Vocational School Ch. 02


“How big does it get, Tommy?” his mother asked in amazement. Susan’s eighteen-year-old snacked in the kitchen, when the towel dropped from his body. After the initial shock of Tom’s nudity, her attention focused on his large penis. Impressed with his massive member dangling soft between his legs, Susan wondered what her son’s erection would look like.

“You mean once it is fully hard? Well, it was a little over eight inches, but that was last summer. I haven’t measured it since then,” he said. Tom noticed his mother’s fascination of his hefty genitals and did not rush to cover his nakedness from her view.

“Oh Tommy, it has to be longer than that. Why, you grew at least two inches taller over this past year,” she equated.

“You are right about that. My cock did get longer and a lot thicker, for sure. It depends on how excited I am, and how much I jerk on it, too,” he coolly told his mom with his giant pendulum prick swaying toward her.

“I know you like playing with it. I hear you moaning and the incessant clicking of your cock while you stroke on it in your room.” She did listen, and on more than one occasion, too. “How frequently do you…shall we say, take advantage of yourself, Tommy?”

“I play with my cock pretty much every day. It’s cool, mom. My friend, Robert, said he jerks on his cock that often, too. He has a big one like me. But of course, you know Robert; he says his is bigger than mine.”

Susan knew of her son’s habit, for she stood outside of his bedroom on a daily basis. Tom’s mother looked forward to the everyday eavesdropping. She wanted to watch him in person, but she could never allow herself to peep in his door. Frustrating her more was the arousing language uttered during his fantasies. Tom ordered to pleasure his cock. Susan ended up breathless in her own room, sprawled on the bed, with a pussy full of fingers, and desired to do everything he said.

“I like to read erotic stories or watch porn while I do it,” he continued, “I will jerk for hours while reading plots with incest involved, and I watch underground videos with the same taboo theme.”

Susan’s heart raced at the thought that her son was into family sex; that he possibly wanted to make love with his sexy mom. She wore no bra or panties under her terry-cloth robe, and the sash loosened enough for him to get a glimpse of her breasts. She teased the boy with hopes of seeing his cock in a full throbbing erection.

“Tommy, your sheets and all my towels are stained from you ejaculating on them. You have a lot of semen for a young man of eighteen,” she pretended to complain as she moved to sit in the living room. Tom followed, leaving the towel behind, and stood nude in front of his mother.

“My cum has to go somewhere, mom, and tissues stick to my dick. I can usually make it come four or five times a day. Is that a lot? I have not done it yet today, though, and I am horny, too. My nuts feel like they are going to explode,” he said while squeezing the large pink orbs in his fist. She noted that he shaved his balls.

“I see just talking about doing it is making you get hard,” she said, but Susan hoped it was from the sight of her breasts, as she let her robe fall open more. She stared in fascination at Tom’s huge cock while it grew thicker and longer. It bounced only a foot from her face as it stretched and angled upward.

“It’s not hard, yet. Do you want me to jerk on it and show you how stiff it can get? I can make it get real big and swollen, mom. Do you want to see? You can measure it for yourself if you want,” he said and squeezed his heavy cock. Tom inched closer, as he stroked on it slow and easy.

“Tommy, what are you doing, honey? You should not be playing with your penis in front of your mother,” she objected as thought a decent parent should, but now with the moral formality gestured, Susan became enthralled with watching him make it erect for her.

“How else is it going to get super hard? You’re the one who wanted to know how big it gets,” Tom reminded her.

“Well, just this one time, and it is for the sake of accuracy only. Okay, Tommy, you make it as big as you can, and I will put a tape on it,” she gave him permission to masturbate in front of his mother. It also was an excuse for her to fondle the object of her fantasies.

“Oh cool!” Tommy said excited, “This will give me bragging rights over Robert’s big dick. Maybe, he and I should have a competition with you being the official judge. Is it okay, if I while I do this, we watch porn, too?”

“We are just going to measure it, Tom. That is all. Do you understand? I do not want you saying anything about this, either.”

“I won’t say anything to dad or Cindy.”

“It’s your friend, Robert, and other boys that I do not want you blabbing to. Do you hear me, mister? You keep your mouth shut and don’t tell anyone about what goes on in this house.”

