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Anal Sex

Jenni is a neighbour of mine. We live in a small estate of bungalows, grouped in a horseshoe at the end of the road. Jenni passed by my place every morning, taking Jessica, or Jessy, as she preferred to be called, to school. Jessica would be bouncing around, constantly chatting and being a normal happy little girl. She would always wave and call out, Hi! I liked Jessy, but my eyes would always be watching Jenni’s ass in jeans as she walked on by and thinking how good it would be to have my cock slide between those beautiful cheeks.   Most of the neighbours were working and left their houses for the better part of the day while they slaved in offices. Unofficially, I was the caretaker of the street. I didn’t need to work any more, so spent my time at home and became the watchdog. We didn’t have a problem with burglary. I knew the delivery guys, took everyone’s parcels and looked out for their almanbahis properties. It was unpaid of course, but I took it seriously and patrolled regularly. I even had a spare key for all of the eight bungalows.   Jenni sashayed past at quart er off nine in the morning, right on time to get Jessy to school for the nine o’clock start. Jenni is late twenties with a slim figure, going in and out in all the right places. Her blonde hair is cut to her neck and has a lustre to it that shines in the morning light. Jessy was her usual self, running around at a million miles an hour while she chatted at the same speed. I waved, watched Jenni’s ass flip from side to side as she walked and thought, for the billionth time that it would be so good to fuck her from behind.   At half past ten, I was doing my usual patrol. Going from property to property, checking the doors and windows, making sure almanbahis yeni giriş they were good and tight. And, then I got to Jenni’s place. From the front, all was as it should be, but the bedroom window at the back was wide open. Shaking my head, I was about to push it closed when there, sitting on the bed was Jenni, her naked back to me. She was talking to someone out of my eye sight, I couldn’t hear what she was saying.   And then I saw who she was talking to. Amanda from a few doors down, walked into the bedroom. She is slightly older than Jenni, was black hair and is tall, much taller than Jenni’s five feet five. Until this moment, I hadn’t thought of Amanda in any sexual context. She just didn’t appeal to me, but, naked as she was, my interest suddenly peaked. And then it dawned on me, both of them were naked and I have to say, my knees went wobbly for a moment.   Jenni almanbahis giriş laid on her back, stretching the full length of the bed, on top of the duvet. It was my first look at her body and instantly, her perfection struck me. Her breasts were pert with no sagging, even as she lay on the bed. Her ass was all that I had imagined it to be, killer and now I could see her snatch, it looked just like the honey pot I had thought it would. Blonde hair was carefully shaved into a neat inverted triangle. She stretched her arms up in an invitation to embrace and Amanda was not slow in coming forward to accept it. As fair as Jenni is, Amanda is the direct opposite. Her skin is quite dark for a European, olive even, much as an Italian. He breasts were probably a full C cup with dark brown aureoles surrounding large nipples. Her black hair is longer than Jenni’s and rests on her shoulders. As they lay together in an embrace of arms and legs entwined, I saw Amanda’s lovely crack and the dark hair that covered it.   They kissed. Then kissed again, deepening into a passionate locking of mouths, tongues exploring and caressing tongues.

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