What Am I Going To Do Without You?


Juan Escobedo was going to the Naval Academy soon. He had just graduated high school last summer. He had good grades. He was an athlete, playing offensive tackle for the football team. He had even planned to walk on Navy’s football’s team. However, there was something bigger than football that he cared about and loved.

“Good morning, Juan,” Juan’s aunt (or “Titi” as him and others liked to call her. “Titi” was another word for “Tia” which is aunt in Spanish) said. She softly rubbed her hands on his broad shoulders.

“Morning, Titi,” Juan said, while eating bacon and eggs sloppily. He got slapped across the head.

“Pinche chico sucio! Wipe your damn mouth for once!” His aunt, Isa said harshly, but with love. Isa was a foul-mouthed Puerto Rican who migrated to New York. Men went wild for her. Isa had a model-type figure with a beautiful face.

“Ow,” said Juan.

“Oh, please. That doesn’t hurt. You play football,” Isa said.

“You’re strong, Titi,” Juan said, looking back.

Juan looked in her eyes and began to get lost in them. They say “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” When he looked in them, he remembered all the things they went through together.

“Oh, what am I going to do without you, mi sobrino?”

Juan thought: ‘I was thinking the same thing, Titi.’

A few years ago, Isa, Juan, and her fiancée Derek were at Manhattan General Hospital. It was for a routine check-up, but Isa turned out to have stomach cancer. Juan was one of the first ones to show up, even though he was still in high school at the time. Juan and Isa had a generational gap (at least 10 years’ difference) between them, but they had a few things in common. Also, Juan and Isa both had domestic issues when they both were young in age. They technically were aunt and nephew, but the bond they had were like siblings. When Juan found out, he was crushed. One night before he went home when Isa was asleep, Juan said to her:

“Te amo, Titi. I want you to get better soon. So, you can see me walk across the stage, Titi. Oh, and Titi… I kind of want to go to the Navy. I know, I know. But I think I do it. I’m a big boy. Haha,” Juan teared up. Juan took one last look at her and took one look back at the window. He got closer to her lips and gave her a short kiss on the lips. He wiped his tears. The remnants of his tears were still on her.

Present day…

“Morning, babe,” Isa’s fiancé and Juan’s soon to be uncle, Derek said. Derek began to make out with Isa with short kisses. Derek was very much an advocate of public displays of affection.

“Morning. You want some bacon and eggs? That is… if este gordo hasn’t ate it all yet!” Isa said, again, playfully hitting her nephew. “Ooh, what I did last night that good, babe?” Isa said with a sly grin. Juan kept eating, thinking of what they did the night before.

“What?” Juan said.

“Yeah, what? Let the dude eat. He’s going to Annapolis soon. That thickness? That baby fat? It’s going to be gone,” Derek said, firmly patting Juan. Derek always thought Juan was a nice kid. A smart kid. But… there was something missing. He never had a girlfriend in high school. He put it out of his mind.

Juan looked over to his aunt who had her waist hugged by Derek. Derek began kissing her again. Juan’s eyes drifted escort kars slowly down to her buttocks. His penis got erect.

Juan began to think of the night before. Juan knew what happened.

The previous night…

His bedroom was right next to theirs. He could hear the groans and moans going on the way to their bedroom. Derek, not caring who was in the house and in the heat of the moment, was not good at being quiet. Juan feigned sleep that night. An eighteen-year-old’s curiosity got the best of him. Juan was already rock hard. He crept “Mission Impossible” style to their door, ensuring not to make any noise. Derek left their bedroom door slightly open, to Juan’s mild surprise.

“Fuck, I want you…” Juan heard.

“You want this pussy?” She said, in a sexy tone. Juan was not used to that side of her. He liked it. Juan was wearing basketball shorts which accented his erection and a shirt from his high school alma mater. He peered in for a short second, reached in his pants, and started jerking. When he heard moaning from her, Juan quickly peered in. Derek was fucking her in doggy-style. Derek was grabbing her hair, in total control. Her head jerked upward. In that quick moment, a smirk got on her face. Isa moaned seemingly more:

“Ughhh, ughhh… fuck me, baby. Fuck me, baby. Fuck this pussy, papi.”

