What I want during and after the club


What I want during and after the clubI would like to dance in a club wearing a slim dark halter dress that’s sleeveless, has a long v-neck and upper thigh length. An open back with a string to tie the top part around the back of my neck. With that a nice high heel sandals And no need for bar or panties, I want to be daring.With that on I dance with some guys that horny and trying to get lucky like always. I like the feeling of a guy getting so hard as I grind on him. The feeling of his hard muscular body against my soft smooth skin makes me go wild. I want his hands to start wondering around my body as we dance in a crowd of people. Starting off with the hips as we dance, we get closer and I start pushing my ass up against his belt n pants. I guide his hands around my hips and the other not too far off from my rips. As I grind on him, I feel he’s getting harder and I put one arm around his neck as if I’m using a pole. While the other starts to wonder around his body hiltonbet giriş as I reach towards his hard cock. He turns me as he knows what I was up to and hold me close. I want his hands to hold me by my open back and hips. He puts one of his legs between my and let him take control of how we dance. I get wetter as we dance the night away. the heated lust between us gets to it’s max. We kiss as we dance but no one notices, as he reaches down and grab my ass, to find out I have nothing under it. dancing til we reach a wall or a corner were it’s a bit darker and have tons of people blocking the way by being drunk. Keep kissing his manly lips as he turns me around and start to lift up my dress a bit. He unzip his pants and I feel his hot hard cock waiting to rip me apart. As he tries to get in my very wet pussy, I bend over a bit to let him in, he pulls me back up as I start to rock into him. Slowly he goes in, feeling his huge rock hard hiltonbet yeni giriş cock entering, gets me high. I start to moan as he starts to hold my hips and my arms around his neck. He starts to fuck me right there and than. Feeling his raw hungry horny cock in me, we start to fuck. As he gets deeper and start moving faster and faster, people to notice us a bit and stair. He turns us both around and pin me against the wall. I use the wall to push my ass up against his cock. He’s fulling in me pounding me way so hard and so fast, I start to scream a bit. No one could really hear me from the blast of music playing. We both start to reach our climax as he goes harder and I’m taking it as he rams me harder and rougher. Others are cheering him to finish and keep going. I start to cum all over his hug hard cook as he’s so close to it. He pulls out and i close my thighs so he cums between them. After we clean and fix ourselves up. I walk hiltonbet güvenilirmi up to him and say, ready for around 2, some where else? I would still be horny from that and want more. I want to go to his house as we kiss through the door. As I take off his clothes and he simply untie my from the neck and roll it up. We madly kiss each other as he picks me up to walk to the bedroom and lays me down. He’s on top of me as we go at it once more. He starts to thrust into me slowly as he’s kissing my nipple and other one is squeezed. Driving my so crazy from that, he starts to move up and lick really hard around my neck as I wrap myself around him as he use his hands to pull my arms up as if he was tying me. It would feel amazing as he do that, his weight over my, making me take all of him. I would be close to finishing and so would he. I cum on him once more and he’s close to finishing. He pulls out and I would grab it and suck on it really good and fast. I jerk it as I suck on it and play with his balls til he cums. I’ll let him cum in my mouth as the cum start to drips down my chest and down to my nipples as it slowly. I would call it a night after that. Either I stay in his place or he pays me to go home.OMG writing this makes me want to do it so badly.

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