Women of Miklavik Ch.01


Chapter 1It was midday. The sun stood high above the village of Miklavik. The village was known across the land for its proud female warriors and skillful hunters. The great Matriarch, Queen Nejfa, ruler of the known world, even sent for them whenever there was conflict.In the village, the men had worked all day to prepare for the return of the hunting party. The hunters had been away for seven sunrises and there was always cause for celebration upon their return.On the path leading from the spring, one of the village men struggled to carry the bucket he had just filled with water. Olar held onto the bucket with both hands, unwilling to drop it. Today of all days he was determined not to spill any. Though as he approached the big oak tree in the center of the village, he knew that he had to rest for a moment.“Phew.” Olar wiped the sweat from his brow. Like most men in the village, he wasn’t very strong. His arms usually felt heavy as a rock after a day of work.As he stood there panting, he hoped that he would be able to get the stew ready before Sigvei returned from her hunting trip. Sigvei was not only one of the strongest hunters in the village, she was also amongst the three women who were being considered by the village chief Dagmar to take over when she passed on.Olar had known Sigvei since the two of them were children, and he had always been in love with her. The day when Sigvei chose him to be her husband, was the proudest day in his life.“Day Olar.” Olar turned and saw Hakon and Jari on their way to the lumber house with a log. Olar could tell that they were having a hard time carrying the log.“Day Hakon, day Jari.” Olar greeted them.”Day Olar,” Jari said as he and Hakon stopped to take a breath and wipe their brow.“Sure hope we have time to prepare food for Beyla and Geirdis.” Hakon and Jari were the husbands of two of the returning hunters, who also happened to be sisters.”I wouldn’t have expected the three of you standing around being lazy on a day like this.” The three men heard a strong female voice say. As they turned around they saw a muscular woman with long flowing brown hair, in full leather armor.“Oh, Unna, we were just catching our breaths.” Olar looked at the strong warrior as he quickly picked up the bucket of water. Hakon and Jari did the same with the log.“Hah.” Unna looked at the weak men. She could pick up and carry the log without even breaking so much as a sweat. Standing there, she couldn’t help but glance down at their bare genitals and laugh.Following tradition, Olar, Hakon, and Jari, like the rest of the men in the village wore no clothing below the waist. Their unimpressive genitals had to be presentable to the women of the village at all times, to do with as they pleased.”May the queen watch over you.” Olar, Hakon, and Jari politely said politely as they picked up their bucket and log.Unna laughed seeing how the three men struggled with their tasks. Their stumbles reminded her of her husband Uve. He had always been a clumsy man. It was one of his quirks that she found rather pleasing.After the men disappeared from her sight, Unna continued on her way back to her hut. She had just spent the last day standing guard at the village gate, so she looked forward to being entertained by her husband.As Unna passed her warrior sister Rina’s hut, she heard the familiar yelp of Rina’s husband Galmi.“Ow… ah… oww…” Galmi was bent over, holding onto a tree as Rina spanked his bare bottom hard. A small crowd of their neighbors had gathered to watch.Unna knew that Rina loved to spank her husband out in the open like that, in front of the entire village.“Oh yes!” Rina gave her husband another hard slap as he softly cried out.Hmph… Unna smiled to herself as she continued along the dirt path to her hut. Having just seen Rina with her husband Galmi, Unna felt an even greater yearning for Uve. She couldn’t wait to get home and sit on his face and feel his tongue on her sweet spot.As she approached her hut, the daughters of Hulda, Dagny and Edda were practicing their sword technique. After fifteen and sixteen winters, they had grown to be quite the fierce warriors. They were tall and strong. Their muscle bound arms swung their swords with great power and precision. The leather cloth they wore covered their chests and hips, whilst their muscular legs and ripped abdomens were free to breathe. Their long blonde hair hung down their back in a long braid.“Hey.” Dagny turned to her sister and motioned her to look over by the barrel next to their hut.Looking over, Edda saw a familiar face hiding and watching her from behind the barrel.”Vilmar, get out here,” Edda commanded the boy whom she had known since they were both little. He had always been following her around like a little puppy.Vilmar nervously walked out from behind the barrel, revealing that his bare penis stood straight up, from having watched Edda. As he walked over, his erection jutted up and down.Edda turned and laughed with her sister when she saw his penis.“Are you expecting to fight me with that little sword.” Edda looked down at Vilmar’s penis and laughed.”N… no… I was just…” Vilmar looked up at Edda and suddenly lost himself in her beauty.”Maybe he was looking at you and touching himself Edda,” Dagny almanbahis şikayet told her sister.