Wendy Ch. 01


This story is set in England, so the words used are English not American. All characters are over 18.


Hello, my name is Wendy Turner and at the moment I am staying with my Aunt Maude and Uncle Andy while I study for my University degree. I greatly admire and respect both my Uncle and Aunt and fully appreciate how they helped my mother Rose to bring me up in difficult circumstances. My father left my mother when I was quite young and she had a terrible struggle financially to keep us in food and shelter. She did a wonderful job of it and I really appreciate and loved her for all her sacrifices.

She would always tell me what wonderful support she had from my Aunty Maude and Uncle Andy during my growing up years. They lived quite a long way away and yet would always manage to come and visit us about once a month, and bring us presents and food parcels.

I loved sitting on my Aunty’s lap as she used to cuddle me and I would bury my face in her woolly cardigan. Her cardy always seems so full and squashy and my mother used to laugh at me as Aunty Maude pulled me into her bosom. We were such a close affectionate family.

Aunty Maude was my mother’s older sister and apart from the presents – I found out later – she would give my mother money to help her with her bills. I frequently saw my mother kissing my Aunty Maude very tenderly in gratitude.

I remember one day after going for a walk with my Uncle that when we returned we found my Aunty sitting on the settee with her hand on my mothers leg above her stocking top. My mother seemed to have one of her hands inside Aunty Maude’s cardigan too. They were both giggling like young girls.

My Uncle Andrew joked with me that they were closer than sisters and were always tickling each other. It didn’t seem to surprise him at all that we could see my Aunt’s bra. I don’t know why but I almost felt jealous of my mother being cuddled so closely by my Aunt Maude.

Throughout my teens I knew I had to study, as my Aunt and Uncle used to give my mother money to help my schooling, and thanks to their support I did rather well in my exams and won a place at University. My mother was so proud of me but also saddened when she had to tell me that there was no way could she afford to send me to University. I was heartbroken with disappointment.

Then my Aunty Maude paid us a surprise visit with the wonderful news that she had discussed it with Uncle Andrew and they would provide all the necessary funding.

I was overjoyed and so was my mother but also worried that we still couldn’t afford the fees for residency.

Uncle Andrew smiled “Don’t worry Rose. We’ve talked it through. The University is only a few miles from our house, so Wendy can stay with us. We have a spare room which she can have as a study bedroom, and we can easily arrange transport for her if she needs it.”

It was wonderful. All our problems had been solved by my wonderful Aunty and Uncle.

When I was waiting to start the first term in University my mother really drilled it into me that it was important that I behave myself and not cause any problems.

She also explained that my Uncle strongly believed in corporal punishment for any misdemeanour so it was quite possible I could get my bottom spanked by either my Uncle or my Aunt. Although I was now 20, for some reason it didn’t sound unusual. In fact my mother told me that Maude had often spanked her as she grew up.

She laughed, “Actually she still does it to me on occasions, if I’ve been a naughty girl!”

As she was in her mid forties, I was surprised – and showed it. She simply dismissed it saying “It’s not only your Aunty who spanks me, either!”

I wondered if she as talking about my Uncle but didn’t ask her. It seemed strange, but maybe that’s the way she liked it.

When my mother was preparing all my clothes for University I had some lovely new smart clothes provided by Aunt Maude, who’d apparently picked them herself. I suppose my mother must have told her my size, but some of the cardigans and twinsets were rather my Aunt’s choice and not mine. My mother also put in some of my old short school skirts. When I laughed that they were much too short now, she smiled.

“You have to take care of your nice new University clothes, Wendy. These old school skirts are just for wearing around the house.”

I laughed “But they are very short Mum. My knickers will be showing if I bend over!”

She smiled. “I’m sure your Aunt and Uncle won’t mind you wearing your short skirts, Wendy. In fact they will probably enjoy seeing little peeks of your panties, too!”

I smiled back. I knew men liked seeing panties but I didn’t realise that Aunt Maude liked it as well.

I remember going to my Aunt’s home on the first day. My mother had suggested that I wear my old grey cardigan and pleated black skirt so as to protect my new University clothes. I’d caught the train to their town, where Uncle Andy had picked me up from the railway station – it had been karaman escort dso nice to see him I just gave him a big hug on the platform! Then Uncle Andy carried my big bag from the car to their house, and took my coat then showed me into the lounge.

