You call me Lavender


Everything about this story is fiction, so try to not get your panties in a bunch! 😉  I have always been the bad girl, the unruly child that got detention, the girl with no daddy and an absent mother. Maybe I should feel bad about it, be ashamed of my behaviour, but I don’t. Instead I relish in it, I enjoy beeing the slutty girl that your middleaged husbands turns his head after on the street, the girl that mothers warn their kids about. I am free to do exactly what I want because noone exspects anything of me. It is a freedom few have, but Çekmeköy escort we always recognise eachother, a certain look across a crowded bar, a crooked smile shared when others stare at us.So if you shy away from things wild, taboo or just plain illegal, you should’nt read my story. But if you want to know how I became who I am, how it is to live in my world for a while.. Then by all means, read on, step inside!It guess it started early, with my mom not giving a shit what I was up to, giving me the freedom Gebze escort bayan to run wild at an early age. I never knew my dad, my mom having me when she was just 16 and my dad 16. I guess he was’nt ready for a child, I can’t say I blame him. I went to my first pub when I was 16, wearing too much makeup an too little clothes, making the bouncer see past my age and more on my boobs. When I turned 18, I was an experienced maneater, partyanimal and user. Nothing heavy, just some marijuana now and then, some Escort Şerifali snorted Ritalin and vodkashots to make the party last longer, be more fun. To get me started. I had my hair to my waist, bleached an allmost white blonde, my skin covered in black and grey tattoos of trees, flowers and vines, all intertwined.This perticular friday night, I had my hair braided in two braids, some skintight patent leather tights in black and a bandeau top, also black, leaving my flat stomach bare, letting my pierced bellybutton show, the jewlery sparkling.I had snorted some crushed Ritalin some 20 minutes ago, combined with cheap vodka, and I was on my way to a good high, ready to get the party started. My sugarboy for the moment, a bouncer at a highscale club, had sneaked me in and the setting was sublime, leaving me soaring in my 10-inch heals.

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