The Glory Hole


The Glory HoleYou follow dutifully behind your Mistress through the long narrow passageway leading to the Mistress’s Dungeon. Concrete walls flank both sides of the passageway, with oil lamps hanging at regular intervals providing the only light, meager though it is. As you walk in and out of the shadows, you watch her hips sway beneath the short black leather skirt, her black heels making a staccato sound in the empty hallway. A series of chains crisscross her back, and you remember how her breasts looked beneath the chains, her nipples pink and erect, as if eager for your touch. You glance down at your naked body, at the leather band around the base of your cock, and at the chain leading from the leather band to the Mistress’s hand. With every step you take, the chain moves against your body, making a small clinking sound, reminding you that you belong to the Mistress, that your body, your cock, are hers.The realization makes your cock stiffen in anticipation as you wonder what her plans are for you, what the night will bring.You look at her skirt again, aching to smooth your hands up her thighs to explore what’s underneath–though you already know, because you know your Mistress. You know she’s wearing nothing …… because she always tells you that she wants nothing to stand in the way when she wants to fuck you. You feel a tug against your hard cock with the cock chain, and you glance up as you enter a large room. A group of people across the room watch as you step inside, but you keep your gaze straight toward your Mistress, slightly down, as you’ve been taught. You can feel their eyes on you, and you know they’re looking at your naked body, at your erect cock, at your Mistress as she leads you through the room toward a door. It’s strangely erotic to be this vulnerable, to be this exposed. But you know it pleases her, and because it does, it’s a pleasure for you too.As you reach the center of the room, you notice a movement against the wall to your right. Though the room is dimly lit, you can see several people kneeling in front of the wall, but at first you can’t tell what they’re doing. Your path brings you closer to the wall, and you glance in that direction once again. An erect cock protrudes through a hole in the wall, and a woman is stroking it, while a man leans over to lick the head. You watch as the man takes the cock in his mouth and starts to suck it, deeper and deeper with each movement, while the woman reaches up to rub the exposed balls. The cock begins to move in and out of the hole, fucking the man’s mouth, while the woman moves between the sucking man’s legs to take his stiff cock into her mouth.Your own cock throbs powerfully at the sight, at the sheer erotic of the scene, and you glance back at your Mistress’s skirt, aching to ram your swollen cock between her legs, thrust it deep into her moist pussy, to fuck her until neither of you can move. Your cock hardens even more. As you get closer to the door, you glance back at the couple, and your eyes spot another hole in the wall, an empty hole ….. and your cock pulses as you stare at that magnificent hole.Your Mistress and you step into a long narrow room, bare of adiosbet yeni giriş furnishings except for a couple of oil lamps placed on tall, round tables in the far corner of the room and one leather-padded stool. Only one person is in the room, a man who’s arms are roped together and tied above his head, securely attached to a hook dangling from the ceiling.He’s facing the wall to your right, the wall with the two glory holes, and he’s moaning and pressing his hips firmly against the wall as he’s being eaten from the other side. You watch as his hips move back and forth, his ass tight and firm, and you glimpse his hard cock with each powerful thrust in the hole.You glance down at your own erect cock and see a drop of cum on the head, beginning to drip down your shaft. But your Mistress has seen it too, and you watch as she leans in front of you and licks the cum off the head of your cock, then presses her body against yours as she kisses you, thrusting her tongue deep inside your mouth so you can taste your cum.You hear the man cry out, and you look in his direction, your mouth still on hers, as he rams his hips hard against the wall, his body shuddering as he cums. He lets the ropes above his head support his body as he struggles to catch his breath, his body still jerking in and out of the hole.You feel a swift tug on the cock leash, and you realize you’ve kept your Mistress waiting. You thrust your hips against hers, your hard cock against her belly as she kisses you, as she pulls against the cock chain to bring you as close to her as you can get. You watch as she lifts her skirt to tease you with her bare pussy, then rubs your cock against it, between her legs, over her moist pussy lips, against her clit …… back and forth. She guides the head of your cock inside and you moan, eager to thrust your aching cock deep inside. Then she immediately takes it out. She tugs on your cock chain to pull you in front of the second glory hole, and she raises your arms and secures the chains to a hook dangling from the ceiling. Then, she kneels in front of you and takes your cock in her mouth, tasting her pussy on it, and sucks it deeply a few times while her long nails dig into your ass. As she stands up, she positions your body against the wall, and places your powerfully erect cock through the glory hole. She shoves the cock chain through the glory hole too, and you hear the chain clatter and clang against the floor as it falls. Reaching up to your lips, she once again kisses you, sliding her tongue deep inside your mouth. Her lips still moving against yours, she slide one nail down your chest, moving it over your electrified skin until she reaches the base of your cock, which she grabs tightly as it sticks through the hole. “Trust me,” she whispers. You watch as she walks toward the door, then stops and looks back at you. She raises her short black skirt to expose her pussy and begins to rub her clit, her gaze never leaving yours. As you watch her, you feel someone grabbing your cock, someone beginning to stroke it, someone on the other side of the glorious hole. You close your eyes for a moment and enjoy the sensation, adiosbet giriş and when you open them again, your Mistress is gone. Hands are stroking your cock, moving fingers down the length, rubbing