Water Running Cold Pt. 02


**This is the second part of Water Running Cold… the juicy part 😉 **

If he keeps looking at me like that…

“I am mad at you for sitting on your ass all day while I’m at work,” Daddy says, coming around the island slowly.

“I did the dishes. I cleaned the bathroom! There’s very little to do since everything is closed!” I say defensively, feeling flustered.

Daddy moves deliberately toward me, his eyes following the droplets of water as they drip from the ends of my blonde hair. The kitchen smells like basil and the water is still running in the sink. I suck in a breath as Daddy closes the gap between us, tilting his head to the side. His jaw is covered in scruff and I get a twinge between my legs thinking about it scratching the inside of my thighs.

“Are you okay, baby girl?” Daddy asks, eyes following the top line of the towel I am clutching.

“You’re wasting water,” I tell him, lifting my chin towards the sink.

Daddy’s next step surprises me and I back up, bumping into the kitchen stool. The metal scraps on the linoleum floor and I wince as my ankle hits the bar at the bottom. Daddy puts his hand on the counter, forcing me down onto the stool.

“T-t-the sauce, Daddy…” I whisper, hearing the sizzle of something boiling over.

“Do you remember when I drove you to campus last year?” he asks, his voice barely above a whisper.

I feel his fingers on my knee and I freeze. His eyes are piercing, boring into mine. I can’t breathe as he strokes around my knee, swirling circles slowly up my skin. I can see him now. I can see the desire storm brewing behind his eyes and the way his breathing lifts his broad shoulders. His touch is hot and I am going to drip on this damn seat.

“I’ve thought about it every day since,” he says, his fingers skimming the edge of my towel. “Have you?”

God damn…

I nod.

“I have wanted to touch your skin, just like this.”

His palm is flat and his fingers are pressing into the flesh of my thigh. I part my legs and Daddy’s fingertips slide under the soft fabric of my towel. My skin is on fire. I feel my pussy dripping and my clit throbs almost painfully with pleasure. I want him to touch me. I need him to touch me.

“What else?” I whisper, straightening my back to bring my face closer to his.

His eyes drop to my lips and I watch his tongue slide along his bottom lip. He’s so fucking close to me, yet not close enough. I can smell a hint of garlic on him and his cologne is enveloping me. He bends his elbow so his face is close enough for his breath to tickle my cheek.

“I want to kiss you,” he says and I suck in his exhale. “I shouldn’t, should I? I shouldn’t kiss my own daughter, but I wonder how soft your lips are.”

It seems like we reach for each other at the same time. I grab for his forearm and shoulder. Daddy’s hand moves from my leg to my lower back and pushes me off the stool and into his body. His other hand relaxbet güvenilirmi comes up, briefly cupping my face to guide my lips to his, and then sliding into my hair. He kisses me hard and deep, his tongue stroking mine in my mouth. My grip is tight on him. He groans against my lips as my towel loosens between us. Both his hands come up to my shoulder blades and he drags my towel down, exposing me to him in our kitchen.

His lips leave mine, fingers twisting in the ends up my hair to lightly pull my head back. He kisses along my jawline, flicking my earlobe with his tongue, and tracing circles along my neck. He cups my breasts in his hand and kneads it.

I need him.

I feel like my pussy is running like the faucet. I can feel how wet my thighs are with juices that my own father has created. He sucks on my neck and I let out a moan. It’s a direct trigger to my clit and I thrust my hips into his hard cock that I can feel in his jeans.

“You made me so mad, Kitten,” he says, both of his hands circling my waist and cupping my ass. He scoops me closer, lifting me up and placing me on the counter. In a fluid motion, Daddy turns the burner off on the stove and the faucet off.

He grabs both my ankles and yanks me towards the edge of the counter. I lift my head up to look at him, but his eyes have zeroed in on the juicy hole between my spread legs. Daddy moves his hands slowly up my legs as he slowly takes steps towards me.

“You look hungry, Daddy,” I murmur, letting one hand run down my stomach towards the bald area above my little clit.

“You look so beautiful, baby girl.”

Daddy’s drooling, his eyes glued to the pussy of his daughter. His hands curve over my knee, fingers pressing harder into my thighs. He’s leaving faint red lines down my skin until he’s inches from my swollen lips. He brings his mouth to my pussy and I feel his tongue slide agonizingly slow up my slit. I moan with a shiver running down my spine. Daddy’s tongue swirls over my clit and then he sucks it into his mouth.

“Oh fuck, Daddy! Yes!” I breathe, withering under his mouth. “Lick my little pussy.”

“Daddy has wanted to taste you forever, baby.”

His tongue explores every inch of my pussy and I bite on my knuckle as the pleasures rolls through me. His mouth feels better than any of the boys I’ve ever been with. The hair on his face tickles my skin. His fingers pull my lips apart and his tongue dips into my hole. Our moans fill the room and I grip the counters edge.

“You’re going to cum on Daddy’s face,” he orders.

“Yes Daddy,” I say, eyes closing as his tongue swipes across my clit again.

His fingers slide up at down my slit, coating in my juices and Daddy’s saliva. Slowly, Daddy eases his finger into my hole and I seize up. The pad of his finger has already found my g-spot, something my ex never got close to. He pulls his hand back and a second finger stretches my pussy relaxbet yeni giriş a little more. Daddy slurps my clit when I moan and starts moving his fingers in and out of me.

