yound used and abused


yound used and abusedIt’s late a young lady is walking home from a night our partying. She walks down a street and decides to take short cut through an alleyway. It’s dark and no ones around. Halfway down the alleyway she hears a noise footsteps she shouts out whos there but no one answers she carries on walking the footsteps get closer she begins to run. Before she knows she feels an ARM around her neck and a hand over her mouth. A voice whispers in her ear don’t scream or I ll kill you. He removes his hand and turns her around and pushes her against the wall. He rip open her top to reveal her lacey black bra . He roughly fondles artemisbet yeni giriş her pert little tits before sliding his hands down her body slowly while he whispers in het ear “your going to be my lil slut tonight I’m gona fuck u hard” his hands slide down the outside of her thighs before he moves them in to force open her legs. Running his up the inside of her leg. He goes up her short skirt rips of her lil thong and shoved it in her mouth. He then slides a finger in her tight trimmed pussy. First one then 2 until he has 4 fingers moving in and our of her slowly at first but getting faster and hard artemisbet giriş with every stroke. She’s getting wet even tho she doesnt want too. This is turning her on and she hates that. He now gets to his knees spreads her legs further and runs his tongue up the inside of her thigh to her now dripping pussy . He spreads her lips and flicks her clit with his tongue before nibbling on it and tasting all her juices. He now stands up forces her to her knees. Undoing his zip he pulls out his now solid cock he Tels her to suck it. She refuses he grabs her hair gilts back her head and roughly forces his hard cock artemisbet güvenilirmi into her mouth. He pulls her head towards him his cock half down her throat. She Gaga as she tries to catch her breath. He rams his cock in and out of her mouth. Now he pulls her up by her hair lifts up her leg and pushes his cock into the tight wet pussy. He pounds her good whilst calling her his whore. She’s crying as he forces his self deep inside her. He tells her he ll give her something to cry about. He turns her around pushes her head foward and forces his cock in her arse hole. She screams with pain so he muffled her mouth with his hand again. Still fucking her he rams harfer snd faster until he’s ready to cum he pulls out forces her down to her knees and cums on her face the spunk mixes with tears as she sits on the floor half naked. He throws down 20 quid does up his jeans and walks away calmly leaving her sobbing.

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