There was Aunt Maude, who got straight up off the chair and came over with a huge welcoming smile to give me a big hug. I hugged her back, feeling the soft wool of her blue twinset against my fingers. She kissed me on each cheek, then gave me a big kiss on the lips too.

“My, it is good to see you young Wendy!” she smiled. “I do hope you enjoy stopping with us as much as we will!”

She smiled again then let go of her hug as she told me to stand up straight so that they could admire me.

I loved it as she laughed and told Uncle Andy: “Don’t you think our Wendy is such a nice big girl now? Look how well she fills out her lovely grey cardigan – and that skirt shows her nice strong legs off so well.”

Uncle Andrew smiled at me, then came over to give me a welcoming hug too, only this time he also gave my bottom a gentle squeeze as he held me, kissing me as Aunt Maude had, first on the cheeks and then full on the lips. He seemed to stay cuddling me for some time, and so I held him tight too.

Then he looked over to Maude: “There’s no doubt our little Wendy has grown into a nice big girl for us, Maude, hasn’t she? Shall I go and make a cup of tea for us, while you explain our house rules to her?”

“Yes, that’s a very good idea, Andy. You go and put the kettle on while we sit down on the sofa side by side.”

And taking my hand, she led me to the sofa where we sat down. My Aunt gave me another cuddle into her cardy, which she knew I liked so much.

“Well,” she began, still with an arm around my shoulder, “We live a very happy life together, Wendy, so we need to be able to keep our normal life going while you stay with us. This means you need to know our little rules, my love!”

She smiled, and drew my right hand to her waist. The wool felt nice and soft, and so did her body under it. Although she wasn’t what you’d call fat, she was a well built woman, with a generous bust and a chubby waist.

“The first rule is that we are very open – there are no locks on any of the doors, and we like being undressed, so we often go around the house completely naked, or sometimes with just a cardigan on to keep warm. We like it that way, so hope you can fit in with us. You can obviously keep all your clothes on if you like, but just be aware that you will often see us undressed.”

“Oh, Aunty!” I cried, “I didn’t know you were nudists! How exciting! But I’m not sure I could be undressed in front of Uncle Andy – I’d be much too embarrassed!”

“Well we thought you might be, which is why you don’t need to undress yourself if you don’t want. But as I say, we often do. In fact I think Uncle Andy may well have undressed while he’s making the tea, so you can start get used to us being naked quite soon.”

“Golly!” I said, “But I’ve never seen a grown man naked before! Will I be able to see his…”

And I broke off as Uncle Andy came back into the room carrying a tray of tea things – but wearing nothing at all!

I didn’t know where to look – except I did, because his big pink thing was hanging down, coming out of a great bush of hair, with his other two things hanging down behind it. And as he walked over to the table, it swung from side to side, seeming to grow as I looked at it.

“Hello Wendy!” he smiled, putting the tray down on the table. “Did Maude tell you about our love of being undressed? Have you seen a naked man before?”

“Well yes, she told me,” I blurted out, “but no, I’ve never seen a grown man undressed before. I was just saying that to Aunt Maude.” and I felt myself redden as my eyes kept drifting back to his thing.

Uncle Andy looked into my eyes: “Well, if I come and sit between you two, then Maude can give you your first lesson in the difference between men and women. But first I’ll pour the tea. How do you like yours, Wendy?”

“Oh, just as it comes.” I said, then realised that maybe I should have put it a different way, as I saw Uncle Andy’s thing twitch and grow a bit more. It was now sticking out from his body, pointing forwards.

“Sugar?” he asked, looking round at me having poured out the three cups.

“No thanks. Mummy always says I’m sweet enough!” I replied, smiling.

It was all a bit strange, but somehow Aunt and Uncle made it seem so normal. Uncle Andy brought two cups over to me and Aunt Maude, and I couldn’t help but watch as his thing moved from side to side, seeming to now be pointing further upwards.

I smiled and took the cup and saucer. “Thank you Uncle, ” I said, remembering how Mum had told me to be polite at all times.

He went back to get his cup, then as he walked back Aunt Maude spoke.

“We two girls need to move apart a bit don’t we, then Uncle Andy can sit between us. There’s escort karaman plenty of room for three on the sofa if we all squash up a bit.”

So we both shuffled apart, with Uncle Andy’s thing now right in front of me, when to my relief he sat down. There wasn’t that much room on the sofa, so we were all squeezed against each other, and I couldn’t help be see his thing now pushing upwards, the end looking darker red and shiny. It did look a funny thing!