“Is that true?” Edda turned to Vilmar as she reached down and gripped his penis and squeezed it hard. Vilmar almost buckled to his knees.“N… no.” Vilmar felt Edda’s firm grip around his penis. Even though it was quite excruciating, Vilmar didn’t want Edda to stop. He had dreamt so many times about feeling Edda’s touch.”Is that so?” Edda found herself giving his penis a few tugs whilst she squeezed him. She hadn’t expected his penis to feel like that. It wasn’t hard as the hilt of a sword, but it wasn’t soft either. In fact, it felt quite pleasant in her hand.“Y… yes…” Vilmar squirmed.“So you’ve never watched me and touched yourself?” Edda gave him a few more hard tugs.“I… I have…” Vilmar thought about the times he had been down at the river, hiding in the bushes whilst Edda was bathing with the rest of the warriors. He had spurted so many times behind those bushes. Suddenly he felt that intense feeling from his balls.“Ah… ahh… ahh.” Edda heard Vilmar groan as she felt something hot and gooey splash against her hand and fingers.“Eww…” Edda released her grip and pulled her hand away. Looking down at Vilmar’s penis, she saw that he was still spurting cum. Though as she looked on and he began to drip, she kind of wished that she hadn’t pulled away.“Oh… I’m… sorry…” Vilmar panted. He had never spurted so hard in his life.As Edda looked over at her hand, she felt the gooeyness of the cum running down between her fingers. She had seen her mother milking her father’s penis quite a few times, and she remembered that her mother often had her father lick her fingers clean.“What a mess.” Edda held up her hand and showed her spunk ridden fingers.“I’m sorry, I…” Vilmar felt so bad. He might have just ruined any small chance of having Edda choose him when it became her time to pick a husband.“Lick them clean, with your tongue.” Edda smiled as her sister grinned.“O… okay.” It was something he had seen many of them men in the village do, including his father and brother, but he had never done it himself. Until now.”Ugh…” Vilmar stuck out his tongue and slowly licked along Edda’s slimy pointing finger. He could taste what he knew had to be his own cum, but he didn’t mind it because he was actually getting to lick Edda’s fingers.“Mmm…” He took two of her fingers into his mouth and slowly sucked them clean, enjoying every second of it.”Haha, such a little boy,” Dagny said as she and her sister laughed at Vilmer.”You better get it all,” Edda told him as she felt him lick the palm of her hand.Vilmer suddenly felt so disappointed when he looked at her fingers and realized that he had swallowed all of his cum and that he wouldn’t get to lick her fingers any longer.”Now run along, I need to train,” Edda told Vilmer who reluctantly walked away.Over by the hut next to the two sisters, Unna swung open the leather quilt that served as the door.“Husband?” Unna put down her sword and shield.”Oh.” Uve leaned out from behind a quilt that separated the hut into two rooms. At the same time, he bumped his head against a dreamcatcher that hung down from the ceiling.”Unna, you are home.” The brown haired Uve was completely naked and didn’t wear any clothes as he greeted his wife. It was the tradition for a man not to wear any clothes whilst in the sanctity of his woman’s hut.Unna smiled to herself when she looked over at her husband’s hairless crotch and flabby body.“Is that the way you greet the woman of the hut?”“Oh, of course not…” Uve quickly got down on his hands and knees and crawled over to Unna.Once in front of her, he carefully reached around her feet and removed her leather bound footwear. Making sure to give her feet a kiss after he was done.“That’s more like it.” Unna smiled down at her husband as he slowly made his way up to his feet and got behind her.“How was the gate?” Uve asked whilst untying Unna’s chest armor.”Uneventful. Almost to the point that I wished that those bandits would have come back.” Several moons ago, a group of bandits had made the mistake of trying to steal from the village. Though Unna and the rest of the warriors had made quick work of them, even capturing their leader who was a young and undisciplined woman. Normally the young bandit leader would have already been dealt with, but since Friya, the commander of the warriors was out escorting the hunters, Unna had put the bandit leader in a cage.“Oh gosh, I hope not.” As soon as they had heard the drums that signified danger, Uve and the rest of the men had run to the large communion hut and hid, whilst the women all armed themselves.“I wouldn’t let anything happen to my weak man.” Unna turned around and wrapped her strong arms around him. Uve almost lost his breath when she hugged him.”Mm!” Unna almost engulfed Uve’s mouth with her lips as she fiercely kissed him. Uve couldn’t do anything other than to keep his mouth open as wide as he could as Unna swirled her tongue around in his mouth.“Ah!” Unna let go of her husband for a moment and ripped her chest armor off, exposing her muscular chest and huge firm breasts, to Uve’s widened eyes.“Suck them!” She pressed her husband face against her breasts.Uve ran his tongue up over her almanbahis canlı casino big nipple and wrapped his lips around it.“Yess!” Unna pressed her husband hard against her chest as he sucked on her tit.