Wheeling Park Ch. 12


I thought I was at home, upstairs in my bedroom, surrounded by my motorcycle posters in my own double bed and spread out under the quilts on the soft, compressed foam mattress of cloud stuff.

Strangely, though, I seemed to be jammed up against something. It was soft and warm and, when I fell into the half dream of a nice, warm coral reef, it was still there while I breathed the water just fine amidst all the multi coloured fish. It was a pretty nice place and I wondered why I left it so long ago,… Everyone was here. There was also a special friend, a very special one, but not the shark that had appeared, lovingly nuzzling at my neck and cheek. I was marveling at the shark’s ability to turn me on when I remembered that I was jammed up, or something.

I remembered that because, whatever it was, the reef possibly, had shifted. I distinctly felt it redistribute its contact along my side, suddenly noticing the shark was gone.

“Sharkey girl!” I called, laughing afterward.

Well, sharkey girl had done quite a number on me and I had no idea what a female shark would do with a human male hardon, but it only seemed natural that it finish the job somehow, after all.

Someone grabbed it. I looked down to see the lower body of a mermaid pressed against me. She was gently gripping my erect cock and moving her hand up and down.

This, I realized, was the one I was really waiting for, that very special friend. Forget the damned cock teasing shark, this, I remembered as I looked up at her face, was of course the one and only-



I jerked fully awake with a yell, jumping in alarm and surprise, arms and legs flailing and throwing her off of me.

“Fuck!” she yelled in her own sudden surprise and alarm, rolling away from me.

I panted on the bed, spread eagled on my back, naked and without covers because of the previous night’s heat. She was also naked and, as my mind began to boggle, I recalled that there was a perfectly good reason for this. Of course, I’d spent half the night having sex with my sister.


“Holy shit, baby, you scared the hell outta me!”

(baby!? omigod!)

“Hey,… you okay?”

She didn’t wait for an answer, instead climbed back on the bed and overtop of me on her hands and knees, looking straight down into my face with her hair hanging.

“Okay?” she asked again with more concern.

Something happened then. First, even though I was uptight about having her naked body that close, I was thankful she’d covered me with herself. I found that strange, even at the time, but then I really looked her in the face, reading her expression like I can so easily do with her and,… I relaxed a little. Then a little more.

“Yeah, sis. Just thought, ahhh,… You know, waking up someplace different.”

She nodded. By then, my panic attack had mostly subsided and I actually laughed softly, prompting a smile from her.

“What’s so funny, gear head?”

I rested my hand on her bare hip and replied, “It’s actually not. Funny, I mean. I was just thinking,… Well I realized that everything’s okay, cause it was you and that just seems so fucked.”

“I know. Things,… feel different, somehow. Do you regret it?”

“I keep thinking I should, I keep going to feel regret, or shame cause I expect I should, but,… It’s kinda not there. I’d think it would be,” I said, looking up at her with a genuinely perplexed expression.

“I know, me too. But it’s so natural cause it’s us, right? I mean we’re even talking about it like we talk about stuff.”

“I just can’t believe it happened,” I said. “I can’t,…”

She kissed me, allowing her lips to linger there before straightening her elbows again.

“I love you. And y’know, your biggest problem is that you haven’t been getting any good morning kisses,” she theorized with a knowing grin.

“So, I’ll be a nicer guy today?”

“I think so, but we’ll see. That wasn’t a real good morning kiss session. Jump in the shower, tag team breakfast, just like at home.”

The ‘tag team breakfast’ is a little meal preparation system that Jen and I had figured out during the past year. Basically, we get up at the same time, one of us takes a six minute shower while the other gets breakfast started. After six minutes, the one who started the meal would run upstairs for his or her six minute shower while the freshly clean person would come down to finish the meal, set it out and run a quick kitchen cleanup. Both of us could eat and shower, be out of the house and off to school in a little less than a half hour on some mornings.

“I want coffee,” I asserted. “And put a shot of rye in it, will ya?”

“No. Just coffee.”

“Huh?” I asked as she stepped out the door.

“Hurry up, I want to get out and gone before Mom and Liv get here. We’ll just leave a note.”

“What are we doing!?” I called, sitting up in Mom’s bed now. “And why won’t you spike my-“

“Tag team meals don’t work when you waste time!” she called back a little irritably.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

“Alright, kıbrıs escort what’s going on, you two?”

“What do you mean?” I asked Carrie.

