What She Wants


Tiffany sat in math class and tried to concentrate. It wasn’t working. She hated senior math and wanted to melt into her chair. The teacher was old and mean. She was only getting a B in the class and her mom and dad were getting upset at Tiffany. Tiffany was an only child and was a complete brat. She had always gotten what she wanted and hated when she had to work for things. On her eighteenth birthday just a few weeks ago she had expected to get a BMW but instead had gotten a Miata. She was not impressed. Tiffany was on the shorter side and had dark blonde hair. She was very pretty curvy, which meant that the guys at school would drool over her. She hated when they flirted with her and had their eyes glued to her breasts.

“Tiffany!” Tiffany looked up and realized that the teacher had asked her a question. She had tuned out the class completely and knew she was going to get in trouble.

“You were just called to the office.”

“Oh.” Tiffany stood up and grabbed her bag. She was always being called to the office for student council meetings, but normally the meetings were scheduled during her English or History classes. Her parents would only let her remain on school council if her math mark remained a B or better. This meant she couldn’t miss any class time.

She walked down the hall towards the office, smiled, and said hi to fellow classmates. Tiffany was wearing a plaid skirt and white sweater. She loved dressing up and spent hours in the morning making sure her hair and makeup were just perfect. When she walked into the office, she was surprised that the rest of the student council wasn’t present.

“Hello Tiffany. Come into my office.” Mr. Andrew, the vice-principal, ushered her into his office and closed the door.

“Your father is on the phone.” Mr. Andrew handed her the phone and she sat down hesitantly.

“Yes Dad.”

“There’s been an accident. I need you to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. It’s your mother.”

Tiffany bit her lip and held back tears. She got up and left the office without saying anything to anyone.

“Tiffany! What’s wrong?” The vice-principal followed her out.

“My mom was in an accident. I have to go.”

Mr. Andrews watched helplessly as Tiffany walked out the door towards the parking lot. The drive to the hospital was short, but she didn’t remember a thing about it. She entered by the emergency room and after asking at the desk, was directed to a waiting room at the end of the hall. When she entered, her dad and grandmother were sitting in the tiny room. It had gray walls and four chairs, one on each wall.

“Tiffany!” Her grandmother came running and hugged her tight. Tiffany hugged her back while looking at her dad.

“What happened?”

“Tiffany sweetie. She passed away. It was a bad car accident. The doctors did everything they could.”

Tiffany gasped and collapsed on the floor. When her dad tried to get close, she kicked him away. She curled into a ball and cried her eyes out. She didn’t want anyone touching her or comforting her. Life wasn’t fair and she wanted to close her eyes and forget everything.

Tiffany’s dad and grandmother just hugged each other and tried to figure out how best to help her. Tiffany and her dad had always had a strained relationship. Her dad worked as a criminal lawyer and worked 60-70 hours per week. He was barely home and when he was, he would go on and on about how she needed higher marks to get into Yale. Of course, she really didn’t get a say in what university she went to. Her father had gone to Yale, as had his father, and his grandfather. He didn’t have a son, but he was going to make sure his daughter followed the legacy.

The next few days were a blur for Tiffany. They had to deal with funeral arrangements and Tiffany was getting annoyed at how people were treating her. When she went to school, everyone looked at her with pity. Her teachers gave her extensions on her assignments and she almost screamed when her evil math teacher offered to waive the unit test and give her an automatic B. When she was at home, her father would be in his home office either trying to keep up with his cases or dealing with paperwork.

On the day of the funeral, Tiffany woke up and pretended it was just another school day. She got through almost the whole funeral without crying. When her father stood up to give a short eulogy on his wife of twenty years, Tiffany couldn’t help but cry. When she listened to her father talk about her mother, she realized that before she came along they were madly in love. He talked about how they would write each other love notes and how they would have pajama weekends where they’d relax and spend time together. When those around her saw her cry, they assumed that the death of her mother had finally got to her. No one knew that the reason Tiffany was crying was because if she had not existed, her mother would still be alive and her father would still love her mother.

