While Away At College


I was entering my second year of college and my sister was entering her first. It so happened that she decided to go to the same college as me. Since we both were attending the same college my parents elected to find an apartment close to school that both of us could share in order to keep the expenses down. Shelli and I were both close so I didn’t mind. It was better than being in the dorm any day. It had it’s advantages to.

Ever since I can remember I have been sexually attracted to my sister. She was always a great-looking girl with a body that drove me crazy. I went to bed many a night jacking off to thoughts of her. This past year though, she developed into a woman. Her breasts and ass filled out nicely. Knowing that I would be sharing a small apartment with her made me hornier than ever. I looked for any opportunity I could to be home and around her. Wednesday evening Shelli had been studying and was feeling pretty stressed and asked me to rub her shoulders. It was rather warm in the apartment that evening and I was in athletic shorts while Shelli was wearing a thin t-shirt and panties. We were sitting on the couch so I positioned kırıkkale escort her between my legs and started massaging her neck.

I could tell that Shelli was enjoying this because she started to really relax and lean back into me. My cock started getting extremely hard from feeling her against my body. I was afraid that she would notice and pull away from me. But the opposite happened. She moved back closer, moving her ass directly against my cock. I was feeling very excited by this time and decided to get a little brave with my massage. I started bringing my hands down her back and around to her sides. There I would brush up against her tits. She seemed to be liking that because I noticed her breathing was getting as excited as mine. My hands rested against her breasts and started feeling the weight of them. Her nipples were now very excited as my hands cupped and rubbed her breasts. She then took her hands and placed them over my hands squeezing my hands harder onto her breasts. I took this cue and started passionately kissing her neck. She was getting extremely turned on.

She turned kırıkkale escort bayan into my arms and put her lips over mine. We were kissing each other with a passion I never experienced with another woman. My hands started roaming over her body, pulling her closer. My hands continued to massage her breasts. Then I pulled her t-shirt up and placed my hot mouth on her erect nipples, one then the other. We both were so hot and excited. I started down her stomach and began to lick her panty covered pussy. It was soaking wet and she tasted so GOOD! I pulled her panties off and stuck my tongue up her cunt, tonguing her to an immediate orgasm. Her juices ran down my face as I tried to devour all of her cum. I kept my mouth on her cunt and slid my fingers into her pussy. I rubbed and sucked on her clit bringing her to another quick orgasm.

I then started licking her the entire length of her pussy and ass. She went nuts. My fingers were in and out of her pussy and then I slipped a finger into her ass. She drove her ass down on my finger and began grinding her pussy into my mouth. She then had escort kırıkkale another powerful orgasm. I couldn’t take it any longer so I slid up her body and into her pussy. She felt so good!! I lifted her legs high in the air and started driving my cock into her. It didn’t take long before I was having the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming.

I was so excited that my cock wouldn’t go down. It was SOLID! I kept ramming into her like we were both sex starved adults. I then slowed down the tempo and started using long… slow… and deep strokes… She began to cum again… I wasn’t ready to cum yet so I slipped my cock out of her pussy and into her ass. It slipped in so easily from all the lubricant her pussy was emitting. She loved it. She couldn’t get enough my cock up her ass. We both were fucking so powerfully that I thought we were going to hurt each other. Then it started… I started cumming and she started cumming. It went on forever. I laid down on top of her taking her in my arms and kissing her and letting her know how much I loved her and how truly wonderful it felt making love to her. She felt the same way. That evening we didn’t get much studying done or for that matter, got much sleep. We made love all NIGHT! And in every position and on every piece of furniture we could. Making love to my sister may not have happened as early in my life as I had dreamed about, but the wait was well worth it.

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