Wyoming Ch. 03


It was time to trim my pussy. This would be the perfect task for Daddy. He had trimmed my pubic hair before so he shouldn’t have a problem doing it again. My name is Wyoming and I am on a quest to fuck my father.

My brother, Dakota, and I think our father hasn’t been fucked since our mom died five years ago. So we had made it a mission for me to get his rocks off. I had to be subtle not wanting him to panic and reject my advances because of all the incest taboos.

Grabbing my scissors and razor I decided that instead of just a trim job he should shave me clean. It was getting to be summer time and I’d be wearing my bikini a lot more than usual. Being clean and smooth would make it a lot easier. I had never had my pussy shaved clean so this would be an experience for both him and me.

When I asked Daddy to shave my pussy he clearly panicked. Like when he trimmed my pussy he asked if I had a girlfriend who could do it. I told him not to be silly. He was my father and had seen my pussy countless times. He acquiesced.

I spread my towel on my bed instead of the kitchen table. The kitchen table was just too hard.

Lying down and spreading my legs I presented my hairy pussy to my father. I was only wearing a thin tee shirt and my nipples were making tiny tents. Before he started Daddy reached down to his crotch and adjust his cock to make it more comfortable.

He manisa escort started by using the scissors to trim most of my pubic hair. I think this may have been the shortest my pubic hair had been since puberty. Then he spread shaving cream all over my pussy making sure it lathered up. Picking up the razor he made fast work of all the hair above my pussy.

When he got to my pussy he gently pulled my labia out of the way as he shaved down each side. He also shaved some stray hairs on my legs. Getting me to roll over I got up on my knees with my legs spread so he could get the hair between my pussy and ass. And then to my surprise he shaved all the peach fuzz off my butt.

Damn, he was good at this. My pussy was smooth as a new born baby. He went into the bathroom and returned with a small bottle of baby oil and poured some on my bald pussy. He massaged it in where my thick bush had been, down the sides of my pussy and between my pussy and ass. Rolling me over he even rubbed some on my butt where he had shaved the peach fuzz.

Finally, telling me to lie on my back he gently opened my labia and poured a little oil on my clitoris and began massaging it with his fingers. OMG, my father had his fingers on my clit and my orgasm was approaching fast. I climaxed right then cumming with Daddy’s fingers rubbing my clit.

It took a while manisa escort bayan for me to come down from my orgasm.

With the memory of Daddy’s fingers caressing my clitoris I went to my dresser to get a pair of clean panties.

While rummaging around looking for some silk panties Daddy noticed the cock cage I had stashed in my panty drawer. I told him I found it with some of Mom’s old stuff a few months ago. Since there was no key for the small padlock it wasn’t of much use.

Finding some silk panties I pulled them on noticing that they felt funny on my bare pussy. Daddy was looking at me standing there in my panties with my perky nipples when he told me Mom always had an orgasm when he shaved her pussy.

WTF. He said Mom’s bush was as full as mine. And she, too, liked to keep it that way. Every summer she would have him shave it like he had just shaved mine. And she always made him massage her clitoris until she climaxed when he finished.

Picking up the cock cage and looking at it wistfully told me that the key was in Mom’s jewelry box. I nearly peed in my pants. The thought of Daddy wearing the cock cage was overwhelming.

First shaving Mom’s pussy clean and now locking his dick in a cage. What was next? I didn’t know what to say.

What happened next I never saw coming. Daddy got the key out of Mom’s jewelry escort manisa box and sat down on the edge of my bed and told me he’d show me how to use the cock cage.

He pulled his shorts and boxers down and unlocking the padlock he took the ring and opening it up he put it around his cock behind his balls and clicked it closed.

He had to use some of the baby oil to allow him to squeeze his dick into the cock cage. He lined the cage up with the ring and used the padlock to lock them together. With the ring locked behind his balls it was impossible to remove the cock cage.

I could see his penis was swelling and straining to escape the cage. I asked him if it hurt. He said no, it just made him hornier.

He told me most women used the “male chastity device” to stop their men from fucking around. He and Mom were different. They used it as a sex toy.

He said Mom would lock him up and not let him cum for days at a time. By the time she let him out he was so horny he didn’t care about anything but fucking her. Any kind of fucking and as much fucking as she wanted.

He unlocked the cock cage and with some difficulty pulled it off his penis. Removing the cock ring from behind his balls he handed me the cage, ring, padlock and key.

As he pulled his boxers and shorts up I kissed him on the cheek. Thanking him I gave his cock a good squeeze and told him I would put the cock cage to good use and make Mom proud.

I started the day thinking I was only getting a shave. Little did I know Daddy would open up like he did. What I did know though was it wasn’t going to be long before Daddy’s incestuous inhibitions totally abandoned him and he fucked me.

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