It did not take long for Juan to climax.

“Yeah, Titi, yeah… fuck this dick…” He shot his seed. “Shit,” He then realized where he was. He quickly went back to bed and went to sleep.

Present day…

“I’m going to work. I’ll see you two tonight,” Derek said.

“Peace!” Juan said in singsong.

“Bye, babe.”

“Don’t have too much fun out there,” Derek said in a parental, yet joking tone. Derek left.

“So, what we have on for today, Juanito?” Isa said.

Juan put on a face, pondering.

“I don’t know, what do you want to do?” Juan said.

“We are not going this direction, Juanito,” Isa said back.

Juan laughed.

“All right, I guess the new horror flick?”

“You know I hate scary movies!” Isa said.

“I know. Haha. It’ll only be us in the theatre this early. We’d be cussing out the characters. All that shit,” Juan said, with a smile.

“Only for you, Juanito. Only for you. Let me take a shower right quick,” She said.

“Yeah,” Juan responded.

Juan’s curiosity peaked once again once he watched his Titi sashay her hips toward the restroom. He wanted to see her again. Was he a pervert? Slightly. Was it slightly creepy that he was developing sexual feelings towards his aunt? Now that he thought about it, most likely. He waited. He changed clothes into a different shirt and a different pair of shorts. He walked to the bathroom.

“Titi? Titi?”

“Yeah?” Isa said from inside the bathroom.

“I got to use the restroom,” He said.

“Why didn’t you pee before breakfast?”

“I did. I guess I ate too much.” Juan said, shrugging. She then opened the door to reveal her face. She was nude. Juan could already feel his erection growing. She knew it.

“Okay. Let me go in the shower first.”

She switched the shower on her favorite temperature. She stepped in.

“Come on in, Juanito.”

Their shower door was one of those doors where kars escort bayan you can see the silhouette of whoever is in there. As Isa was in there, Juan carefully walked in and undid his pants. Isa lathered up, looked over her shoulder, and did a double take. She thought to herself:

‘This might be good…’

Juan was about to sit on the toilet.

“Hey, Juanito, I gotta ask you something.”

“What?” Juan said.

“I guess I’ll get straight to it. Were you jacking off to us last night?”

“What…” Juan stood up immediately and looked to her direction. Isa had the door open, lathering her chest and her small breasts seductively. He felt his erection grow. “Shit,” He said to himself.

“Hello, Sailor!” She quipped. “Are you hard? My nephew got a nice one on him. Come here.”

Isa then felt Juan’s crotch with care. She bit her pouty yet thick bottom lip. It turned him on more.

“Let me ask you this Juanito: Are you a virgin?” She said.

“Yes,” He said with some shame.

“It’s ok, you were there for me. I’ll be there for you. I’ll teach you something in the shower. Take your clothes off,” Isa instructed.

Juan disrobed, revealing his big football body. Isa mentally admitted to herself that her nephew wasn’t so little anymore. Juan stepped in with her. Isa felt his half-erect dick, jerking it a bit. She moisturized her hand, and felt it again while caressing his impeccable frame for a lineman.

“Wait. Wait about…” Juan said.

“Derek? You’ll be gone to Annapolis soon. So, consider this shit a lesson and a gift. Can’t go to the Navy, curse like a Sailor, and be a Virgin,” Isa joked. “Now kiss me.”

Juan leaned in and kissed her. It was a short kiss. Isa broke off the kiss expertly with a bite on the lip.

“Not bad, rookie.”

She returned it with a longer kiss. Juan’s breathing began to get heavier. She broke it off with both breathing a little heavier than usual.

“Second lesson: The body. I will let you wash my body, getting the feel of the female curvatures.”

She turned around and gave him the lather. Juan gave himself a generous amount of lather on his hand and rubbed her neck and milky white chest, then her small breasts. He can feel his erection poking her as Juan gave her cute puffy nipples a playful pinch. He then rubbed it on her smooth stomach and her shapely hips. He loved her tight ass. He saved that for last. He caressed her buttocks slowly and smacked them.

