one that she was bringing with us on the holiday. I knew exactly what he meant as I so wanted to fuck his girlfriend, Angela. I told him this, after all every bloke likes to think his girl is attractive to others. John said, “Go for it! If she fucks you then I don’t feel so bad trying to fuck her mate”. I wasn’t sure if he meant it.We had a few more beers, watched a bit of porn, told a few more tales and started to wonder where the girls had gotten to. It was almost 3am and there was no sign of them. So now we invented different scenarios where they were involved in all sorts of sexual shenanigans. Each more inventive than the last. There was no mistaking we were over sexed and our respective girlfriends could look out for a good roggering was on the cards when they got back.Sitting out the back having a smoke I thought I heard someone inside the house. So I left John to his fag and went in. The girls sure enough had come back and to my surprise John’s girlfriend and her mate had brought home two blokes! This was going to be interesting.I told everyone that John was out the back. They didn’t believe me, so I said go take a look. Angela was the first one to go out back. She came running in quicker than she went out. “shit he is” She shouted. “who’s this John” said one of the blokes, “her boyfriend” I said. Both blokes looked at each other, “what the fuck is going on here” one asked, “murder I wouldn’t be surprised “ I said and with that both blokes got up.At the same time John just happened to shout in from the kitchen, “Angela, surprise”. Surprise indeed. Both blokes shit it and left running though the door together.My girlfriend started to have a go at me over John being there, like we’d ankara escort set it up but I pointed out it was them that brought home two blokes, how was I to know that.Soon an argument broke out. Others turned up, seeing as not only did my girlfriend bring home two blokes she also told everyone to come back to my place and party.John and Angela had a bit of a row as well and before you know it there were doors being slammed left right and centre.And right through this my girlfriend went on about how I’d set everything up and how I was to blame for everything, and how the night was ruined. Some people left, quite a few got into more drinking and before you knew it my lounge looked like a war zone,My girlfriend pissed off to her house and John came back asking if I’d seen Angela’s mate. “Upstairs, why”? I asked, “cos I’m going to chance my arm with her. If Angela can bring back some bloke she’s picked up in the pub then I can try it on with her mate”. I couldn’t question his thinking. He grabbed a bottle of beer and went off upstairs.I expected him to be straight back down, but he wasn’t. The jammy bastard.As I stood at the bottom of the stairs trying to hear if the bed was creaking, Angela came up to me and threw her arms over my shoulders. She was so drunk. “you want me, don’t you” she slurred. “I’ve seen the way you look at me, you’d fuck me if I let you wouldn’t you”? Well there was no answer to that was there, of course I would.I took hold of Angela and walked back to the kitchen. “Have a drink of water Angela” I said. “I don’t want to” she replied, “I’m not drunk – what I want is this” and with that she planted a kiss, smack bang centre on my lips. Her lips were lovely, very kissable, full and still covered in lipstick. For a moment I struggled and then thought, no John is up there shagging her mate, I wanted to shag Angela and by the looks of it she wants me.So I slipped an arm around the small of her waist and pulled her close to me. “You are playing with fire girl” I said to her, “if I start then who knows what may happen”. “Stop talking” she replied and we kissed again. I opened my mouth and Angela’s tongue took control and explored my mouth. She could kiss for sure. As I held her tight she held my head, she was taking charge here and I was letting her.We stumbled backwards until we hit the wall. Angela started to pull at my tee shirt and put her hands up on my chest. “oooh, no hair, I like a bear chest. She soon found my nipples and tweaked them. It hurt, but that didn’t seem to matter to Angela. Then she pulled up my tee shirt to expose my nipples and she bit down on them. She was loving it.“Let’s go outside” I said, “to the bench”. She let me go, grabbed my hand and led me outside. She stopped suddenly, turned and said, “you, you can’t fuck me” What I was devastated. “why”? I demanded to know, “I’m on, sorry”. Really, of all the times to be on your period. Thank you god. A dream had come true and she was on the rag. Fucking hell.‘But we still can play” she said, and she sat down before me and reached out at my zip, “can I see it”? she asked. Well why not! I ankara escort bayan let her pull down my zip and she popped the button on the top. My trousers fell to the floor. She wasted no time in pulling down my pants.All my dreams had come true, and I couldn’t fuck Angela. My cock wasn’t playing and hung there limp. “you’re not hard, don’t you want to”? asked Angela. “too right I want to Angela but like you said you are on”. “well that doesn’t mean I can’t pleasure you does it”! she replied.Well that worked, The old boy twitched into life, which made Angela squeak with excitement. “wait, wait” she demanded, “I want to feel what it’s like to have a willy grow bigger in my mouth” and with that she buried my cock so deep her chin was pushing down on my ball sack. My dick did as she expected and with that tongue of hers she was soon rolling it around with expert ease.By the