Window of the Heart


such a vision of serenityand peacedisguises turmoil roiling deep insidetempestuous characterso hiddenawaiting eruption in sensual ardorthe hidden core of desireresponding to a touchof mystic understanding that must comewill come with all the perceptionof the questing comprehensionone can bringwillingness to acknowledgeher çankaya escort truthis mine as welllooking down upon her fluent facestroking the downupon the silky cheekenraptured from desireswrit upon my mind sensual delights to comeand her eyes communewith mine throughthe windows of our rus escort heartsspeaking the language of hungerfor fulfillmentand carnal completionfingers questing with a searchacross the corporeallandscapes of our bodiesbreaths becoming gasps of needas sites of satisfactionfeel the effects of cravingdroplets eryaman escort bedewing her cushionedspreading nether lips awaiting enraptured kissesdrips of excitement seepingfrom my bulbous tipher finger grasp with appreciationrevering the pleasures we givetasting the fluids of amorous delightwith tongues delving and suckingexploring the exquisite joywith each thrust into heavengiving and receivingwith every culmination we discovermagnificent transgressionsour sins are sacraments to paradise  her spirit and mine reside nowwithin the serenity of peaceacross her visage of tranquility

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