Watching is Fun Too


I had tried previously to get into Josh’s speedos without success and this year had the same result. However, by now Josh is one of the few people that I’m ‘out’ to and he is kewl with it. I think it was last Tuesday that Josh lined up a night out in town with some Kiwi friends of his and he gave me the heads up that one of the guys is ‘probably’ gay.

Ryan was the ‘probably’ gay guy. Ryan was a kewl guy and he was definitely gay from what I figured but he was str8 acting.

It was a pretty full on night and I didn’t get to spend much time talking to Ryan but since he lives in town here I did give him my number and told him to give me a buzz anytime for some pool or some riding.

To be honest….. I had completely forgotten about Ryan — he was cute that is for sure and he is a Southern Kiwi man (kinda like a Southern US guy — born and bred on the farm, pretty str8 acting and my bet is he could sheer – or share — a sheep). I can’t believe I hadn’t given him much more though because I don’t really know any gay guys in town yet. So last week I get a txt from Ryan saying that he and his boyfriend (yes he wrote boyfriend) were going to shoot some pool and I was welcome to join them.

The pool bar in town is awesome — huge room with a stack of tables and its nice and laid back. I saw Ryan and he introduced me to Jazza who is a real man that is for sure. Short dark hair, goatee (which I normally don’t like but this looked really hot) and a fair bit over 6 foot. We settled in for the afternoon drinking and shooting some pool. Conversation was light and open, Josh had told Ryan that I was bisexual and the three of us talked about how few gay guys there were in town. Around 10pm (we’d been playing pool since 5pm) Jazza and Ryan asked me if I wanted to go back to their place for a few drinks and we’d pick up something to eat on the way home. What do you think I said?

Back at their place we are having a few drinks and in the comfort of their place they acted a lot kastamonu escort more like boyfriends — holding hands and stuff.

Ryan did ask me if it bothered me at all. I wasn’t at all and I told them that I hadn’t seen guys being casual like that in ages — prolly since I was in Vancouver out on the town.

As usual conversation turned to sex and we were talking about what we liked. My love for speedos was discussed and Ryan was talking about how he is a bit of an exhibitionist. Jazza agreed with him and they were telling me about places they had nearly been caught. I did comment that I enjoyed voyeurism and I think that was the perfect response…..

Ryan said that he thought it was interested and said that I wouldn’t be offended if they kissed — with that Ryan leant over and started kissing Jazza very passionately. Ryan’s hand was moving up from Jazza’s knee to the crotch of his jeans.

They were rubbing each other and it was hot to see 2 guys going at it in front of you. Maybe 2 minutes after they started I was rock hard in my jeans (I had my new pair of AussieBum wonderjock black speedos on) and I hadn’t even touched my cock. Now Ryan was straddling Jazza and the view of Ryan’s arse with Jazza’s hands massaging his cheeks was really hot.

Now there was room on the couch and I got up to move over there. They both stopped kissing and asked me to sit back down. This shocked me and I was taken back. I started apologising and said that I thought that was where things were going. Then they were apologising for getting carried away and said that they were in a monogamous relationship and were really working hard at gaining each other trust and stuff. Things were getting awkward quickly and I was thinking that I had to try and defuse the situation.

“The three of us are hard so we should at least make the most of it. Would you guys be kewl if I just sat here and watched?”

This was a stab in the dark and I kastamonu escort bayan wasn’t quite sure how it would go down. Ryan and Jazza looked at each other and kind of half nodded to each other and Ryan said to me “I suppose that can’t hurt. But you aren’t allowed to leave your seat Dave.”

I’m kewl with that.

The tension had been broken with Ryan and Jazza agreeing to let me watch them on the condition that I didn’t leave my chair — I was happy with those rules.

From there they both got stuck into each other. After about 20 seconds of kissing they were both trying to undo each others jeans. They even broke off their kissing for a second to get the buttons undone.

With jeans loosened Jazza’s hands moved from Ryan’s arse to inside Ryan’s jeans. By now I could tell that they were both wearing boxers and it was time for me to loosen my jeans. I undid my belt, button and zipper and started rubbing my cock through my AussieBums. These new wonderjock speedos lift my nuts up and there is very little room for an erect cock in there and the head of my cock was pushing at the waistband of my speedos. I had no choice but to untie the drawstring and pull the top of my speedo down under my balls.

While I was doing this Jazza had pulled down Ryan’s jeans to around his knees. Just as I gripped my exposed, hard cock Ryan was forced to stand up and remove his jeans completely.

During this pause both Jazza and Ryan looked over at me with my cock in my hand. There was some comments about how much Dave is enjoying the show and Ryan’s shirt and boxers joined his jeans on the floor. Standing completely naked infront of me Ryan told Jazza to get up and get his clothes off too which Jazza was more than happy to comply with.

This time Ryan was sitting on the couch and Jazza was straddling him. I had a fantastic view of Jazza’s arse (which was very smooth) and the backside of his balls which were equally as smooth from escort kastamonu my angle.

After a few minutes of rubbing each other Ryan asked me if I would pass over the lube and condoms which were in the draw next to where I was sitting. I was more than happy to help and I had to release my grip which was probably a good thing considering how close I was getting to orgasm myself.

Now I have never ever seen anything as erotic as what happen nexted. Ryan put on the condom and Jazza lubed it up — then Jazza sat on Ryan’s cock and I had the best seat in the house. Right in front of me was two guys fucking. By the speed in which Jazza sat down on Ryan’s cock I figured that these guys had done this before and once Ryan’s cock was in — it was on. Jazza was pounding away at Ryan’s cock and Ryan’s hands were spreading Jazza’s arse to give me an ever better view.

I was really close to cumming now and I had to stop myself from cumming then and there. I gripped the base of my cock and just played with my balls for a couple of minutes while Jazza continued riding Ryan.

Jazza then turned around and asked me if I was going to cum with them and that they were both getting close.

I started stroking my cock again and I was really going for it. It didn’t take long but Jazza was the first to cum (he was stroking his cock which was something that I couldn’t see that well). I could see Jazza’s arse cheeks tighten and then pulse as he was cumming all over Ryan’s chest.

Then I started cumming all over myself. I had a good load of cum and since I was sitting down it went all over my hand and down into my speedo. It was pretty much at the same time that Ryan started moaning as he came.

That was intense I can tell you. After that there wasn’t much small talk — I packed myself back into my AussieBum speedo and did up my jeans. By the time I got home I could feel my own cum down the inside of my legs. I was so turned on by the night that I stripped off my jeans and knelt on my bed with my cum soaked AussieBums and came again.

Then I had a LONG shower to clean up the mess.

I got a txt from Ryan earlier today asking me what I was doing later in the week so it sounds like they enjoyed the experience as much as I did — I’m more than happy to watch that any day!!!

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