We were sitting out on the sandbar, the bottoms of mine, Carrie’s and Robbie’s boobs in the water while Jarid sat with us. He wouldn’t wear his Speedos, but he looked just as good in the denim cutoffs I made for him out of a half ruined pair of low cut, tighter fitting blue denims he had, despite his protests of me ruining his ‘best’ jeans.

“Well, for one thing, Jarid’s here, he’s smiling instead of looking like he wants to dig his own grave and crawl in, and you two have been shooting those looks back and forth the whole time.”

“Really?” I asked, teasing.

“She’s right and you know it,” Robbie ascertained. “Both of you have silly perma-smiles pasted on your faces like you’ve just dropped a hit of cid. What gives, Barbie?”

“Oh,… nothing,” I teased further, my smile getting even wider as Jarid and I glanced at one another.

“Jarid will tell us,” Robbie said. “Jarid, I’ll show you my tits if you tell us what’s up.”

“You’d show him your tits anyway, you silly woman,” Carrie said.

“Well, he’s got it goin on, doesn’t he?” she easily excused herself.

As she smiled at his reddening face, she pulled the bright green triangles of her bikini top to the sides of her boobs, letting them hang naturally.

I felt a twinge of jealousy. I was quite surprised by it and, even though I couldn’t hold anything against my good friend, Robbie, this being the Park and neither of them knowing how I now felt about him, I experienced a need to assert control somehow.

“Jarid and I are together now,” I said, still smiling and glancing lovingly at him. “And except for Livy, we’re exclusive to each other.”

There was a pause, both their faces betraying their surprise before Carrie spoke.

“Wow. Good for you two.”

“You think it’s weird and disgusting,” I assumed.

“No, Barbie,” Carrie answered. “It’s not like that hasn’t gone on here before, you know. Besides, I may not know Jarid very well, but I know you and I know what kind of a person you are and how you’ve always treated me and everyone else around here. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.”

“That goes for me, too,” Robbie said, having not put her boobs away.

“Thanks. Sorry, I guess I was just a little paranoid about what you’d think. I didn’t mean to put words in your mouth and then accuse you of having them there.”

“Perfectly natural, think no more of it,” Carrie said dismissively. “Actually, I’ll bet you two look just adorable holding hands and kissing.”

“I’d hop in his lap right now so you could watch, if not for the Magpie,” I confided.

“Jen!” Jarid complained, turning a deeper shade of red as the girls laughed knowingly.

“Cause he’s an Aquapheliac, too.” I giggled.

“Wh-! That’s not true!” he stammered, trying to deny it.

“Livy told me, baby.”

“Oh, great!”

“Aw, what’s the big deal?” Carrie asked, splashing him with her hand. “Just think of the fun you’ll have with her, both of you having that little kink.”

“Day-um, I’m jealous,” Robbie said, still not putting those boobs away.

“I know,” Carrie said, “It’s what I say, I wish I was an aqua- will you put those tits away? Jeez, ya think Barbie wants those in Jarid’s face?”

“Oh, shit, I’m sorry, Barbie,” Robbie quickly apologized while hastily popping them back in her bikini top. “It’s the park, y’know and I just don’t think.”

“It’s okay, Robbie,” I assured her, feeling bad about my petty jealousy. “Hey, you’re right, this is the Park, get em out if you want, it doesn’t bother us.”

“Put em away,” Carrie instructed. “We don’t want to confuse the poor boy.”

Jarid said, “I don’t confuse that easily.”

We all chuckled over this, but Robbie put them away and didn’t get them out again, as per Carrie’s demand.

“It’s okay, Barbie, I know,” the tattooed blonde insisted with a reassuring smile. “She just likes to have them out, is all. I’ll break out the nipple clamps later on and make it up to her.”

Robbie giggled and the matter was dropped.

“So, yeah,… You two don’t worry. If you knew how many times Robbie and I have traded husbands and stuff,… Well, nobody has any right to judge you two, especially here and when you’re both so nice to everyone.”

“Well, I’m nice. He’s antisocial,” I corrected.

“But I’m nicer today cause I got good morning kisses,” he added.

“This is true,” I affirmed, “but they weren’t proper good morning kisses, so he could be a lot nicer.”

“See what she’s doing, Jarid? Already trying to change you. Tisk, tisk.”

We both laughed at that.

“Men need to be changed, though,” Robbie weighed in. “It’s not like they come ready for use out of the box. There’s some assembly required, then you gotta input the proper programming and keep them defragmented, so they can think straight and all that.”