“Yes, mother,” Tom agreed, but added in jest, “If that will open your sweet lips for my bornova escort cock.”

“You smart-mouth, little bastard with your big dick better not be getting any ideas. I am your mother, and you keep mindful of that,” she raised her voice. She slapped him, too, as part of the parental charade, before she rushed to get the cloth tape from her sewing kit. Being in denial to this mischievous act, and prone to the ambitious notions of her well-hung son, Susan sat on the edge of the couch and watched while Tommy jerked on his big cock only inches from her face.

“This could take a little while, since you won’t let me watch porn. Do you think it would be all right if you opened your robe a little more?” He could almost see her nipples.

“I can’t believe that I am doing this. I guess it is a fair request, seeing, as you are already naked. I may as well be nude, too. I hope your sister does not come home. Yes, honey, if it will help, but I am afraid that it might turn you off, instead.” She did oblige his request with letting her robe fall from her shoulders leaving her naked to his view.

“Oh wow, mom, you are beautiful,” Tom complimented, “I cannot tell you how many times that I beat-off while thinking about you,” he told her as his cock filled quickly with blood. He saw the moisture of his mother’s excited pussy, when she opened her legs to the boy’s eyes. He pulled on his rising cock, and then asked for an official measurement.

“It is just short of eight inches long, and let’s see how wide. This is what really interests me. I prefer a nice fat cock, and you sure have one. Oh my, it is seven inches in circumference. It is the same as my wrist,” Susan said while mesmerized with her hand still on it. Her fingers wrapped its girth, and she thrilled herself with a few strokes on her son’s still growing hard cock.

“Yes, mom, keep doing that. Your hand on it is making it get bigger and harder,” Tom egged his mother on. This scenario could not be working better for him, if he planned it. “Put your other hand on it, too. Now squeeze with a little pressure and pull my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock. That’s it–do it just like that. Oh, that feels really good.”

“It is getting bigger with my help. I have both of my hands wrapped around your thick shaft, and there is more of this cock showing. I can feel your blood surging thru the veins. It is twitching in my hands, Tommy.”

“It likes you, mom. Can I play with your tits? That should excite me even more,” Tom asked, but his hand already went to her breast and squeezed it. “I love how you play with my cock, and you seem to adore doing it. Please, mother, keep pulling on my dick for me.”

“Yes, baby, I won’t stop. You can fondle with my breasts all you want. See how hard my nipples are. You are making your mom very excited. Pull and twist on them. That feels nice, Tommy. I’m glad that I am able to make you feel good, too. Your cock is so hot in my hands. I love doing this. Please, Tom, don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t say anything. I promise. Do you like to masturbate, mom? I mean, pleasure yourself everyday like I do.”

“Yes, everyday, like you,” Susan confessed with her heart pounding, for she knew what this was leading to.

“Do you want to play with your pussy, now?”

“Yes, Tommy, I do. Would you think less of me if I did that in front of you? Look how you have your mommy’s pussy, all wet,” she said and opened her legs wide. He saw her juices dripping to her butt. “This is going to be our little secret, isn’t it, Tom?”

“Don’t worry. Relax mother. This is just between us.”

“I do want to play with my pussy, so much, and especially now,” Susan said, as she rubbed circles over her clit.

“I would like to see you make that pretty pussy of yours come all over your fingers. That will make my cock get real big, for sure. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes, son, watch me masturbate. Please do, honey. Mommy loves being naughty for her baby. I am going to make my pussy come, and it will not take long, either. I love doing this with you watching me. I would like to do more dirty things for you, too.”

“You have my permission to do whatever you want, mom. My cock is at your service, or I should say, your service is at my cock. We are going to have so much fun from now on. You’ll see.”

“Hmmm, this is really turning me on. I am making myself come. I never came this fast before. Your big dick is making me crazy. Yes! Oh god, this feels so good,” Susan cried out, with her fingers fucking fast inside of her pussy. She sat panting and shaking in orgasm with her juices dripping onto the floor.

“That was hot, mom. Let’s measure my cock again,” he suggested.

She nodded that it was time for another check of its size, but Susan could not stop playing with her pussy. It was another thrilling minute and her second orgasm with her fingers flying over her clit, before she was able, or more bornova escort bayan forced herself to quit.