“Oh yes!” She grabbed her husband loose arms and pulled him out. A suckling pop was heard as Uve’s lips left her nipple.”Mm.” Unna leaned down and stuck her tongue back into her husband’s mouth. She was completely woman handling her husband.Uve breathed heavily and his penis stood straight up when Unna finally pressed him down onto his knees in front of her. He looked up at his warrior wife who was in complete control. When he saw her reach around her waist, Uve leaned in and kissed her muscled thighs. He couldn’t wait to stick his tongue inside her pussy.Unna looked down at her weak husband and saw his eyes lit up when she removed her leather waist cloth.Uve gulped as he looked up at his wife’s tight and muscular pussy. He could already feel his penis being squeezed hard by her vaginal muscles.“Beg!” Unna looked down at her husband.“Please wife… please let me feel your womanhood against my lips.” Uve looked up at Unna. He wanted to tongue her pussy so badly.”Hm.” Unna reached down and laid her hand on the back of her husband’s head. She wanted him to tongue her as badly as he did, though that was something she was never going to tell him.Unna looked down as she slowly pushed her husband’s face towards her pussy.Oh, yess… Uve felt the warmth and wetness of her slit and instantly began licking.“Mm mm mm mm.” He ran his tongue up and down her slit, tasting her juices.“Mmm.” Unna held her husband’s face tightly against her pussy and smeared her pussy juices all over his face.With his eyes closed, mouth open and tongue out, Uve enjoyed every second. In one quick motion, Uve suddenly felt himself being lifted up off the ground. Opening his eyes he saw his wife looking down on him, she was carrying him over to the bed.Unna was so horny, she needed to take her husband right now.After putting him down onto the straw bed, Unna stood there for a moment towering over him.Uve looked up at the giant of a woman who towered over him. Her muscle bound body shone in the light from the small fireplace. He knew that she could easily break a man in half if she wanted to.It was with such lust in her eyes that Unna sat down on Uve’s crotch.“Ah…” Uve groaned as his hard erection was pressed down towards his thighs by Unna’s tight and firm butt.“Mmm.” Unna slowly ran her butt down over his penis, bending it further down. She could tell by the grimace on Uve’s face that it was somewhat painful.“Ahh.” As Uve groaned out once more, Unna eased up and slowly raised herself, making his penis bounce back up.Unna could see the relief on her husband’s face when she stopped bending down his erection. Though she wasn’t done just yet, as she reached down and gripped his penis with her strong hand and squeezed it hard.“Ahh…” Uve groaned out again as he looked up and saw the wicked smile on his wife’s face.”Mm.” Unna slowly loosened her grip and with it, her husband let out a sigh of relief.With his penis still in her grip, Unna aimed the tip towards her pussy and slowly sank herself down, completely engulfing it.“Ohh…” Uve let out a soft moan which quickly turned into a groan as Unna used her vaginal muscles to really squeeze his penis.“Ahhh…” Unna kept squeezing like that for a few seconds before releasing.As her husband let out another sigh of relief, Unna raised herself up until just the tip was inside her pussy.“Ah!” She slammed her butt down onto his crotch mashing Uve’s balls.“Ah.” Uve groaned.”Oh, yess!” Unna began to thrust her hips up and down, each time really slamming her butt down.“Ah ah ah…” Uve groaned as he felt his wife’s weight come down on him over and over again.”Oh oh oh oh!” Unna leaned over her husband and put her hands down against the straw bed so she could slam her butt down even harder.“Oh, yess! Oh oh oh!” Unna kept slamming her hips down, taking her husband hard. Whilst doing so she looked down on him. He looked so weak groaning and moaning under her like that.“Oh, Unnaaaa!” Uve moaned out and Unna felt him cumming inside of her.“Oh, yesss! Spurt your load!” Unna kept bouncing her pussy up and down his shaft whilst he came.“Oh, ohh ohhhhh.” Uve exhaled and panted. He had just come so hard.“Mmm.” Unna eased down as she saw the relaxed expression on her husband’s face. She leaned down and gave him a real intense tongue kiss.”Keep your mouth open,” Unna told him as she slowly moved her hips side to side, getting ready to get up.Uve laid there with his mouth open and tongue stuck out. He knew what was coming. He loved eating his wife’s cream filled pussy.Unna slowly raised herself. Uve’s limpening penis popped out of her pussy and laid down on Uve’s thigh, dripping cum. With one quick motion, Unna had moved up and sat down on her husband’s face.“Ughhmm.” Uve lapped up his cum that flowed out of Unna’s pussy. He swallowed the salty cum mixed with her juices as he kept licking her pussy.“Mmm.” Unna looked down at her husband as she straddled him. She saw his cum leak from her pussy straight into his mouth.”Oh, yess… lick my pussy and get all that cum.” Unna loved this part.“Mmm…” almanbahis casino Uve loved eating Unna’s pussy so much.A mile out from the village, a row of women with bows and swords walked along the dirt road. Between them, four horses pulled a wagon of salted meats, and roped on the back of the wagon were several bisons.In front, leading the women walked Sigvei and Ashildr, the commander of the warriors.