“You’re the best, baby,” Daddy murmurs, kissing my little clit.

I’m building fast. His fingers are working into me while his tongue flicks and circles my clit. He traps it between his lips, sucking and flicking and fingering until I lift myself up on my elbows and watch him. Daddy meets my eyes and he looks so sexy sucking on my pussy. I can see my juices on the edges of his beard. He’s moaning. He loves how I taste. He’s going to love making his little girl cum.

I oblige.

Daddy feels my pussy grip his fingers and he sucks hard on my clit to trigger my orgasm before taking his finger out of me and replacing it with his tongue. He drinks me; the sound of his tongue flicking and his mouth slurping on me fill the room. His fingers press into my hips and if he pulls me any closer I think I might suffocate him. I breathe deeply, feeling the waves of pleasure twitch every finger on my hand and curl my toes. It’s an earthshattering orgasm and I already know I want more.

“Get down,” Daddy says over the sound of his belt buckle.

I scramble off the counter and try to go on my knees. Daddy’s fingers are quick to scoop my hair into a fistful and he forces me back up. He pushes my head down onto the seat of the stool, bending me over and forcing my ass up for him. He lets go of my hair and uses his hand to spank me hard.

“That’s for pissing me off earlier,” he says, rubbing my stinging skin before his hand comes down harder onto me. “That’s for wasting all the water.” Smack. “And that’s for causing me to ruin dinner.”

“Daddy, please,” I say, biting my lip.

I don’t even know what I’m begging for. Do I want him to spank me some more? Each slap made my sensitive clit vibrate. Do I want to be on my knees for him, letting him face fuck me until he covers his little girl in cum? That thought makes me wetter…

Daddy presses his hand on my back while he strokes the head of his cock up and down my slit. I don’t even know how big he is, but his cock is rock hard. He’s coated in thick precum too. My Daddy’s hard cock is touching my pussy. My father is about to slide himself into me and fuck me right here in our kitchen.

“Do you want your father’s cock inside you?” he asks. “Do you want me to fuck you with the cock that made you?”

God, I could cum right now.


“I asked you a question, baby girl.”

“Yes, Daddy. I need my daddy’s cock inside me! Please give it to me, Daddy. I need to feel you.”

He slaps his cock on my ass and again on my clit. Again, he slides the head of his cock up and down my slit before positioning himself at my leaking hole. Daddy scratches his nails up my back and reaches his hand to my neck. He pulls my head back at the same time his cock thrusts relaxbet giriş into me.

I all but scream as the biggest cock I’ve ever had slides into me. It’s like he never ends.

“Fuck, Daddy.”

I squeeze my cunt around him and Daddy responds by slapping my ass. I gasp for breath and Daddy’s balls finally press against my clit. He’s almost too big. He’s touching deep parts of my cunt, parts I haven’t even touched.

“You have the best pussy ever,” he says, one hand on my hip and the other on my neck. He thrusts into me. “Including your mother’s.”

I could combust.

“You are so tight,” he says with a thrust. “So wet.” Thrust. “So juicy.” Thrust. “So sweet.”

“Fuck me, Daddy,” I say in a strangled voice. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

“You sweet little girl. Look at you beg for Daddy to fuck you. You’re so naughty,” he says, leaning over me to bite my shoulder.

“I’m your naughty girl,” I say, trying to thrust back into him. “I’m Daddy naughty little girl.”

“Yes you are, baby girl,” he says, yanking my hips a little further off the stool so he can rub my clit. “Daddy is going to use your little pussy. You’re going to be ready to fuck Daddy whenever I want.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You’re going to please Daddy by being his dirty little whore. You’re going to suck me and fuck me and please me.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He’s thrusting faster now. His balls are slapping my clit and I am panting hard. I feel like a bitch in heat getting fucked so hard by my father. He’s reaches for my face, jerking my head to the side to kiss me.

“Take it.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You’re mine.”

“I’m yours, Daddy. I want you.”

Daddy stands and partially releases me. Both his hands come to my hips and he starts thrusting harder and faster. I’m going to cum all over him. I want him to fill me. I want his cum to overflow out of my pussy and drip down my thighs. His cock is stretching me out and his forcefulness is so sexy.


I grip the edge of the chair and my pussy tightens around him. My knees buckle as the orgasm starts deep inside me and expands all over my body. I’m not just cumming from his cock, but his hands on my hips and his balls slapping my clit. I close my eyes to keep from seeing stars, but the lights dance behind my eye lids anyways.

“Fill me,” I order, turning my head to look at him. “Fill up my dirty little fucking hole with your hot cum, Daddy.”

He thrusts as deep as he can, grunting loudly as his cock twitches inside me. I can feel him filling me. It’s a delicious sensation… to have your father be deep inside your cunt while he’s pumping his load of hot cum inside you. I’m going to let this load drip out of me all night. I want more of it. I want daddy to cum inside me whenever he wants. I need his cum. I want to be his cum slut.

“You are so good, baby girl,” he whispers, slowly easing himself out of me as he kisses up my spine. I can feel his cum drip onto the floor.

“Thank you, Daddy,” I say in appreciation.

The man just gave me two mind shattering orgasms and he dumped a huge load of sticky cum into my thirsty little pussy. Part of me feels like I’m dreaming.

“What are we going to do about dinner?”

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