Walker Family Incest Ch. 03


All characters in this story that participate in sexual activity are at least 18 years old.


My name is Susan Walker and I am a forty year old, happily married mother of two. Tommy is my twenty two year old son, and Krissy is my twenty one year old daughter. Tommy goes to school at the University and rents a house with five other students, but he comes home to visit whenever there is an academic break. Krissy, on the other hand, still lives at home and would rather party with her girlfriends than go to school or get a job. Recently though, she has found work as a model, so she has plenty of money now to buy her own clothes, and she has plans to buy a new car.

Anyway, Tommy is home from school for a few more days, so I decided to take him downtown today buy him some new shirts and jeans. We normally shop over at the mall, but I thought it would be more exciting if we drove over to the “park and ride”, then take the train into town.

It is about eight o’clock in the morning and time to get out of bed, so I pull the satin sheet away from my naked body, then look over at my daughter Krissy. She is still soundly sleeping on her back, so I decide not to wake her up until I get back from the fast food place with some breakfast sandwiches. I sit there for a moment admiring her perfect little breasts slowly moving up and down with each breath she takes.

I should get out of bed right now, but the sight of her hard nipples poking into the satin sheet makes me want to reach over and touch them. I give into my desires, and slowly pull the sheet away from her naked body. After I get the sheet down to her waist, I run my hand across her flat stomach and place my fingers around one of her firm, young breasts. I can feel her hard nipple against the palm of my hand as I gently squeeze it.

This is starting to make me feel a little hornier than I normally am, so I remove my hand from her breast and push the sheet all the way down to her ankles. Then, I begin to gently run my hand up and down the full length of her gorgeous, thin body. I am getting really turned on touching my daughter’s soft skin, and my breathing rate is becoming more rapid. I should stop what I am doing right now, but instead I get out of bed, then walk around so I am standing between her outstretched legs. I pull the sheet completely off her, then gently grasp both her ankles and move her legs apart.

Her cute, little pussy looks inviting, so I lean forward on my elbows and bury my face between her legs. Jesus Christ she tastes good!

I alternate between running my tongue up and down her pussy lips and sucking on her exposed clit. After a couple of minutes, she starts moaning softly and slowly opens her eyes. I continue enjoying myself by darting my tongue in and out of her as she raises up from the bed and rests on her elbows.

Krissy looks into my eyes and says “Oh Mom, that feels so fucking good! Don’t ever stop!”

It is getting late and I don’t have all morning to spend with my face between my daughter’s legs, so after a few more minutes I abruptly stop and get to my feet. As I start walking to the master bathroom to take a shower, Krissy starts begging me to give her an orgasm.

I just look over my shoulder at her, smile, then say “Krissy honey, you will have to wait until I get back from the fast food place with our breakfast!”

I take a quick shower, put on a little makeup, then wrap a towel around me. I don’t feel like putting on any clothes right now, and besides, I won’t have to get out of the car at the fast food place because I am going to use the “drive thru” window. I grab my purse and within a couple of minutes I am sitting in my car ordering breakfast for us.

The voice over the speaker says “Please pull forward to the second window”, so I drive up and stop. The window opens and see it is one of my daughter’s friends. Her name is “Buffy”, and she is the cutest little slut I have ever laid my eyes on. I open my purse, grab a few dollars and hand them to her.

She says “Oh Mrs Walker, I almost did not recognize you in that towel your are wearing!” Then, she laughs briefly and hands me the change.

She hangs out the window for the next minute while we have “girl talk”, then she gets the two bags of food and hands them to me. As I reach up, my towel falls away from me, exposing my breasts to her.

Buffy immediately says “Gosh Mrs Walker, your tits are awesome! I wish mine looked as big and firm as yours!”

My daughter has told me that Buffy likes girls just as much as boys, so I ask her if she would like to give my tits a quick feel. She does not hesitate and leans out the service window as far as she possibly can. I just sit there with my arms down along my sides while Buffy gently squeezes my breasts and pinches my hard nipples. From the expression on her face, she is obviously enjoying herself!