“Ah, it’s good to be back home.” Ashildr stood almost six feet tall, her long golden hair braided in the back like the rest of the warriors. Tied into the knot at the bottom of her braid was a small steel blade. Only the most elite of Ashildr’s warriors had mastered the deadly braid swirl. With a single motion of her head, she could make her long braid swing and cut deep into an enemy.The size of Ashildr’s arms and biceps were impressive even by Miklavikian women standards. Her chest was huge and wide, packed with pure muscle. Her thick thighs could easily squeeze the life out of any opponent. Her nickname, Ox, was well earned.“Aye, that it is.” Sigvei, being the head huntress wasn’t as built as Ashildr or the warriors. It was prudent for women chosen to be hunters not to be as bulky as their warrior sisters. That way they could much more easily move up on their prey.Though much more slender than Ashildr, Sigvei still had a very imposing physique. Her exposed arms and abdomen showed her well defined and toned muscles. Her blonde hair waved and flowed with curls as she walked down the road.“And it’s going to be good to see my little man.” Ashildr smiled when she thought of her husband Ragnar. It had been too many days since she sat down on his face, smothering him and feeling his tongue in her ass.“You mean, it’s going to be good for a certain part of you to see him.” Sigvei teased Ashildr.”Haha, yes. Ragnar and my big buttocks have a lot of catching up to do.” Ashildr slapped her big muscular butt cheek and laughed.“But I know what you mean, it’s going to be good to see my Olar again.” Sigvei thought of her husband and smiled.Down in the village, the drums were sounding and the men were all rushing to make themselves presentable for the returning women. Olar had lined up with the rest of the men alongside the road through the village. They were all staring at the gate. Excitement gleaming in their eyes.In the middle of the road, the elderly and silver-haired Dagmar, the matriarch of the village stood with her honor guard, waiting to greet the hunting party. Even at her advanced age, she was still stronger than any man in the village.As the gate opened up, the men started cheering when they saw the hunting party.Sigvei, Ashildr and the rest of the women walked proudly through the village as the men cheered. Along the way, Sigvei saw her husband Olar standing by the side of the road, waving happily over at her. Though being the disciplined huntress that she was, she just gave him a simple nod. She was leading the hunting party and had no time for pleasantries until she had been released by Dagmar.As the hunting party approached Dagmar, Sigvei raised her arm and everyone stopped.”I see that it has been a successful hunt.” Dagmar looked at Sigvei’s face and saw the two stripes of dried blood above her left eye and a long stripe down her cheek, indicating that she had slain a bear.”It has, Matriarch.” Sigvei lowered herself to the older woman.“I knew it would.” Dagmar motioned Sigvei to stand.“And I trust there was no trouble on the way?” Dagmar looked up at the giant of a woman standing next to Sigvei.“A few bandits, but they were easily dealt with.” Ashildr clung her hand against the hilt of her sword as she got down one knee in front of Dagmar.“Good.” Dagmar motioned Ashildr to rise as she looked around at the crowd of men standing alongside the hunting party.”Well then…” Dagmar walked to the side to address the village.“Under the leadership of Sigvei, the third moon hunt has been a victorious one!” Dagmar called out as everyone cheered.“Now, let’s celebrate!” Dagmar called out as the women of the hunting party stood down and began looking for their husbands.One of the hunters walked towards her husband and pointed down at the ground. Her husband quickly got down on his knees and looked up at her as she removed her hip cloth, baring her naked pussy. As she came up to him, she grabbed the back of his head and mashed his face against her pussy. Her husband instantly started licking and eating her pussy.Over by Dagmar, a scrawny man came up to Ashildr.“Wife.” The man looked up at his hulking wife with a smile on his face, happy to see her.“Ragnar.” Ashildr looked down at her husband. A bit disappointed that his bare penis was still soft.“Oh.” Ragnar was swept up by Ashildr hefty arms.“Stroke it.” She told him as she looked down at this penis and carried him towards their hut.Ragnar reached up and began stroking his penis. He had no problem getting hard as he looked up at his imposing wife. As he let go of his penis, his wife leaned her head down over it.Ashildr had no problem taking his entire length of six inches into her mouth.“Ahh.” Ragnar groaned as Ashildr sucked so hard up along his shaft that it almost felt like his penis would snap off.“Mm.” The tip popped out of Ashildr’s mouth.”Show me your tongue,” Ashildr told her husband as he stuck it out.“Mm, that tongue is going to be up my butt all day.” She leaned down and gave her husband a forceful kiss.Ragnar smiled to himself, he couldn’t wait to tongue his wife’s ass.

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