“I’m sorry,” she said still panting, “I made you wait.” Susan’s hands were trembling and coated with her own gooey cum, as she tried to hold the tape to his cock.

“No problem. I see you have a very responsive pussy. I like that.”

“It is now nine and one-eighth inches long, and eight inches around its base. I cannot believe how big your cock is, Tom. You are going to please some undeserving girl’s pussy so much with this cock.”

“My cock can get bigger, mom. I know it can,” Tom said, “You need to pay a little more attention to it. That’s all.”

“Tommy, I will do whatever you want, honey. Just tell your mother what she has to do for her boy and his big dick,” Susan pledged devotion to please him.

“I know you will do anything for your son, and I love you very much and would do anything for you. What I would like you to do is show me how much you love my cock. I want you to rub it all over your face,” he commanded to worship his dick. She did, whimpering that she loved it.

“Kiss it, mom. Make love to my cock.” She said that she wanted to, with more desire than for anything else. “Lick the pink shaft and trace the blue veins with your tongue, all the way down to my balls. Now kiss my cum-filled balls and suck on them real nice, mom.” Susan sucked on them, as he instructed, one at a time. She did everything he told her to do.

He continued goading his mom further down the promiscuous path. “I got a little pre-cum dripping now. Wipe it over your mouth and moisten those sweet lips. Let your tongue lash honey.” Susan tasted and moaned. “Does that please you?” She nodded and licked the head of his cock for more of the clear cum. “You are such a naughty mother for doing this to your boy. You know what he wants his bad mom to do for him next, don’t you?”

“Yes, Tommy, you want mommy to put it in her mouth. I need to, so much, too. You do not know how I have longed to do this. Make me blow you, Tommy. Tell me to make it come for you. I will do it as many times as you say. You can shoot your cum on my face, too, if that pleases you, son. Please, baby, let mommy suck on your dick for you,” she begged, before her lips stretched over the head of his cock.

“Hello! Mom? I’m home. Is there anybody here?” Cindy announced as she came in the back door. Susan and Tom rushed to get out of sight. Susan hurried into the bathroom and locked the door leaving Tommy stranded naked in the hall. Cindy found his towel on the kitchen floor and laughed when she saw her brother in the buff.

“Hey, you forgot something,” she said holding up his towel. His cock was still semi-erect, and his sister saw its magnificence. “What were you doing? I bet jerking off in the kitchen,” she joked as she threw it at him. “Hey, mom, hurry up in the bathroom. I gotta pee.”

“Yes, sweetie, I will be done in a minute,” she answered, but behind that door, Susan sat overwhelmed with passion. She teased her pussy to another orgasm, with her fingers squishing inside.

Susan made dinner for the family, and as they all sat at the table together, no one noticed when Tom pulled his cock out of his shorts. He took hold of Susan’s hand and rubbed it on his dick. She tried to pull her hand back, but she did not want to make a scene. Her dutiful fingers circled her son’s cock and squeezed it. Tom made his mother play with his big dick beneath the table, with her husband and daughter sitting across from them. Susan had her legs open, while Tommy rubbed her cunt. Their steadily pumping arms went undetected, as they teased each other all through the meal.

Tommy complained that he was having trouble understanding a subject at school. He said there was a test tomorrow, and asked his mom if she could help him study for it. “It has to do with measurements, mom,” he said and winked. Susan excused herself and joined her son in his room. She told her husband that she was helping Tommy prepare for a final exam.

A half an hour later, Cindy wanted to see if she could help, too. She was about to open her brother’s door, when she heard her mom say, “It’s nine and one-half inches, Tommy.” Cindy always was bad at math and hated fractions. She listened to music in her room.

Tom sat on his bed, with his mother on her knees between his legs. She had most of his cock in her mouth and stroked the remainder with her hand. Tommy made his mother blow him, and Susan had to beg to do it. Then with her head in his hands, Tom pumped his big dick into her mouth, until his warm cum filled it and dripped off her chin. He licked and fingered his mom’s wet pussy, while she jerked and sucked on his cock. Susan said it was out of the question to fuck–Tom did not have a condom, and mother was not on the pill–she was not ready to go that far, yet, with her son.

