My cell phone rings, it’s my wife. She wants me to go to Seaton Hospital to be with her Mom, Adya going to deliver her baby anytime now.

When I got there, Adya’s vagina will not be fully dilated for another 4 to 6 hours. My MIL hugs & kisses me on my lips. The nurse asks me if I am the husband, I said no her husband is in London. Adya tells the nurse that she wants me inside the delivery room.

The nurse told my MIL & me, that we can get a coffee or something to eat comeback in 4 hours.

As we passing by the next room, we hear a familiar voice of the woman & the man inside, it sounds like Bera & Teo.

MIL went inside the room to find out, she came out: and call me.

Teo: Can you believe this, they might give birth on the same day, they will become twin cousins.

Me: You’re right, Teo. Want to join Mom & me at the cafeteria or the Starbucks across the street. The nurse told us to come back after 4 hours.

Teo: Wow! That’s what our nurse told us too, she expected to be fully dilated in 4 hours from now. But I just want to be here for now, maybe later.

Me: You want something, there’s a deli beside Starbucks.

Teo: Please get me a Ham & provolone cheese on wheat bread. Thank you.

We left and my MIL, holding my arm as we are walking and she is rubbing her breast on it.

Delia: There’s a Holiday Inn across the street, I already made a reservation and they have a room available right now.

When we get to our hotel room, we take a quick shower. Then we laid down on the bed.

She went on top of me and starts licking my ear and gently strokes my penis.

Delia: I missed you, Baby, Did you miss your sugar, Mommy.

Me: Of course, your so sweet, that’s why your my sugar Mommy.

Delia: Oh! Baby, fuck me.

I went on top of her and I shove my erect penis inside her vagina.

Delia: Oh! That hurt a little bit. But I love your hard & warm penis inside my vagina.

Me: I slowly thrust my penis in & out of her vagina as I gently suck her erect nipples.

Delia: Yes, Baby, I want it slow.

I will thrust my penis in & out slowly about 8 times & I will Inserts it real fast on my 9 thrusts with my whole penis inside her vagina. kocaeli escort She will moan and move her buttocks slightly upward…

Delia: I love what you’re doing, you never did this to me before, Baby son.

Me: My wife loves it too.

I continue doing it to her, her breathing is getting faster & her moaning is getting louder. Her buttocks are synchronizing with my slow trusting of my penis up & down, in & out her vagina. She already releases a little bit of her vaginal juice.

Delia: Please thrust your penis faster & harder, Please.,

I did what she wants, I am thrusting harder & faster my penis in & out up & down her vagina. We are both moaning loud, breathing fast & our heart is beating fast.


We let our desire & can’t explain feelings we both reach our orgasm at the same time.

But she is not done yet she pushes my body off on top of her and she straddles in between my legs and she grabs my still erect penis and inserts it inside her vagina.

She straddles me in a kneeling position. With her legs open, then I insert my erect penis into her vagina. She starts thrusting up and down my penis. She tilts her body forward to a lying position.

She’s in total control over the rhythm and speed of her thrusting up & down my penis.

Delia: You love the way I ride you, son? Shit! your penis is so hard and it is getting bigger.

Me: Faster, harder, I am coming

Delia: Yes, Baby come inside your Mommy’s vagina.

I finally let my sperm bursting out of my penis. She continues to ride me until I feel her cum dripping on my balls and legs.

After we clean ourselves, we went to buy a coffee & deli sandwich for Teo, for ours, then we head back to the hospital.

Finally, Adya gave birth to a healthy boy, and an hour after Bera gave birth to a healthy girl. I called my wife and told her.

Delia & I are on our way home, Adya & Bera will be confined in the hospital for three days to make sure that the mother & the newly born child does not have any issues.

Delia: Congratulations, son, give me more grandchildren since I can’t be pregnant anymore.

Me: Let’s go back to our room at Holiday Inn

Delia: kocaeli escort bayan I want to go home, I am tired.

