Wicked Stepdaughter


It was Saturday morning and I was up early, as usual. The house was quiet. My daughter, Lacy, was at her Mom’s. I crawled out of bed and wandered, sleepily, to the kitchen, in only pajama bottoms. As I walked by the extra bedroom, I noticed the door closed. It dawned on me that my stepdaughter, Courtney, was staying here this weekend. My oldest stepdaughter, Darcy, was home from New York with her husband and the baby, occupying her bedroom at Mom’s.

I had a running invitation that if any of the girls ever need to stay in my guest rooms, they were always welcome. I had, at least partly, raised them in our house, when they were young. I saw no problem with them staying at my home now, and they didn’t either. Courtney had stayed several nights before and even kept some clothes, toiletries, and other stuff in the third bedroom. That bedroom had come to be known as “Courtney’s room” in our conversation.

So, I thought nothing of it and continued to the kitchen to grab my morning diet dew.

“She must have come in after I went to sleep” I pondered, as I headed back to my room. My room was a master suite. It was my place of private refuge, with my bedroom furniture, as well as a couch, and small office. When Lacy was at the house, we spent time in our family room. When she wasn’t home, or in the early morning, I spent quiet time in my suite.

I had a large master bathroom privately attached. I had designed the house for my comfort in my older age. A nice bathroom with an “extravagant” shower and Jacuzzi tub, were things I had not spared expense on.

I got on my computer and went through my morning routine of checking email, checking social media, and generally surfing the web, for information and fun. Of course, morning was meant for porn, so several of my favorite porn sites were included in my morning routine.

I spent an hour or so surfing, then headed out on my back deck. I drank my soda and watched the morning glow. I loved the mornings in the mountains.

I followed my typical morning routine. I headed straight for my bathroom and my beautiful shower. I looked forward to my shower every morning. It was like getting a massage.

I stripped what few clothes I had on, as I went through the bedroom. I threw them on the bed.

I didn’t bother to close the door of my bath behind me. I never did. I turned the shower on. All the temperatures were pre-set with multiple jets of water. I could play with things as I showered but I liked it my way.

I brushed my teeth first as I always did, then got a big dab of shampoo and washed my hair. As I finished washing the shampoo out of my hair, I turned, letting the water run over my back, enjoying the warmth of the water. Movement through the glass of the shower door startled me. I reached, wiping the fog off the door to see. Courtney stood at the sink with her back to me.

“What the fuck is Courtney doing in bathroom while I’m showering?” I thought to myself, half whispering it.

She wore a silk nightie that barely covered her little behind. She was carelessly priming her hair in the mirror as if I wasn’t even there.

My heart began pumping wildly. I stood motionless, just watching, not really sure of how to react. She backed away from the sink, reached down, crossed her arms in front of her, grabbed the bottom of the nightie, and pulled it over her head.

I gasped to get breath. She was totally nude. I backed further into the shower, as she turned toward me. My eyes were as big as saucer plates. She opened the door and stepped in.

“How’s the water?” She asked, reaching toward me to feel it. “I have always wanted to try out your beautiful shower.” She smiled, staring into my eyes, waiting and ready for my reaction. I made a few more gasps, speechless, still not knowing what to say.

She moved into the shower right against me holding her hands crossed in front of her. They partly covered her, but not in any of the critical places. The hot water streamed down over her bare skin. My eyes roamed up and down her body. Her skin was pure white. She was a natural blond. Courtney was tall and thin with petite delicate features. Her shoulders and upper body were very thin, but that only made her breasts protrude more elegantly. They were no more than a handful and sagged slightly but were full and perky at her nipples. Her nipples were a pale light pink, almost invisible against her milky skin. Her stomach was tight, with her hip bones protruding at her hips. She didn’t have curves, but everything fit perfectly into its place. Bottom line, she was a beautiful young woman!!

I found myself staring as my eyes combed her body. I still hadn’t spoken. She smiled as she watched my eyes drop to her lower body. The tiny slit of her vagina barely even showed from the front. It was tucked tightly between her long legs. I looked up at her and finally found words.

“Courtney.” I pleaded. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing here?” I breathed deeply and stared into her eyes.

“I sure do.” she said, confidently. “I’m taking kırşehir escort a shower with you in your gorgeous shower…and hopefully having some fun!” she added.

“I’m your fath…” I stopped short.

