Wee Wee Camp: Intensity

Written by Victor C. Nathan and Chantal Lefleur


“Oh, Granny, I think you have drained every last drop out of me,” groaned Henry Humper, having just had his second orgasm of the morning from his heavenly-hootied, Herculean-headlighted hussy of a grandson-humper. “I think you better take your hand off of my pecker for a while, until I can get some water or juice. I can’t even work up enough fluid to spit.”

“Tee hee hee, Henry. And to think just a second ago, the ‘spits’ were so abundant,” replied June Humper with a naughty wink as she shimmied her boobies, making them shake lasciviously in his face as she continued to ‘milk’ his cock with her hand. “I guess I have given wee wee quite a workout this morning. Why don’t you go and take a shower and then head down to breakfast? I think I heard Ward down there already. Get some juice, sweetie.”

Finally and reluctantly letting go of Henry’s humongous humpstick, the nakedly blonde, beautiful and busty June walked into the adjacent bathroom to wash her hands, then strode back towards Henry, taking him in a tight embrace.

“I do love you, sweetie,” June breathed in his ear as her arms tightened around him, her ponderously large breasts squashed flat against his athletic chest. “Don’t ever forget that.”

“Oh gee, Grandma, don’t go getting all mushy on me,” Henry sighed, extricating himself from his grandmother’s tight hold on him and her unencumbered, but awesome essential orbs. “Women can be so fucking sappy sometimes. Anyway, you’re right. I’m going to go take a shower and then head down for breakfast. I’ll catch you shortly.”

“You want me to join you in the shower, you happy fucker?” June asked in a seducing sort of voice as she touched the edge of his arm with her pair of oversucked, overfucked old set of fuckers and grasped his sexual staff again. “I like helping to get dirty boys clean, just like that fucked-up fucking Axe shower wash commercial.”

“Nah, you better not,” Henry replied, pinching her perky but spacious right nipple, pink and pretty as it was. “Cause if you hop in the fucking shower with me, I’ll be in there for two hours and it will be lunchtime by the time we get out, and I haven’t eaten since last night and I am as hungry as a motherfucker.”

“Make that grandmotherfucker, Henry,” the topsy-turvy tittied nympho tittered as she finally released her digital control of her grandbaby’s at long last deflated penis. “You might as well be accurate when you use that filthy language, you fucker.”

June wandered off in the direction of the bedroom that she ostensibly shared with her husband, Ward, but rarely occupied, especially when Henry was in residence. Stripping off her robe and panties, she chose her clothing for the day, dressed, which took a while, since shoving her two enormous chest charms into her bra was a time-consuming project, patted her hair into place and headed downstairs to begin breakfast preparations. Henry did as he had been instructed, jumping into the shower and scrubbing himself, starting at his sticky dick, with the aid of Axe and a washcloth, savoring the pleasant scent. Once dressed, Henry jumped down the staircase two steps or more at a time, landing with a thud in the front hall before wending his way down to the kitchen, where his grandparents sat perusing the morning newspaper and sipping on their respective cups of coffee.

“Henry, my boy,” Ward said enthusiastically, reaching out to slap Henry affectionately on the back. “Just the man I wanted to see. I just had a phone call from someone who is coming to visit us next week, and you’ll never guess who it is.”

“Great, I love fucking surprises!” the young Humper exclaimed, glancing over at his granny and her K-cupped globies, waiting for Ward’s answer. “Who the fuck is it?”

“I’ll tell you who the fuck it is,” Ward answered, completely unsurprised by the abundant use of profanity, a habit that he had also picked up from living for over 30 years with his full-breasted, voluptuous blonde hottie of a wife. “Somebody you haven’t seen in probably ten years.”

“Yes, Henry,” June added, setting her heavy aged hills of honkery goodness on the table as she leaned forward, using the two swells of her swell swivelers as a plate upon which to place her toast as she buttered it before adding the jelly, though both teats were fully covered at this point. “The last time you saw her, the two of you were just little fuckin’ tykes playing on the beach. And even then, you were a little fucking tittie fiend, Henry. Your momma and I were laughing our big-tittied asses off when the two of you built that sand castle that looked like two big hills, two big fucking titties. I guess you spent so much time around Hilda and me and our huge whoppers squeezed into those itsy bitsy bikini tops that you built a fucking castle of Tit! It was even funnier than when Hilda and I yummied on the lifeguard’s big cock!”

“Gee whiz, Nana!” Henry almost bellowed, as he poured a glass of juice and stuck one hand down her robe, touching between her bulbously cute globes as Ward laughed at his antics. “Now I manavgat escort fucking remember! You mean that little red-haired girl with the fucking pigtails is coming? It’s been over a decade since I saw her last!”

