Winter Night , Hot Boobs


It was the winters of my class 12 when the entire family had come to a small village on the foothills for some ceremony. The girl was there. She was a distant cousin of my cousin who worked in an MNC and looked so sexy with cat-like eyes.

Her body must have been shaped by the hands of an artist. The protruding breasts stood at a tall 33 and the waist clinched beautifully at 31, to give way to a gorgeous heavy ass. In all my wet dreams after that, I call her my diva because that’s what she was.

To be honest, the night was very uneventful until the seating arrangements were announced. Because of the small house and the many guests, I ended up sleeping next to this diva and her mum on the drawing room’s floor.

She had not brought her nighty and so she wore her mother’s night suit that was a little too loose on her. The fabric clung to her breasts and failed to conceal her breasts and hardened nipples. The naughtiness was already creeping up to me and as it would happen, there was a shortage of blankets in our room.

I slept with just one blanket that too a thin one and diva and her mum had two each. Maybe it was pure coincidence or my konya escort destiny but I woke up about an hour later shivering due to the cold. Very silently, I crept into diva’s blanket. She was wrapped in one more but I could still feel the heat of her leg pierce my own limbs.

I laid there for a quite some time but was still shivering due to the cold. We were very close to each other. I don’t know when exactly the devil that took control of my mind, but I touched her breasts gently from over the blanket. My fingers glided to the top and then sunk into the ‘valley’. It was so huge that I could not even cup with my hands. But then she laid straight, and I crept inside the second blanket due to the cold.

After some time, I went closer and kept my one leg over her and slowly moved my hands towards her breast over the gown.

I first kept it on her stomach, then slowly started going up and reached her boobs over her gown. I felt it slowly and as her gown was so thin, I could easily feel those erect nipples. Slowly, I encircled those nipples and then cupped her boobs, giving them a small press. I was slowly pressing konya escort bayan again and again, feeling her each breath and her boobs rising.

Suddenly, I felt her buttons so decided to open those. I opened the first one with some difficulty and felt her cleavage from inside. It was so soft and the smoothest thing I ever touched in my life. I kept touching it and then proceeded to the next button. While doing so, suddenly she moved her hand. I was so scared and removed my hand quickly.

After some time and seeing no signs of movements, I again put my hand inside. I was flabbergasted to realize that she had unbuttoned all the 3 buttons! I slid my hand in the gown and whoa! For the first time, I was touching a breast which was so soft. I kept on pressing but suddenly, she woke up and with a smile asked, “Are u not sleeping?”

I said, “No”.

“Go to sleep”, she said.

Then I turned and she hugged me very tightly from the back. I pushed myself more backward and she came closer to me. After a few minutes, I turned towards her and soon we were hugging facing each other and our legs were interlocked.

I escort konya hugged her tighter and dug my face in between those hot boobs and started sucking her nipples and licking her neck and boobs. Suddenly, her hug got tighter and she held my face and started pushing my face more and more towards her boobs. I kept sucking those boobs and she might have had a gushing orgasm. Then I kissed all over her face and she did the same.

We slept hugging each other and then to my surprise, she put her hands inside my pants and held my penis which was throbbing hard with the erection.

She kept fondling and I don’t know what happened, I just closed my eyes and kept enjoying. I too inserted my hands inside her panty. She took one of my fingers and made me insert in her pussy hole. It was totally wet and dripping with her hot cum. It felt so different there and I kept on inserting and digging deeper and deeper.

She again came closer and kept on stroking my dick and playing with my scrotum. And suddenly there was again a burst inside her pussy and her cum gushed out from it. And after that, we slept off.

In the morning I woke up and she was not near me. Later I met her privately in a room and kissed her on her wet lips.

After a couple of months, her marriage took place and after that, she never contacted or spoke to me nor did she accept my request on FB. Maybe she did that for a happy married life and I duly respect that.

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