“You’re my Mom’s X husband” she said with a pronounced “X”, correcting me “You’re an attractive older man and I’m 22 years old.”

“Your mother would hang us both.” I assured her. “Me, first…and by the balls!”

“She will never know!” She assured, and demanded at the same time, lowering her chin, looking up at me sternly.

“I was laying in bed, horny, touching myself, and I heard your shower.” She explained. “It was fate, that happening, and I knew I had to come in. I’ve dreamed about this for a long time.”

“But I’m an old man!” I pleaded.

“You are an older gentleman, very attractive, experienced in the ways of sex. You have the equipment to satisfy me. You can teach me and do things my young men don’t do. And you’re obviously happy I’m in here with you.” She explained, looking down at my throbbing hard member.

I took a big breath and sighed. She had obviously thought and planned this. I thought through all the proper things to say and do but they were all hopeless excuses. She was right. I could never pass up such a beautiful woman. Never pass up this experience.

She reached down and started lightly running her fingers up and down the length of my hardness. She stared down, as I watched, feeling every nerve.

“I was wet this morning, laying in bed, hearing the shower.” she told. “So, I came over.”

I looked deep into her eyes and conceded. “I’m glad, Courtney. Very glad you did.”

She gently eased away from the stroking and touching, still looking at my eyes. She turned away and eased under the water with her back to me. It covered her head and flowed down through her long blonde hair. I watched it flow down her back. I looked down at her gorgeous plump little butt and smiled again, wondering why I deserved such a treat. My manhood stood at attention, just inches away, still throbbing, begging to be touched again.

She turned back to face me and wiped the water off her face.

“Will you lather me up?” she asked, as she reached for the shampoo.

“Absolutely!” I whispered back. I took the shampoo from her and squirted a glob in the palm of my hand. “Turn around.”

She turned and laid her head back toward me, giving me free access. Her hair flowed the whole way down to just beyond the little crease into her bottom, with her head laid back like this. It brushed across my erection as I stepped closer. I lifted her hair into a bunch, mixing the shampoo in, lathering it up.

“I always had a crush on you.” She said.

“Really?” I asked, surprisingly “I didn’t know you felt like that? I knew you liked me and I loved you. You have such a big heart.”

“Darcy, on the other hand.” I said.

“She had a crush on you, too!” She said, turning her head half back to see my reaction. She smiled back looking out of the corners of her eyes.

“No way!” I said, in denial. I thought a little and added. “I thought maybe when she was younger, like 12 or 13, but not as she got older.”

“She’s every bit as big a horn dog as I am.” She jeered. “Probably more now, because she’s deprived.”

“She’s deprived??” I questioned.

“She doesn’t get much from Jacob.” She explained. “Not since they got religion. He has a different attitude toward sex. We talk about it.”

“Wow.” I said. “They’re a good looking couple. You’d think as young and hot as they are, they’d be fucking like bunnies.”

“Well. They’re not.” She replied.

“Soap me up.” Courtney demanded, grabbing the bar of soap. “This is turning into too much of a gab session, and I want to get clean, and have some fun!”

I smiled and took the soap from her hand. I rubbed it in my hands, lathering up heavy, and started rubbing around her neck and shoulders. I moved down each arm and massaged each hand firmly. I pulled her hair together into one big bunch and eased it over her shoulder, giving me access to her bare back. I lathered again, and gently did her back and side, massaging at the same time. She moaned as I scrubbed harder. I slid my hands around her side, lathering her under-arms and the sides of her breasts. She eased back closer as I touched her there. I lathered again and moved down to her bottom. My heart rate increased as I squeezed and kneaded the soap into each cheek and cupped underneath. My erection got harder. I ran my fingers gently from her upper leg into the crease of her bottom and up through. She fidgeted as my fingers touched her anus. She lifted her butt, following my hand, giving me easier access. Encouraging me. Her young ass was so firm.

“She wants to be touched there.” I thought to myself. I smiled and ran my hand and fingers through again, more firmly. She squirmed as I touched her. “Young men have no idea what to do with a woman’s anus.” I thought, silently again. Proudly.

“Hmmmmmm” came out of kırşehir escort bayan my mouth reacting.