“Mom, you really like sucking on a cock, and you are escort bornova very good at doing it. I am going to want you to blow me a lot. I love watching you play with your pussy, too. Do you like using toys? Maybe you could put on a show with them. Have you ever been tied up, mom? How about getting handcuffed and blindfolded, with you being on your knees and other cocks involved?”

“Tommy! No! You promised this was just between us, and now you want me to blow Robert and his other friends,” she slipped out. Tom had not said anyone in particular, but Susan had Robert and his big cock on her mind. “No, baby, I can’t. Oh, Tom, if you bring them over here, you know what will happen, honey.”

Susan did want very much to blow Robert and other boys, too. In fact, it was Robert responsible for her infatuation of big dicks and for the yearning of her own son’s ample cock. It began with the used condom Susan found at the end of their driveway. At first, she thought it disgusting that someone threw it there. She picked it up with a paper towel and brought it inside. It was a huge condom. Susan could not imagine the size of the cock that stretched this rubber. It had not been there very long, and Susan could smell the fragrance of hot sex on the protective casing. It was sticky on the outside, and when she held it up, she saw inside was a copious amount of white cum. She felt a rush of excitement. She wondered who had the giant cock that deposited this luscious cream.

The following evening Susan stayed alert to the doings outside. Sure enough, a car parked at their driveway, and Susan recognized it as the newlywed’s that live up the street. She could not understand why they would come to the front of her house and fuck. Susan went to investigate. It was the young wife, but she was not with her husband. It was Robert sitting with her in the car. This stunned Susan that a recently married woman was having an affair, and it was with Tommy’s friend, too. Robert had been to their house many times for dinner.

He pushed the girl’s head down on his cock and made her blow him. Susan snuck closer to see inside their vehicle. She thought the girl was very attractive, short dark hair like herself, but having smaller breasts. Susan then saw Robert’s big dick. It was the most beautiful cock, thick, and shining swollen, so long and hard. She listened with envy to this privileged woman’s moaning after she eased down over it. The lucky bitch then started screaming in multiple orgasms while riding hard on Robert’s big dick. Tommy’s friend was not a quick shooter, either. His cock stayed hard for her. Susan heard her tell Robert how much she loved his big horse cock. He tossed the used condom out the window, and it almost hit Tommy’s mom in the face.

The next night, the same cheating wife was there, again. This time she had a car full with not only Robert, but three other young men, too. Susan watched as the girl sat in the back seat between two boys stroking on their big cocks. She sucked their dicks and let them to come in her mouth. Susan–jealous as hell and turned-on beyond belief–fingered her pussy only a few feet away. They took turns fucking the young newlywed to countless orgasms with their many wonderful cocks. Tommy’s mom came several times, too.

No dodging any flying used condoms for Susan that night. The girl wanted to feel their cum shooting inside of her pussy and screamed when they did. Susan thought that she would want this, too. After watching that, Susan longed to have the big cock, and most of all, Robert’s beautiful cock. She had fantasies of him and of a gangbang with other well-hung men.

The next morning, while her husband and daughter were eating breakfast, Susan was on her knees sucking Tommy’s cock before he went to school. After she swallowed her son’s cum, she told him that they would have the house to themselves later. Cindy was having dinner then staying overnight at her friend’s house, and Tom’s dad would be going straight to the game after work. She said the two of them will have the whole afternoon and evening together, and that she would pick-up some wine. Susan paused before she added, “You get the condoms.”

Tom acknowledged with a smile, for he knew that she decided to let him start fucking his own mother. He kissed his mom and promised to take care of all her needs. Tom suggested they have a celebration. He asked that she get a gallon of the wine and make extra, a lot extra, of her famous pasta for dinner tonight. Tom did not say why, but Susan knew it was Robert’s favorite dish.

“I can serve up to four, Tommy.” Susan felt faint when she said that. She pictured herself on her knees while they circled around her. That she jerked on their big cocks and begged to blow them. She had an image of those young bucks shooting their cum in her mouth and splattering so much of it on her face. Tommy’s mom knew that she would fuck for all of them, too. Susan saw her love for Robert’s cock, and how she would do anything he wanted to get it. “How many boys will be coming?” she asked quivering with her hand inside of her panties.

Tom nodded that he understood his mom’s request. It pleased him to have her full cooperation. He would tell Robert to bring his friends. “All four of them, mom, and I am sure they all will be wanting seconds, too.”

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