Tiffany’s mother had passed away almost kastamonu escort two months ago and things were starting to get back to normal. She and her dad were starting to talk again. She decided to stop being a bitch and actually accept the fact that her father was actually trying to make an effort. Tiffany was lying in bed trying to get back to sleep. The power had gone out and there was a thunderstorm. She had always been afraid of the dark. Being back in her father’s huge mansion didn’t help things since she could hear every creak and moan of the house.

Tiffany got up and tiptoed her way down the hall towards her father’s bedroom. She knocked lightly and then opened the door.

“Daddy?” Tiffany was whispering. She didn’t want to startle him.

“Yes Tiffany?” As Tiffany’s eyes adjusted to the darkness of his room she saw he was lying in bed awake.

“You can call me a baby or wimp, but the storm is freaking me out.”

“Why don’t you come sleep in here then.” Tiffany giggled and ran into her father’s bed. Before her parents got divorced, she used to crawl into bed with her parents. They would all snuggle together. She was in elementary school at the time, but for some reason at this moment in time this was what Tiffany needed. She needed to feel safe and secure. Her father wrapped his arms around his daughter and very soon they were both asleep.

The next morning, Tiffany woke up and realized she was in her father’s bedroom. The power had come back on and the clock radio was blinking 12:00. She really had no idea what time it was. As she got up, she smelled her father’s famous pancakes. She ran down the stairs and as she entered the kitchen, she grinned. Her father had on jeans and a t-shirt along with his chef’s hat and pink frilly apron.

“Hi sweetie. I can call you sweetie right?”

“Yes Daddy.” Tiffany sat at the breakfast bar and poured herself orange juice.

“I’m glad you’re not moping around the house anymore. I know we have a long way to go before everything is right between us, but I’m happy that you are accepting the fact that I’m trying.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes and giggled. Her father always spoke so proper and dignified. They ate in silence. Tiffany spent the rest of the day in the living room doing her homework. She had missed almost two weeks of school and needed to catch up on her classes. Her father spent the day in his office catching up on his work. Around five o’clock, he stuck his head out of his office and called down the hall.

“Pizza or Chinese?”

“Chinese.” Tiffany hated pizza. Actually, she hated all Italian food, but she knew her father wouldn’t remember that. Once the Chinese food arrived, they ate in the living room. After dinner, they sat on the couch and watched a horror movie. Her father loved old horror movies and Tiffany didn’t have the guts to tell him they scared her. By the end of the film, she was practically sitting in his lap. When that movie was over, a romantic comedy began to play.

“Want to watch this too Tiffany?”


Half way through the movie Tiffany could feel something hard under her. When she squirmed her father moaned a bit and she bit her lip. He was hard. Very hard. There was nothing very sexual going on in the movie so she wondered if she was causing this. All sorts of thoughts were running through her head and she didn’t even realize that her nipples were hard. Her father must have noticed because the next thing she knew he was nibbling softly on her neck. Instead of pulling away she turned to face her father. He smiled and pulled her completely into his lap. He kissed her softly and she responded. Her hands were frantically pulling on his t-shirt and he had to push her hands away.

“Not so fast.” Her father whispered against her ear. He ran his hands down her back and caressed her round bottom. Tiffany was so aroused and all thoughts of this being wrong flew out of her head. All she knew was that she was wet and horny and he was nibbling her shoulders gently.

Her father pulled down the spaghetti straps of her tank top and caressed her nipples. He was going so slowly and she needed it faster. He licked her left nipple and then her right. Tiffany was moaning and was desperately trying to undo his jeans.

“Let’s go up to my bedroom baby.” Tiffany nodded and instead of him guiding her off his lap he slid his hands completely under her bottom and picked her up. Tiffany wasn’t exactly tiny, but her father was very physical fit. They got into his bedroom and he placed her on the edge of the bed. He locked eyes with her and undressed completely. His cock was so hard and throbbing and Tiffany licked her lips in anticipation.

He pulled off her tank top and leaned her back, his hands pulling off her shorts and panties. He suddenly sank four fingers deep inside her pussy and began to finger fuck her.