“How’s the tea, Wendy?” asked my Aunt.

“It’s fine,” I replied, “but it’s a bit too hot to drink at the moment.”

“Yes, I was thinking that too – why don’t you put yours on the side table, and I’ll do the same with mine.

“Well I’ll keep mine,” smiled Uncle Andy, “as I like it hot.”

“I know you do pet!” said Aunt Maude, looking over to me. “The other reason for putting my tea down is I can show you Andy’s body better. Now I know this is the interesting part, so let’s start here,” she said, reaching over and putting her fingers round Uncle’s thing.

Uncle seemed to like it, bacause he sighed deeply and I saw his thing get even bigger as Aunty squeezed it tight and pushed her hand downwards. It had a big smooth head with a little slit, and it seemed a brighter red than the rest of it. And down the shaft into the forest of hairs there seemed to be lots of veins. It was all very strange to see – a bit like my old biology books, but somehow much more alive.

“This is Uncle Andy’s knob!” she smiled. “It’s always getting stiff like this, but it’s very nice and the skin has a lovely warm soft feel, even though it’s quite hard in the middle. Now you hold it too, so you can feel for yourself. It is very important that you get familiar with our naked bodies, as you’ll be seeing them lots while you stay with us.”

So nervously I reached forward, and Aunty just sort of pulled my hand around Uncle’s thing, then moved her own hand away, so there I was holding it on my own. It was quite hard and warm, I remember, and Uncle did let out a gasp as I squeezed it too, like Aunty had.

“You’ll find Uncle likes that a lot – but then he likes all sorts of attention on his knob. And when he’s had lots of attention, his knob shows its thanks by squirting sticky cream everywhere.”

I’d heard that boys did those squirty things, but never seen it for myself. And now I was holding Uncle’s “knob” and squeezing it like my Aunt had. It felt so strange, but somehow perfectly normal all the same. After all Aunt and I were still fully clothed – it was only Uncle Andy that was nude.

“Here, Andy, let me take your cup,” she said, smiling over to me, “and perhaps Wendy would like to see your knob cumming – would you pet?”

“Well,” I said, not knowing quite what to say. “If you are sure, Aunty and Uncle, that it’s alright….” I trailed off.

So Uncle passed his cup to Aunty to put on the little table next to hers, and Uncle put his arms out behind us both, then seemed to clear his throat before he spoke.

“Do you want to show Wendy the things that my knob likes, Maude?” he asked.

“Why yes, of course,” smiled Aunty, moving her warm hand over mine.

“Well the easiest lesson for day one, is just moving your hand up and down his shaft, like this.” she continued, pulling my hand up and down Uncle’s knob.

It felt funny because there was a hard bit in the middle, but the skin just moved up and down with our fingers, apart from the big round end which just seemed to get bigger. Quite soon his entire knob seemed very big and hard, and we were getting into a regular rhythm with our hands going up and down.

After a few minutes Aunty smiled at me and spoke: “Look, Wendy, there’s the first little tear on the end of his knob! But he’s not really crying, are you pet?”

Uncle seemed to be breathing faster now, and had some difficulty with his words.

“Oh no,” he said, “It’s certainly not crying – it’s actually getting very happy. Your fingers are doing a very good job Wendy.” and he gripped his hand around my shoulder, stroking my cardigan.

“Oh good!” I smiled at him, “I do hope I can be a good help to you.”

It all seemed so natural, really, as my hands and my Aunt’s moved up and down Uncle’s knob. It was starting to get slippy now, as his tears seemed to have spilled down his shaft making our fingers slide easily as we continued our arm movements. My arm was getting quite achey, but I didn’t want to let it show, so carried on, smiling at both Aunty and Uncle.

“Right,” said Aunt Maude, after another few minutes. “I think he’s nearly ready to shoot for us now, so just get ready to see some creamy white sticky cum spouting out of his end – and when it does you can move your hand faster and squeeze harder until it’s all over. Is that OK, Wendy? I’ll just leave you to it now, and let him stroke me while you mkae him cum!”

So she moved her hand away, leaving me on my own with my hand now moving very fast up and down his knob. Uncle, meanwhile, karaman escort bayan had lowered his hand over Aunt’s cardigan, and she’d undone a couple of buttons to let him feel inside over her breasts over her jumper. It reminded my of that time I’d seen my Mum doing the same thing, so it felt nice and cosy. Except Uncle was now making some funny groaning noises as his panting got faster and faster.