“Yep,” Ward Humper chuckled, his own hand going under June’s robe and touching the tiny sensitive nub between her legs. “And I’ll bet you won’t recognize her now. She’s 18 and she has grown, up and OUT! He he he!”

“I hope she’s grown up and out in all the right places,” laughed Henry, as he kneaded and squeezed his grandmother’s enormous knockers, then rubbed one of her pert, pink nipples between the thumb and index finger of his right hand. “I bet she’s grown into another big tittied whore, just like the rest of the Humper women, ha ha.”

“Oh, Henry,” replied June, sighing deeply as her grandson played with her humongous knocks and her husband continued to strum the small nub between her thighs. “You do say the sweetest things sometimes. I’m sure you and Ivana will get along famously.”

“Yes, Henry,” said Ward, usually a man of few words as he continued to pleasure his wildly-whopperishly well-stacked wife. “I’m positive that you and she will hit it off famously. She has a nice personality as well as nice tits, and she’s one hell of a lay.”

“Ha ha ha!” Henry laughed, tweaking his granny’s solidified nips and spacious areola, not as shocked as he was just pretty fucking amused by his grandfather’s remarks. He was a Humper, after all. “Holy shit, I mean, like, you boned her? You humped Ivana? Was she a great piece of ass?”

“Oh, tee hee hee! Ward, you incorrigible fucker! I can’t believe you’re fucking telling Henry about that fucked-up shit, though I guess you never could pass up a broad with big honkers! Tee hee!”

“Oh, you bet your Granny’s big motherfucking funbags she was!” Ward admitted with a chortle, his hand buried between June Humper’s legs by this point, exciting her lower region while he left her upper to his more than capable grandson. “Oh, shit, her titties just started sprouting a few years ago, like puberty kicked her ass or something! Ha ha! And she wrapped those huge fuckers around my head, ha ha, among other places!”

“Oh, Ward,” moaned June, leaning her head back to rest against the back of the upright chair in which she was seated, thrusting her magnificently mammoth mammaries out even further than usual as Henry gave up his fondling and lowered his face to the level of her chest and opened his mouth to draw in one of her already hard nipples. “You always could make my tiddley wink, tee hee hee. You haven’t lost your touch, baby. Ahhhhhhhh, I think I’m about to fucking come here if you guys don’t knock it off and let me get on with my breakfast.”

“Hell, breakfast can wait,” said Henry, removing his mouth from her teat with an audible pop. “Why don’t you just get down on all fours and let me hump you from behind? Does that sound like fun?”

“Holy shit, do you have to ask, Henry?” responded June eagerly, immediately lowering her big-boobied, big-assed self to the floor and crouching on all fours. “I mean, you know your Nanny Junie loves to be ridden, Henry Horsecock, and you are her favorite rider, after all, you fucking crazy son of a bitch.”

Ward laughed at the pair of them and his hand left her “special place” as the boobie-gifted, honker-heavy grandma went to her knees, her set of paradise puppies dangling like treasures from the front of her now splayed open robe which conveniently was the only thing the overtittered old broad wore.

“June, I think it’s great to see you make Henry’s time here so fucking fun for his cock. A young guy needs to get his fucking rocks off, even if it is with an old busty chick like you.”

Henry smiled knowingly at Ward as he yanked the back of June’s robe roughly up, unveiling her naked ass and legs and a pair of paps that nearly touched the floor.

“Oh, Ward, sweetness,” June moaned, her breathing rising as she looked up into her husband’s face and her titties shivered. “You aren’t going to get out of your husbandly duties so easy, you old fucker. Undo your pants, hon, and pull your cock out for me.”

“Alright, Henry, now stick it in me,” demanded June, waggling her ample ass seductively, which in turn caused her dangling udders to sway to and fro in such a provocative manner that Henry had barely gotten his boxers pulled down before he was almost at full mast. Ward rose from where he was seated and lowered his pajama pants, his wrinkly old dick now almost without any wrinkles as it too quivered and rose at the sight in front of him. “Come on, Henry, get it in there. I need to fuck. I’m hungry for fuck.”

Henry did as he was told, taking hold of his by now fully erect cock and placing the pink, spongy head at her vaginal port of entry, separating her labia with his fingers before sliding into her slick slot up to the hilt, his furry ballsack swinging freely, smacking her on the ass every time he moved.

“Oh, Granny!” Henry managed, jamming his percolating prick into the unoccupied manavgat escort bayan airspace of her wonderfully pungent and moist pussy, reaching hurriedly beneath her arms to white knuckle her never inert boobs that were the size of gyrating beasts of burden. “I think it’s time for a steady diet of pure fucky, fucky, fucky! Ohhhhhh, fuck, that shit’s tight, especially for an old boobied bird!”