Just then, another customer pulls their car directly behind mine, so I push her hands away from me and say “Next buca escort time you come over to our house, you can spend as long as you want playing with them!”

She says “I am going to call Krissy right after I get off work today!”

As my car starts moving forward, I blow her a kiss, then get back on the road and head for home. Within a couple of minutes I am parked in our driveway and open the car door to get out. I know I should take the towel and wrap it around me, but it is still fairly early in the morning, so I figure the neighbors probably will not see me walk naked to the front porch.

I take a quick glance up and down the road to see if anybody is watching me, then get out of the car. I immediately feel the morning sunshine warm my naked body as I reach into the car to get my purse and the two bags of food. I slam the door shut and walk all the way to the front porch before I remember that I forgot to get the morning newspaper from the paper box out by the street.

I should go inside and get dressed before I walk down to the street to get the paper, but the exhibitionist part of me says not to fucking bother putting any clothes on right now. I sit my purse and bags of food down on the porch, then walk naked through the front yard to the street. I look into the green plastic newspaper box and see that it has not arrived yet, so I start walking back to the house. After taking just a few steps, I notice the newspaper carrier a few houses down from me, so I decide to wait until they get here.

The little girl pedals her bicycle down the sidewalk and stops next to me. She is a sweetheart of a child, about twelve years old, and is the daughter of one of my girlfriends that lives the next block down.

She hands me the morning paper, then immediately says “Mrs Walker, you don’t have any clothes on!”

I glance down between my naked breasts, then say “Oh Gosh Jessica! You are right! I better get back in the house before someone sees me!”

Jessica giggles for a second, then hops back on her bike and pedals to the next house.

Just then I hear some shouting at me. They are saying “Susan! Susan!” I look across the street and see my neighbor Monica in her garage standing next to her new car.

She says “Susan, come over and see my new car!” I shout back at her that I can’t right now, but will come over later this afternoon. She starts explaining that it will just take a second and begs me to come over.

Being a really good friend of mine, I don’t want to disappoint her, so I walk across the street and up her driveway.

As soon as I step into her garage, we put our arms around each other, and start tongue kissing.

After a minute, I break the kiss, then say to her “Well, I don’t want to be the only naked person in your garage! Start stripping or I am going home!”

Monica immediately pulls off her T-shirt, then pushes down her shorts down to her ankles, and steps out of them. We immediately begin kissing again while we run our hands all over each others naked bodies. Another minute passes by, then her husband walks into the garage, pulls down his shorts and starts jacking his cock while his wife and I continue putting on a show for him.

Suddenly, Monica pushes me backwards, up against the side of her new car. Then, she drops down to her knees between my legs and buries her face in my pussy. Her husband takes a few steps towards me, then leans over and begins kissing me. I stick my tongue in his mouth, then reach out and grasp his hard cock

I stroke his cock while his wife licks my pussy for the next four or five minutes, then suddenly he says “Monica, I am going to ejaculate any second now!”

Monica stops licking me, then turns her head towards her husband. I start furiously jacking his cock for the next two or three seconds, then it erupts and sprays a huge amount of sperm all over his wife’s face. It gets in her eyes and she blinks over and over again.

I say to Monica “I love your new car!”, then casually start walking down their driveway. When I reach the road, I look over my shoulder back towards their garage and see both of them watching my naked ass cheeks gently move up and down as I walk. I give them a big smile, then toss my beautiful hair around my face and continue walking.

When I reach my front porch, I pick up my purse and the bags of food, then go inside the house and put the sandwiches in the microwave. After a few seconds, it beeps at me, so I take the sandwiches and go upstairs to give them to the kids.

I enter my bedroom to give one to Krissy, but she is not there, so I walk down the hallway to my son Tommy’s room. Oh my gosh, what a sight! Tommy is on top of his sister and he is slowly fucking her! Jesus Christ these kids are horny!

I walk over to the bed, sit down and hand Krissy one of the sandwiches, then we both pull the paper wrappers off them and begin eating. Tommy keeps fucking his sister for the buca escort bayan next minute while she enjoys her sandwich, then suddenly pulls his cock out of her and grabs the last sandwich for himself.