He started crying out “Yes, Wendy, Yes!” so I knew he wanted me to continue, then suddenly out shot all this sticky white cream, just like Aunt had said. I watched as it shot up into the air, landing on his belly just above the forest of hairs.

Just as his cream started squirting out I felt him grab me tighter round the shoulder and pull me close to him, and I could see his other hand was now stroking Aunt’s breasts, as he’d pulled her jumper up and had a hand inside her white bra.

His whole body had be writhing as his cum first shot out, and now I kept going harder as Aunt had told me, watching as more spurts of cum came out, spurting into the air and splashing back on his body.

“That’s a very good girl!” said my Aunt, as I continued to move my hand faster up and down like she had said. “You are doing him very well, Wendy, and I can see he likes it very much indeed. Look how much cum he’s splashing everywhere!”

And as I looked there were more spurts jumping out, some landing on his belly, some on his legs, some even splashing on my hand, on my skirt and on Aunt’s skirt and her cardigan.

“Oh dear,” I said, “I’m afraid there are some splashes on your skirt and cardy, Aunty. I’m very sorry – it just seemed to shoot everywhere!”

“Never mind,” smiled Aunt, “they needed a wash anyway, and when it comes to pleasing Andy’s knob, what do dirty clothes matter? We can both take them off in a minute. Now just keep going till you feel him go soft, then you can slow down.”

So with my arm now definitely feeling more than a bit achy, I was quite glad when Uncle’s knob stopped spurting out, and just like Aunty had said it would, it began to feel a bit softer and bendy.

Uncle was still hugging me tightly, stroking my shoulder, and still had his hand in Aunty’s jumper, when he smiled at me and said some words I’ll remember for ever.

“God that was so wonderful Wendy, you are such a good girl. I do hope we can make things just as wonderful for you too. Now let me give you a kiss to say thank you.”

So I moved my face closer towards his, smiling, as his arm pulled me all the way and I felt our lips meet. He pushed his lips towards me, and suddenly I felt his tongue in my mouth. I pushed my tongue back at his, and we seemed to entwine tongues as he kissed me so strongly. I even felt his knob harden slightly too.

Then he pulled away, and smiled at me again.

“Thank you for that special treat, Wendy. That’s what we call ‘tossing off’ and you’ve just tossed me off very well indeed.”

“Well I’m glad you liked it Uncle.” I smiled, happy that I’d done a good job. “But it does get very messy, doesn’t it?”

“Oh it certainly does!” laughed Aunt Maude. “But that’s why it’s nice being naked – we can just go and have a bath afterwards. And sometimes he puts his cum in my special places so there’s no mess at all – but that’s a lesson for another day. Now I’ll just go and get the tissues for a quick mop up, and I think I’ll leave my skirt for the washing. I think you need to take yours off too Wendy, as I noticed several squirts going right over it. I think your cardigan is fine though, so you can keep that on if you like.”

By now Uncle Andy had shut his eyes and was panting more gently as he sat there, so I moved my sticky hand off his shrinking knob.

Aunt got up and slipped off her skirt, then seeing me with my sticky fingers she said: “Just wipe it on your skirt, pet, then pass me your skirt and I’ll slip it in the wash too.”

So I stood up, feeling a bit strange, but then seeing Aunt in her unbuttoned cardy and tight white panties, it didn’t seem so strange to be slipping off my skirt, and showing my white thong off to them both.

As Aunt went out of the room I realised we’d not drunk our tea, so reached for Uncle’s cup and offered it to him.

“I hope it’s not too cold for you, Uncle.” I said.

“Oh I don’t care how cold it is, Wendy, that was such a beautiful tossing you gave me.” he smiled up at me, taking a big slurp from the cold tea. I drank mine while still standing up, then Aunt came back in with a tissue box, and her cardy buttoned back up again.

She sat next to uncle, and began mopping away at the various globs of cum that I seemed to have made him to splash all over his body.

‘Well,’ I thought to myself, ‘as long as he enjoyed it as much as he said he did, then a little mopping up and clothes washing is probably a good thing’.

Soon there was a neat pile of dirty tissues, and Aunt and Uncle sitting side by side finishing off their teas.

“Why don’t you go and have a little bath now Andy,” said Aunty, looking at Uncle, “and I’ll have a little more fun with Wendy. By the way Wendy, those panties look a little too tiny for our normal use – and they seem much too tight between your legs. I think I may have to get some bigger ones for when you’re relaxing at home.”

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