“Yeah, how you gonna get rid of all that programming his mother escort kıbrıs put into his head?” Carrie asked.

Okay, this was funny. Maybe you had to be there, or maybe you have to be in the position I was in to appreciate it, but it was damned funny and we all laughed. Mostly, I appreciated that joke because it was what truly told me that my friends at the Park wouldn’t judge us, or think any less of us. As for outside the park? Well, that’s not where my friends were anymore.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

We were walking through the grass above the beach later on, Jen’s thin cotton shorts and shirt half dried and only translucent now. I looked as I pleased as she did at me and, without bra and panties, she was showing quite a lot, even then. I slowed to a stop, dragging her to a halt as well. She did a little quarter circle at the end of my arm, coming round with a smile that she never used before as she looked up at me.

“Should we have talked about this?” I asked her. “I mean, it’s a pretty big thing and it might sound stupid, but I just think maybe we should have-“

“Baby, I seduced you. You wanted me, sure, but I made you want me. At first, I just wanted you for the kink of it but, the more I fantasized and stuff, the more I started to see it in a different way. There was nothing to talk about. We wanted each other and I,… wanted more. Would you have agreed if I came to you about it first?”

“You’re very forward,” I noted. “Well, I guess you always were. No, I probably wouldn’t have agreed, because,… Well, just because.”

“Do you regret it? Do you see what we have together?”

Suddenly, it was almost like talking to Olivia.

“I can’t regret it because I do see. But, you know how I,… You know.”

“Yeah, I know. You like to study your options before you jump. Look, you make fun of my ‘Offensive Forward’ mentality sometimes, but what you don’t know is that when the plays break down and things could go either way in sudden death overtime and you find yourself in front of the net with the puck, you take a shot. It doesn’t matter if you can’t even see an opening, no worries about failure, you just watch your feet at the crease and snap it. Sometimes good things happen and it’s how you win. I think we scored last night and I think we’re winning, bro.”

“That’s one hell of an analogy,” I said, not knowing quite what else to say.

“Yeah, but it’s just an analogy. It doesn’t come close to the value of what happened. Before this, I was uncertain. I knew what I wanted in life and I knew to drive myself hard to get it, like we were taught, but now it’s different. Now I feel like I can set my eyes ahead of myself and keep them there, and that instead of seeing my way ahead at the end of a flashlight beam, I can see the whole way between me and my goals. I’m content and happy.”

“Yeah,…” I said, thinking of her words and comparing them to how I felt. “I know kinda what you mean. Everything seems different now. When I look at you, it’s like you’re this totally different person, but at the same time, I know you so well. I know your smile, I know what makes you mad and what makes you happy, but,… It’s really hard to explain. When you smile at me now, I just love you so much,…”

“It was like a honeymoon last night, wasn’t it?” she asked with the very smile I’d just mentioned and probably on purpose.

“Yeah. I’m glad they left us alone.” I said.

“That’s why I wanted us to get out and away from them for a little while this morning. I wanted to make sure we could really connect after that, so it wouldn’t turn into some filthy little regret between us instead of what it was.

“I understand,” I said. “But will that follow outside the Park? What then? You know everything is changed forever now, right?”

“Well,… you’d think so, wouldn’t you?” she replied with a thoughtful expression. “But, when I imagined us going back, getting on with our lives in town, I realized that almost nothing would change. We’ll go to university and come back home together, like at high school, and study together at noon like we always did. We’ll go get groceries and drive Mom’s car on our errands like we always did. I’ll be in hockey, you’ll be working on your bike, or a car, or whatever in the garage in your spare time, and nothing changes.”

“Except that we’ll be having an intimate relationship that nobody can ever find out about because it would ruin our lives.”

“Nobody will find out. We’ve always been very close and any little slip up we may make will be chalked up to that.”

“But, will you see it this way then? When you’re out of the Park and back in the world?”

“I know what you mean, but I honestly think I will. And you know what? After university, we can move someplace where nobody knows us and where my last name is the same as yours cause we’re married. We can be a little more open then and it won’t always feel so,… you know. No, I love you and I can’t wait to come and visit you in the garage in the evenings this winter for our little talks. kıbrıs escort bayan And,… we can sleep together in our bedrooms.”

“See, there’s a problem already,” I pointed out.

“What problem?”

“Your room. You got all those soaps and scents and bastard powders in there and you never dust.”