“Ward, move that cock and those two old senior citizen discount balls here, you motherfucker! Hurry up! My palate is particular to Papa’s pee wee!”

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Ward grunted, going from his chair to his knees before his sexually vulnerable and hornily hungry for fuck wife of many decadent decades. “Open wide, Junie! Cause Papa’s got a real hard cock!”

Ward never hesitated. As Henry began to slip his own steely fuckstick in and out of June’s interior, making her juggies jump, Ward grabbed his busty spouse’s blonde hair and yanked her head towards his eleven incher, shoving his penis inside the O of her opened mouth, sparing genteelness for genital stimulation.

“Mmmmmphhh,” June grunted, as her two cavities were filled to capacity. Henry’s twelve incher filled her muff completely, his thrusting jamming the head of his pecker none too gently against the neck of her cervix while Ward’s slightly shorter but still impressive humpstick filled her mouth, the spongy head of his geriatric flesh rocket touching the dangling uvula at the back of her throat. Both cockular motions elicited a frenzy of motion in her fun old bosom sacks.

“Oh, Junie,” moaned Ward, beginning to thrust in and out of her moist and oh so willing mouth. “I’ve had a lot of lips around this old fucker of mine, but it’s been ages since they were yours. I can tell you haven’t lost your touch. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Nah, she hasn’t lost her touch at all, Grandpa!” shouted Henry, thrusting in earnest now, but taking the time to remove one of his hands from his Nana’s titflesh to meet his grandfather’s hand in a high five. “Grandpa, you kick some fucking ass! It’s fucking cool fucking hanging out with you! I knew you didn’t give a fucking shit about what Granny and I were doing the last few days! Uh! Uh! Oh! Oh! She really is tight for an old lady, isn’t she?”

“Oh, she really fucking is,” Ward Humper laughed, watching her swaying pounds of tit slapping the underside of her bobbing chin as she moved her head on the trunk of his happily hard hard-on. “Her old cunny can still fuck like nobody’s business, and I’d be fucking it if I wasn’t boning so many of the young big-boobed girls at the college. Oh, shit, Junie, suck my old cock, you big-tittied sweetheart! And she can suck a dick like nobody’s business too, Henry! Oh, fuck, but that feels good!”

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Henry wailed, ignoring June’s hooters as his hands gripped her tiny waist and his wee wee felt the snug walls of her sweet feminine tunnel milk his cock, tightening and loosening around his length of pipe as it pumped in and out of her inner sanctum, both of her twin titans coming together as they smacked each other fleshfully forceful until Ward finally grasped them just as he shoved his tallywhacker deep into her throat. “Now this is what I call a fucking summer vacation! Grab her hair, Grandpa, and give her that thing!”

Ward did as instructed. Using both hands, he grabbed a hank on each side of her head above the ears, pulling each upwards to give June the appearance of a school girl with pigtails.

“Holy fucking shit!” Henry exclaimed, servicing her cervix and digitally manhandling her boobah meat again. “That is making me so hot. I bet Granny was pretty hot stuff back when you were dating her, huh, Grandpa?”

“Oh, Henry,” said Ward as he continued to thrust with his hips, driving his pecker so deep into June’s throat that it made her gag for a second or two and caused her twin tooters to ripple in his grandson’s hands. “Your Grandma was the most beautiful girl in the whole world in those days. Every boy in high school wanted a piece of her, and I think at least 99% of the male students got one, hee hee.”

Each man banged into June, their rhythms matching almost perfectly. Henry thrusting into her slickly lubricated honeypot, Ward into her mouth, her perfectly bowed lips wrapped tightly around his ample girth.

“I mean, uh, uh, uh, Henry, you know she’s a fucking hottie. I mean, fuck, kid. You’re boning your granny, for fuck’s sake! Ha ha ha! What other high school kid would rather be humping his grandma than out there tagging the young fucking trim and sucking the young fucking titties? Oh, shit, I think this old man is almost ready to shoot his load! Allllllmost there!”

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Henry groaned, driving a large portion of his twelve inches doggie style into the altruistic lady whose boobies were bouncing like beautiful bitchin’ motherfuckin’ sacks of sin as she took it from two substantial weiners, her jubblies juggling in all directions like they were being electrocuted. “Of course. But I mean, who wouldn’t escort manavgat want to fuck her? Who gives a shit how fucking old she is? Oh, shit, it’s tight! Ohhh, fuuucckk! It feels good as fuck!”

“It sure as hell does, boy,” grinned Ward, his face contorting as his balls prepared to unload themselves into his overbreasted wife’s oral cavity. “I haven’t had a blow job this good since Friday when I drove by the community college and got a sophomore to suck my dick on her lunch break. Then I tossed her out of the car cause her tits were too small.”