Krissy immediately says “Tommy, we are not done yet! Get on your back and I will get on top of you!”

Tommy takes another bite of his sandwich, then lays down on his back. Krissy straddles her brothers hard cock. While she is holding her sandwich in one hand, she guides his cock into her pussy with the other.

It takes a little effort to get her brother’s huge ten inch cock into her tight, little pussy, but after a couple of attempts, she is seated all the way down on him.

We spend the next couple of minutes talking while we eat, then Krissy starts bouncing up and down on her brother’s big cock. I finish my sandwich, so I get up from the bed and tell them to hurry up with what they are doing, then take a quick shower.

I go to my bedroom to select a nice dress to put on. I never wear panties or bra, so I slip on my favorite yellow “summer” dress that buttons down the front, then look at myself in the mirror while I brush my beautiful, long blond hair.

After a few minutes, I walk down the hallway to go downstairs and meet the kids. As I pass the open door of the bathroom I hear the water running, so I look in. Jesus Christ, Tommy has his sister pinned up against the shower wall and is fucking the hell out of her!

He has grabbed her by the wrists and is holding her arms above her as he rams his cock inside her tight pussy. I watch for a minute, then suddenly Tommy thrusts his hips upward harder than usual and Krissy’s feet leave the tile floor and dangle around in the air!

Krissy is totally turned on by the rough treatment her brother is giving her and screams at him “Tommy, Tommy don’t stop fucking me! I am going to orgasm at any second! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Tommy keeps ramming his cock into his sister’s pussy over and over again for another couple of minutes, then he suddenly stops. He usually pulls his cock out of her and ejaculates on her face or stomach, but this time he is letting his whole load of sperm gush inside her.

Krissy becomes quiet, closes her eyes and remains still so she can feel her brother’s cock pumping in her pussy.

After a minute, she opens her eyes and says “Oh Tommy, I could feel your cock jerking inside me and filling my pussy with your warm sperm! I want you to ejaculate inside me more often! It feels wonderful!”

Tommy slowly lets his sister slide back down the tile wall until she can touch the floor, then pulls his cock out of her.

The show is over, so I say to them “I hate to interrupt you kids having fun, but we have to leave soon, or we will miss the train. Get dressed and meet me downstairs in five minutes, or I may leave without you!”

I go downstairs to the kitchen, pour myself a glass of lemonade and sit at the table. A few minutes pass, then Krissy and Tommy come bounding down the stairs and run over towards me. Krissy’s dress is completely open in the front revealing her bra and panties. When she gets into the kitchen, she pulls the dress together and starts to button it up.

I immediately say “Oh, no you don’t Krissy! Take off your bra and panties first, then put your dress on! We are going to have a great afternoon flashing our bodies in public while Tommy takes videos of us!”

I glance over at Tommy to make sure he has the video camera hooked on his belt, then we get in the car and drive over to the train station. As soon as we park, the train arrives and comes to a complete stop. All three of us run towards it and jump on board. The doors immediately close and we are soon speeding towards downtown.

There are about a dozen people sitting in the front, so we go all the way to the back, and sit down. After a few minutes, Tommy suggests that he take his camera and go to the front of the train car and take video of Krissy and I exposing our tits.

He says that will be fucking cool because the passengers will not know what is happening behind them. I tell him that will be fun, but he has to warm me up first by kissing me.

He hands the video camera to Krissy, then she starts the camera and captures my son and I tongue kissing each other while the train continues on it’s journey.

I am getting horny as hell kissing my son while he fondles my breasts through the fabric of my dress, so I quickly unbutton it, then pull it down off my shoulders and throw it over the back of the empty seat in front of us. Tommy starts running his hands all over my naked body as I open the zipper to his shorts and start jacking his cock up and down.

After a few strokes his cock is hard, so I break our kiss, then lean over and begin sucking on it. His cock is so fucking big that I have to open my mouth as wide as it will go, then breath through my nose while he pushes on the back of my head escort buca with both of his hands.