“Your allergy? You kiddin’ me?” she laughed.

“You don’t understand, it’s bad. You’ll have to come to my room.”

“You’re telling me I can’t have you in my bed?”

“You know you can’t, your room is a biohazard zone for me.”

“Oh, come on!”

“It’s true. After one minute, my nose is all tickly, my eyes are watering and I’m sniffing. After two minutes, I’m beyond the point of fatal exposure and I’ve got an allergy cold to deal with.”

She laughed, asking, “Fatal exposure? You tard! We’ll figure something out.”

“Well, unless you actually clean your room, I don’t know wha- Oh wait, here’s what we do: I’ll put a big plastic bag over my head and duct tape it around my neck. Yeah, then I’ll run that fifty foot airline from the little compressor that Mom got me for Christmas last year into your room and feed it into the bag. The air pressure inflates the bag, my carbon dioxide escapes out the collar along with excess air pressure, so my head doesn’t implode, and none of your contaminants can get in.”

“What about when the compressor runs out, you’ll suffocate.”

“That’s the ingenious part,” I said, holding a finger up while making my point. “The-“

“What, you suffocating?” she giggled, coming closer.

” … No. The ingenious part is that, if left plugged in and turned on, the compressor will turn itself on automatically whenever the pressure drops. So,… You see,…”

“I see you really are a tard,” she said. “You’re not fucking me like that.”

“Sure I am.”

“Oh, no you’re not! I’ll tell Mom!”

That reduced us both to hysterics.

“Hey,” she prodded after we’d mostly recovered ourselves.


“You think this would have been possible with some other guy? Remember Kyle, my ex boyfriend? You think I ever laughed like this with him? We’re already closer than most people who have been married for years, definitely closer than Mom and Dad ever were, do you realize that? What are we gonna do, go out and get some best runner up to each other? Make some kids and screw them up with another divorce? Could we ever find anyone to love and be loved by like each other?”


Well, we couldn’t. It wasn’t as if I wanted kids, at least not then, and I still don’t, so what else was I supposed to say to this? Furthermore, I knew I loved her like she wanted, knew she knew it and there wasn’t even any use in denying it. How should I have made a moral stand at that point when I felt exactly as she did?

“I want you to know that I realize I’ve had more time with this than you have,” she said, moving yet closer and putting her arms around my neck. “And I know this is pretty shocking for you, even though you know it’s right for us, like I do, but it’s nothing more than us together, just like always and just the way it was meant to be. Okay?”

“I feel that anyway. It’s just,…”

“What, baby?”

“It’s just that line we crossed.”

“Oh. You mean the line. The one we like, see in our minds, where there’s society’s approval on one side and living a lie around unacceptable, deviant behaviour on the other. That one?”

“Yeah, that’d be it.”

“That is a tough one, it was for me, too. All I can say is that I never settle for second best, no matter what, and I don’t like being told I have to for reasons that don’t satisfy me by people who mean nothing to me.”

I didn’t reply to this. I just took her in, her beauty and sincerity both holding my eyes as much as my attention to who she was to me now.

“What?” she asked.

“I do love that tattoo.”

She smiled wide at this and kissed me.

“It really fits you too, you know. Especially now. It’s weird, but you’re kinda like you were before we got here, but,… obviously not.”

“I know, I’m your bad Barbie. Gimmie kisses.”

“Wait,” I said, putting my hands on her waist.

“Hmm. There’s a new facial expression from you. I like it.”

“Yeah?” I asked, hiking her shirt up over her luscious tits as she only smiled, making no move whatsoever to stop me.

I softly kissed between them, just where and how she liked it before moving one aside just a little so I could go deeper.

“Mmm, Jarid, you remembered!”

“Yup,” I said, straightening up with a smile. “I like doing it.”

“Why don’t you pinch my nipples a little bit? … Yeah, like that. Ooooh, yeah.”

She undid my cutoffs and put her hand straight in, quickly bringing me the rest of the way to full erection, the umpteenth one I’d had that day, so far. It was such a turn on, standing there in public doing that, with her of all people. Before I knew it, my hand was inside the front of her shorts, my fingers tracing around her lips as she sighed heavily.

“Uhh! Yeaaah. Baby, let’s go home and fuck now.”

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

“Nope, I don’t like them,” Liv insisted, putting a dried dish in the cupboard and grabbing a wet one from the rack while I washed. “There’s just something about them that seems to represent the end of people who can still do things for themselves.”

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