We Weren’t Prepared for CampingChapter 4

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Leaving Tammy at the camp by herself, Pat and Samantha headed off with Katie and Suzzie out towards the pathway at the top end of the beach, that led to the headland, planning to return back through the inland forest nature pathway.Tammy told her friends to enjoy the scenery, especially up at the lookout point and at her favorite place along the forest nature track. They must be sure to get Pat and Samantha to show them these spots. Tammy said she would be keen to hear about their day trekking activities and what they thought about these locations when they returned. She waved them goodbye and then returned to her campsite to relax and read some magazines enjoying her Time Out Alone space.Tammy knew that they would be away for a good four hours at least, maybe even five, so she settled down on the ground just outside the back of their tent, propped herself against a tree for support, and hidden from Gölbaşı escort bayan sight, behind other trees, Tammy started flicking through some magazines that they had brought to the beach.Deciding this was a great spot to chill out because she could look up and see without being seen, Tammy found she could watch both the exit points from their hideaway to the beach, as well as the neighbors’ camping spot at the same time, which made her feel like she was invisible. From where Tammy was sitting, she found she could hear but not quite see the neighbor’s over in their camping spot and was a little bit disappointed, especially after having seen Juan’s long meaty cock earlier today, she pondered on how she could get to see some more of his credentials.Tammy started to evaluate the differences between Juan’s forty-three-year-old cock and those twenty-odd-year-old Escort Keçiören cocks that she loved to suck, admitting to herself that Juan’s cock was at least ten mm thicker and about fifty mm longer than any of her boyfriend’s fuck sticks.Fuck he is hung she thought to herself as she sat there pondering how it would feel to wrap her hand around his shaft and her cock sucking lips around such a large piece of meat, which only made her wet … no…wetter! than she had been all day.Having been surrounded by all the hung men down at the beach earlier today, watching them enter and leave the water swinging their meat from side to side as they walked along the water’s edge she decided it was unfair to have to look only. Damn this is going to be a long weekend, she thought, and as she was daydreaming about Juan’s meat and all those other cocks down at the water’s edge Kızılay escort of the beach, her hand had dropped down to her pussy gently rubbing her mound and stimulating her clit … Hmmm, no wonder she was wet, she thought! Tammy decided to relocate herself over to the next tree where she could be a bit more voyeuristic, watching Juan and Jen hanging out over in their camp, without them watching her watching them.Settling into her new position she could see Jen getting into the string Swing that they always brought down with them, and Juan as he lay back in his string hammock sound asleep. It was not long before Jen was dozing off also, and as Jen slipped into her sleep, Tammy watched her legs slowly spreading apart leaving Tammy with a clear view of her clean Brazilian waxed pussy whose lips were glistening in the sun. Tammy was not sure if this was from their recent swim or whether it was her juices that enhanced the sunlight on her pussy lips, not that that mattered as she admired Jen’s condition for a forty-year-old.Her breasts were nice and firm, although Tammy commented to herself, “not as firm as mine” and Jen’s boobs must have been about 36B’s or C’s with firm nipples proudly pointed upwards.

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