My son’s cock hits the back of my throat, and I begin to gag. I desperately try to push his hands away from me, but he thrusts his hips upward even more and his cock slides down my throat! I cannot get any air inside my lungs so I place my hands on his thighs and push upward as hard as I can. My son releases his hands from the back of my head, then I raise up and take a breath of air.

My hair is all messed up, so I open my purse, get my brush and casually run it through my hair while I tell Tommy not to be so rough with me. After a few seconds, I put the brush back in my purse, then tell Krissy to go to the front of the train car and start taking video. She gets up from the bench seat, walks to the front, then turns around and points the camera towards Tommy and myself.

A few people turn around to see what she is taking video and pictures of, so I lean forward for a second so they can’t see my naked body. I am horny as hell, so I swing my leg over my son and plop down on his cock. My pussy lets about five or six inches inside of her, then I raise up a little bit and drop myself back down. Jesus Christ my son’s cock feels good inside me!

I immediately start bouncing up and down on it for a minute, then suddenly, Tommy struggles to get to his feet!

He holds onto the chrome rails and stands up while I lock my arms together around his neck and wrap my legs around his waist. After he is on his feet, he steps into the middle of the train car, grabs my ass cheeks with both hands and starts ramming his cock into my pussy.

Suddenly, a voice over the intercom says “Arriving downtown in two minutes”, so Tommy gives me a few more hard thrusts then lowers me down. I immediately grab my dress, pull it up around me and button it.

A few minutes later we are walking around the downtown area and are enjoying window shopping. As we walk past a women’s manicure shop called “Nails Xcetera”, we stop, then I reach into my purse and give a credit card to Tommy. I tell him to go shopping for the next hour while Krissy and I get our nails done.

My son gives me a quick kiss, then Krissy and I open the door of the salon and walk in. Gosh, this place is really nice on the inside! A beautiful young girl immediately walks up to us, asks a few questions, then escorts us over to a couple of big red leather chairs.

Within a few minutes, two equally beautiful young girls walk over to Krissy and I, then pull up stools and begin to manicure our feet. About fifteen minutes go by, then the two girls start working on our finger nails.

Just then, a beautiful woman about fifty years old enters the room and stops in front of me. She is awesome looking with her long, straight gray hair that matches the color of the “pin stripes” of her business suit.

She looks directly into my eyes and says “Your daughter and you look like perfect candidates for our body painting artist! She is here for only one week, then she returns to Paris, France! I will make a deal with you! I will let you get body painted for free if you tell everyone you meet today about my nail salon store!”

I reply to her that I would love to get body painted, so she takes my hand and guides Krissy and I through a doorway to an adjacent room.

It overlooks the busy sidewalk, so I say to her “If we get body painted, we will be naked, and people walking by will be able to see us! Don’t you have curtains or something like that so people can’t look at us?”

She immediately assures us that the tint of the window glass is so dark people walking by cannot seen through it. Krissy and I are excited as we unbutton our dresses and take them off. Just as we throw our dresses over the back of a chair, a dark haired beauty enters the room. She is absolutely the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen in my life!

With a french accent, she asks me what kind of clothing we would like her to spray paint our bodies.

We tell her to put a bikini on both of us, then she says “How would you like me to paint a colorful “halter top” on you, then spray on some matching brief shorts? When I am finished painting, it will look so realistic that you will not even want to put your dresses back on! You can leave the salon completely naked and no one will even notice that you and your daughter are not wearing any clothes!”

My daughter and I look at each other for a second, then at the same time, we say to her “Paint the halter top and shorts on us!”

After about an hour, Krissy and I look in the mirror and see the woman was right! We appear to have “skin tight” clothes on, but actually, we are completely naked! Krissy and I thank the woman over and over again, then I wrap my arms around her waist to give her a quick hug. After I release her, she steps back, glances down at the front of white dress, then looks back up at me.

She says “Look, none of the paint came off from you onto my dress. My new paint formula works excellent and should last for two or more days, even if you take a shower. Now, go out and enjoy being nude in public!”

Krissy and I pick up our dresses and stuff them into my big purse, then the woman escorts us to the salon exit door and waves goodbye to us.

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