“How about a race, Grandpa?” asked Henry eagerly, his breathing becoming ragged and labored as he gripped June’s fleshy milkwagons by nothing but their nipples and pulled down harshly as he fucked. “I bet you ten bucks that I can hold out longer than you. What do you think? Are we on?”

“Alright, my boy, we’re on,” agreed Ward from between clenched teeth. He knew his arrival was imminent, and he wasn’t sure if he could hold out much longer, especially against his much younger grandson. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Ward grunted, trying not to look at June’s swaying sweater puppies, knowing that one sight of them at this point and he would emerge the loser. “You can get the fucking money out of the sugar jar, Henry, cause I’m fucking coming! Ohhhhhh, Junie, get ready to get a stomach full! Ohhh, damn, ohhh, hell, ohhh, shit, ohhh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuucccckkk!”

“Ha ha ha!” Henry laughed, taming June’s wild wobblers with his big hands, groping and fondling her overgrown boobahs as he watched with amusement, still humping his waist, still watching as June met his thrusts, moving backwards against his throbbing hardness as his grandfather held two fistfuls of blonde hair and cried as his semen pumped purposefully into the boulder-busted granny’s still sucking mouth. “Grandpa, I don’t fucking blame you! Oh, shit, she’s swallowing like a fucking machine! That bitch can fellate like a luscious-tittied lunatic! What a sweet whore! Oh, I don’t have long to go myself! Oh, fucking Humperfucking fuckstick in motherfucking Fucksville!”

“It’s a good thing I didn’t bet the farm,” laughed Ward, semen still pumping forcefully from the end of ‘Admiral Winky’, as June called his penis, emptying his aching balls in jet streams of hot, sticky spooge so copious that June couldn’t swallow fast enough, large amounts dribbling around the sides of his pecker, running down June’s chin and splattering on to her heavily and wildly swinging milk shakers. “I guess you have me beat, boy.”

“Holy fucking bat cave!” Henry shouted at last, no longer able to stave off the inevitable, feeling the first few drops of semen leak from the head of his womb raider before the entire dam burst and he was pumping the entire contents of his nutsack into her eagerly waiting cock holster. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Ward finally finished emptying his jism into June’s throat, and pulled away from his wife and her enticing full-fleshed body, his dickus erectus falling from her mouth with a wet popping noise.

“Oh, Ward, sweetie,” June managed as she scarfed down the last drops of his load of ‘special pee pee’ and then dabbed several stray morsels of his baby fluid from her former baby-feeding boobahs. “I know what your thinking, you fucker. Tee hee. You were getting ready to say that ‘Admiral Winky just gave Mommy a whole lot to swallow, weren’t you, Juniefucker? Ooooooo, Henry! Squirt, Nanafucker! Uh! Uh! Uh! I’m gonna fucka fucka fucka right up until you finish shooting all that wee wee juice into me, sweet cock. Ward, give me that cock of yours so I can clean it off for you, you crazy fuck. Tee hee.”

“Oh, fuck, Nana, fuck, fuck, fuck! Don’t stop fuck, fuck, fucking my wee weeeeeeeeeee! I’m giving you everything I’ve got in my sack, Glory Tits!” Henry screamed, one hand holding her waist and the other trying to grab all the boobie skin he could. “I’m gonna batter your pussy with my gallon of baby batter!”

June used her pelvic muscles to wring every last drop of protein smoothie from Henry’s still thrusting phallus, until finally the spurt turned to a splash before dwindling to a trickle.

“Jumping jiminy, but that fucking rocked!” Henry moaned, reluctantly moving backwards until his love rocket slipped from her slick sheath accompanied by a small fountain of jizz that ran down the backs of June’s shapely legs. “Wow, wait until Mom hears about this! She’ll never fucking believe it! Next time I talk to her on the phone, will you tell her Grandpa and I really double-teamed you? She’ll believe it if you tell her, cause she knows what a whore you are.”

“Oh, Henry, everybody knows what a whore I am, cocksie. Tee hee,” cooed June, stretching back to rest on her haunches, her overgrown glands swinging as she continued to lick the stray semen from Ward’s now wrinkly pocket rocket.

“Hoooollllyyy shit, what we just did was probably one of the most intense and exciting things I’ve ever done in my life!” the young 18-year-old Humper exclaimed, wiping his bloated and slowly shrinking penis off in his grandmother’s blonde hair, pinching one of her blimpy bazooms as she extricated his grandfather’s prick from her mouth, now done cleaning it up. “Talk about fuckin’ intensity! I mean, what is more fucking exciting and original than fucking helping your grandpa double-team and fuck your grandma? Shit, but the Humpers fuckin’ kick all kinds of ass! Too bad it’s over with.”

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