“Oh fuck daddy.” Tiffany was not expecting that and began to thrash around. His fingers felt escort kastamonu so good inside her and she was already close to cumming. She had had sex with two of her ex-boyfriends, but they were young and inexperienced. She had never felt this amazing. He latched onto her left nipple and sucked hard. He was kneeling above her and watched as his daughter thrashed around. He let go of her left nipple and sucked her right one into his mouth. Her nipples were so hard and he loved how big and soft her breasts were. He buried his face in her cleavage and pushed up to massage her g-spot.

“Fuck!” Tiffany screamed out as she orgasmed. She felt like she needed to pee and her whole body was shaking. Her pussy was soaking wet and she couldn’t concentrate on anything. Her father continued to rub her g-spot, feeling it pulse and swell above his thick fingers.

“Cum again sweetie.” He was coaxing her to cum again and he was so aroused, watching his teenage daughter orgasm so easily and so quickly. Tiffany came three more times and then he stopped. Sliding his fingers out of her pussy he sucked on them lightly. He leaned down and kissed her nose.

“Good night Tiffany.” Tiffany closed her eyes and was asleep immediately. Her father cuddled up against his daughter and was asleep quickly as well.

Tiffany woke up to a cold empty bed. It was seven in the morning when she stumbled out of bed and went to the washroom. She was sore and as she remembered the night before, she didn’t know what to think. As she got dressed for school, she tried to figure out why her father had done that and why she hadn’t said no. Yes, he had been away from her life for a number of years, but they were related. Her father was in his office with the door shut and so she left for school without saying anything.

During the day, she tried to rationalize that what had happened between her and her father was fine. She decided that it wasn’t really sex and that she was eighteen and a consenting adult. She had four more months of school and then would be in college. If she got into Yale she would be living in residence anyway. By the time she got home, she had a list in her head of all the reasons why last night was O.K. She walked into the house and was ready to talk to her father. She stopped dead in her tracks. Her father was kissing this blonde woman in the kitchen. She glanced at the doorway and pulled away.

“Jack. Your daughter is home.” Her father opened his eyes and smiled.

“Hi Tiffany. Sorry about that. This is Madeleine.”

Tiffany just stared in awe. He had a girlfriend? Since when? Wasn’t she the most important person in his life?

“Hi.” Tiffany tried not to smirk and watched in disgust as the two of them cooked dinner. Throughout dinner, Tiffany learned that Madeleine was as French professor at the community college and they had been dating for a few months. After Tiffany’s mom died, she had stayed away to make sure that there were no rumors flying around. The moment Tiffany was done with dinner, she stormed into her room. She was so angry and wanted her father. She waited in bed until Madeleine left and she must have fallen asleep because when she awoke it was three in the morning and she was on top of her covers, dressed in her school clothes. She knew what she needed to do. She tiptoed into her father’s bedroom and after undressing climbed under the covers.

She slid down until her mouth was above his cock and she began to lick the tip. She had only given two blowjobs in her life, but the Internet was a great place to learn sexual techniques. She wrapped her lip around his cock and hummed. She felt him grow in her mouth and that urged her on even more. She pushed more of his cock into her mouth and when the tip hit the back of her throat she took a deep breath to relax and pushed more. She pulled back and deep throated again. She could taste the salty precum oozing out of the tip and as she wrapped her hand around the shaft she could feel it pulsing. She knew that eventually he would cum in her mouth and she didn’t really like the taste of semen, but would do this for her father.

Jack woke up and felt a warm wetness around his cock. He tried to figure out what was going on. Madeleine had refused to stay over and he had gone to bed sexually frustrated. Now he was getting a pretty good blowjob. He opened his eyes and after pulling back the covers saw his teenage daughter sucking his cock.

“Oh baby.” Jack cried out and immediately began to cum. The image of his daughter between his legs with her pink lips wrapped around his cock was too much. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail and he grabbed it and pushed her harder onto his cock as he came.

Tiffany swallowed her father’s cum and pretended to like the taste. He was holding her hair and once he finished cumming he let go and pulled her up to a sitting position.

“How the hell do you know how to do that?” Jack’s mind was spinning. His daughter had just sucked kastamonu escort bayan him off and he had loved it.

“I read how to do it on the Internet Daddy.” Tiffany was cuddling up against him and all he could do was wrap his arm around her. He was exhausted from such an intense orgasm and really couldn’t think straight.

“We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” Her father fell asleep first and Tiffany was close behind.