When we got home, my wife still awake but our daughter is already sleeping. Mil went straight to her room and my wife & I went to ours.

Didi: Babe, are you tired, let’s take a hot shower then I will give you, your favorite massage.

. We took a quick shower at the same time, then, my wife told me to lie down on our bed while she prepares the things she needs to massage me.

She starts with the feather stroke lightly caress on my neck, shoulders, arms, back, and buttocks with her fingertips for at least five minutes. She did this in circular motions,


Then by using her locks to caress. To heat things, she gradually upgrades to the firm, slow strokes using her thumbs and the palms of her hands.

Then she turns me over. she gives my inner thighs a rubdown. she gently kneads the area using her fingertips & the heel of her hand.

After that she lightly stimulating the area around my nipple & areola this increased the blood flow to both my nipples and to the genital area, by using her thumb and index finger & slowly and gently! massage my nipple in a rotating motion—moving clockwise, then counter-clockwise—then using her thumb and ring finger she pulls it up,

Then to my abs! She massages the area between my belly button and genitals, this makes my pelvic floor muscles contract & giving me sensation on my penis.

Then she starts to roll the tips of her tongue on my penis head, my penis starts to get hard, and when it is fully erect my wife gets on her hands and knees on the bed. Then I enter her from behind using my fully erect penis.

Delia: I like what you’re doing to my daughter.

Me: Mommy, shit! how long you been watching us.

Delia: I let her in when your laying in your stomach before I start massaging you. You know I can’t say no to my Mom. She to have a threesome.

I continue thrusting my penis in & out of my wife’s vagina while her Mom watches and masturbates.

Then my wife’s Mom lies on her back in front of us. My wife performs oral sex on her Mom, while her Mom is lying on escort kocaeli her back on the bed.

As I thrust, my wife’s tongue slams up against her Mom’s clitoris. It gives me a great view, of her Mom enjoying that her daughter is eating her vagina.

Both my wife and her Mom moaning is getting loud and me thrusting my wife’s vagina is getting faster & harder.

Delia: SHIT!!!!! Ohh!!!!

My MIL just squirts on her daughter’s face.

DIdi: Yes, Baby fuck me harder, faster, faster, Ohhhhhhh!!!!!

My wife just cum, I feel it flowing on my legs, but I continue thrusting my penis in & out of her vagina, she is getting crazy. She is shouting, then finally I fired my sperm inside her vagina, my thrusting slows down until I pull out my penis inside my wife’s vagina.

Delia: I never seen any couple fuck in front of me before, I loved it, Now it’s my turn to put on a show, lie down on your back on top of the bed, son, let me play with your penis so it will come back to life.

When my penis is fully erect, My wife’s Mom straddles me with her head pointed towards my head, and lowers down onto my penis, and inserts it inside her vagina. Then my wife places a pillow underneath my head and she kneels over my face, with her head facing towards my feet. I perform oral on her.

My wife & her Mom kiss and massages each other breasts. My wife’s Mom is riding me like a horse, she’s is thrusting up and down my penis. have total control over the rhythm and speed. of her thrusting.

I am licking my wife’s clitoris as my two fingers are exploring inside her vagina. I can taste her & mine cum on her vagina.

All of us starts breathing taste, now the thrusting of my wife’s Mom up & down my penis is getting faster & faster as she tightens her vagina’s inner lips squeezes the shaft of my penis, this is her best talent that she teaches her daughters, the essence of vaginal muscle control, that drives your man crazy and reaches their orgasms. That’s true it is mind-blowing, it is electrifying, I have no control but just to shout and let my sperm flows fluidly out of my penis. Sane time as

My wife is squirting on top of my face, while her Mom’s cum drips on her legs.

Delia: You cum a lot, son, your sperm is overflowing from my vagina.

Me: You are the best at squeezing the penis inside a vagina. No offense honey, you need to ask your Mom to improve your technique in doing it.

Delia: My first threesome is successful, I love it.

to be continued……..

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