“Someone’s happy, are they?” She said as she looked at his ready penis. “Forgot my legs.”

Isa pointed and effortlessly put her left leg on the stand in the shower. Isa had long legs and was taller than most women, but compared to Juan, she was short.

Juan could now see her treasure as went to wash her leg gently. She put her other leg up. He could feel her fingers in his hair as he caressed her inner thigh. Isa guided his hand toward her treasure. Juan began to fondle her. She bit her lip, fighting the moan. She was getting fingered by her nephew… and she loved it. He saw her sweet treasure getting wetter by the moment. The two embraced in a long kiss. Their breathing got heavier and heavier. Juan felt and heard a small moan come out of Isa’s body. He looked at her. She looked at kars escort him.

“Third lesson: If a woman moans, she more than likely likes the feeling her man is giving her,” Isa instructed and repeated said moan. She got the stand that she put her legs on and sat on it. “Juanito… you want your titi to suck your dick?” Isa started jerking off his erection. It felt heavenly.

“Mmmmm, yeah…”

She started sucking on his erection, which was looking to erupt at any moment. She sucked slowly and with love. Her lips left a little trail of saliva leaving his testicles. She kissed it.

“How do you feel about your titi sucking your big fat dick, hmm?” Isa said in that sexy tone he adored.

“I want you to suck my dick, Titi…”

She then began to suck his raging erection with more sensuality.

“Oh, God… Oh, God, yes, Titi…” Juan said as he climbed that sexual apex.

“You want Titi to fuck you, do you? You want Titi’s pussy?” She said, as she sucked his erection sloppily.

“God, yes.”

“Fuck me, Juanito,” Isa said, biting her lip.

Isa grabbed the wall for leverage as he entered her tight wet treasure. She said in between moans:

“Uh. I knew you were there watching us that night, Juanito. I like being watched. I love it. Fuck Titi’s pussy, fuck it!” Isa said, looking back at him.

As water rinsed her body off of the lather, Juan penetrated Isa’s beautiful treasure with a new vigor. Juan slapped her buttocks.

“Goddammit, you’re so hot,” Juan said, going deeper and slower in his penetrations. “Your pussy is so wet…” He started to caress her breasts. Juan started to kiss her on her cheek, then her neck. Isa began to moan audibly now.

“Aah. Aah, shit. Oh, fuck me, Juanito! Fuck me!”

Juan began to go from deep penetrations to fast penetrations within a beat. Juan grabbed Isa’s hair. She began to moan wildly now.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Shit!”

Juan felt like his climax was coming any second now, but in the meantime, he enjoyed her pure sexual beauty that only Derek enjoyed in that house. All of a sudden, Juan felt her trembling. Did he make her come? Juan put his fingers in her mouth. Her pouty lips wrapped around it, sucking instantaneously, like in a trance.

“I’m coming. I’m coming, Titi…”

Juan sprayed his seed on her butt cheeks and lower back.

“Let me taste you, mi sobrino,” Isa said, before sucking the remnants of his juices. “So… Juanito. Was I what you thought?” Isa said as she washed Juan.

“I’m… I’m speechless.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment. Oh, and another lesson: Shower sex can be hazardous to your wellbeing so… yeah. After sex, always shower. Nobody wants to smell like a used cono.”

“Yeah, good to know,” Juan said, with conflicting feelings. At this point, Isa was washing his chest. He just fulfilled one of his deep fantasies. Now he kind of has regret.

“Look, Juanito… I love you. I always will. Don’t feel bad about messing shit up. I gave you a gift and taught you things. Your titi makes a damn good sex ed teacher, huh?” Isa said.

Juan laughed.

“Now that your cherry’s popped… So, we still on for the movies?” Isa said.

“Hell, yeah,” Juan said while he was still being washed down.

“Don’t you try shit. Este cono es demasiado Bueno. Solo una vez.” Isa said in Spanish.

“Yes, Titi,” Juan said, rolling his eyes.

“Love you, mi sobrino.” Isa said, as she left the shower.

“Love you, Titi.” Juan called to his aunt. “What am I going to do without you?” Juan said to himself.

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