She turned her head for a glance back but said nothing. I lathered up again and eased closer to her. I squatted just enough for my 8″ of, now rock hard throbbing cock, to ease in between her legs. I slid it gently between her thighs touching her vagina. She squirmed around nestling it into just the right place at the entrance, touching her lips.

I lathered again and reached around, cupping her breasts. I kneaded the soap in, making them slick and squeezing them, firmly. I could feel her nipples hardening under my touch. I pinched them lightly in each hand. She moaned and gave a little squeal at that. She lifted her own hands to mine, guiding and pulling them in, encouraging me to squeeze harder. At the same time, she pushed her butt back into me, sliding my member further forward. I could feel her vaginal lips spread around the head and along the shaft as it slid. I wasn’t inside her yet, but her lips covered my soft mushroom head.

I slid one hand from her breast and moved it down to her groin. Her skin was slick and soapy. I massaged her groin area and moved to where my cock poked through. I lathered the head while grinding my own pelvis from behind. She moaned as my fingers spread her lips wider. My fingers probed, searching for her clitoris. She quivered as I found it and touched it lightly.

I moved my fingers away and gripped the sides of her hips, turning her firmly to where she faced me. Her face was flushed pink. She smiled with devilish desire. She flung her arms up and around my neck and moved into me, kissing me deeply, filling my mouth with her tongue. My hands explored her body around her plump little bottom, up her sides, through her breasts, feeling her nipples, which were erect now. Tiny little buttons rolling between my fingers.

I broke off the kiss and pushed her back against the shower wall. I stared at her shining wet body. Her nipples were like little red rocks now. Her puffy white pubic mound, her labia, now swelled, protruded like a beautiful little flower bloom. I slowly knelt in front of her, kissing and nibbling at her nipples and stomach on the way down. I wanted to taste her flower and feel it in my mouth.

I got to my knees and gently kissed around her groin area, teasingly, not touching her labia or clit. She grabbed my head firmly between both hands, gripping my ears, guiding me to where she wanted me. I slid my tongue in from the bottom, spreading her lips, tasting her fluids, as I moved toward her love button. She quivered again as my tongue touched it. She was so sweet! Her fluids were like honey. I moved down, to push my tongue inside, to get more. She shifted spreading her legs, opening herself to me. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could. It didn’t go far. She was small. She would be so tight. Would I even fit? I would definitely be stretching her, as hard and thick as I was right now.

I moved back up to her clit and flicked my tongue over it. I swirled it around, then finally sucked it gently into my mouth. She squirmed against the wall of the shower. Her head dropped, and pulled my ears, lifting me away. She guided me up to her lips, kissing me again, even more passionately this time. I felt her hand move down to my erection, gripping it firmly. She stroked firmly, testing to see how hard it was. At the same time, she guided it toward her tiny swelled vagina.

She left me go, leaving me poised with my throbbing head touching her lips. She lifted her left leg up high beside us, and grabbed my arm guiding it, urging me to lift it. I grasp her at the knee and lifted it as high as it would go, almost up over my shoulder. She was spread wide now, and ready for me to enter her. She reached down, gripping me again, putting me right at her entrance, her flower, pulling me gently. I pushed against her, rotating my hips forward, easing it in.

She groaned and threw her head back as her labia spread around the head. I slid just the head in. She ground toward me, forcing it further. The head was in. She was so tight around it. I held steady, as she ground back and forth, easing it in deeper with each grind. Half was in. Then 6″. Then all 8.

She ground her pubic area into mine feeling it was in full depth.

“Oh GOD!!” she groaned, gritting her teeth. “I am so fucking FULL!!” “So fucking thick! Holy fuck!” She looked directly at me, eye to eye, with so much desire in her eyes. No words, but such “fuck me!” eyes.

She surprised me with that. I had never heard Courtney talk like that. I guess I released the wicked dirty demon in her.

I eased out some and slowly pushed in deep again, then again, and again. She moaned each time it went deep. She started matching my rhythm. It slid in and out of her. My strokes got longer until the head was almost coming out and sliding back in.

She held me tight, matching my rhythm, encouraging each stroke. Desiring harder! I drove it into her like she had escort kırşehir said I did to her mother, doggie style, eight years ago.

“Fuck me hard!” She almost shouted. It startled me, again. I thought if someone was just outside the house, they’d hear. But I didn’t care at this point. Like she had said, we were both legal and not blood relatives. We were following our desire.

