Yes Mistress


Yes MistressI heard the door open and then the sound of her stilletoes on the hard wood floor. I was lying naked on the floor as her last SMS instructed.She swayed into the room, her long stocking clad legs leading my eyes up to my mistress. I could just see the tops of her stockings peeking out of the modest business skirt that she wore. Wordlessly she walked across the room and placed her stilletoes on either side of my head.My cock throbbed in anticipation and a thin bead of pre-cum grandbetting yeni giriş oozed slowly out of it. She squatted down, her skirt blocking out the light, her lace panty covered pussy tantalisingly inches from my face. I enhaled deeply and the strong musky aroma of her pussy enflamed me further. My cock spat out a stream of pre-cum that dribbled down to pool on my tummy.Her knees touched the floor as she pushed her pussy into my face. Her panties were damp grandbetting giriş already, a mixture of sweat and her exquisite pussy juice. She moaned softly as my tongue slid slowly over the damp lace, pressing in between her engorged cunt lips. I slowly circled her clit, teasing it with butterfly strokes. She groaned loudly and her hips began to rock backwards and forwards grinding her pussy down on my mouth.Her hand reached under the waste band of her skirt and grandbetting güvenilirmi pulled the tiny bit of lace aside, urging me to plunge my tongue deep in to her pungent hole. I could feel the pre-cum streaming out of my painfully hard cock as I pushed my tongue deep inside her.I loved the taste of her at the end of the day. Her juices coated my face and my mouth and I could feel them sliding down my throat as I licked her fuck hole desperate to get all the juice that was now flooding out of her. She groaned loudly as she ground her sensitive clit against my nose, pushing it down hard against my face as her orgasm began to build.My tongue lapped at her slit, faster and faster and as she began to cum I was rewarded by a flood of her juices flowing into my mouth……….

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