nails over the head, against the hole at the tip of your cock. It can’t be just one hand–it feels like hundreds of hands stroking you, stimulating you. You press your hips against the wall to give them every inch of your cock. The hole in the wall is large enough for your balls to fit through as well, and you feel someone tugging them through the hole, then licking them. You feel the coolness of the wall beneath your hips, the smooth surface of the hole every time your cock rubs against it, and the dampness of the tongue against your balls. You stare at the wall just inches in front of your face and wonder why this whole strange scene is so hot to you, so damn erotic. Is it because you have no idea who’s playing with your cock on the other side of the hole? Is it because you don’t know whose tongue is licking your balls? Is it the vulnerability of having your cock exposed on the other side of the wall to everyone in the room, for them to watch how hard you are, how turned on you are for your Mistress and this scene? Is it because you’re doing her will, doing something that will please her? Because you’re serving your Mistress? Your cock is pulled further through the hole so that your hips fit snuggly against the wall, and you feel someone suck in the head, teasing it with their tongue. Unable to help yourself, you moan. The tongue runs down the length of your cock, while another tongue moves over your balls, sucking them. Though it’s far from warm in the dungeon, a drop of sweat slides down the side of your face. You’re dimly aware of the other man in the room, the one who’d just cum in the other glory hole. His body is turned to face you, his face damp with perspiration. You glance down his naked body, noticing his cock as it begins to harden once again as he watches you. Your cock is sucked deeply then, powerfully, as if the person were sucking your entire length into their throat, and you forget about the man once again. Pressing your hips against the wall, you offer your full cock to the sucker, and you begin to move your hips in time with the sucking. As soon your cock leaves the mouth, you ram it back inside again, over and over again. Someone’s hands are playing with your balls, caressing them, rubbing them. You feel someone biting them, which only intensifies the feelings in your cock, in your whole body. Your cock is engorged, so ready to shoot cum into the mouth of the sucker. The feeling is building, escalating to the point of no return. Then you stop. Your Mistress hasn’t given you permission to cum. Where is she? As you struggle to regain control, you’re dimly aware of movement in the room. Someone steps behind you. You try to turn your head to see them, but your hips are pressed so tightly against the wall that you have very limited movement.The person on the other side of the hole releases your cock from their mouth, and all of your attention is drawn back to the glory hole. Almost with a will of their own, your adiosbet güvenilirmi hips continue to rock back and forth against the wall, hungry for the mouth to return to your cock. Then you feel fingers against your ass, a hand smoothing over your body. It moves down your ass between your legs and back up again. As you relax into the feeling, someone on the other side of the hole begins to play with your cock once again. You feel fingers opening your ass, moving against your opening. Teasing it, opening it, until you feel a finger slide inside and begin to stroke in and out. Under the haze of feelings, you hear what sounds like furniture being moved on the other side of the wall. You feel a slight bump, as if someone or something banged against it directly on the other side of you. The person stroking your cock stops the movement and just holds it. You feel it being tugged, pulled, oh gaud, your cock is being guided into a pussy …….. The pussy is hot and wet, coating your cock, making it easy to slide in and out. Her hips are pressed tightly against the hole to enable you to ram your whole cock deep inside. You fuck the pussy with your entire body, wanting so desperately to cum, but you can’t ….. gaud you haven’t been given permission. As you ram your cock in and out of the pussy, the person behind you slides a finger in and out of your ass. The stimulation is unbelievable. You’re fucking a pussy on the other side of a damn wall, and you’ve never been this turned on in your life. Your hips bang back and forth against the wall, fucking the pussy with everything you’ve got. You feel her body move against your cock, taking it deep inside. You’re so ready to explode, to fill the pussy with cum. Picking up the pace, you fuck even harder, even wilder. Sweat drips down the side of your face. You feel the pussy muscles tighten, clenching your cock tightly. Then you hear a cry of pleasure, feel the body on the other side grow stiff as she cums. You struggle to keep from cumming because you want to please your Mistress. You’ve come this far, gaud you have to hang on a little while longer.Then you feel a tug on the chain that’s still secured around your cock, and you explode into the pussy immediately, your body rocking back and forth as you cum. The person behinds you rams their finger even deeper into your ass as you explode. With the chains holding your arms and supporting your body, you fill the pussy with cum, shooting over and over again deep inside. Your legs can barely hold you up as you lean against the wall, struggling to catch your breath, your body dripping with sweat. You feel the pussy releasing your cock, and the finger sliding out of your ass. You hear what sounds like furniture being moved on the other side of the wall again. But you can barely move. You close your eyes and relax into the chains supporting your body. You awake to the sound of your arms being released from above your head. You look up to see your Mistress standing in front of you while another slave moves your body away from the wall, supporting you while you regain your balance. She’s not smiling. She’s just watching you closely. Oh gaud, were you wrong in assuming that the rattle of your chains meant that you could cum? Have you displeased her? You watch as she sits on a stool near you and spreads her legs. “Eat me,” she says as she motions for the other slave to help you kneel between her open legs.The EndSpice16www.bdsmfinder.com

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