I fucked her harder and deeper. Her pussy had loosened some but was still so tight around the shaft of my cock. She was wet and hot inside. I could feel the smoothness of her g-spot inside her, touching the sensitive head of my penis. I was almost lifting her off the ground with each thrust. She pulled my head in, wrapping her arms around my neck, holding me tight.

“I’m cumming!” I heard her whisper in my ear. She pulled tighter against me. She gasped. Her chest heaved. Her breath stopped altogether. I stopped thrusting and held deep inside her. Her grip tightened even more. She started convulsing and quivering. I could feel her vaginal lips clamping and pulsing around me as she came. I waited, trying to feel everything, as her orgasm continued, then started subsiding. Inside, she got hotter. I could feel more fluid surrounding my cock. I moved my hips back, slowly sliding it out, just a bit, slowly. The fluids surrounded me and pumped out, as I slid back in slowly.

“Her cum.” I thought to myself. “Oh my god! She actually cums fluid.” I imagined.

Her grip around my neck loosened. She backed off, kissing my ear and cheek as she eased away. She stared at me.

“Take me to your bed?” she asked. “Don’t take it out of me. Carry me.”

I smiled. “Your wish is my command.” I whispered.

She held tightly around my neck, as I pushed the shower handle to off and turned. She pushed the shower door open. I carried her straight to the bed and laid her gently down, easing on top of her, still deep inside her. I could feel juices flowing from inside her, oozing out, dripping from my testicles. We were both still wet but that didn’t seem to matter.

“Now fuck me more! Until YOU cum. And pull it out. I want to see it squirt.” she directed me, ordering, almost begging me.

I eased back to get us in the right position. She laid back flat on the bed releasing her grip around my neck. She moved her hands to my hips. I eased up onto my knees looking down to see. Her gorgeous little pussy lips held me so tightly. I watched, as I eased out slowly. Her vaginal lips followed as if suctioned on. I pushed back in deep. I watched it go in and out. I increased my rhythm. She guided my hips, encouraging me to go faster. I went faster, driving into her. The sound of her fluids, and me pumping into her, created a slurping, and slapping, as I drove faster, harder. She grunted each time I hit bottom, but her hands encouraged me harder, pushing and pulling me. I looked into her as her eyes got wider. She shook her head up and down with a gentle nodding motion and gasped at me.

“Yes.” she whispered, as her eyes closed and her head pushed back into the soft bed. “Cumming …a-gain.” she murmered. I watched. Her mouth opened and her teeth bit down on her lip. Her back arched and her breasts seemed to disappear against her chest as she stretched. Oh, how beautiful she was at that moment. She always was. She shook as her second orgasm took over her body. The ecstasy of the moment and my continued thrusting had me at the edge, too. She looked up at me seeing my facial expressions. Her orgasm was subsiding.

She nodded at me and said. “Please cum for me.” I increased my thrusts until I reached my climax. I pulled out and raised onto my knees, giving her the full view she desired. I looked down at her. She watched it throb and buck as my balls pulled up inside me. I groaned and lifted my head back as the first rope of cum spurted out of me, then a second, and third covering her stomach with thick white pools of sperm. I looked back down, to see her smiling intently, still watching every spasm and spurt. I wasn’t done. I reached down and grasped it firmly, stroking it hard! After 10 to 15 seconds, I hit a second peak, a second set of spurts. It was essentially a multiple orgasm. It was something I had learned or gained in my older age. The second didn’t spurt the volume of cum but the intensity that I felt was much greater. My leg began shaking and the second wave of three or four spurts of cum spilled out of me.

“Oh my god!” she giggled, as I steadied myself.

She reached up gently gripping my cock. She stroked it gently, then stretched it tightly, draining the last drops of cum out of the tip. She ran her thumb over my hole, covering it with the last glob of cum. She smiled up at me as she lowered it down and into her mouth. She sucked it off her thumb tasting it. She licked her lips, grinning.

I smiled back down and eased off beside her. I laid flat on the bed, spent from the intensity of the orgasm, trying to recover.

She turned her head, looking over at me. Then she looked at the pools of cum on her stomach. She took her finger, played with the one pool, then licked her finger again. She took three fingers and rubbed through all the pools, combining them into one big mess. Then her whole hand spread it, rubbing it all over her stomach and up covering her breasts. She rubbed it into her skin all over her chest.

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