The next morning, Tiffany got ready for school like normal. Jack was in his office, but had left a note saying they would talk when she got home from school. Tiffany was floating on clouds all day. She loved sucking her father’s cock and loved when he fingered her. She knew he would let this continue. She had always gotten her way.

Tiffany got into the house and went to his home office. He worked from home a lot since his cases involved a lot of travel. Instead of having an office, it made sense to put money towards a home office so that when he was in town, he could be with his family. Of course, after the divorce it didn’t make sense, but he loved the freedom of working from home. Jack was sitting at his desk and looked up as Tiffany walked in. She was wearing a short jean skirt with a tight purple sweater. Her hair was curled today and she had the exact amount of makeup to accentuate her chocolate brown eyes. She got those eyes from her mother.

“We need to talk sweetie. What happened the last few nights isn’t right. If anyone found out I could be put into jail. Do you understand?”

Tiffany’s lip quivered and he knew she was going to cry.

“But Daddy!”

“I know sweetie. There is no other way.”

“Can’t we keep it a secret?”

Jack thought for a moment. She did have a good suggestion. Madeleine wasn’t putting out yet and he was a pretty horny guy. As long as they didn’t have sex it wasn’t that bad. He guessed he was just freaking out because the latest case he was working involved a murderer. His client was currently in jail and it gave him the creeps every time he had to visit. He wanted to remain on the right side of the law.

“Yes sweetie.” Tiffany grinned and jumped into his lap. She kissed him hard and before long she was spread eagle on his desk while he licked her pussy. She was holding her legs in the air and moaned as he pushed four fingers inside her pussy. He rubbed her g-spot and that caused her to orgasm.

“Daddy I need to pee. Oh god that feels good.” Jack grinned and knew what was happening to his daughter.

“Don’t hold back baby. You’re going to gush.”

Tiffany cried out and felt her clit swell. He was pushing against her g-spot with three fingers and she had this intense urge to pee. She finally let go and cried out as she orgasmed. Her father sucked her juices and licked her pussy clean.

“That’s my girl.”

Tiffany and her father spent the next few weeks having a set routine. Tiffany would go to school during the day and after finishing her homework would spend the evening making out with her father. They never had intercourse since they agreed that was wrong, but Tiffany got better and better at sucking his cock and he loved the taste of her pussy.

On a Sunday morning, Tiffany sat pouting on the kitchen counter. Her father was leaving for a criminal case and wouldn’t be home for two weeks.

“I’ll call every night Tiffany. And you can get take out every night if you want. Please don’t pout. I hate being away from you as well.”

Jack walked over and softly kissed his daughter. They had been doing everything sexual except intercourse for the last month. She was used to him being away so much, but this was the first time he was leaving since they had begun their secret relationship. Jack grabbed his things and walked to the waiting taxi. He hated leaving Tiffany, but had a career and if she was going to be a high power attorney like he was, he needed to earn enough to send her to Yale.

Tiffany was miserable the whole time her father was away. She hated sleeping alone and even though she slept in his bed, it wasn’t the same. Just as she was getting into bed the phone rang.


“How’s my baby girl.” Tiffany giggled. Her father had started calling her that and she loved it. Since most times he would lick her pussy while saying that, she loved it even more.

“I miss you Daddy so much.” Tiffany was whining a bit, but she wanted to make her father feel guilty.

“I know sweetie. Can you pick me up at the airport tomorrow? My flight gets in at two o’clock.”

“Of course Daddy. So what are you wearing right now?” Tiffany giggled as she slid her hand into her panties and began to stroke her clit.

“Tiffany! This is not a good time.”

“I’m wearing those pink panties you like and nothing else. My pussy is really wet and my clit is very hard. I’m rubbing it right now.”

Jack closed his eyes and imagined his daughter on her bed playing with herself. He was sitting on the bed in his hotel room in only boxers. His cock was throbbing and begging to be touched.

“I’m wearing those black boxers you love. Masturbate for me. Tell Daddy what you’re doing. Be a good girl for Daddy.”

Tiffany moaned and rubbed harder.

“I’m fingering myself with two fingers. I’m so wet Daddy. My clit is throbbing and I want to cum.”

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