time my cock had reach maximum size Angela started to gag a bit so she pushed back until it came out. “”hold it at the base” she said to me, “let me show you what Angela can do”. I did as she asked. She move forward until just my helmet was in her mouth and with that tongue she rolled it around my head. This has to be one of the best blow jobs I’d ever had. She sucked hard on I and I could feel my helmet getting bigger and bigger. “keep tight hold now” she said and then she rocked back and forth, without releasing the vacuum that she seemed to have made with her lips. It felt like my helmet was going to explode. “let me” she said and pushed away my hand from hold my cock. She held it so tightly I thought it was going to burst. She seemed to be sucking up more and more blood into my shaft and helmet and not letting it return. The pain was just exquisite. And then I felt my balls tighten. The familiar feeling of spunk rising. I felt my nuts tighten – it was on it’s way. “I’m coming Angela” I managed to say and she released all the pressure and I shot my load clean into her mouth. I can’t tell you how much I came as Angela never released the seal of her lips and I felt her swallow. I’m sure that action even managed to pull out some more from my sack as it tighten some more.“now that was nice wasn’t it” She said. Nice! Nice! It was fucking out of this world. But even after a blow job like that I still wanted to see her pussy, to see what I was missing.So I sat beside her and asked, no begged, to have a look at her pussy. I said that she’s just given me an absolute brilliant time and I so wanted to do the same for her.“you can’t fuck me” she said again, “I have a tampon in and I don’t like a messy bloody fuck”. I won’t I promised. “John doesn’t like to touch me when I’m on, it’s too messy”. I promised again not to enter her.Angela replied by raising up her hips. This was my signal to pull down her panties. They were virginal white, thick cotton. I was totally surprised to see her bush, it was very thick, covering her whole pubic area and even going down her legs slightly and up towards her belly. It was the most blonde of colours and the softest down like texture. Oh god it was perfect.It was impossible escort ankara to see her lips. The only clue was a little piece of sting coiled up between her legs. I couldn’t stop looking at it. I so wished I was able to enter it, but Angela said no and no meant no.So kneeling besides her I traced out the grove of her pussy. She grabbed at my hand, “no fingering” she said. I told her I knew that and that I had just trusted her, now she had to trust me. She let go and lay back. I wanted to see if I could get her lips to protrude, so I ran my finger back and forth over her opening. Nothing happened. Well that’s not too true, her mound swelled and under a pillow of blonde hair I made out her clit hood. This is good.Wetting two fingers I pushed along side this hood. It was wrinkled and I couldn’t feel anything underneath it. So I rolled back and forth over it and Angela made cooing noises. This was working.I continued this for a while and then I lifted one leg and rested it on my shoulder. Now I could see the pinkness of her lips. She had incredibly small lips, they couldn’t be no more and a few millimetres’ and didn’t stick out hardly at all. In fact the mass of blonde hair almost covered them completely. Were it not for how pink they were and the tampon’s tail you’d be hard pressed to say where the entrance to her heaven was.I promised not to finger her and I was fighting the desire to very hard. But now with her lips slightly open I licked my fingers again and ran them around her entrance. Angela arched her back and moaned loudly. As she did I noticed that the process of arching her back pulled on her clit hood. So I simulated that arching by pushing down behind her hood. This got her panting more and more.Now I could see her clit, so licking a finger so it was very wet I tapped at it. Angela cried out. “did it hurt” I asked. “No no, do it again” she answered, so I did. Angela bit down on her finger. I rolled my finger now around her erect clit and Angela came in waves, so many I couldn’t tell where one started and the other ended, or if it was ever going to end.“stop stop” she yelled out. I looked up at her and watched her belly rise and fall. “Nice”? I asked. “what you think”After a short while Angela sat up and held my hand, “John must never ever know” she said and I agreed and asked if we might do it again, only this time when she is not on. Angela looked at me and said that we both should be happy with what just happened and leave it at that. Now Angela became aware of where she was and the time. “Where is John”? she asked. I said that he’d gone to bed and with that Angela stood up, dusted herself down and walked inside. We climbed of the drunken bodies of passed out people and climbed the stairs. Angela went to their bedroom and I quite expected to hear her scream as she found John in bed with her mate. There was no scream.A few hours later the sun was up and people were milling around downstairs. I got up and saw John making breakfast. I whispered to him did he have any success and he shrugged his shoulders, “Nope. You”? “narh me neither” Well it seemed rude to say otherwise.Two weeks later we were all in Spain, having a great time by the pool and in the bars. I’m sure John did get his way with Angela’s mate, cos he was like a fly around a jam pot. Angela and I enjoyed a few drinks but nothing else ever happened.

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